Parsifal Revolves and Turns

Parsifal Revolves and Turns



The rules of life are simple, follow the leadership of God and allow Him the eternal reigns of your lives. In a world where the wheels never stop going around and turning, where money revolves around nearly every aspect of the given situation. Life can become droll and boring in an unrelentless pursuit of material wealth. The eternal nature of God is one of love and understanding, with His compassion and caring for the hearts and minds in the souls of His people. Seeking first the kingdom of God and its treasures, gives you life and time on earth to pursue your desires and passions in a very real and natural way. Of course serving the God you love and the nearsighted understanding of His reciprocal relationship, is a true beauty in ideological certainty for your life. Fear is washed away and quashed, while truth rises and shines every day in your life. With time by your side you can work to your hearts content on all the wonderful things that God has given you to do. So it is with Parsifal Revolves and Turns, revolves and turns around God while God moves through His spirit and revolves and turns around the earth and cares for His people in His kingdom of heaven. You only have to sit down with a good book and turn the pages to see the changes and emerging story that unfolds as you read, let us hope that this new book, while it is on the internet for you to read, makes a real difference in your life. It is only a book of poetry after all, but what the hell, well as I have been called to write it, one idea that God has placed on my heart and mind to do and He will help me get through and He will help take some of the burden out of writing it for me. Creation is His genius afterall and I have to allow Him to inspire my mind to write this book. Stay tuned and watch and wait as this unfolds, revolving and turning around the heart of God and all He can and has to do to help create this new book. Once again I hope that you are all up for the challenge of coming alongside with travelling mercies and that you to can find the reflective interest, in what is still yet another book of poetry. This in my 32rd book of poetry, God bless it, in all its aspirations and desires to succeed. Stay around for Parsifal Revolves and Turns and you will be surprised what can actually happen with it and what will come out of it with God's help. It will be one of a really truly, a total amount of eternal worth. Darel.


1 Showering Mercy

Showering mercies, sent from heaven,

Rain upon a dry and baron land;

Great inspiration and perspiration,

Water the thirst of this waiting land.

Kingdom of God and love,

Send your blessing mightily upon us;

Reign your truth right into our hearts,

We are begging for quenching into our parts.

Showering mercies, troubled places,

Feed our souls and fill our faces;

With your hearts desire for us,

Answer all prayers from different races.

Showering mercies, Jesus our healer,

Healing souls and minds from fever;

Send your rains in rays of reign,

Give us a drink from springs of water.

Showering mercies, heavens flooding thoughts,

We give you thanks for God and sports;

Fish that swim in oceans and seas so vast,

Give us heavens treasures so as to last.

Showering mercies, the truth revealed,

You joy and love from being concealed;

The proof of love your love in showers to wet,

Prayers of grace and mercy we should not upon bet.


Quenching thoughts.

2 Rays Of Sunlight

Rays of sunlight through the rain,

Sunshowers pouring light through day;

Rays of sunnlight, not always dry,

Love and mercies, blessings through the sky.

Rays of sunlight, depicting a picture,

Blessings and graces, dew with riches;

Shining warmth into our hearts,

People smiling, parts and smart.

Rays of sunlight to our minds,

Brilliant creation, kingdom of heaven;

Worth the ways and days of light,

Reigning truth in rays of might.

Rays of sunlight touch our skin,

Helping people see and win;

Don't get burnt, but rejoice in hope,

Love and faith, The Devil has to cope.

Rays of sunlight, truth within,

Warming hearts beneath our skin;

Rain and love for those who are thin,

Embedded in such riches to win.

Rays of sunlight, think we're blessed,

Sin and falsehood best confessed;

Two birds upon their woven nest,

God of heaven in is kingdom always best.


Pure joy.

3 A Wet Old Day

A wet and rainy day,

Old grey skies pouring rain;

Soft and gentle showers spill,

Falling from the heavens sky.

A wet old day,

Rainy and wet and miserable,

You have to look on the bright side of life,

The ground is grateful for a drink.

A wet and rainy day,

Water falling from the heavens;

Working waters way into the dirt,

Harder rock places do not hurt.

A wet old day,

Thankyou God for this gift;

Giving people a positive lift,

Thirst no longer and live.

A wet and rainy day,

Grey skies looking down at me;

Its great to be alive and free,

Enjoying the goodness of God from He.

A wet old day,

Wonderful weather really;

Great to see God blessing His people,

Prayers going up from a church steeple.


Thankyou Lord.

4 Greatful Farmers

Greatful farmers for a drink,

Water flowing down to fill the sink;

Water the crops and give a spell,

Farmers are happy with all things well.

Greatful farmers they sowed a seed,

God watered the land, what they need;

In due time and right season,

The crops grew up and are planted again.

Greatful farmers, looked to God,

Thanking Him in heaven above;

The rain falls down to water the ground,

Truth can be discovered and found.

Greatful farmers, respected in time,

Giving us food from the land of theirs;

Working hard to supply our needs,

God grants them peace from work they have done.

Greatful farmers, all is well,

Hope in heaven, dead in hell;

Seeds that fall and die, drop to the ground,

God multiplies and grows then up.

Grateful farmers, God waters their crop,

Not to flood and need a mop,

Just the right amount of rain,

At the right time for the seeds to grow.


Growing up.

5 It Never Rains It Pours

It never rains it pours,

Says one man to another;

I just give up on this rain sometimes,

It never seems to want to stop.

One day its raining cats ad dogs,

The nest day its as dry as a bone;

When it does not rain for a while,

Then down it comes pouring and teaming.

It never rains it pours,

Just when you want to go out;

It buckets down to make puddles again,

Wets the whole road when you are driving.

