Parsifal Tries Fine Tuning


Its A Bit Special

The acute pendasitus of writing, is getting over the hurts and pains of suffering in writers cramp and diplomatic dilligence to overcome and write a melancholie of award winning criteria. Its a bit special to get over the dulldrums of everyday activity and rise above your fears and doubts to get right with thinking and develope an organised mind of continual improvement. Parsifal Tries Fine Tuning is the overcoming and adjusting, to rise above these pitfalls of depression and also to come into the elite writing level of the depictures situation, of a heavenly high state of mind and a full range of beautifully brilliant thoughts, fine tuned and adjusted to, in expressive writing. I will be aiming and seeking the path of status in writing this time, by trying to rise above the occasion and coming into a level of highly contributive and reflective thoughts, that will pattern out and rise above the ordinary. It is a long hard task and slog to get into it and to go through it, but nevertheless I am up for the job once again. With the encorporation of an anylitical creative state of mind, critique the arts of evolution into reigning over the boredom and dullness of normal life. As we take on this reflective task together of trying to fine tune the graceful and gracious arts of fine writing. Then to come into that pattern level of foregoing frustration, by the overcoming of detailed and expressive work in the hard core structure of beautiful reflective thinking. As to shine in the glory of God's son coming in the bright eternal light of the life of man. We will try to do it by uncovering the means and powers of quality work in the exercise of fine tuning. You simply can't do everything on your own and without the help and support of the readers this would come to nothing. Come along once again for the ride of your life while sitting in your lougeroom theatre of home comforts and well being. Thanks for turning up again for this one, lets get going and try to take on the world of fine arts by tuning into the writiers heart and passion of a well written writers mind. The hard part is for me to now do it and rise above the pitfalls of average life and succeed in the endeavours to soar on eagles wings where by one can overcome the storms of life and cloudy living, to a point where the sky meets the atmosphere of air and stardust. Welcome to Parsifal Tries Fine Tuning, its just a little bit special. Darel.


1 Pretty Pictures

Pretty pictures, camera photos,

Gracefully showing flowing love;

Sharp to the point depictures,

Creative scenes and nice thoughts.

Pretty pictures, pretty sights,

Picturesque viewings of scenery;

The heart of the world,

The green and blue earth.

Pretty pictures, people portraits,

Sun shining on smiling faces;

The luscious reds of skins to see,

Blushing, grinning, laughing Thee.

Pretty pictures, flesh is week,

Talking silly happiness endlessly;

Mountains, tress rivers and lakes,

Pretty pictures, making no mistakes.

Pretty pictures, beautiful skies,

Sun shining down into peoples eyes;

The world is wonderful, magestic, high,

Heavens creation, hell just asks why.

Pretty pictures, the heart of her,

The inside view of true beauty;

God is all and ever more all,

The height is tall, the small the ball.


Magestic wonders.

2 Nice Paintings

Nice paintings, pretty pictures,

Rich oil colours, the artists heart;

The art of His work is very bright,

Joyous to see at every sight.

Nice paintings, picture paradise,

Wall to wall, work of art;

Framed to perfection for all to see,

Viewed in a gallery, a cup of tea.

Nice paintings, peoples portraits,

Pictures on display, visual looking;

Scenes of beauty, the oceans sea,

Waterfront houses, harbour landscapes.

Nice paintings, good to own,

Deep in heart, right to the bone;

Rich in colours, royal old oil brushes,

Brought to life, by the artists mind.

Nice paintings, a collectors paradise,

Treasured works of valued art;

Brilliant mind, the artists heart,

Sees the colours, bright right start.

Nice paintings, fresh new art,

Seeing deeper, the part I love;

The soul of the artists work,

True beauty for all to see.

Nice paintings, worth a fortune,

Truly trusting Jesus's virtues;

The passion of the Western mind,

Tried to reform the world to see.


Seventh Heaven.

3 Sculptures

Moulding clay, carving wood,

Shaping figuring, figurines;

Statues and sculptures,

The light and life of day.

Carefully working to make,

With the shaping of things;

Forming a work of art,

Out of stone and woods.

Sculptures of people,

Different sorts of things;

Scenery and landscapes,

Displaying different shapes.

Scupltures of famous people,

Immortalized for a lifetime;

Standing in the city parks,

In museums and galleries.

Sculptures for other people to see,

Landscapes and portraits being,

Paintings surrounding sculptures;

In places of importance,

Libraries and parliaments.

Sculptures of ancient warriers,

In lines of armies there;

Standing and bearing,

Every living worrying care.


Famous people.

4 Statues

Statues being made,

By stonemasons and metalworkers;

Beaten, fashioned, shaped;

Figures and portraits of people.

Statues for viewing,

Famous people for good reasons;

Captain James Cook, Arthur Phillip,

Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson.

Statues from all around the world,

Neptune and Jupiter;

God of the lovers in Paris,

Faith and Grace Godesses.

Statues in churches,

Jesus, Joseph and Mary;

Elijah and Moses,

War heros and mayrters.

Statues for people to remember,

Reasons for fame and glory;

Seasons in the sun and wind,

Leaves blowing around them for raking.

Statues from Greece, Aristotle and Plato,

Greek God's, Thor, Oden and Hercules;

Standing in the face of God,

Looking up to heaven from earth.


Solid memories.

5 Etching

Etchings and sketchings,

Made from glass or metal;

Scratched, latched and matched,

Each perfect turned out batch.

Pictures and drawings,

People and places;

Scenery and landscapes,

Drawings and prints done.

