Parsifal Progresses Nicely



Across five continents and many Islands, seas and oceans, the search goes on for Truth, Meaning and Inspiration. With God as The Head and God the Person to Find, The quest for the alluding proof of Jesus Christ and the mysterious twist to the tale of reaching The Wisdom of Self Actualization continues, for it is the heart and personality of people, that it is their answer in attaining of the information, knowledge and reason, for what it is to be life in their being. Please try and consider the world like this as Parsifal sees it and as you progress to yet another level where the world is a beautiful place and where The Earth is our home but the unknown holds the key. Space is the undiscovered Universe which Astronomers know only a little, but with many photos we need "The Universities" to unlock the timeless distances that separate us from the edge of infinity where eternity is but a lifetime and a breath away. Then try and enjoy the world the way Parsifal sees it, that we may each know how to be in the royal "Kingdom of God", as God shows us and explains through Parsifal's eyes what beautiful places we all do have to live in. Then enjoy and take up the challenge to discover the truth of contentment, well being and peace of mind, with the love of abundant satisfaction in dwelling.


In this new book I plan to use medieval places.With ancient medi-evil cultures there are many mystical and mysterious places where artifacts and symbolic representations are sought for collecting by Parsifal and His Likes which as in Camelot with King Arthur for example, there as a typical mythical place where Parsifal might of sought the Grail and The Round Table may represent an office business discussion group today on what it actually means to this. I will also give you the ideas of consideration on a Chapter Titled, Royalty that will base as a foundation for this book and lead and draw to represent the people cultures of medieval days and the attractions of the places they elude to and symbolize.Parsifal, the knight and castle, with the rules of chivalry as a modern approach to principles like honesty, loyalty and courtesy, which lead to the heavenly kingdom of royalty and royalties, will come and be multiplied as they are applied and remain the principles of rules and regulations of life and the structure of the monarchy with Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses. Along with the order of the knights, chivalry with the loves and passions of romances, the poor from the pour, with rains from reigns and famine and education of helping in the productuion of agriculture. It is subsistance history and it's relation to the stability of weather patterns of modern day global change and climate control in economic management of ecological environmental understanding in handling of physical food production and it is spiritually in poetry, distribution of resources, for hygenic reasons and manufacturing. The real and on going contentment then becomes modern day reality and the rational realization of relativity between the past and the future, to be really understanding where the actual picture and perception of time is in present days from medieval relevance to the perserverance of production of literatrure and the systematic replication and recurrence of things. To the pertanent ideas from the establishment of historic documents, to discovering and the government of the ageless, timeless possibilities of a geographical world and the future ages of space exploration and the continual continuity of flowing passages of possibilities of poetical procedure. Then the literary reminder and the occurences of rewards for reading and writing in the new spiritual sensation and generation of flowing words and the rhymatic path of poetical developement for the enhancement and enchantment of living and loving literature. This is also for the dynamic creation of the furtherment of ideas and the general creative understanding of where generational and geneological repercussions self originate. Then so in the correct organisation and the pertanency with what relative relationships are in this, discover the poetic reality as it is actually created out of for the work and the depth of meaning and understanding that instructs, leads and teaches in the continuation of the saga and course of Parsifal on his quest for healing of the mind of schizophrenia and what he needs to write for cohesion and rationality of stable mind and the satisfaction, for the knowing of perfect peace. Do enjoy this my next new book Parsifal Progresses Nicely as it unfolds and envolves for your reading entertainment and proven thorough relaxation in the enjoyment of expanding the unseen and visible meanings. Darel.



1 In School

In school and learning what life is about,

To go out into the world and experience;

What the treasures of life hold for you,

To understand the best that God has in school.


We try and understand wisdom in life,

But learning is about science, math and geography;

History, English and how to establish ourselves.

To live and to know, work and to grow.


In school we learn all the good things of what life is about,

To go out into the world and put them into practice;

Our teachers are taught to teach us the right way,

That we may learn how to live in the proper way.


The beautiful world holds so many treasures outside school doors,

But while in scool we must study and learn information and knowledge;

To acquire us a taste of the brilliance of life,

To understand and know what beautiful things life holds.


God is like the principal, instructing and guiding our way,

To the place of creation of each and new precious day;

With the hope to be held in leaving to get work,

Or studying at university for a degree in the arts of life.


So now as we get set to leave school and go out into the world,

God grants us a blessing in all that we have learnt;

After twelve or so years at school all is accomplished,

That the seasons and directions of life are superflous.



New Students

2 The Pub and Club

Out for a night on the town for a few drinks,

The Pub or The Club has a lot of night life attractions;

With bands and good food for delightful enjoyment,

Being careful to drive home under the limit.


With pokies and gaming and all sorts of live music,

The beauty is finiding a girl to take home with you;

Love and perfection of all the good things,

Things of enjoyment and loves lost in time.


Lets eat Italian or Asian or maybe the roast,

All the good food under the sun and a day at the beach.

Clubs and Pubs celebrate good food with wine, beer and spirits,

A mix of well know drinks for you to consume.


An life is like that, feeling free and careless,

Enjoying the good times and life and all is superflous;

The best is yet to come when you win the $20,000 raffle,

Or maybe a new car to drive home alive.


The atmosphere is real life and happiness is left lingering around,

All enjoying a good time and loniless lingering;

For the best is yet to come in a world of good taste,

And the Club has the menu and the food not to waste.


Now as the night comes to an end and you have a new found friend,

Take her home safely and enjoy getting to know;

Her love and personality that you met when you were out.

For all the good of God in celebarting life out and around.



All enjoyment.


3 The Pill Alchemist

This is the story of the pill Alchemist

For tablets for highness and well being;

Peace potions and love mixtures,

For those who dwell in dreaming.


God knows the right answers to life,

But we think we know best and need correction;

With pills for the head or heart or whatever,

Curing the brain and healing the ails.


It is a chemical mixture of medicine everllasting,

Everafter the sickness and untill things seem clear;

Where mind, body and spirit are a doctors gain,

For the self taught who know best but need a drug.


Now the answer to life is in fact a pill,

To go to sleep in bliss and heaven;

To wake up the next day and it was all a dream,

For medicine is peace and plenty of pleasure.


Now for those indulge in the niceties and goodness of life,

I am afraid that life is full of denials and staying out of strife;

God bless you headache with a pain killer,

As you take a drug from the alchemist for longetivity.


