Parsifal Revolves and Turns

Parsifal Revolves and Turns




1 Showering Mercy

2 Rays Of Sunlight

3 A Wet Old Day

4 Greatful Farmers

5 It Never Rains It Pours

6 Thank God For A Drink

7 A Wet Blanket

Party poopers fair and fail,

Crossing other peoples vale;

Dry and cosy, forget the drink,

Other people think you stink.

A wet blanket or stick in the mud,

Sapping other peoples blood;

Stuck in the mud or Noahs flood,

Watch out for other peoples love.

A wet blanket and dry arguement,

Alcohol is simply not for everybody;

You can't force me to have a drink,

The water of life is a good think.

A wet blanket, well don't mind me,

I just happen to be one positively;

A desert duel or other possibilities,

The sword of the Lord and probabilities.

A wet blanket doesn't mean you don't have to try,

But it means other people want you to have a drink;

Go cold turkey and God will help you link,

A wet blanket will make you purple and pink.

Don't catch a cold and stay warm and dry,

Love never fails and sinners never win;

You don't have to be ignorant but still have a drink,

Not acolhol, but be sociable and teach others to think.


Love being dry.

8 Love Never Fails

9 Waters Perfect Beauty

10 Reigning Monarch


11 Brilliant Light

12 Bright Eyes

13 Look and See

14 Pouring Down Rays

15 Lovely Sunshine

16 Goodness and Grace

17 Lead Kindly Light

18 Life Of The World

19 Dark Days and Night

20 Beautiful Sunshine


21What Goes Around, Comes Around

22 Eat Turning City

23 Countries Count

24 Worth The Dirt

Internet and International,

Worth the website and net.

The dirt taught us how to hurt,

Wear a clean shirt and be clear.

Worth the dirt, bricks and laying,

Building houses no dismay;

Truck loads of sand and cement,

Safe with walls around us.

Shovel and soil, lay foundations,

Keep working to finish the job;

Make no mistakes or no regrets,

God is love from heaven above.

Worth the dirt, people saying,

Don't you swear at me like that;

God is good in all creation,

Keep it clean, love being well.

Worth the dirt, money in the bank,

God is building a home in heaven,

Safe and secure, great and beautiful,

Mercy healing, bright and brilliant.

Worth the dirt, I don't know why,

Sin has come, sun does shine;

Son of God and Son Of Man,

All fits in to His own plan.


Mud pack.

25 Clean As A Whistle

26 Blue and Green

27 Red and Yellow

28 Orange and Brown

29 Purple and Pink

30Black and White


31 Electricty Elects

32 Power Supply

33 Transformers

34 Stations Stay

35 Megawatts

36 Pay The Bill

37 Safety Switches

38 240 Volts

39 Light and Love

40 Green Ahead


41 Laughing All The Way To The Bank

42 On You Feet Again

43 Don't Sit Down Forever

44 Talking Takes Time

45 Cash On You

46 Internet Account

47 Love Making

48 Earth Turning

Eternal city, holy Rome,

Safe in heavens home;

Love capital, gay Paris,

Coffee, parties, life forever.

A knights idea of making money,

The earth turning around funny;

Happy days, smiling sunny,

House and having bread and honey.

Nice to see and mean to do,

I love me and I love you;

Earth turning around, stay tuned,

Covid easing, more people amuned.

Good ideas come and go,

God keeps up in even flow;

Poetry pleasing, make and show,

All good things are green and grow.

Earth turning around, eveything moves,

People are proud, the world improves;

Anything you like, still has a price,

The cost of freedom, earth turns nice.

Twice and thrice and overnight,

Somethings in blue and yellow light;

The sun shines down through tears of rain,

Good things grow and good for grain.


Pages Ageing.

49 The Way Of The World

50 A Spinning Top


51 Strong and Good

52 Finish Well

53 Wait On The Lord

54 Heaven Saving

55 Devil In Hell

56 Kind and Great

57 Looking For Love

58 Knowledge of The Holy

59 Straight and True

60 God Is Love


Eternal Life