It never rains it purs,

That is what my father said to my mother;

When I want to go out and work in the garden,

I need my umbrella and raincoat and gumboots.

It never rains it pours,

God's love coming down to flood a nation;

In the deserts and out into the sea,

Watering a dry and thristy baron land.

It never rains it pours,

While asleep like the old man snoring;

Dad use to always complain about the rain,

But mum was always glad for the garden.


Sleep tight.

6 Thank God For A Drink

Thank God for a drink,

When it rains and fills the dam;

All you alcoholics who are sick,

Learn to quench your thirst with water.

Thanks God for a drink,

When it is hot and sunny;

After you are dehydrated in the sun,

Thank God for a drink of water.

Thank God for a drink,

He reigns rain from His home in heaven;

Giving us what we all need in life,

Food, shelter and a good old fashioned drink of water.

Thank God for a drink,

Remember how grateful that you can be;

Thanking God in heaven as old as gold,

For all the beautiful things in life to drink.

Thank God for a drink,

Fruit juices, lemonade and Cocacola;

God is good and gives us all what we want,

He really knows what we need before we do.

Thank God for a drink,

When you are thirsty and starving hungry;

When He quenches your thirst for life,

Giving you the living water of Jesus Christ.


Thirst quenched.

7 A Wet Blanket

Party poopers fair to fail,

Crossing other peoples vale;

Dry and cosy, forget the drink,

Other people think you stink.

A wet blanket or stick in the mud,

Sapping other peoples blood;

Stuck in the mud or Noahs flood,

Watch out for other peoples love.

A wet blanket and dry arguement,

Alcohol is simply not for everybody;

You can't force me to have a drink,

The water of life is a good think.

A wet blanket, well don't mind me,

I just happen to be one positively;

A desert duel or other possibilities,

The sword of the Lord and probabilities.

A wet blanket doesn't mean you don't have to try,

But it means other people want you to have a drink;

Go cold turkey and God will help you link,

A wet blanket will make you purple and pink.

Don't catch a cold and stay warm and dry,

Love never fails and sinners never win;

You don't have to be ignorant but still have a drink,

Not acolhol, but be sociable and teach others to think.


Love being dry.

8 Love Never Fails

Love never fails, we do,

We need to learn to rely on God;

God who is love never fails,

We must put our trust and faith in Him.

Love never fails, God loves us,

Coming down from His heavenly trails;

Filling our hearts with joy and love,

Compassionate understanding and discipline.

Love never fails, God is good,

Blessing us all with mercy forever;

Showering love into our hearts,

God is clever and so very smart.

Love never fails, I do believe,

Reassuringly knowing from Him I receive;

Enduring obedience to live and to know,

God's grace and goodness for me to grow.

Love never fails, I need to know and be sure,

Gratefully accepting that I can trust Him;

A country mile and hurtle or two;

Learning to take my time like a turtle,

Love never fails, God reassures me of that,

God holds us all safe in His arms,

Lovingingly knowing I can't do it all by myself,

Even when I have read all those books on the shelf.


Stand firm and tight.

9 Waters Perfect Beauty

Waters perfect beauty,

Glorious to look upon;

Sun shining down onto the water,

Reflecting sunlit rays of light.

Waters perfect beauty,

Clear and crystal, clean to drink;

Thirst quenching refreshing water,

Clarity of mind to think.

Waters perfect beauty,

Life giving, thankful for water;

Rich in my veins under skin;

Helping my blood to circulate around.

Waters perfect beauty,

Refracting blues and aquas;

Coming like a pure sexual thought,

Rains upon earth for people to drink.

Waters perfect beauty,

Love of drops into the soul;

Dishes done and cups and bowls,

Washing and cleaning floors and clothes.

Waters perfect beauty,

A drink of water from the tap;

Sitting pretty with a child in my lap,

Giving water to drink to save our lives.


Self Connetations.

10 Reigning Monarch

God save the queen,

God save the queen:

Long live the king,

Long live the king.

Reigning monarchs live,

Till they pass into death,

Reigning in truth and honsesty,

Serving their kingdoms people.

One might choose to abdecate,

Forgoing their royal heritage;

Most sit on the thrown and relate,

To day to day things and events.

Reigning monarchs love riches,

Not fixing roads and ditches;

Royal dieticans and gourmet foods,

No wonder some of them put on weight.

Castles and palaces ond jewels,

A crown on their head to rule;

Lands and places to own and visit,

Everyhting interesting and exquisite.

Reigning monarchs can be charming,

Blessing their subjects while containing;

Heavens treasures all still remaining,

Banquets, feasts and entertaining.

Reigning monarches hold on to the key,

To life, finances and industry;

Power to put you into jail,

Giving charity to those who do fail.


Changing weather.


11 Brilliant Light

The sun shines, a brilliant light,

Teaching and instructing us;

Teaming into the body of man,

Eyes and heart and mind.

The sun shines, a brilliant light,

For people to see by day;

Leading and guiding the way,

Jesus Christ The Lord to pay.

Birlliant light, oh perfect rays,

God walks our way each day;

Perfect in humility He pays,

Shining, searching, by night He lays.

The sun shines, a brilliant light,

Enjoying each others company;

Grace and mercy, truth within,

Coming down to battle with sin.

The sun shines, a brilliant light,

To see where you are going clearly;

Love ever after, so dearly,

Married couples, celebrating humanity.

The sun shines, a brilliant light,

Enjoying the best of everything;

Christ the centre is found in time,

Beating the trouble of sin and crime.


Dark places.

12 Bright Eyes

Bright eyes, look and see,

Beauty reigning for you and me;

Truly giving, seeing the heart,

Living breathing, being smart.

Bright eyes, great to be,

All creation, happening free;

Seeing, looking to understand,

What a joyous, wonderful land.