Now I am not going to get into medicine men and witch doctors,

For the alchemist is a medieval pharamist for knights and damsels;

But God is good and kind to those who do right,

And stay on the right track and don't need a doctor.



The Right Doctor


4 Drama and Plays

Parsifal was a Wagner reproduction on stage.

In fact there is many plays on the stage;

Where lights and props are entertaining,

And actors are at home with their leading lady.


In fact drama is creativity of the clasical kind,

Where the cast and crew are depicting a story of life anew;

Where reality is a replica of of what is unreal,

And people are happy and dreaming with sex appeal.


Each one plays their part in the reproduction,

To lead and portray a character and their depiction;

Personalities lead what the audience desires,

And God gets the glory and the curtain comes down.


The beauty is in the message and meaning,

That the play desires to put across in the theatre to see;

Then we all consume the nature of the day,

As we understand the difference between life and the stage.


With sets and props and scenery,

With extras and the leading characters,

From the crowd standing behind,

To the story and the songs that the lead characters sing.


Now as the stage curtain comes down for the finalle,

The actors take a bow and flowers for the leading lady;

The whole cast takes the stage and the encore arrives.

For the parting final parting curtain of days gone by.



You can bring the curtain down.

5 The Church Choir

The choir stands in awe of God,

As the hymns are sung in magesty and rise to His throne.

With a chorus of angels, the music hits the roof,

Where heaven is a painted ceiling in colours living proof.


The tenors and sopranos rise to hit the notes,

While the base and contralos with baratones go deep;

With harmonies blending to form the glorious choir,

Singers are singing like angels in all heavens glory.


Then we have the hymns to give the glory to God,

Where the heavens sing in unison of all the earths desires;

And the choir worships at the footstool of God,

Descending and ascending in prayers cresendo.


Now as Amazing Grace or How Great Thou Art,

Are offered up to the congregation to hear;

God sits there on His thrown In Heaven,

Glorying in the worship of His magesty.


The cathedral and the orchestra or organ and the church,

Sing praises and glory to magnify the Lord;

Giving al the kings priveliges to heaven on high,

As he reigns in perfect solitude of mercy and grace.


Now the choirs sings the chords of the glory of the heavens,

The audience in awe at the presence of Gods glory;

We praise and magnify the Lord in continual adoration,

As we accept the invitation to stand at the end of the choirs magnification.



A host of heavenly angels.


6 Cathedral Art

From The Cisteen Chapel to the other cathedrals of Europe,

Where Van Gough and Di Vinci are pictured by their work,

Where steyned glass windows talk of Christs coming,

And depict the hidden meaning of what life is about.


From medieval palaces to Gothic arts of love,

Where Barougue richness in extravegences are ornated there;

And Romanesque and Byzantynium are achitectural geniuses,

For many a tourist visitor to pass through and enjoy.


Where beauty is the painting of a thousand meanings,

Created for the pleasure of all the world to see;

God in all His glory depicted in the art,

Of what is the heart of love in glorious colour above.


We try and struggle to imagine what it is all about,

With reds and greens and blues and yellows;

All echoing the love of God above,

To hear His following footsteps to preach the words of love.


Then as we take to heart the mesage from all the wisdom,

As all the goodness of God is leading back to His heart of love,

We hear the music sound by the art there on the wall,

Reflecting in our own hearts the joy we see in Him.


Now the glory is in creation of the depictibng meaning of the art,

Where hope and eternal magesty are placed back in our hearts;

With beauty to invisage left upon our minds,

We wonder in the awe of art and God then leads us back again.



God Blessed.

7 Statues and Statutes

Law and abiding citizens are what we require,

Statues for the famous and statutes they acquired;

Maintaining and refering to things that make right,

To live and love this land in life we all desire.


The earth turns and moves and statues and statutes are in place,

For the constitution to work we need men that hold their grace;

To uphold the right and keep the law true for the land,

Means that we maintain the standard of dignity to be grand.


All who come and go, try to leave their mark,

That they may leave behind a legacy to those they did impart;

If you are lucky and have worked your way to the top,

Then God may give you a statue to help us remember what you've done.


The government works hard to enforce and keep the laws,

Changing rules and regulations to keep up to date and sure.

The statutes are the law this government hands out,

To maintain the right of authority over people doing wrong.


Well if you now have earned your right,

And earn't a statue to be remembered by,

As you were a governor or primeminister or king,

That taught the right and learnt how to do the thing.


So where this poem and story ends is another place to live,

To go onto into glory and show a new generation how to give;

For its what you have got in life that lets you tell and teach,

That the God who lives in heaven through His minister will preach.



To God be The Glory.


8 The Land Council


We all here try on earth to put a puiece of property to our name,

The land council is the governing body that everybody seems to blame;

But laws are menat to guiide us down the old forgotton track,

Of love and peace and virtue of having something we don't lack.


The ancient owners are custodians of what were good and gold,

The native title of our countries heritage of, from what has been of old;

Now each and everyone of us want something to call our own,

That oneday to our children we will give them what we owe.


The pristine beauty of our nation is called to give account,

For the stewardship of the squatters who want big bank accounts;

And God holds true in glory, dishing out and up what he has,

For he held the keys of hell and death and gave us what he had.


Its hard work here on earth attaining our own piece of land,

The land council complains a bit and they want us to give it back;

While enjoying reinforcing what they call the right to own,

To make sure that the custodians don't take the land to their grave.


Now I want to say a little more on what it costs to pay,

That by the sweat of your brow, you have had to pay all day,

And through the years down in history, God has got the tax,

Of what was spent to make this land and money was what was meant.


So it seems that it could be heaven, having your own eternal plot,

With the cash you had to save and nearly spent the lot;

To buy this piece of dirt and to clean out all the sin,

That you may build a house to live in and say that you did win.



Is it yours for keeps?

9 Houses and Homes

Buld me a house and home said the Lord unto his subject,

That I may live a long long time enduring all the objects;

Houses and homes are the places we make to say that they are ours,

With many dilligent labours of love and just as many hours.


Home sweet home is the place to be and say that this is mine,

Living, loving and enjoying life, where its fit to wine and dine;

Well the weather we do this or whether we do that, will depend upon the wife,

Who wipes the sink and sits down to eat at night and say if this is right.