Etching on your hearts,

Drawn upon your rugged minds;

Sketching of your brains ideas,

Cross of heart in etching.

Beautiful to look at though,

Painful and tedious to do;

Conscentrated work on mirrors,

Figures made and produced.

The Eiffel Tower and Harbour Bridge,

Scratched, matched in etched sketch;

A work of art to see,

Beauty in hand, hard work to be.

Beaten copper and brass,

Etched on silver and gold;

Steel images on surfaces,

Mirror image and glimmering hope.


Wined and dined.

6 Caligraphy

Writing graphically,

In fine ink pens;

Old English letters,

Swirls and curls.

British histories,

Ancient Bibles;

Twisted, crafted,

Turned out as it seems.

Scribble appearances,

Elegant styles,

Written inscriptions,

Styled for a while.

Ancient calligraphy,

Modern writings;

Mixed emotions,

A writers craft.

Copied wondered,

Orignial work;

Shopping for fonts,

Bought old English pen.

Calligraphy, love in writing,

Scrolls and works of art;

Depending on design,

A few notes to resign from.


Different styles.

7 Writing Poetry

Writing poetry,

My love and art;

Depicting stories,

In rhymes of lines.

Creating pictures,

Scenery verses;



English literature,

Rhyming couplets;

Fresh new phrases,

Ancient verses.

Time on your hands,

Nothing to do;

Writing poetry,

Romantic emotions.

Easy come and does it,

Words flowing in lines;

Rhymning timely sentences,

Making peace and love.

Beauty in happy words,

Mathematical mind;

Finding meaning in poetry,

Quadratic equations.


Caring lines.

8 Literature

Reading of Literature,

The love of writing,

Comprehensive understanding,

The meaning of words in work.

The right kind of mind,

Pages and their ages;

Down in the lines of truth,

Creative, reasoning proof.

Literature, living, loving,

All different types and verses;

Estimation of time along ago,

Historical documents included.

Literature, mature money,

Matrimonial marriages;

Weddings, not miscarriage,

United in harmony of life.

Literature, family surroundings,

Sitting around a warm log fire;

Reading books and literature,

For a long lost time and while.

Literature for learning,

Love and passion in romance;

Trancedental novels of love,

Shining stories of far gone lands.

Literature, incidental reasoning,

Finding meaning in the rightness;

Seasons bright and dullness,

Reading for enjoyment.


Reflective appearances.

9 Some Songs

Some songs, simple love,

Catchy lyrics, words and verses;

Music melodies and harmonies,

Singers, songwriters, voices.

Some songs written to be heard,

Reflective understandings;

Rational pictures to me,

Bars and chords of music.

Some songs truth and romantic,

Passionate verses of love;

Understanding words of life,

The puzzle unfiolds at the end of it.

Some songs, good or bad,

Well meant verses to be sung;

Sinning, sufferring or singing,

Down the drain or sink I think.

Some songs seem so long,

Coming into hearts and lives;

The beauty of all creation,

The love of hearing a song.

Some songs being unto others,

Some songs kept to the self,

The reason for living or dieing,

Enjoyment in music is sense.

Some songs, mond on the music,

Some on the songs and words;

The natural singing of birds,

Notes and various sounds I have heard.


A nice drink.

10 Love and Romance

Love and romance,

Beauty and creation;

Perfection and passion,

Prayer and poetry.

Love and romance,

Nice things in life;

Trouble and ignorance,

Problems and strife.

Love and romance,

Things we need to know now;

How to get on with each other,

Not being a nasty old cow.

Love and romance,

Demonstrating kindness;

Good times and bad times,

Rolling around on the ground.

Love and romance,

The earth spinning in time;

Truth and acceptance,

Harmony in marriage.

Love and romance,

Being each other in bed;

Better to do it in the right conditions,

Kids for the family, as well instead.

Love and romance,

The ups and downs of life,

Husband living, loving wife;

Partners staying out of strife.


Well written.


11 Dinner Sets

Dinner sets and china,

Porcelin and ceramics;

Plates, bowls and cups,

Time to set the table.

Royal Dalton and Albert,

Noritaki and wedgewood;

Blue and white willow pattern,

All the good brands you like.

Dinner sets are nice things,

Then you have to do the dishes,

Lovely good food served up,

For you eating consumption.

Dinner sets bring joy when new,

Bad and sad feelings when broken;

They are meant to be used however,

With a set of silver cutlery.

Dinner sets, what more can I say,

Happy peaceful easy feelings;

Even with all the work you have to do,

God bless you looking after them to.

Dinner sets for all the family,

A nice dining room table and chairs;

Matching sets for love evermore,

Kept in the box, stand or kitchen cuppoard.


Good food.

12 Cars

All different types of cars,

Here we go, lets make a list;

Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW,

Rolls Royce, Bentley and Rambler.

Lambourgini, Ferrari and Porshe,

Audi, Renault, Citroen and Peuoget;

Alfa Romeo, Wolsley and Vauxhaul,

Mesthersmidt,Volvo and Volkswagon.

Holden, Ford and Chrysler,

Honda, Subaruand Nissan;

Toyota,Mazda and Mitsubishi,

Kia, Hyundai, and Suzuki.

Cars of all different types and models,

Waiting at dealers for you to go and buy;

Second hand and new cars,

All good eady to drive on the road.

Up the street and down the hill,

Along the highway and home again;

Main roads and city streets,

Cars all doing the speed limit.