Bright eyes, histories pleasures,

Many magnifigant, beautiful treasures;

Invisioning, trusting, helping truths,

Lord of the world, possible proofs.

Bright eyes, splendour enthrowned,

Gifts of silver, platinum and gold;

Ancient skies, the God of old,

Warmer weather, poles are cold.

Bright eyes, system magically,

Never accidental or causing tragedies;

Sining love into minds of men,

Written down by humble pen.

Bright eyes, seeing beauty,

Doing right and doing my duty;

Many a darling and little cutie,

Enriching lives in the kingdoms city.


Reasoning mind.

13 Look and See

Look and see, the joys of the sea,

Ocean depth and happiness;

Rivers running, freely happy,

Over the earth, God of heaven.

Look and see, mercy and truth,

Grace flowing into the vanes, holy proof;

Mountains and trees, beautiful to see,

Valleys caring the glimpes of depression.

Look and see, farms and running streams,

Cattle and sheep grazing on pasturelands;

The good things of life are forever,

Knowing the love of God in faith.

Look and see, deserts and plains,

Beaches and rocky cliffs;

Happily training around to see,

Goodness whenever, lovers agree.

Look and see, friends coming together,

Family environment, loving relationships;

Houses and buildings, units and villas,

Parks and people walking the dog.

Look and see, good things for you and me,

New cars and boats, planes and trains;

Driving along in the countrysiide,

Little towns to stop at for a cup of tea.



14 Pouring Down Rays

Pouring down rays, sunshiney days,

The sunshines gloriously its own way;

Filling the hearts and minds of men,

Joy going into the souls depth.

Pouring down rays into real lives,

Ensuring the good is accomplished;

The sun shines brightest at noon,

Duller are the rays of the moon.

Pouring down rays from the sky,

Bright lights passionately feeding us;

Hues of blue across sea and sky,

Trees taking in the goodness of the sun.

Pouring down rays into peoples days,

An assortment of all different type sof rays,

Refraction and attraction for the spectrum,

Rainbows signifying peace and protection.

Pouring down rays of sunlit light,

Filling hearts and minds again;

Joy to know God's gift of warmth,

Seeing with my eyes the delight.

Pouring down rays of hope and joy,

Peace for the troubled soul and mind;

Reassurance and meaning for all,

God still lights the way of my day.


Saying heaven.

15 Lovely Sunshine

Lovely sunshine, glorious day,

Flowing into hearts and lives;

Lighting up the world around,

Your head above the ground.

Lovely sunshine, glorious day,

Trees growing, heaven to pay;

Shining into lives and minds,

Working hard to live and abound.

Lovely sunshine, a joy to the day,

Many more wise peoples ways;

Goodness, blessings, kindness to come,

Everyone happy, all to have some.

Lovely sunshine, to get jobs done,

Working hope and faith in fun;

Living loving, free as a bird,

God is good, His word Iv'e heard.

Lovely sunshine, the earth says thankyou,

Types of people, days of gratitude;

Persistant being, how is my attitude,

Appitude knowing, about the altitude.

Lovely sunshine, overwhelming times,

Abundance coming, treasures refined;

Great is God's love, the fathers happy,

Sleeping at nights, sunshines nappy.


Good to see.

16 Goodness and Grace

Goodness and grace,

Mercy and truth;

Love abounding in surplus,

Kindness on the mind.

Goodness and grace,

Searching for peace;

An abundant supply,

Love never to cease.

Goodness and grace,

The look of love in your face;

Blessings and honour,

The world our earth on her.

Goodness and grace,

Greatness to digest;

Discussion made easy,

Just trying to please me.

Goodness and grace,

The delight of the word;

Leading light upon us,

Delicate and quiet I heard.

Goodness and grace,

Peace ever after;

Rewarding and satisfying,

Avoiding a disaster.


Trying in heart.

17 Lead Kindly Light

Lead kindly light,

The hymn and the chorus;

Jesus shining through,

Trying not to bore us.

Lead kindly light,

The beauty of creation;

Restoring relationships,

Shining down bright.

Lead kindly light,

To see clearly by day,

The light of the world away,

Heaven just waiting to pay.

Lead kindly light,

The sun shining on me;

Coming through the clouds in rays,

God trusting true ways.

Lead kindly light,

Refractions of colours;

Stained lead glass windows,

Jesus the light of the world.

Lead kindly light,

Picturesque beauty,

Man doing his duty,

Many a little cuty.

Lead kindly light,

Staying out of trouble;

Not bursting the bubble,

Staying clear of a heap of rubble.


People perfect.

18 Life Of The World

Life of the world,

You stepped down into darkness;

Leading us home to you,

Word of light, days so true.

Life of the world,

Plenty for us ever after;

People loving, people laughter,

Smiling homeward, what your after.

Life of the world,

What went on before;

The need to fix and restore,

Right relationship with your.

Life of the world,

God in our own eyes,

Loving us from heaven,

Rainbow poems forever.

Life of the world,

Jesus living in our lives;

Making us happy and content,

Water and love, her meant.

Life of the world,

Shining into our minds;

Filling our hearts with joy,

Peace to satisfy our souls.

Life of the world,

What do you want now?

God really knows what you need,

Social security and read.


Picture this. 

19 Dark Days and Night

Dark days and nights,

The dismal of the bad,

The world seems to have gone mad,

Saturated and very sad.

Dark days and nights,

Picture things like that;

Out of the deep depression,

Stress and anxiety to right.

Dark days and nights,

Sleeping lonely, very dull;

The fun of life, void and null,

The seashore, see a gull.

Dark days and nights,

Lost, bewildered, alone;

Loooking for companionship,

Lights of a distant ship.