As trees grow in freedom of effort to make timber for our houses,

So the nails make money for our home to live in and feed our mouths;

From the north unto the south and the east as to the west,

Life is worth the wait for our houses to be our homes for all that's best.


So the dwelling that we live in, whether home unit or house,

The counting of the cost was the price that paid the way;

For to pay for all the houses, you need suburbs rich and right,

For the rarities of owning all the good things you delight.


Now the kingdom is found in God's house where he one day calls us home.

A place with many rooms and a roof as high as Rome;

While until then He nourishes us and blesses us with all we do desire,

To feed the hungry and the starving and the poor who do enquire.


So from now until the end of time, eternity awaits,

For the truth of all the problems and all the earthly rates;

For when we finally get it right and pay for our requirements,

The lights from the universe send their light unto the properties real weights.



We must get it right.


10 The Jesters Poem Written

11 Harp and Song Written

12 The Town People

The town people frolick and play within the walls,

Gathering sticks for a fire to cook a meal;

Woman and children in the village town,

Delighting in gaiety to eat and drink.


The medieval time period was one that fought,

For damsels and maidens by a knight escort;

The joust and sword fight won hearts delight,

As Kings rode off and conquered the night.


Now with the humble township of village people,

With a church in the centre and a spire and steeple;

Shops and stalls with vegetables and meat,

All waiting for otyhers to buy and eat.


The jester danced for the king and queen,

The poet wrote and the piper play the flute;

The cobbler made and mended the broken shoe,

The village scene a picture true.


The people laughed and scorned each other,

As someone pitch hay and another scuffled;

The fire was hot under the bellows near the blacksmiths anvil,

As the horse was shoed, weapons forged and the armour plated.


Then amidst the gaiety of frolick and play,

The jestor laughed and played all day;

God grant us peace from the neighbouring castle,

As the world as then and there, was market gardens.



The village idiot.


13 The Rule and Reign

The king and queen do rule and reign,

Upon the land and castles plain;

The times of chivalry are firey hot,

As lands are challenged by what they have got.


As each knight rode with squire on quest,

To see the king and ask to be blessed;

A humble honour upon these knights request,

To do the bidding of the monarchy's best.


With power and might he did take each breath,

The king whose pride was challenged by bride;

To be worshiped in honour and in his rule to abide,

To reign in wisdom over the creatures side.


The dragon lay at dooms day door,

To be slayed by he who drew the sword;

For whoever had the power to kill,

That ghastly devil would reign until.


Now people laugh and people joke,

At what they see in the towns old folk;

The king would tell and lay down the law,

For all to abide by or there would be one more chore.


The less the looked and laughed at he,

The longer they would live into eternity;

The king who could take off a persons head,

Would act in fatih over the people lead.



To rule and reign.

14 Jousting

The crowd are in the grandstand,

With King and Queen in the middle;

The knight chooses a horse and lance,

The rides to one end of the cource.


Both knights now in position,

To charge at and dismount each other;

As they clash together and one rider falls,

Then the other rider wins and dismounts.


This is joustiing and it is not finished yet,

For they charge each other with a drawn sword;

To try and kill one another,

To claim the prize of the waiting princess.


Thes second round starts and then,

They go through the process again;

To get to the final of who is left to stand,

We have another victory at hand.


Then both winning riders take to their end,

The position is that only one can win;

They clash in the middle and their is a broken lance,

As that clash and deflection broke in chance.


They select another lance and charge once again,

This time both riders are off on the ground;

With swords drawn sharply they are quick to defend,

As one attacks a bit earlier and he has the win.


Now the king is there waiting to award the prize,

Of his darling princess daughter to he who survives;

The jester laughs at the dead and the queen takes his head,

The princess then marries the prince who won the joust.



A dashing win.

15 On A Quest

Parsifal is on a quest to find the holy grail,

Not sure what it involves or what it entails;

But he rides out across hill and valley and plain,

Insearch of this thing for life it contains.


On a quest for the truth and right to hold high,

This cup of that held Christ's blood in spirit and light;

It could be in a grave or cave or castle,

But he has to find meaning and knowledge in wisdom first,


You see he has to prove himself worthy of this artifact to have,

But showing courage and intelligence in seeking what is lost;

The cource is a narrow one of meandering life,

The road and the walk of travelling sharp.


Now he comes across the fisher king who says he has the cup,

The holy grail of Israel and at last the search is up.

He looks to the heavens that leads fto the sky,

And sees the fisher kings castle away up there on high.


They climb the miountain together to get to the top,

And enter in to the throne room, where he keeps the cup;

Parsifal drinks from the grail and erternal life is empowered,

With wisdom truth and knowledge that it did impart.


The quest now over and the search for meaning now true.

The knight becomes king and the fisher king dies;

Parsifal now king of the castle and sits to drink from the cup,

Each day with his queen by his side and rules with greatness



The quest is ended.

16 The Squire

The humble squire was at his side on the quest he rode,

To attend the needs of the knight and sword to draw there;

He also attends the horse when the knight dismounts,

After travelling vale and mountainside on his winding rides.


The squire is the cup bearer and attends to every need,

Like baker or butcher, the squire is drawn near;

Riding into town and through the village edge,

He asks permission to draw the bridge at the catsle edge.


Never a more loyal servant and folk hero to bestow,

So faithful in every perserverance and indulgence of the knight;

The squire the personal slave if you like,

To attend the knights every whim and need.


Never would he turn on him and in his life it did depend,

A trusting and freindly soul whose love was all untold;

To learn the trade and life of the knight;

The squire one day to be knight himself.


This is how the tail of Parsifal started,

As a squire unto the knight Lancelot;

A squire named persival now named Parsifal,

A kight is is own right who owns the sword excalibur.


Lancelot has been defeted and has died in battle,

And Parsifal has killed the conqueror of his master,

To be become king one day of the castle,

After he finds the holy grail.



Now he reigns.

17 Village Romance

Fools reign and rule in paradise,

Parsifal is one of those who succumbs to this folly,

Women loving and willing when he is drunk and silly,

To indulge in the pleasures of kights rivalry.


But wise is he to their plot and plan,

And chooses one wisely to live with and marry;

Chivalry is an honour which a knight must bestow,

To live wisely and shrewdly and rightfully maintain.


The village however is full of romantic idiots,

Who love to be frivolous and play and frolick;

Getting drunk in there indulgences and play around,

With women in village romances of fun and games.