Read the signs and abide by the rules,

Stay out of trouble and avoid accidents;

Watch out for the police beside you,

Look after your car so it lasts longer.

Regular oil changes and brakes replaced,

Maintainence the key to having a good car;

Replace what you need to with ware and tare,

Enjoy drivng your car or vehicle anywhere.


Nice colours.

13 Houses

Houses full of space and love,

Rooms to fill with goods and things;

People make up what is inside,

The outside to does make a difference.

The roof and foundations firmly fixed,

The family fun room with the TV;

The lounge room for formal entertaining,

The kitchen for cooking all the meals.

The dining room for enjoying the good food,

Upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms;

The library and and home theathre,

The study, office and den for work to be done.

The garage for the car or two and the tools,

The garden shed and pool gazebo;

The green and glasshouse in the backyard,

The kennel for red rover the dog.

The birdcage for those house trained pets,

The clothesline and the laundry;

The attic and the basement both for storage;

The driveway and front garden and fence,

Who can forget the letter box for the mail.

The neighbours across the road from you,

The shops up the street for buying things;

The telephone and those constant chats,

Talk over the fence to to still make some sense.


Family time.

14 Ornaments

Ornaments not arnaments,

Nice things, not guns for war;

Figuerines and vases,

Sitting on the cabinet shelf.

Things for peace and comfort,

Good to know and look at;

Dusting takes some time though,

Taking up space on the mantle piece.

The world should be filled with trinkets,

Trash and treasure for your home;

Idols of some kind or format,

Little things that don't mean or matter much.

Ornaments are loving friends of mine,

Dolphins, birds and people;

Lots of love and happiness,

Joy from these little ornaments.

Made with care and compassion,

Showing mercy and grace;

Good to look at and know,

Smiles on their loving little faces.

Ornaments are trunkets on fixtures,

Depicting happiness and pleasure;

Putting smiles on peoples faces,

Laughter and joy by the minute.


Standing still.

15 Figurines

Figurines are smiling,

Standing still for a while;

A long time in the offering,

Being good with their own style.

Figurines are porcelin,

Different stances and ways,

Dreaming throughout all days;

Collecting dust and cobwebs.

Figurines are normal,

Just what you wnat to yourself;

Nice to look at and have,

Keep them for what you gave.

Figurines are pictures,

Depicting the story of life;

Different ones have different wives,

Depending on their stance and style.

Figurines are natural,

Native costumes and national;

Standing steady with grace,

See the smiles upon their face.

Figurines are nonjudgemental,

Telling a story each to others;

Looking for a prize winning owner,

The price to pay for things of freedom.


Straight and curved.

16 Dolls and Teddys

Dolls and teddys,

Great joy and peace;

Entertaining to play with,

Getting your own way with to.

Dolls and teddys,

My friends and yours;

Having a picnic or party,

Sitting on the ground with you.

Dolls and teddys,

Great love and pleasure;

A trash and treasure,

Happiness beyond measure.

Dolls and teddys,

Don't lie and cheat;

Standing on their own two feet,

Sitting on a seat at the table.

Dolls and teddys,

Beauty for the offering;

Playing in dolls houses,

Teddys in tree houses.

Dolls and teddys,

Biscuits and cake;

A cup of tea to share,

Coffee and a bun.


Cuddly toys.

17 Glass Works

I've been to Florence,

Where glass works takes place,

Blowing glasses and cups,

Blowing dinner sets over a gas flame.

Blowing glasses is good work,

Making shapes and figures;

Prized objects of treasure,

Fashioned to serve with pleasure.

Glass work is fun,

Be careful of the flame;

Getting burnt, no one to blame,

Italians have their own name.

Glass work is good,

Looking lovely colours to see;

Clear as crystal and neat,

Smooth and carefully blown.

Glass work is nice,

The sugar and the spice;

Dishes and containers to use,

Jugs, dishes, plates and bowls.

Glass work is lovely,

Beautiful to see and watch;

Work going on always of course,

Red, blues, yellows and greens.


Put on shelf.

18 Silverware

Silverware collections,

Cutlery and things;

Plates, pots and dishes,

Polish your possessions.

Silverware services,

Placemats and bowls;

Serviette rings, knives,

Spoons, forks and splades.

Sparkly and shiney,

Polished and gleaming;

Silver a treasure,

Grey clouds have a silver lining.

Silver a precious metal,

Worth more than copper or bronze;

See the sparkle on your table,

The joy of formalities.

See your mirror reflection,

In a polished silver plate;

To serve up cakes and pattees,

Salmon, avacardo, prunes and dates.

Silver service your perfection,

Silverware to serve you well;

Keeping it clean and not tarnished,

On oiled teak, walnut wood varnished.


Do you deserve it?

19 Gold Jewelery

Gold jewellery, opal broaches,

Diamond rings and pendants;

Earings, chains and bracelets,

Fashioned and beaten softly.

Gold jewellry, priceless treasures,

Rich mans metal and lovely;

Give to your wife or girlfriend,

What ever it is pay the price.

Gold jewellry, collectors perfection,

Look in the mirror at your reflection;

Glimmering, glossy and gracious glassy,

Great, Godly and cold to hold.

Gold jewellry, purifed by fire,

Worn with charm and pride;

Worth a million dollers,

A look of inspriration.

Gold jewellry, very nice,

Chunky, delicate and fragile;

A bit beyond your budget,

Save up to affiord this gift.

Gold jewellry, very personal,

Satisfaction guarranteed;

Of cource you ware it with pride,

Proud and you simply have to.


Shining sun.