Dark days and nights,

Where does the sun go and hide;

Waiting to take my bride,

In you Lord I still abide.

Dark days and nights,

Keeping up the long fight;

Working to make things right,

Peace coming through the writing.

Dark days and nights,

Trouble, strife and problems,

To cease in broad daylight,

Christ coming through the clouds so bright.


See the light.

20 Beautiful Sunshine

Beautiful sunshine,

Peace adored;

The word Iv'e heard,

Flight of a bird.

Beautiful sunshine,

Love through the clouds,

Shining brightly on me,

Shining into hearts and minds.

Beautiful sunshine,

Days bright joys;

Peace and happiness,

Judge the right mind.

Beautiful sunshine,

God's heart and mine;

Brains hot in head,

Rain comes through the night.

Beautiful sunshine,

Shining down on me;

Just like a friend,

Coming through the windows.

Beautiful sunshine,

Time is at hand,

Light is on the mend,

Peace coming into lives again.


I love to look.


21What Goes Around, Comes Around

What goes around comes around,

Back and forth and there again;

Here and there and round about,

To and fro and over there to where.

What goes around, comes around,

How and when I know not then;

Why and what for to you and who,

Wisdom has its way of proving it.

To me changes happen all the time,

Automatically and autominously;

Spontanuitously and gradually,

Change is what is going on iside your mind.

What goes around, comes around,

To Timbuckto and back again;

The Black Stump and Birdsville,

Tippaburra and Silverton's, Mundi Mundi Plains.

What goes around, come around,

Time keeps repeating itself oftenly;

What has been before, will be again,

The rain returns to the mountains and into rivers.

What goes around, comes around,

The world keeps turning, earth's eternity;

The sun goes on burning, despite tragedy,

Shining light in to hearts and minds again.


22 Eat Turning City

Eat turning city,

Eternal city eating,

Home now in Rome,

Pasta and pizza.

Earth turning cities,

Eternal world of food;

Loving, caring, eating,

Enjoy combing your hair.

Eat turning city,

Flush the toilet again;

Cleanliness and hygiene,

Wash hands all the time.

Eat turning city,

Good food costs money;

Time for digestion,

Pay the price of health.

Eat turning city,

No-one wants any pity;

Good happens to others,

Share faith with self to.

Eat turning city,

The kitty committee;

The cash box expenses,

Great food to down.

Eat turning city,

Fun can be found;

Good food around,

Walking above the ground.

Eat turning city,

Laugh a minute to;

Smiling makes you happy,

Sleeping now as nappy.


Taking my time.

23 Countries Count

Countries count, yes,

Counting countries, 1,000 no?

More cash than money,

Cream and the honey.

Countries count,

People make a difference;

Counting people, maybe,

Making money means work.

Countries count,

Languages matter;

Speak in your native tongue;

All worth speaking about.

Countires count,

Walking and talking;

Refined conditions,

Reminds me of friendship.

Countries count,

Culture and cuisine;

Eating, living, loving,

Different types of food.

Countries count,

Water is a real need;

Feeling nicer and warmer,

Good food for eating.


Before dinner.

24 Worth The Dirt

Internet and International,

Worth the website and net.

The dirt taught us how to hurt,

Wear a clean shirt and be clear.

Worth the dirt, bricks and laying,

Building houses no dismay;

Truck loads of sand and cement,

Safe with walls around us.

Shovel and soil, lay foundations,

Keep working to finish the job;

Make no mistakes or no regrets,

God is love from heaven above.

Worth the dirt, people saying,

Don't you swear at me like that;

God is good in all creation,

Keep it clean, love being well.

Worth the dirt, money in the bank,

God is building a home in heaven,

Safe and secure, great and beautiful,

Mercy healing, bright and brilliant.

Worth the dirt, I don't know why,

Sin has come, sun does shine;

Son of God and Son of Man,

All fits in to His own plan.


Mud pack.

25 Clean As A Whistle

Clean as a whistle,

Bright sparkly clean;

Brand spanking new,

On show for you to buy.

Clean as a whistle,

Keep yourself that way;

Remaining true all day,

Don't get dirty and sin.

Clean as a whistle,

God heals and renews;

Making life worth while,

Purify your loving child.

Clean as a whistle,

God sees your heart,

Love being clever and smart,

God's beating brilliant mind.

Clean as a whistle,

Not a whistle blower;

Do the lawns with the mower,

Blue skies smiling at me.

Clean as a whistle,

Forgiven and not forsaken;

Forgetting and remembering,

God wants us to have pure hearts.


Love and care.

26 Blue and Green

From a distance the earth,

Looks blue and green;

Blue sky and seas,

Green trees and grass.

Blue as the day goes by,

Green with envy and why;

Aqua coloured blue water,

Clear, but with green algae.

Blue as I look at you,

Your a greedy green shade;

Not happy with things around,

Two toned blue and green.

Blue bye you, getting tired,

Blue in the face like the moon;

Little green men on Mars,

Lepricorns sitting in the garden.

Blue, blue and black and blue,

Gangreen, what do I really mean;

Sitting around idle doing nothing,

Things that are green you have to clean.

Blue swimmers crabs and blue ring octopus,

Green tree frogs and grasshoppers;

Praying mantus and some butterflies,

Life is full of beautiful blue and green.


Trees and skies.

27 Red and Yellow

Red and yellow,

The soil and sun;

Red earth centre,

Shining golden sun.

Read a book and, 

Now seen the light;

Blood flowing through,

My heart and vanes.

Red and yellow binding,

Blond hair and red rash;

Yellow river and the sand,

Red rocks by the sea shore.

Red eyes and mind,

Yellow skin and sun;

Burning bright as day,

Nice omelette and sauce.