They laugh all day and make love all night,

And many a fool is taken in his plight,

By the sweet loving smell of a mwoman around,

Drawn near by her kisses and loving jouviality.


They mess and play around till the cows are fed,

Rolling and rooting on an old fashioned bed,

Parsifal the knight to rule and reign,

Is not taken to fancy by this refrain.


His love is a true love of one fashioed to heart,

A woman of virtuality and honour in true love;

The village romances go on forever in playing around

But parsifal with his true love in romance as king and queen.



The rightful reign.

18 The Countryside

It is a pretty countryside of flowering meadow,

Of flowing stream and trickling fountain;

Running down the mountain side.

With valley and vale of honour and delight.


Pastures green and fields of blue,

With mountain scenes and glorious hue;

Skies of wild wide open places,

The sun shining through in golden light.


With lakes and rivers that sit and run,

A world of love and glorious fun,

A heavenly place for knight to live,

Day by day with great delight.


As the horse drinks from the fresh cool stream,

And rider, rides past in moonlit dreams;

The beauty of the coutryside is almost ever perfect,

As the grey clouds roll in from sunlit dawnings.


Now this heavenly place upon which knight has to ride,

Is like the place of utopia called paradise;

This is the brilliant beautiful countryside of love,

That all is well and comes from heaven above.



The fight was hell.


19 Excalibur

This is the sword of King Arthur by legend,

Who drew this sword out of the stone;

Only he was worthy and was the right person to do,

As with power and worthiness he claimed this sword as his.


Arthur was to hold and use his sword to fight and win.

As many a knight sought it to use as there own;

And when lancelot died Percival was there by his side,

This squire now named Parsifal as a kight in his own right.


Was it to be lost in eternity forever and a day;

Parsifal was to claim it as Lancelots squire;

When Lancelot became king after Arthur,

It was held in The Grail Castle to by the Fisher King.


It could have been Arthur who was The Fisher King,

Lost in amazement and dissilusionment by these artifacts things;

Lancelot was killed and Parsifal took the sword,

When in His schizophrenic state stole and took the thing.


The questions and answers of Excalibur were vaguely known,

But whoever held it, weilded power with unlimited strength and might;

The quest to be its owner and guardian of the sword,

Was achknowledged as a prize of great worth to reign surpreme.


So as things turn out Parsifal now held it in The Fisher Kings castle,

The Fisher King now dead and Parsifal reigning in glory.

Then this sword which was an artifact ordained by God.

Was held high and holy in the quest for true love.



For The Love Of God.

20 The Chalice

The chalice is the sought after cup of the holy grail,

In which the water of eternal life is to have a drink;

The golden monument of of of historial Arthur fame,

Is given to Parsifal to be king and reign.


It was a long lost search for the fisher king,

Who held this cup of God, a golden chalice and holy grail;

To be held high and mighty in the kings castle of love,

As a golden treasure, an artifact from heaven above.


Now Parsifal has the power at his own very command,

To reign high and mighty over the medieval village and town;

There is a thousand square miles of land in his kingdom.

Of peace loving countrysiders who work to worship the king.


This governing of territory is overwhelming and consuming,

And many a peasant is taken to task for not doing his duty;

It is a beautiful sight to see castle and king,

With The grail chalice held high and mighty over the land and the sea.


Well now as he has the reign and power and throne,

The cup is on a stand at the wish of his every command.

With gems and costly stones imbeded in its side,

To symbalize the Christ who suffered a spear to His side.


The crown is in matching bright and dazzling gems and stones to, 

As is the throne well decorated out in gems and stones to match as well.

The sick town folk come to Parsifal in the castle,

To be healed from a drink of this Holy Chalice Cup.



All ends up well.

21 The Armour

With the sword of truth and the shield of faith,

The armour of God is a defensive protection;

Ready for the fight and batlle against the enemy,

To protect from the fiery darts and vicious attacks.


The breastplate of righteousness and helmet of salvation,

Are the power and means for careful consideration;

When the fight is on you must stand aware and on guard;

That your life is safe and that in the end you live on.


Concentrate on the day and be alert at all times,

For you never know when your enemy will return;

With prayer as a tool for God to proect you,

You armour stays strong when in God there is rescue.


So fight the good fight and believe in the victory,

His loving arms waiting in heavens trajectory;

The damsel waits eagerly to see who is the victor,

For with the love is a kiss, she rewards his heart handsomely.


Now the memory is sweet of what fighting has gone on.

The armour held true and the battle was won evenly;

For they fought the good fight of truth to the end,

That eternity holds the key to life and a freind.


Now the answer to melleeing is to stay on top of the situation,

That when the days done you have made self reflection;

For in each stroke of the sword there is sting and there is greif,

As the armour holds true for love in its continual releif.



My Anchor Holds

22 The Knights Temple

Through years long gone by and in an ancient medieval era,

The legend holds true of the grail and the knighthood;

In abbeys that were won by the saints and the knights,

Who rode around vales and valleys and crossed mountain delights.


Now the knights temple is the place of the holy most relic,

Where the grail was lost and stored on legendry quests and tournaments;

Truth still has it that the grail is still there,

Where underground pools and caverns are mysteriously perilous.


Many a knight fought and went to that legendry place,

Where the knights temple was order to the knights of the day;

There lies the knigs and knights in silent selection,

A reflection of what they did and live on in perfection.


Now the round table of knights still gather in memory,

Where people are prone to remember their valient victories;

Its kind of eirie and strange in a haunting projectory,

That the mind of the knights is still fighting on in victory.


In ancient cryptic words of inscribed heiraglyphics,

The words are a clue to the location of this artifact;

As if the symbols represent the answer to everything,

The grail holds the clue to the truth of eternity.


And in this long lost abbey of the knights temple place,

Is the heart of the tale and the story of the grail;

The quest still remains who will claim this as ancestery,

As Parsifal returns to seek knowledge and ownership.



Lost in heart and mind.

23 The Abbeys

With high rising steeples and old blocks still unturned,

The abbeys hold the key to the truth of eternal mystery;

Chirst was the knight who was king and came back,

But where his spirit has been is still mystery to all.


These ancient walls of plauges and statues embling,

Are magnified in thought of the presence of monestries.

Where monk and knight bounded in prayer and decay,

With light through the windows in dazzling aray.