20 Gemstones

Gemstones all colours,

Bright and sparkly;

Green emeralds and blue sapphires,

Diamonds, pearls and topaz.

Gemstones all colours,

Red garnets and rubies;

Yellow, blue, green and red stones,

Bright sparkly and shining.

Designed and set in jewellry,

The colours of the rainbow;

Lovely to look at and see,

A pleasure for you and me.

Gemstones all colours,

Beautiful and magnifigant;

A real joy and treasure,

Brightness beyond measure.

Gemstones all colours,

Come on boys and girls;

Have a look at these treasures,

I am sure you will want one, one day.

Gemstones all colours,

Picture perfect to love and have;

In a glass cabinet to view and see,

For you to look at and buy.


Dazzling colours.


21 Pretty Faces

Pretty faces, good hearts,

Lovely looks, smart books;

Beauty forever, smiling sees,

Heavens ocean, overseas.

Pretty faces, human condition,

People's places, their position;

Looking ever, unto Jesus,

God an assortment of different cheeses.

Pretty faces, teeth and braces,

Heavens signs, hells wines and graces;

Different looks, different traces,

Wrinkled with care, peoples ages.

Pretty faces, picture perfect,

Beautiful situations, well forever;

Landscape architecture, people farms,

Different languages, different charms.

Pretty faces, born to live,

Human understanding, people give;

Love and laughter, rivers teaming,

Fishing for trout and different species.

Pretty faces, forgiving hearts,

Forgetting the sin, winning smart;

Remember the healing of human hearts,

Costing charity, making friends.


People look.

22 Nice People

Nice people are good to be with,

Smiling hearts good to see and look at;

Watching out for what can be done,

Helping othwers and helping someone.

Nice people being kind and honest,

Truth and goodness, freedoms heart;

Loving, caring, having brains that are smart,

Making freinds by diplomatic consultance.

Nice people, eating well,

Healthy minded, heavens souls;

Watching out for the landscape,

Environmental consideration.

Nice people, smooth measures,

Longetivity in sight, time flies;

Living happier, healthier lives,

Hearts fashioned for service.

Nice people, looking happier,

Sleeping well, working safer;

Greater stability, more care,

Living longer single days and nights.

Nice people, wonderful news,

Mercy and grace, filling pews;

Heavenly minded, paradise pleases,

God reigns from the sky over trees.

Nice people, rainy days,

Stay out of the cold, sun delights;

Greatest beings, nice people,

Living together, family marriages.


Kindness wins.

23 Landscapes

Landscapes, seascapes,

Farming and grazing land;

Beside golden beaches,

Green grassy hills beside.

Landscapes, mountain ranges,

Rivers running down and along;

Cattle and sheep grazing,

Trees growing, life is amazing.

Landscapes, arid lands and deserts,

Baron, fertile, what is the difference;

Good for growing agriculture,

Not peasant picking vultures.

Landscapes, beautiful scenery,

Rolling hills, greener pastures;

A thousand cattle, sheep sleeping,

Overseas and across different countries.

Landscapes, oceanography,

Where the land meets the seashore;

Lots to do and lots to see,

Magnified in the magesty of Thee.

Landscapes, picture perfect,

Photography, leisurely strolls;

Find a spot and capture the look,

Smiling faces for pretty books.


Dust and dirt.

24 The Seaside

The seaside smiling at me,

Happily laughing at the sea;

By the edge of the land you see,

All the beauty that you can be.

The seaside, watching you to,

Seeing what you want from it;

Storms will come and storms will go,

The fathers heart and love to know.

The seaside, standing or sitting,

Lieing still for others to grow;

Oceans full and good to see,

In perfect harmony for you and me.

The seaside, looking beautiful,

All the navy doing dutiful.

Rain will team, fish will be,

Caught and eaten, to taste agree.

The seaside picture attractive,

Oceanography and photography;

Seaside fishing villages with boats,

Through in a line and use a float.

The seaside location a sea change,

Different places, quite an arrangement;

Quiet and still birds will squawk,

Seagulls nest and pelicans or stork will stalk.



25 Mountains And Streams

Mountains and streams,

Picture postcard photos;

Beautiful scenery once again,

Deer running bye and bears drink.

Mountains and streams,

Clean crystal clear water;

Running down through the valleys,

Fish breed and sporn up stream.

Mountains and streams,

Mountains rise and valleys fall;

Rivers running bye, streams delight,

Merging, twisting, turning, joining right.

Mountains rise and streams meander,

Heidi hears grandpa calling;

God is in heaven and watching over,

Up to hill to milk the cows.

Mountains towering above,

Streams running through thevalleys again,

Babbling brook and streams assunder.

Wildflowers growing to be picked with love.

Mountains calling homeward bound,

Eagles nest, horses in the prairy below;

The storm comes in, it is time to go,

Rest again in a safe and sound house.


Swiss cheese.

26 Rivers and Pastures

Rivers and pastures,

Grazing lands and streams;

Rich and fertile areas,

Cattle and sheep cream dreams.

Rivers and pastures,

Apple trees and fruit orchards;

Gum and pine trees growing,

Ducks swimming on a lake.

Rivers and pastures,

Arid zones and wetlands;

Rich, right and green grasses,

Rice, wheat and corn growing.

Rivers and pastures,

Northern and Southern hemispheres;

Wandering through Europe,

Running through Australia.

Rivers and pastures,

British meadows, golden brooks;

Bridges crossing creeks,

Dancing with each other cheek to cheek.