Yellow yoke and red beetroot,

The egg and salad sandwich;

Strawberries, rubarb and prawns,

Red radishes and yellow mustard.

Yellow canaries singing,

Red apples for eating;

Red and yellow clash and blend,

Matching and trying to mend.


Sun on Ayers Rock.

28 Orange and Brown

Orange and brown,

Autumn leaves;

A piece of fruit,

Down to business.

The colour of your hair,

Orange or brown;

Desert sunsets,

Orange glows going.

Orange and brown,

Leaves falling off trees;

Left to be raked up,

Onto the compost heap.

Orange and brown,

Organising and arranging,

Best business in town,

Money, plenty of twenties.

Orange and brown,

Chocolate liqures;

Tangy and sweet,

Taste sensations.

Orange and brown,

Hot chocolate by the fire;

Winter warmth,

Summer is over.


Juice business.

29 Purple and Pink

Purple and pink,

Perfect purple;

Pick the pink,

Pictures link.

Purple and pink,

Jockies colours;

The horse will win,

Under your skin.

Purple and pink,

The colour of flesh;

United we mesh,

Joined by the heart.

Purple and pink,

Why do you think?

Detergents and fragrances,

Nice smell, not to stink.

Purple and pink,

Violets and lavenders;

Pink roses and mauve,

Flowers, purple and pink.


Bright colours.

30Black and White

Black and white,

Contrasts the most,

White page of paper,

Black print and ink.

Black and white,

Corcasions and negroes;

Does not matter so much,

The colour of your skin.

Black and white,

Read the newspaper;

The old Bible sitting on the shelf,

Must be picked up and read.

Black and white,

The novels in colour;

Good books to read,

Fiction and nonfiction.

Black and white,

Night and day;

Evening sky and snow,

Get the picture I know.

Black and white,

Old televison sets;

Shades of greys are mised,

Read between the lines.


Same differentiation.


31 Electricty Elects

Electricity elects,

People and power;

Working hard for it,

Trying to stay on top.

Electricty elects,

Lightning from heaven;

A ray of light to earth,

Vote for you politician.

Electricity elects,

Power in poetry;

Writing for life,

Right to live by.

Electricity elects,

Perfectly selects;

Connects, detects,

Corrects, ejects.

Electricity elects,

Flick a light switch;

Light comes on and goes off,

Power for your house.

Electricty elects,

Poeple vote for power,

Insects and incest,

Life is a bright spark.


Your seat.

32 Power Supply

Power supply,

Hydro stations;

Lightning from heaven,

Lighting your city.

Power supply,

Electricity grid;

Substations in your area,

Suburbs needing power.

Power supply,

Work out hard;

Walk a long way,

Food for the stomache.

Power supply,

From me to you;

What we all need,

Plug in your device.

Power supply,

God's gift of love;

Goodness and mercy,

Kindness and grace.

Power supply,

His and hers to you,

What she wants from me,

Who he gets and gives.


Love apple.

33 Transformers


Converting your power;

Into the right current,

Usable and right.


Substations in suburbs;

For the right voltage,

Wattage and ohmns.


Power from on high,

God from the sky,

Love in your eye.



Acting as a medium,

Understanding each other.


Into a usable amount;

Power for your living room,

Kitchen and bathroom.


For toasters and kettles;

Fridges and stoves,

Radios and televisions.


People changing into people;

Differences occur,

Jesus Christ our Lord.


Made money.

34 Stations Stay

Stations stay,

Railway lines and trains;

People waiting at theirs,

Catch the next train.

Stations stay, people love,

Time on the platform;

Money for your ticket,

Take a train ride.

Stations stay,

Train coming in;

Get on board,

Time to get there.

Stations stay,

Get from one to another;

Station to station,

Stay where you are.

Stations stay,

The way that they are,

Keeping them clean,

Working hard for each of us.

Stations stay,

Sheep stations;

Sheep creep,

Cattle ranches.

Stations Stay,

Radio and TV stations;

Watch what you like,

Poeple at stay at home.


Wait for your ride.

35 Megawatts


A thousand volts,

Power on power,

Burning out.


A million ohms,

Power of my power,

Staying strong.


A billion amps,

Stuck at home,

Not going out.


A zillion thoughts;

Lightning form God,

Power from on high.


That old band played;

ACDC Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap,

Highway to hell and back again.


Paschael Megawattie;

Sunset in India,

Artic sunrise.


Heaven wise.

36 Pay The Bill

Pay the bill,

Power costs money;

Time for energy,

Must have electricity.

Pay the bill,

It just keeps mounting up,

Building requirements,

Essential payments.

Pay the bill,

To get what you want;

You must have what you need,

Pain is about the gain.

Pay the bill,

No time to lose really;

God graciuosly gves to all,

Money, a secular commodity.

Pay the bill,

You have been in debt long enough;

Fullfil your bounded duty,

Until it is all paid in full.

Pay the bill,

You debt to society;

Life and death requirements,

Foot the bill or lose what you have made.

Pay the bill,

Lifelong commitments and fullfillments;

Once again your bounden duty,

Cash reservior created.


OK Done.

37 Safety Switches

Safety switches,

Inlet and outlet valves,

Stop overloading the circuit,

Automatically cuts off and out.

Safety switches on your car,

To stop power serges;

No good getting a shock,

Safety first, remember the rule.

Safety switches,

Time for the circuit breaker board;

Stops an overflow of power,

Safety and security.

Safety switches,

Occupational hazzard;

Sure your right at home,

Fridge and stove secure.

Safety switches,

Buildings are in need;

Lifts and cut offs safe,

All out, all clear.

Safety switches,

For your personal safety;

Security in work and home,

Office and factory.


Trip wire.

38 240 Volts

240 volts,

Safe level of power,

Don't stick a knife in the toaster,

Wait for the light to turn off on the kettle.