A king lies there preserved in immortal mumification;

As smells and bells echo in beautiful anticipation;

Of the one who will come to lead and to guide,

To give them their answer to what they have aways longed for.


Now this Romanesque architecture is great and is grand,

Of pillars and columns that stand straight true and right;

Stones cut and huoned in precathedral structural,

The abbey is manned by monks, preists and visitors.


With olive groves and vineyards growing neighbourly bye,

Fresh bread is baked with flour by wheat harvested nye,

Where feilds or flowers grow sweet smelling near bye,

That the fragrence and incense is refreshingly high.


So the abbey is sacred and legendarily protected,

For the safety and protection of the hard working religeousites;

So now the inspiration of meaning is in ancient medieval dwellings,

Of God above on high in the hearts and minds of knights love.



The Working Monastry.

24 St. Michel

From Normandy to Tenzance are The St Michel Abbey.

All tucked away on a hill of tidle island protection;

With the benedictine Monks of ancient medieval,

Now court in a world of modern day evil.


There pureness and wholess is holy and high,

As the monks pray and work until death they do die.

There God is the only thing that they have to live for,

The love of the blood stained Christ in total submital.


This building is one of architectural delight.

To look on it a thousand years in broad daylight;

It reaks of relics and artifactual delights.

It is the key to history of modern world rights.


With Romanesque works of many supporting pillars,

In underlying cavities of rooms full of mysteries,

I stayed their one night in the days of authenicity.

To search for the grail in the graves where the wind blows.


Now the time passes by in to the dawn of new ages,

From what gone and shone in dark ages of mysteries;

The twilight of of an era and ages past in history,

Is kept secret within these walls of Mont St Michel Abbey.


From the wheel as a hoist to lift stones up and build,

To the monks and their chants and sacred performances;

While silently quiet they work to maintain it,

With salt bush mutton nearby to eat entertainment.


Now the tide comes in at a great pace and rate,

And you can be trapped on the island on monestarial confinement;

As the world comes to visit to see the dark ages of the past,

Kept and preserved in the true light of what's passed.



Saint Benedict.

25 Cathedrals

Here we have a cathedral poem to decorate the mind,

To fill it with imagination of ancient periods of time;

When stone blocks were cut exactly to size,

And put together in a structure of wisdom time to size.


A Gothic Cathedral of God honouring holiness to The Lord,

For the worship of His magesty in traditional and conservative form;

These ancient Gothic buildings across Britain and The Whole wide earth.

From Europe to The Americas and The Great South land.


With statues and cataclumes and with coloured stained glass windows.

These temples of worship are more many a people and congregation to go;  

With words of encouragement and understanding to light and guide our way.

The preist ministers to us in a strange and delightful way.


The cathedral choir sings a harmonious angel tune and song in hymn.

With the organ blowing out a heavenly anthem for us to sing to.

With the communion of the saints and memories so sweet,

These ancient Gothic buildings and a call to Christ our king.


As the dead are raised or wait for then coming of The Lord.

Or healing of the sick and from the healing cup;

We wait eagerly on The Lord to lead us to our fait,

To a calling higher up in the heavens, where from hell our souls ascend.


Now as we look and search this ancient church,

To discover the hidden meanings from the ancient crypt and ceiling;

We look to God who reigns on high above with love,

To lead us home to our home to be by his side.



Gods Heavenly Calling

26 Castles

What magesty and greatnness are these castle places,

Like a palace with a moat and drawbridge;

Of ancient architecture or huon stone;

Where th king sits on high upon his throne.


These fortified castles are like a small city,

Where the people live to work and serve the king,

Upon which many are found across hill and plain and mountian vale,

To give the medieval time period character and meaning.


Now as the maiden who locked up in the castle tower,

Sees her knight in shiney arnour come to be her prince and take her home;

The ride of into the sunset to a castle of their own,

To live together in happiness to forever and a day.


Now as the castle villagers gather for the royal wedding,

The jester comes into the castle court to sing and dance along;

To create a mood of happiness and good feeling and delight,

While the royal couple say their vowes and ride off into a honeymoon moonlight.


Now the king of the castle is feeling sick and the prince is soon to become king;

With his newfound bride for peace and joy to bring.

This fortified city is a strong and structured fort,

To protect the king and family from the evil outside the whole thing.


What beauty and delight, what joy of understanding;

To gather the depth of the royal family and all it does partake,

To gather individual flavour from the royal dishes and banquet,

And here we have the answer to Gods heavenly desire and plight.



As the knight rides off into the sunset.


27 The Monarchy

The monarchy is the royal family from medieval times,

Down through the ages to the modern family inclined;

With king and queen and princes and princesses,

We have a royal family who live in castles grandeur.


The monarchy reigns and rules with power and might,

With kindness and judgement they see their hearts delight;

From one corination to the next or abdication,

The king or queen takes their time in humble admoration.


The monarchy is like a governing body that leads and helps the people,

To see how to live their lives by acceptable living example;

The subjects are in their place to admire and accept the decisions,

That the right way to live may be clear and evident.


Now their is beauty in the hearts as the people see their monarches,

Lead and guide and demonstrate reliable ways of truth;

For the love of living is in the everyday delights,

Of magesty and monarchy in their heavenly reign and rule.


God knows the hearts of many a man and ruler.

He is their as the unltimate power to oversee the monarchy;

They are His subjects in the allmighty power of things,

He decides the start and end of every single thing.


Then monarchy comes from God in heaven high above,

They only have as much power as he will give and allow;

For the earth is His and the people are only stewards in a form,

Of monarches and royal families to lead us out of the dark.



Ruling Angels

28 Treason And Caution Written

29 Happier and Harder

When things get tough we have to do it harder,

To be happier and higher in the hopeful joy of love;

For heaven is the harbour of peace and grace,

Where to be happier its harder and more to do with space.


Happier and harder, do the two so meet,

Where heaven and hell, forever fight to see;

In times of life, one may well wonder,

What on earth there is to eat.


Happier and harder is the right to be in love,

To experience the paradise of God in awe above;

How beautiful is the majesty of patience and persistance,

Where the earth turns around in the space of heavenly love.


Harder and happier is the aim of peace on earth,

Where one must work to make and keep;

The things we want to hold onto and be,

For the kingdoms heavenly delight is the blessing of God,


Now the joy of answered prayer is made in heaven,

A love that passes all and seems to answer things;

So to be happier and harder, we must work for that,

To experience the heaven of our works worth having.