Rivers and pastures,

American praire lands fartold,

Rugged hills and mountains,

Flowing waters trickling bye.


Waterfalls and roads.

27 Rich Things

Rich things, rice paddies,

Writing written on paper;

Electronic internet news,

Tech devices, sitting pews.

Rich things, nice food,

Healthy eating goodness;

Meat and vegetables,

A cup of tea and cake.

Rich things, peoples houses,

Farming land, home property;

Unit blocks and tower buildings,

Shops upon shops of clothes and toys.

Rich things, television and telephone,

Movies, libraries and gyms;

Cars, trucks, trains and planes,

Going somewhere, bridges lanes.

Rich things, money banks,

Dollers spent or invested;

Saving up such large amounts,

Fortunes made, the stock market.

Rich things, people churches,

Investment in the kingdom of God,

Children of God going to heaven,

Special things, management own.


Wealth and health.

28 Grace and Glory

Grace and glory,

God of love;

Good things come,

To those above.

Normal times,

Different days;

Grace and glory,

God's own way.

Grace and glory,

Love a duck;

Crystal clear,

Rain and luck.

Train and track,

Load a truck;

Full of goods,

Bus and views.

Grace and glory,

Heaven sent;

Good things come,

Hell well meant.

Grace and glory,

A home surprise;

Beautuiful creation,

Heavenwood skies.

Grace and glory,

Glorious food;

Happy eating in the mood,

People looking loving faces.


Faith and peace.

29 Love and Mercy

Love and mercy,

Grace and truth,

Peace in heart,

Heavens mind.

Love and mercy,

Trusting good;

Seems occasional,

Holidays vocational.

Love and mercy,

Kindness, goodness;

Beautiful brilliant,

Faith and hope.

Love and mercy,

Created evenly;

God is not odd,

The Devil sinned.

Love and mercy,

Understanding meaning;

Forgiveness, forgetting,

Remembering memories.

Love and mercy,

Complete healing;

Doctors pardoned,

Grace recieving.


Eternal thanks.

30 Faith and Hope

Faith and hope,

Mercy healing;

Grace and truth,

Trusting proof.

Faith and hope,

Goodness forever;

Kindness hopes,

Healing helps.

Faith and hope,

Teaching righteouness;

Freedoms coming,

Love and faithfullness.

Faith and hope,

Loving mercy;

Greatness venturing,

Culture nurturing.

Faith and hope,

Justice certainty;

Reminding, remembering,

Truth and mercy.

Faith and hope,

Daring caring;

What you see,

What you don't.


Coping gloriously.


31 Thinking Rightly

Thinking rightly,

Brilliant peace;

Born to win,

Free from sin.

Thinking rightly,

Love is good;

Perfect world,

Forgotton word.

Thinking rightly,

God is great;

Looking sharply,

Heaven relates.

Thinking rightly,

Written work;

Travelling mercies,

Home sweet home.

Thinking rightly,

My hearts desire;

Driving my car,

Signs and stars.

Thinking rightly,

Precious Jesus;

Kingdom of God,

Lots of love.

Thinking rightly,

Grace and mercy;

Faith and healing,

Truth and trust.


Heavens dream.

32 Peace In Head

Peace in head,

Life on mind;

Heavens mercy,

Love of home.

Peace in head,

World at war,

Good and evil,

God is love.

Peace in head,

Grace reigns;


Truth and proof.

Peace in head,

Paradise mind;

Heavens love,

Grace and space.

Peace in head,

Care in heart;

House and family,

All things smart.

Peace in head,

Joy in bed;

Loving sleeping,

Children come.

Peace in head,

Teaching, healing;

Learning trusting,

Beauties face.


Clear water.

33 Happy Spirit

Happy spirit,

Joy and peace,

Loving Jesus,

Grace never cease.

Happy spirit,

Moving calmly;

Never harm anybody,

Quite of mind.

Happy spirit,

Minutes stirred;

Warm heart felt,

Try for more.

Happy spirit,

Beautiful heart;

Peace on mind,

Heavens smart.

Happy spirit,

Trials are ended;

Trusting Jesus,

God is truth.

Happy spirit,

Water on earth;

Wind is blowing,

Holiness is purity.


Running freely.

34 Joyful Sounds

Joyful sounds,

Piece of music;

Songs of peace,

Money mounds.

Joyful sounds,

Birds will sing;

A choir of angels,

Organ tunes.

Joyful sounds,

People playing;

Instruments all day,

For all occasions.

Joyful sounds,

Listening to voices;

Life in tune,

Loves desire.

Joyful sounds,

God hears harp;

Beating heart,

Breathing air.


People listen.

35 Loving looking

Looking lovely,

Beautiful faces;

Travelling places,

Living for free.

Loving looking,

Good to see;

Oceans seas,

Birds and bees.

Lovely looking,

Stranger on earth,

Feel invited,

Welcomed in.

Lovely looking,

Beautiful scenes;

Brand new cars,

Just built houses.

Lovely looking,

Books on shelves;

All those titles,

Authors who read.

Lovely looking,

God sees faith,

Heavens love,

Pages of grace.

Lovely looking,

Aged in time;

Created things,

Perfect view.


Only for you.

36 See Clearly

See clearly,

Things of day;

Certain sure,

Wanting more.

See clearly,

The need for help;

Dogs barking,

People yelp.

See clearly,

What is God's way;

Beauty portraits OK,

Why I have to pay.

See clearly,

Things of past;

Old and wise,

New and fast.

See clearly,

Skies of grey;

Changes happening,

Faith and face.