240 volts,

Put food in the microwave oven;

Cooks in minutes,

Making you hungry.

240 volts,

Power lines to your house;

All electrical appliances,

Fridge, stove and washing machine.

240 volts,

Just plug in the lead;

Switch at your fingertips,

Power is at hand.

240 volts,

Safety plugs for children,

Tell kids not to touch,

240 volts can kill you.

240 volts,

Enough power for us,

Most people can manage;

Making sure safe for each.

240 volts,

Switch in the wall,

Turning lights on and off,

Lighting up your world at night.


The right light. 

39 Light and Love

Light and love,

Beauty and night;

Sunshining solar,

Nice to your life.

Light and love,

God blesses others;

Perfect surroundings,

Peace and plenty of love.

Light and love,

Lead kindly light;

Warmth in the heart,

Shining from God above.

Light and love,

Sisters and brothers;

Fathers and mothers,

Family life centred.

Light and love,

Beauty of creation,

Sunlit heavens coming down,

Sharing beautiful joys together.

Light and love,

Teaming along rays;

All of my days,

Light and love bright.


Faith sighted.

40 Green Ahead

Green ahead,

Environmental cause;

Ecological centred,

World in balance.

Green ahead,

Solar and wind power;

Harnessing natural energy,

Safer for all.

Green ahead,

Clean air for all;

Friendly surroundings,

Joy of fresh breath.

Green ahead,

Oceans and seas teaming;

Seafood life for all,

Save the dolphin and whale.

Green ahead,

Natures ecosystem;

Supporting rejuvination,

Life replenishment.

Green ahead,

Fertilize the lawns;

Trees protoplasma,

Needing photosynthesis.


Life cycles.


41 Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Laughing al the way to the bank,

Money to spend, money to burn;

Anything you want, money buys,

You just have to have enough of it.

Laughing all the way to the bank,

To do whatever you want with it;

Happy as Larry, time on your side,

Perfect as it seems, its just that way;

Laughing all the way to the bank,

Christmas seems to come and last all year,

Doing whatever you want with your money;

Telling the teller how much you have got and want.

Laughing all the way to the bank,

More money than you can poke a stick at;

Enjoying the good life, but wait for it all,

God is looking down watching you indulge.

Laughing all the way to the bank,

Life just dishes things out that way;

Not really, it is very hard work,

Getting what you want, trying not to shirk.

Laughing all the way to the bank,

Having fun, thinking this is heaven;

If only it will last forever, nothing ever does,

Being a good boy, man have you got to pay.


Bleeding rich.

42 On You Feet Again

On your feet again,

You are getting back on top;

From being down in the dumps,

To a position of success again.

On you feet again,

Rock bottom really hurts;

Out with the pigs, kicking dirt,

You have to rise up above it all.

On you feet again,

Doing the hard miles to live and win;

You are quite tough and have thick skin,

You can't keep a good man down, beaten forever.

On your feet again,

Never completely lost it all,

You recover from deep in the pit,

To rise again above it all.

On your feet again,

Walking those hard miles and yards;

Earning the right for self esteem,

Sick of being beaten, eat the cream.

On your feet again,

Back in a winning position;

Wealth is what is atractive to you,

Health is what you really always need.


Thick and thin.

43 Don't Sit Down Forever

Don't sit down forever,

Get back on your feet and go out;

Take a walk on the bright side of life,

Get going and grow up and over it.

Don't sit down forever,

Life is too short for long breaks;

The work simply must still get done,

Enjoying your time and having fun.

Don't sit down forever,

Anytime of day in any weather;

Just get on with it and over it,

The job is just waiting for you around the corner.

Don't sit down forever,

Don't sit down on your hands,

Taking the weight off your feet for too long,

The world and life will pass you bye.

Don't sit down forever,

God has a blessing for you, you know;

Enjoy a walk in the country,

Or just simply stroll along the beach.

Don't sit down forever,

Get on and up with life;

Staying safe and out of strife,

Take a walk on the wild side.


Writing poems.

44 Talking Takes Time

Talking takes time,

Meeting other people;

Think of things to say,

Fills in time all day.

Talking takes time,

Nothing better to do anyway;

Sweet conversation,

Conversing with other people.

Talking takes time,

Free chat about money;

Finding out what you want,

What to do for the rest of the day.

Talking takes time,

People want money;

Get to the heart of the matter,

What is it all about anyway?

Talking takes time,

Walking makes rhyme;

Words along the line,

Saying whatever makes you happy.

Talking takes time,

Sense over the fence;

About the time of day,

Washing drying on the line.


Making love.

45 Cash On You

Cash on you,

Spend it where you like,

As much as your happy with life,

Buy lunch and eat it with a friend.

Cash on you,

Fine clothes as well;

How much you just can't tell,

Watch out for robbers, they are hell.

Cash on you,

Going to the bank,

Get and give more money,

Tellers tell and thank.

Cash on you,

What else do you need to know;

Money in the bank will grow,

Earning interest in what you sew.

Cash on you,

Your wallet is full;

Your purse of you are a woman,

Stay safe and buy a pill.

Cash on you,

Times are tough and hard,

Walk the extra distance,

Giving people their regard.


About five hundred.

46 Internet Account

Internet account,

Telstra, Optus;

Vodaphone or others,

Connected online.

Internet account,

All the different banks;

Money at your fingertips,

Just login and access.

Internet account,

Daily journalling of life;

Dear diary entries,

Websites online.

Internet account,

Is it yours or mine;

Accessing funds for joy,

Surplus amounts in the bank.

Internet account,

Explain your life away;

What you did today,

What you will do tomorrow.

Internet accounts,

Accounting made easy online;

People having to pay tax,

A refund at a later date.