Harder and happier is hard to be happy with,

But with the dedicated doing in the love of work,

We can see what we are aiming for and enjoy,

By enduring all the mercy and grace we employ.



Reaching utopia.

30 Tradition

Tradition is a word held by concervatives and conformers,

To uphold the moral values of our God and king;

They wiill not ebnd or brake the rules of right living,

But hold heads high and walk with moral dignity.


Tradition is upholds a way of moral values,

Its maintaining the right and belief in what is worth while;

Tradition means keeping things the way they wwere meant to be,

It is maintaining and consisting of what is right and noble.


God is at the helm and reigns and upholds the earth,

Where His people live and worship Him in moral admoration;

Where the humble bend the knee to confess their sins to Him,

Where poeple live in happiness and devine liberation.


Tradition is a freedom of grace with service and respect,

Where honour and glory are the saving arms of God;

And the moral code of conduct is sublime and superflous,

To live in peaceful unity of love and adoration.


Tradition upholds and maintains values, I will say it again,

That the people may see where to go and how to actually be;

That the beauty of morality is the central cost and focus,

Of a world in perfect order living to maintain it.


Tradition is the fruition of a world that lives in peace,

Where heaven holds the kingdom of eternal reign within;

Hell is the price to pay, but by God it is worth it,

Then know the truth of right and wrong is Gods most precious purpose.



Peace Within.

31 Formalities

Formalities are the formalization of truth and logic,

With patient persitance in the caring operation;

Of what might have been coming into fruition,

It is the necessary achknowledgement of correct understanding.


It is recognizing the acceptance of the way things were done,

Proceding into recognition for the path to take;

In making the way clear from that which has been,

In order to authorize those who were commintted.


When the time is ripe and wind current.

We recognize those who have achieved to make things different.

Those who paved the way and changed things for the better,

Those who laid the foundations for the road we now follow.


Recognition is showing gratitude to those who have overcome,

Who fought and made a new world for all of us to live in;

For those who mainataned and accepted the right way to do things,

For those who changed the place for the better of us all.


We recognise the soldiers who came back from the war,

And for those who didn't but fought for what freedom is for;

For those who lived a long and hard life enduring to the end,

For those who invented things and helped the world progess.


So now as we formalize the traditions laid down by us all,

We accept the terms and conditions from the right set of ways;

We pay tribute to those who lead and guided us along the way,

Who discovered new lands from where they did explore.



Well done achievers.

32 Conservatism

Conservatism is like tradition where we uphold moral values,

And waste not and want not, but try and save what we have got;

To save lives and money for the intrinsic value of living,

To maintain high and lofty morality for the righteous giving.


It is putting a little aside for tomorrow when it comes,

It is saving time and money for a new and greater purpose;

It is not wasting water but storing it up till a rainy day,

It is creating a greater value in life for the common goodness.


Conservatism is showing restraint when the times are tough,

It is showing compassion on those who are hurting;

It is make kindness richer for the great and grand.

And putting a bit of butter out for just another day.


Well now I ask you just what have you got and what have you saved,

For yourself or someone else to help along the road and way.

Have you cared and shared, the little that you have,

Or have you kept everything to be selfish and given nothing away.


Indeed it is or should be the common purpose to be conservative in everything,

To withold a little for tomorrow and show that you have enough;

Save the best for later on and you will be rewarded then,

When all the troubled times have been and passsed you on.


So if all of us showed a little restraint there would be always more later on,

Conservatism would be the winner and all of us have some.

For the worry of today comes quickly and soon will go,

But to show conservatism for tomorrow shows you care what God has done.



God Bless.

33 Charity Written

34 Inulgence

Indulgence is the opposite of denial,

That lets us have all we want;

With freedom or without care,

For the rich that twitch a grinning ear.


Is it good for us to have all we want?

Anytime we like at whatever price to pay;

Indulging in the things that make our hearts glad,

As if we were not meant to be bad or mad.


Whatever you want has a cost to pay,

But with indulgence you might not know when to stop;

For having everything you want all the time,

Is not as precious as denial and the pain.


Sufferring is a gift from God,

To let us know that He holds the key,

To all the wisdom and beauty of his heavenly majesty,

Where indulgence punishment is hell for anything.


Then the magnifigance if the rationing of pacing yourself,

With the right of patient perserverance;

And the glorious indulence delight,

Of the self sacrifical love of brilliant light.


The goodness of indulence is the blessing to be full,

When all your desires are answered in kingdoms time,

When the judgement between the rich and poor,

Are met in all the time of fairnesses prayer and care.



An even yoke.

35 Finesse Written

36 Protocol

Protocol is ettiquette and a formaility given without the law,

The expected right of indulgence with grace and being indesposed;

The law of how to refrain yourself and retsrain for wanting more,

It is the right to impose politely and do things right to enjure.


It is as if it all goes with out saying, but is just the expected way to behave;

While you talk over dinner of all the things you deserve;

It is polished silver cutlery and the finest type of china,

And the more you want and expect it the more you have to withdraw.


It is saying that you deserve the best and must know how to conduct yourself.

In all the propper ways and all the propper manners;

It is knowing simply right from wrong and seeing that you keep the rules,

To all the good things on earth that by Gods grace we are stewards.


Now the time has come to have anew all the protocol of old,

Where timeless books and wisdon texts are all in the way we run;

Where tithe and time are taxed by tide and all of us have some fun,

Doing things the way we should and expect them to be done.


Well money seems to pay the bills and yes it must be paid,

To stay on earth and live with a nice quality that you attain;

For all well done and life is fair for those who would try hard,

To keep the law of protiocol and see all things the right way.


I guess I might have left some things out in this poem about protocol,

But all is fair in love and war if life is what we've won;

There seems no point with greif to bare to expect this life so royal,

But time will tell without blame and shame, just why we should all be loyal..



Do it right

37 Ettiquette

Ettiquette like protocol is also another form of formality,

Once again doing things right in the way they should be;

With a gentle persuasion in decorum and diplomacy,

To see that all things are proper and right and well behaved at the table.


With five courses to be served and six plates and all the cutlery;

There is no excuse for bad manners at the table;

Where diinner is served by candlelight with all the food cooked exquisitely;

For the formal occasion of dignitaries and rulers the table is fully laden.


