There's many different places, which to find animals,

Dogs, cats and birds around the home domestically;

Farms have pigs, cattle or sheep and they're for food,

As well as horse studs for riding when in the mood.


Africa has wild animals like elephants, tigers or lions,

Zebras, giraffes and hippos with rhinos in these lines;

Herds of gazelle and antelope for killers, who do prey,

Monkeys or apes are not people and cannot pray.


Animals can be people who do not seem to care,

Who go around untidily and unclean just to dare;

So watch out for these and teach them what to do,

To live like humans and learn how it all comes true.


It's an insult of intelligence for animals to be human,

Not praying for their food they won't reconsume it;

Comparing ourselves to others, what's in the mirror,

Do we need a doctor or vet to work another miracle.


It is better if humans go to church and pray to God,

Where the love is in the air and beats up all the odd;

Animals can still be nice to have and keep as pets,

To move around the house like seeking looking bets.


Animals all need food and have to eat the right stuff,

So train them all instinctively so they're not so rough;

Marsupials and mammals are native living in this land,

As in the ink of my pen is rich coming from my hand.



It's healthy to be human.