Moving money.

47 Love Making

Love making,

Partner pairs;

The joy of sex,

Children coming.

Love making,

Put God first;

Money is second,

Time for love.

Love making,

Life on the line;

Takes two to tango,

Three to get tangled.

Love making,

Beautiful relationships;

Man and a woman,

Church and family.

Love making,

New things for home;

Children to play,

God is love.

Love making,

Blessed be this house;

Intertwined together,

Kissing till the dawn.

Love making,

People come together,

Gathered in God's name,

Singing joyful hymns.


Forth and fifth.

48 Earth Turning

Eternal city, holy Rome,

Safe in heavens home;

Love capital, gay Paris,

Coffee, parties, life forever.

A knights idea of making money,

The earth turning around funny;

Happy days, smiling sunny,

House and having bread and honey.

Nice to see and mean to do,

I love me and I love you;

Earth turning around, stay tuned,

Covid easing, more people amuned.

Good ideas come and go,

God keeps up in even flow;

Poetry pleasing, make and show,

All good things are green and grow.

Earth turning around, eveything moves,

People are proud, the world improves;

Anything you like, still has a price,

The cost of freedom, earth turns nice.

Twice and thrice and overnight,

Somethings in blue and yellow light;

The sun shines down through tears of rain,

Good things grow and good for grain.


Pages Ageing.

49 The Way Of The World

The way of the world,

Not the ways of God,

Wisdom would be proved right,

Heaven reigning above the earth.

The way of the world,

Don't become distracted;

Focus on the things of God,

Don't go to hell and burn.

The way of the world is money,

Put God first and love;

All the good things of God,

All of the treasures from above.

The way of the world,

Are you going your own way?

Turn and repent right now,

Jesus wants to lead you home.

The way of the world,

God has the bigger picture,

Than all the evils of this life,

You deserve the best for yourself,

The way of the world,

Don't give in under pressure,

Follow the ways of right,

Wisdom will be proved right in the end.


Loving picture.

50 A Spinning Top

A spinning top,

It is just like childs play;

This big spinning world,

The earth goes around and does not stop.

A spinning top,

You just can't get off;

Stay on for the ride,

Try not to get thrown off.

A spinning top,

Going faster and faster,

Pscyhadelic colours,

Shapes and patterns formed.

A spinning top,

God sits on the thrown.

Right at the top of the world,

Looking down from heaven.

A spinning top,

Have you had too much to drink?

Don't get caught on the brink,

There is all the dishes in the sink.

A spinning top,

Writing words down in ink;

God knows the law is right,

Don't vomit and get sick.

A spinning top,

The ways of the world;

The love of God is best,

Choose all you need to confess.


Turning around.


51 Strong and Good

God is strong and good,

Well meant and favoured;

Being of one accord with Jesus,

For the love of God and righteousness.

God is strong and good,

Perfect in every way;

Restored and glorified,

Righteous in relationship.

God is strong and good,

In character and might;

Reflecting His personality in us.

Set for all occassions.

God is good and strong,

Loving beyond control;

Redemptive and atoning,

Restitution granted.

God is good and strong,

Loving us to death since birth;

Things are OK, people are alright,

Gratefully accepting His grace.

God is good and strong,

Acceptable in all our eyes;

Like a mountain or steam train,

Lifts us up in to heaven.


Tall and smart.

52 Finish Well

Finish well, start strong,

Keep going all the way;

Stick around for the ride,

You have a right to belong.

Finish well, Start strong,

Love what you are doing;

Care where you are going,

Plan on staying around.

Finish well, start strong,

Make sure you are knowing;

Remember to keep growing,

What people are showing.

Finish well, start strong,

Keep in tough with each other,

Look to truth when times are tough,

Proof of the pudding, getting out of the rough.

Finish well, start strong,

Time is a valuable tool;

Travel the long journey,

End up where you want to go.

Finish well, start strong,

God has an idea for you to win;

Stay on track, don't sin,

Nearly at the end now.

Finish well, start strong,

The world will turn for so long;

Earth is a big place,

Keep coming back to the start,


Nearing time.

53 Wait On The Lord

Wait on the Lord,

You will soar like eagles;

There is sense in waiting,

You ought to know that.

Wait on the Lord,

You can't have it all at once;

Faith in what you don't know,

Everything taken on trust.

Wait on the Lord,

You have earned the right;

You have fought the good fight,

You made sure that you did write.

Wait on the Lord,

Perfect in every way;

Looking better each new day,

Wondering what is around the next corner.

Wait on the lord,

Time has a way of proving itself right;

You can't cut corners you know,

Keep everything in smooth flow.

Wait on the Lord,

God is there for you;

He has a lot of love to give,

Remember that you will get what you deserve.


Earth weights.

54 Heaven Saving

Heaven saving, sweet reward,

For the time being you wait;

Everything comes in God's time,

Perfect your rhyme and crime.

Heaven saving, sweet reward,

For those who are good;

Bad people are going to hell,

Get yourself saved for heaven now.

Heaven saving, sweet reward,

Money is for here on earth;

No good to you when you are dead,

Now is the time to repent.

Heaven saving, sweet reward,

God has a perfect plan for your life;

To get married and have a wife,

Living well to stay out of strife.

Heaven saving, sweet reward,

Work hard not to be board;

Keep producing the fruit of life,

Stay sharp as a knife.

Heaven saving, sweet reward,

Don't give the Devil a foothold;

Your salvation is what really counts,

Don't slip into sin, worth amounts.


God grinning.

55 Devil In Hell

Devil in hell, where he has to cope,

People need to hang onto their hope;

Its very very warm down there,

Come to God in prayer if you care.