See clearly,

Peoples hearts;

Acting clever,

Being smart.


Acts of God.

37 Industrial Technology

Industrial technology,

Things are smart;

Buying devices,

Take to heart.

Industriial technology,

Factory managing,

Brilliant things,

Constant happening.

Industrial techology,

Machines are working,

Meaning cleaning,

Fashion purchases.

Industrial technology,

Vaccuum cleaners;

Stoves and fridges,

Washing machines, dryers.

Industrial technology,

New computers;

Mobile phones,

Printers, radios.

Industrial technology,

Designs and programs;

Systems and structures,

Perfect information.


Plus factor.

38 Making Things

Making things,

Changes happen;

Brilliant ideas,

Perfect reflection.

Making things,

Good to use;

Handy tools,

See what appears.

Making things,

To the point;

Crafty cleches,

Word phrases.

Making things,

Good to see,

Hard work and effort,

Helps things be.

Making things,

What you need;

Waiting wanting,

Buy and bleed.

Making things,

Treasures of heaven;

Work is hell,

Go where it is well.


Got the picture.

39 Perfect As Mine

Perfect as mine,

Ninety nine;

One hundred percent,

Not one mistake,

Perfect as mine,

Reflecting face;

Shining glory,

God is grace.

Perfect as mine,

God is good,

Greatness should,

As it could.

Perfect as mine,

Time for rhyme;

Words long the line,

Working well and fine.

Perfect as mine,

Water and wine;

Dinner should,

Feeling good.

Perfect as mine,

Mirror image;

Food on table,

Being stable.


Not your fault.

40 Shining Sun

Shining sun,

So you can see;

Bright lights,

Eyes for me.

Shining sun,

Brilliant bright;

Seeing everywhere,

Eternal light.

Shining sun,

Son knows no sin;

Daughters water,

Rubbish in the bin.

Shining sun,

Dazzling life;

Dim and dull,

Shade and shadow.

Shining sun,

Through the clouds,

Rays of hope,

Rain and right.

Shining sun,

Why do you hide;

Sheltered roof,

Room for time.


Consider all.


41 Psychology

Pschology mine,

What the head thinks;

Behavioural actions,

What is inclined.

Psychology yours,

Reading other people thoughts;

What goes through your head,

Mine, what is on my mind.

Pyschology his,

Business brains for him;

Strong, firm, respect,

What you come to expect.

Pyschology hers,

She wants good shoes;

Perfect heart and ideas,

Thoughts on her mind she said.

Pyschology independant,

Single people being in love;

Good things come to others,

Why not me instead.

Psychology relationship,

You others and God;

Nothing wrong or odd,

Its what you think in bed.


Caring thoughts.

42 Analytical Behaviour

Analytical behaviour,

Studying what you do;

Peace and conditions,

Work for me and you.

Analytical behaviour,

Perfect human beings;

No sin in the world,

Jesus saved and redeemed.

Analytical behaviour,

Cognitive thought;

Thinking and caring,

What other people do.

Analytical behaviour,

Loving each other to;

Blessings upon one another,

Coming together as well.

Analytical behaviour,

World of mercy and grace,

Portrayal of pleasure,

Useual greed of treasure.

Analytical behaviour,

All the flavours on earth;

Fashioned to service,

Doing whatever things well.


System strategy.

43 Cognitive Mind

Cognitive mind,

Becoming quite kind;

Thinking things over,

Ticking, breathing, beating.

Cognitive mind,

Rational conception;

Perfect understanding,

Knowledge information.

Cognitive mind,

Pschological cuteness;

Physilogical mine,

Reserve energy.

Cognitive mind,

Harmony not strife;

Behavioural skills,

Sleeping pills.

Cognitive mind,

Things turning around inside;

Eyes meet eyes in the street,

Walking past and and passed.

Cognitive mind,

Heart and head;

What are your thoughts,

Conditional sports.


Reacting time.

44 Brain Ticking Over

Brain ticking over,

Heart not missing a beat;

Something to eat,

Food is so sweet.

Brain ticking over,

What can I do;

Organised thought,

Things you think.

Brain ticking over,

More, more and more,

Money and time.

Memories might remember.

Brain ticking over,

What is going on in the head;

Organised ideas,

Prayer and amen.

Brain ticking over,

Time for some peace;

May all wars cease,

Piece of pie or cake.

Brain ticking over,

Me, me and me again;

You, you and your head,

Him and her sharing.


Joint accounts.

45 Deep Things

Me a man meaning, with men on mind,

Mainly making money from memories;

A woman, women working, washing with water,

Worth the words of which wait for weight.

Remember the days of old in time,

Time on your hands and by your side;

Deep things on your heart and mind,

Trouble, torment, strife and worry.

Marriage problems, happy moments,

Loving, caring, daring, truth;

People come and people go,

From where to when and places I know.

Facing God, looking for dad,

Who were you then when I had;

Ancient past and modern meanings,

A lot to be said and done for healing.

The ocean depth and happiness,

Rivers running, ruling righteously;

Relationship a thing to be desired,

A school of fish, a line and net.

Deep things are from in the heart,

The head a thing that must be smart;

Whether wanting heavenly realms,

Weather loving books on shelves.


Peace dreams.

46 Simple and Shallow

Simple and shallow,

Wading in water;

Shade and shadows,

Not too deep.

Simple and shallow,

Happy and gay;

Life is bright,

Heaven in head.

Simple and shallow,

Care is needed;

Compassion and prayer,

Sinful and easy.