Wjere waiters and butlers labour and serve but never waver,

Pass the butter as you asked for fresh bread or scones;

Never using or sparingly the least bit of bad behaviour,

As in ettiquette things simply must be done right or your out on your tail forever.


I guess respect is the key and honour the way,

For principles in the duty of sitting at the table;

Where life has meaning to those of old.

Who fought for the right rules of behaviour.


Well it seems those times are gone by and there is need to remember,

And resurect the right ways of living for pursaisure;

As money comes and money goes to those who work and labour,

To find the key to exuberent life with style without dissfavour.


So it seems again that ettiquette is the way to live and be,

For all the distinguished elite guests and best;

To enjoy the life they are inclined to be so richly use to,

As life goes on in simply ways, to those who could not live up to theirs.



What about the humble poor?

38 The Banquette

The table is set and dinner is served,

Food is laid on and the rich deserve;

We are having a banquette surpurb,

To celebarate the living in every suburb.


Lamb and beef, pork and fish if you wish,

Turkey and chicken, duck for luck;

I wish I could have been there,

But it was pouring rain and I was poor.


With roatsed, boiled and steamed vegetables,

Carrots and yams, potatoe and pumkin;

Peas and beans, cauliflour and brocolli,

Suedes and parsnips, turnip and zuccinni.


Gravy and sauces, salt and pepper.

Herbs and spices, curries and satays,

The chef had cooked up a feast,

And the banquette was ready.


Well those who came were simply the well to do,

The rich and famous and not me and you;

The king and queen, princes and princesses.

Not the humble poor like me and you.


God will have a banquette in heaven,

For those who did not attend on earth;

With all the treasures of the kingdom.

To reward all of his faithful servants.



The Lucky few.


39 Faith Forever Written

40 Believe The Best Written

41 The Passion Of Love Written

42 Hoping For A High Written

43 The Big Question Written

44 All The Answers (1)

45 All The Answers (2)

God has the answers to everything you need,

All you have ever wanted or required or read;

You can't put a price on the universe,

And your soul is the best thing you can have.


This is not a trick question,

But have you got what it takes to make it;

To find contentment on earth,

And the treasures of heaven.


For the winner is the grinner,

In a spiritual world and place;

Where paradise is in space,

Heaven the faith on your face.


If ten and ten is twenty,

A thousand a number in time,

A million the meal on the table,

And laughter quite a serious crime.


English the lanuage we speak,

Science the true point of view,

God the master of theology,

And maths the mass that is due.


Then all the answers to everything.

Are just found in me and you;

From one holy and omnipodent God.

To those who love him and trust him only.



Then the answer is this.

46 Seek Out Why (1)

47 Seek Out Why (2)

Seek out why you come near or go far,

Trouble is close but God is right there.

Love all the good things by questioning why,

Look toward heaven and see the beautiful blue sky.


Seek out why you are lost or are found,

Manage to keep your head above the ground;

Stay clear and true to your hearts desire,

Look hard and high for all of God's love.


Seek out why the earth is round and you are upon,

Look to the heavens and the sky far beyond;

Avoid hell at all costs and work well and safe,

Stay true to yourself and try not to waste.


Seek out the truth of the good news of God,

Understand how the beauty is there to behold;

Ask for your heart to find always good sense,

Why am I human and why is gold cold?


Seek out why there is in everywhere an ultimate cost,

Why there is a price for everything so nothing gets lost;

Take time for yourself and make memories to remember,

Consider that money for myself is a selfish endeavour.


Seek out the good things in life and God will bless.

Consider your neighbour and how you can help;

See that you try and do things right all the time,

You have had more than your fair share of reason in rhyme.



Always thankful.


48 Always Ask First


Always ask first before you do something you shouldn't,


Don't get into trouble unecessarily for nothing at all;


Count your blessings one by one and be grateful,


Thank God for everything and you will be truly blessed.




Always ask first to make your it is all right,


Be careful in doing things that are wrong;


Count it a blessing when you are in times of need,


God will hear your plee and call and answer and come near.




Always ask first before you can have anything,


Don't take things for granted but respect expection;


Love while you can because life is quite short,


Pray and behave and all your answers will be brought.




Always ask first before thinking of yourself,


Styay out of trouble and always keep safe;


Work for what you can and try and keep the path clear,


But remember to ask first because problems are near.




Always ask first before eating a meal,


God will hear you and see that your food is good;


Pray from your heart to walk closer to God,


And ask him to help you and strengthen your heart.




Always ask first before jumping into the deep end,


Make sure your safe and that you won't hurt yourself;


Always ask first when in times of trial and strife,


God will reward you and help keep safe your life.






Thankyou God.

49 Please and Thank You

Please and thankyou is this what to say,

Care for one another something to remember;

Always say please and always say thankyou,

This is what you say when asking or recieving.


Please can I have this and thankyou for giving me that,

Saying thankyou for everything is good in God's eyes;

It is still nice to ask politely and say thankyou once or twice,

So gratefully achknowledge that thankfully you have life.


Life is a gift from mum and dad,

God gave us the earth to live all upon.

Please and thankyou are a special way to show love;

That heaven will reward you from God on high above.


Please will you bless this food to my heart,

Thankyou for giving me this meal to live more;

I love all the goodness that you have instore for me,

As I ask and I plee for grace to receive.


Thankyou for loving me and giving your all,

Please God don't hurt me as I am only small;

You are so strong and have power with you might,

To help and protect me and keep me safe all the night.


Please will you let me live, I beg for my life,

Thankyou for caring for me and showing your love;

God bless all the children who have to grow up.,

Thankyou God for listening and please that's enough.



I know I love you.

50 God Knows All

God is the greatest and God knows all,

To the humble and kind, the tall and the small,

The beauty is found really here there on earth,

When from heaven God came to show us His worth.


The best is upon us if in Him do we trust,

Have faith in the word and in that we really must;

The truth is the way that life gives us strength,

To obey in the things we do to have God's great gift.


God knows all in His own most omnipodent heart,

His mind is the wisest and is brain is quite smart,

In fact God knows best in any given situation,

If we will only achknowledge Him and pray so He'll fathom.


So I ask now to God to show us His love,

As he sends out a song on the wings of a dove;

How sweet it is still to always do know,

That God knows all and we must stay with the flow.