Devil in hell, where he has to cope,

Don't let him get you down and mope;

Come to God, He loves you you know,

Jesus died on the cross to save you.

Devil in hell, he is at home there,

Stay away from that evil place;

No good suffering his torment,

God loves you and has a place for you in heaven.

Devil in hell, he does not care,

His problems are beyond compare;

God has a home for you in heaven,

Don't give in to the Devils temptations.

Devil in hell, let him stay there,

Don't give him a footing and let him out,

Leave him there to rot like a magot,

The earth is like a big magnet.

Devil in hell, Gods way is perfect,

Come to Jesus for forgiveness;

He has a paradise plan for your life,

Stay safe and always out of strife.


No release.

56 Kind and Great

God is kind and great,

Love and beauty relate;

Perfect mind to say it,

Heaven and hell, grey fits.

God is kind and great,

Time and passion debate;

Rest assured and wait,

The mighty maker creates.

God is kind and great,

Strong to walk a mile;

Wearing a big grin and smile,

In the country for a while.

God is kind and great,

Health and wealth, the state;

All the earth to wait,

Weight of the world is hate.

God is kind and great,

God and lovingly caring;

In prayer to be comparing,

The answer is for reason sharing.

God is kind and great,

Talk to Jesus, take the bait;

His love, relates not hate,

Rest in His loving arms.

God is kind and great,

Humble in spirit and mind;

Keeping us safe from harm,

Home and securely charmed.


God cares.

57 Looking For Love

Looking for love,

Longing for love,

Jesus is love,

God is love.

Looking for love,

In all the right places;

Or all the wrong places,

Have you found it yet?

Looking for love,

Where is it now;

Have you seen God,

Have you met Jesus.

Looking for love,

You marital spouse;

She is waiting for you to,

Lets start to get together.

Looking for love,

In a church where you care;

Praying to God in,

Simple humble prayer.

Looking for love,

At the end of this rhyme,

Beauty is perfection,

Not at all a crime.


Happy lonely.

58 Knowledge of The Holy

Knowledge of the holy,

God's loving care;

Purity and sancity,

Free from sin in prayer.

Knowledge of the holy,

God's chosen people;

Reason for responding,

The season to win.

Knowledge of the holy,

Jesus died on the cross;

Power in the blood,

Come to calveries cleansing.

Knowledge of the holy,

For those who love Him solely;

Does God control your soul?

Are you saved from sin.

Knowledge of the holy,

Are you free from guilt?

Are you white as snow?

Can you see the crimson flow?

Knowledge of the holy,

Justified and right;

Perfect in God's sight,

Come to see Him in the light.

Knowledge of the holy,

Family of Christians in church,

Have you stopped or finished your search,

Come to a relationship of peace in God.


Home today.

59 Straight and True

Straight and true,

Just between me and you;

Along the lines of right,

As I write in your sight.

Straight and true,

The good news of God for you;

Don't you ever be lonely,

Come near to your holy friend.

Straight and true,

No crooked ways in Him;

Just learn to trust and obey,

He will guide you along the way.

Straight and true,

Perfectly brilliant blue;

Look in the mirror through,

See the other side of you.

Straight and true,

Full of blessing and love;

Coming from heaven above,

Into our hearts and minds.

Straight and true,

Everything happening right,

Still well within God's might,

See you smiling and in sight.

Straight and true,

Fullfillment of God in you,

Doing everything right,

Simple and humble in God's eyes,

Through the gentle white cloudy skies.


Beyond blue.

60 God Is Love

God is love,

The truth of it;

Everything perfect,

Don't ever quit.

God is love,

Through all of it;

Beautifully placid,

Taking time to be fit.

God is love,

The wonder of the world;

Things falling into place,

God's big smiling face.

God is love,

Sent from heaven above,

Coming into the world,

He sent the light of life.

God is love,

Happy without care;

Created for relationship,

Perfect pairs and partners.

God is love,

The greatest thing ever,

Serve Him without hesitation,

Waiting for His visitation.


Worth waiting for.


Eternal Life

Eternal life is about abundant and an everlasting and rich life. Following Jesus is of course the only way to find and achieve eternal life, done by believing in Him and confessing your sins and putting your faith and trust in Him. There was nothing that you could do on your own, but by the grace of God in the saving blood of Christ, won on the cross, you became a free agent. Through the turning of the earth in space and each city on the planet playing its part in life to support life. It is not just about a money grabbing self centred ritual of greed. We have to learn to work together and support each others needs in times of adversity. Love The Lord you God with all your heart, strength, soul and mind and also your neighbour as yourself. These are the two greatest commandments of all. Technically love is the instrument that binds and unites these forces for us to nature, into a holistic and harmonious entity of superior lifestyle. God is love and eternal life is a benefit and source of that endeavour, giving us all and each, time to reflect on all the wonderful things of a God committment. Amidst the personal needs of all and each of us, is the need for relationship which is found in God and others. Eternal life is not simply a by product of our own lifestyle, but a knowledge of the saving grace of a God who cares for us. Come to terms with reality and admit that you cannot do life all on your own, but eternal life is to be found and grasps in God sending His son to die for us. The beauty of it all, is that it is a free gift, paid in full by Jesus Christ through the love of God. He was the light of life, the keys to eternal life, the bread of life and the living water of life, all thrown into one basket, for us to accept and achknowledge in the saving love of God through the earthly work of Jesus Christ. Eternal life is still something that you have to choose to accept and take hold of on board in your earthly life, but it is far more than just that, it is living with God forever in His eternal realms of heaven and His kingdom of love. I hope that you have enjoyed Parsifal Turns and Revloves and that somehow you can put these things into perspective of how God's kingdom of heaven revolves and turns on and around earth in the realms of eternal life. God Bless. Darel McAllister.