Simple and shallow,

Wait on weights;

God delights in us,

Keep Him perfect right.

Simple and shallow,

Love of God for all;

Curiosity and courtescy,

What is good for us.

Simple and shallow,

Not getting into trouble;

Depth of understanding,

Food that is nice and light.

Simple and shallow,

Dare to plan;

Earths a big place,

Smiling in the face.


Against adversity.

47 I Like Being Kind

I like being kind,

Love life on my mind;

Money in the bank,

Death of greed.

Like being kind,

Things people read;

Sign what you lead,

Looking to find.

I like being kind,

A heart that serves;

Good for each other,

What God wants to see.

I like being kind,

It is good to me;

Happy with each other,

Heavenly and free.

I like being kind,

Feels nice to be;

Joy of giving,

Prayer for what needs.

I like being kind,

Gift of grace from God;

Seeing smiling faces,

Nothing being odd.

I like being kind,

Shadows in the darkness;

Care and cosideration,

God is perfect everywhere.


Good for all.

48 Love Each Other

Love each other,

Care and share;

Prayer for healing,

God is feeling.

Love each other,

In time of need,

For wants and desires,

Greatfully accepting.

Love each other,

Understand the heart;

Work to do,

Making life better.

Love each other,

Kindness wins;

Goodness is fair,

Godliness of God.

Love each other,

People in prayer;

Suiting family,

Jesus Christ wins.

Love each other,

Crimes behind you;

Pay the penalty,

Jail ahead for sinners.

Love each other,

Grace emerges;

Heavens rays enter,

Paradise days.


Devil in hell.

49 Unity

Unity and freedom,

A clash of tasks;

Beautiful relationships,

A flag of masks.

Unity and honesty,

Helping others;

Caring hurts,

Pains gone bye.

Unity in fashion,

The caring two;

God will bless,

Different passions.

Unity in style,

Joined together;

Working unicism,

Towards the goal.

Unity in perfect,

Reflect the day;

God's goodness,

Kindness relates.

Unity and purity,

Loving hearts;

Painful moments,

Healing hurting heads.

Unity is real glory,

Celebrating life;

Together we do,

Getting on with things.


Peace between.

50 Freedom

Freedom is love,

Coming in time;

Ceaseless to have,

Certainty for truth.

Freedom is life,

Caring for each other;

Sharing the thoughts,

Pawns playing sport.

Freedom is sharing,

Caring for prayer;

Living loving others,

Fairness is present.

Freedom comes in turns,

Each other consider;

Trees and oceans,

A nice sandy beach.

Freedom is fashion,

Perfect reflection;

Truth being answered,

Always more coming.

Freedom is passion,

No burning desires,

Knowing the heart,

Desires of the head.


Letting it go.


51 Sunrises

Sunrises in the morning,

In the East each day;

Going to where it sets,

Highnoon at lunch time.

Sunrises in the morning,

Beautiful colours of God;

Lovely to watch it rising,

Take care of your eyes.

Sunrises in the morning,

Loving looks at clouds;

Coming through in rays,

Beautiful creaton all days.

Sunrises in the mornings,

Over the ocean and islands;

Coming into God's presence,

Joy filling up empty hearts.

Sunrises in the morning,

Overhead to shine on us;

Giving us God's glory,

Shining for you and for me.

Sunrises in the morning,

Creating hearts of gold;

Looking down from heaven,

God is warm, hot not cold.


Light rays.

52 Sunsets

Sunsets after being all day,

Gone out back in the west;

Somewhere to go for another day,

Coming back to set again tomorrow.

Sunsets after being all day,

Hot shining down on us;

Awesome reds and ohcre golds,

The evening comes as it unfolds.

Sunsets after being all day,

Up on high to look upon us;

Slowly fading, sinking in the West,

Smiling happy, thinking what is best.

Sunsets after being all day,

So we can all get some rest;

Sleeping in heaven, beauties test,

Dreams of love for to digest.

Sunsets after being all day,

Joyful, gracious did it best;

Earth turned around for the rest,

Going, growing, goodness guessed.

Sunsets after being all day,

Trees smiling happy and blessed;

Photosynthesis, air and water,

Sun slipping, sailing out back west.


Slips away.

53 Twelve Good Hours

Twelve good hours,

From sunup to sundown;

Three meals a day,

Eight hours work, rest and play.

Twelve good hours,

Daylight and nightime;

Sleeping and working,

Getting things done for the rest.

Twelve good hours,

Sunshines all day;

Moonlight at night,

Twenty four hours turning.

Twelve good hours,

Every day of the year;

To get work done,

And to sleep at night.

Twelve good hours,

Morning and afternoons;

Evenings and daylight gone,

Sun sinks and going is done.

Twelve good hours,

Enjoying life to the full;

When you are tired,

The other half is the night.


Night and day.

54 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast, lunch and dinner,

Food glorious food;

Delightful dealing meals,

Fuel for the day each time.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner,

Toast and eggs for breakfast,

Or cereal, jams and bacon,

Baked beans, spagetti or soup.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner,

Roast for lunch or caserole;

Fish and chips or a hamburger,

Main meal, middle of the day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner,

Entree and soup first for dinner;

Then a smorgasborg of selections,

Anything on the menu your serve.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner,

Every day of your life;

365 days a year,

Never miss a meal or beat.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner,

Skip breakfast and lunch,

Morning and afternoon tea,

Dinner the main meal at night.


Happy eating.

