Wouldn't it be terrible to be left without hope,

Sometimes not so important as faith and love;

But there is a beauty in hope that none can deny,

For when everything fails in hope we can rely.


If there was no hope around there would be no life,

No hope in anything but just trouble and strife;

We do look and we try to take nearly anything at all,

But with hope please remember that God is on call.


We forget what we are and where we have been,

God remembers our hearts to create a new scene;

When you are down and out performing at your worst,

Rain will cease falling and sunshine out forth burst.


The devil will lie and lead you all the deceit of time,

Ant the money will come to those who love rhyme;

The lines on the page may all appear to be neat,

When you stand up I hope you land on your feet.


And hope creates magic on earth beyond all compare,

That when trouble will come God answers in prayer;

And the sunset has been and the sunrise will come,

The memory of each held in the balance of some.


And when all else fails and there is no hope left,

All the stars in the heavens will celebrate the gift,

Through all danger and hell, hope will shine through,

From the dark to the light for it all to come true.



The third tree.