55 Tea and Coffee Breaks

Tea and coffee breaks,

Three meals a day;

Divided by tea and coffee breaks,

Biscuit and a cup of tea.

Tea and coffee breaks,

Coffee for breakfast;

Nothing better to do all day,

Than sipping tea or coffee.

Tea and coffee breaks,

Keeps you going all day;

Family talks and visitors,

Celebrating life all the day.

Tea and coffee breaks,

Cheese or smoked oysters on biscuits;

Mellows out the mind,

Keeps you feeling topped up.

Tea and coffee breaks,

Enjoying each other all day;

Wondering what the world holds for you,

Talking about different things in life.

Tea and coffee breaks,

Neighbours come around for a while;

Discovering new ideas and different styles,

God bless you each and every day.


Drinking thirsty.

56 A Piece Of Cake

A piece of cake,

Life is about that;

Being simple and kind,

As easy as pie for us.

Tea and coffee,

And a piece of cake;

You will enjoy it for sure,

Make no mistake about that.

A piece of cake,

Life is meant to be like that;

Not so easy for sure sometimes,

But good when you eat your cake.

A piece of cake,

You can have your cake and eat it to;

You have to indulge or save,

Enjoy a slice of life when you can.

A piece of cake,

Butter cake or fruit cake;

Chocolate cake or vanilla,

Date loaf or black forest cake.

A piece of cake,

Easy come easy go,

Life is like a piece of cake,

Hard to get going sometimes.


Happy eating.

57 Other People

Life is about other people,

Caring and sharing time;

Working together for the common good,

Celebrating the good things for a while.

Life is about other people,

A matter of order not chaos;

Having a working common goal,

Paying and praying together.

Life is about other people,

You can't always live with yourself;

Learning to interact and mingle,

Enjoying a phone call tingle.

Life is about other people,

The road too onely to go alone;

Always better ideas together,

Coming up with your own ideas to share.

Life is about other people,

You can't always have your own way you know;

Better to give in and talk about it,

Than stewing by yourself for a while.

Life is about other people,

Bring home the bacon I say;

Feed your home and family,

Better to share than be on your own,


Sharing time.

58 Enjoying Each Other

Enjoying each other,

The road of life is lonely;

Beter to share and care,

Enjoying each other.

Enjoying each other,

The beauty of both kinds and types;

Always more interesting together,

Celebrating life with each other.

Enjoying other people,

What the entertainment industry is all about;

Working for the good of others,

Helping, caring, sharing souls.

Enjoying other people,

Working for the common good once again;

Life too short to go alone idea again,

You have to understand purpose and plight.

Enjoying other people,

What is good about knowing others?

Better than being depressed by yourself,

Living with the good hearts of others.

Enjoying other people,

Life is best and meant that way;

More time by yourself, then share it with others,

Full of the family, sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers.


Best for more than one.

59 Time For Sharing

Time for sharing,

Time for joy;

Time for love,

Time for life.

Faith and freedom,

Goodness great;

People care,

Game of prayer.

Time for sharing,

Keep the truth;

Real things come,

Make the best of it.

Time for sharing,

Simple wonders;

Evening falls,

Dawn breaks.

Time for sharing,

Helping others;

What you need,

Wanted water.

Time for sharing,

Fly through air;

Piloting home,

Safe in the bank.

Time for sharing,

Simple tacts;

Honest beings,

Pure sweet facts.


It takes two.

60 Perfect World

Perfect world,

Utopia right;

Heaven on earth,

Baby birth.

Perfect world,

Reflecting glory;

Neverending story,

Truth of life.

Perfect world,

Mirror image;

Imagining love,

Trusting God.

Perfect world,

Ideal reality;

Creations brilliance,

Paradise gardening.

Perfect world,

Jesus Christ;

Everything living,

Really reigning.

Perfect world,

Devil in hell;

Satan defeted,

God is all things well.


Beautiful picture.


I Tried Hard

I tried hard to wirte a poetry book for you, that was set about and designed to entertain. I hope I gave it my best shot, after all that is which is always best left for you to decide the outcome and the judgement of the finished work. I have captured some meanings of the moment and skipped and jumped back and forth to try and cover all turf and ideas without leaving anything left out or untouched. So as to not miss the boat completely on all the apspects of what I was trying to say. Encorperating and encompassing each and every different type of aspect to engage in altercations of deception and receptiveness of thought. By being transperant and observing the laws of nature, I have tried to tap into the finer resources of life and to discover the events of all types of happenings and behaviours. The realness of the thoughts only come about by congruent and anticipation of reasonable righteousness in reflecting the true cover story of the general book idea. I hope that you might have seen something of yourselves in the reflecting of these ideas as to my individual personalities adaptations and your own interpretations in the reflection of the work outcome and eventuation. I think that we have retained the possible improvement of writing, but still struggled with the real nature of the criteria. In all honesty I think I could have done a better job with more depth in some of the poems, but sometimes a light hearted approach can be better by being different than trying to tackle too much meat and not meeting the expected standards of the original conception. While some of the poems, a fair few to be exact were only short, sharp and hopefully to the point, at least we have got through it and done the job with a finish of a somewhat realistic endeavour. I do really hope that you have enjoyed Parsifal Tries Fine Tuning, it was always going to be a difficult one of rising above and going to another level beyond my normal standards. Great stuff I think, I hope you all enjoyed it, lets try again now in another book. I tried hard to make it a little bit special, I hope at least that was seen within the sixty poems written. Sometimes though I think that you just have to assume that grace wins everytime. Thanks for reading it. Darel.