God knows all, I will say it again,

Unto him will I lean and unto Him I depend;

The beauty is seen clearly when God has the lead,

Through the eye of faith in all that we see.


God knows all, I can hardly understand,

How lovely the weather and picture so grand;

So whether you believe or trust all in Him,

Will depend on the things that He has for you.



God Bless Us All.


51 The Birds and The Bees Written

52 Life on The Farm Written

53 Country Songs Written

54 A Poem For Dreaming Written

55 Water Is As Sweet As Life Written

56 Mountains Always Rise Written

57 The River To The Right And Left Written

58 Oceans On Earth Written

59 Sunrise And Sunsets Written

60 It All Falls Together Written

61 It's Raining Again Written

62 The Beauty Of The Moment Written

63 Nothing - Written

Bonus Poems

Seasons Of The Mind

From north to south and east to west,

The seasons of the mind are your heavenly guest;

From people, time and places your invited to stay,

The way of God is the time of the day.


From Summer To Autumn and Winter to Spring,

The hot and cold weather is a cool and warm change;

As if the heart of the Lord is the mind of the thing,

As heaven and hell are in a paradise season.


The Summer has its heat and beaches and surf,

The warm days of love above the earth;

With cool drinks and sandwiches, picnics are choice,

The romance of children and a choirs heavenly voice.


Autumn is the time of thwe year when leaves start to fall,

In orange and golden browns, red, yellow and green all,

The setting is bright for the meeting of lovers,

To lie down on a bed of leaves and kiss and snuggle.


Winter is the cold months of snow and ice,

Where the presence of heat is warm by the fire;

For sking down from a mountain top to bottom,

Curled up in bed at nights with each other.


Sring is the sign of new life and new growth appears,

In the greenery surrounding the hills and the animals draw near.

With fawn and calf, lamb and kid goat,

Spring is the season of the mind where your head starts to float.



The Equater and Hemisphere.

Follow the star and fall in love

Follow the star and fall in love,
For the place that he calls us high above;
And where people and things all turn in time,
And I am her sweetheart and she is as mine.

And so I ask you Lord which way do I turn,
When deep inside me my heart does burn;
And he leads me and says to me what do I say,
To the girl that I dream of such a long way away.

So follow that star that travels so far,
To that place far away where your love is that star;
And all that does matter is falling in love,
To that place that I dream of with rainbows above.

And shall I but ask lord just only once again,
Just one more time lord to give me a friend;
Someone who is kind and gentle inside,
To live with me forever and then be my bride.
For I love you dear beloved and in you I trust,
That true love is a lot more, than just beauty and lust;
And I know in my heart lord that you really care,
That you lord have the answer in your heart with prayer.
And all that I dream of is true love that is real,
In a heart that is passionate and does care and feel;
For you Lord are my love just waiting to happen,
That miracle that you Lord have perfectly fashioned.


Once pencilled down

Frodo's Party

Armed with a ring and a sword, which is a thing with a sting,

Called Sting, after the dragon Smaug and the dragons treasure hord;

He plans to take his hobbit friends on another party adventure,

And the foolish little hobbits get drunk on the idea at the mention.


They must cross the Elven Forrest and cross the dwarves stone bridge,

To the mountains in The East, where the dragon flys to terror;

And breathes his burning breath upon the tiny little villager,

Who forever dread the threat and are in constant fear of Smaug.


So they reach the River Elrond and cross the dwarves stone bridge,

And run into anothern party of Orgs and dispatch the little things,

They reach The Black Brumby Inn where Bilbo use to love to laugh,

And play their little ditties, while dancing a jig on the bar room table,


The evil Lord Sauron has taken the task to get the treasure himself,

Who was not destroyed, when the ivisible ring in the cracks of doom was destroyed;

And they have heard that the dragon has an artifact called a portable hole,

Which coming from the Shire atracts The Hobbits to hide in the little homes.


So as they leave The Black Brumbies Inn on their short legged little ponies,

Another forrest leads them in where the Ents hide and do come near;

Now they have the Ents support and The Giant Eagle Rocks take them across.

To the Eastern Mountains, where the search for the dragon and his treasure start.


Well as they arrive in the area, the dragon Smaug meets them in their path,

And Frodo draws sting, his sword and the battle is fierce and with loss;

Sam Gamgee, cops a burning andfrom the fiery breath and darkens black.

As the night comes upon them and Smaug has won the batlle back.


But now the courage of the hobbit party, has renewed, as day dawns tomorrow,

When they find a secret passage and a tunnel cave down to the treasure;

It is a wet and damp dark passage place, which leads them to the hord,

And then as if by magic they find the portable hole by a lucky fluke.


Frodo places his hand on the wall and he nearly falls right through it,

And ends up stepping right through the hole into the room beyond;

This room is filled with pieces of gold and sparkling gems and stones.

With a crown Frodo sees and tries to take and laugh and wear it home,


But now Smaug has smelt the little strangers, trying to steal his hord,

And Frodo rushes straight at him, fearing not to die and thrust his sword;

For great is the heart of this mighty little Hobbit, who has taken the portable hole,

Then he throws the hole on the ground and jumps throygh and pulls it in.


He finds out how and works out away to move the hole along underground,

And comes up behind the dragon and catches him by surprise with Sting;

He takes a deep breath an dthen he dashes forth and dives at The Dragon Smaug,

As his sword is thrust into the heart of the dragon Smaug and purple blood comes out.


So Frodo and his faithful party of four have all the riches they need,

They load their little ponies with treasure up to go home to their Shire and celebrate;

They travel long and hard through the night and the next day they are home,

Where Frodo throws a party for his friends and they get drunk again.


Now the portable hole is in Frodo's pocket and has started to consume him,

Then Gandalf comes to survey the dragon hord, the biggest treasure you've ever seen;

The parties party is spoiled by one who has returned to get his hole,

Like the ring Frodo destroyed, The Portable Hole was Gollums and he wants it back.


We'll Leave It There


I have already written the idea, but there is something more to say.
It all depends on how I wrote and the write of the written way;
You see the right of the written idea is, to tell people what you mean,
And that means that you meant it and that something else meant to me.

The written idea is one of literacy, where literature can be read,
That by the style and mean of your writing, the written idea is lead;
It means expressing what you are saying, by what you're thinking in your head,
And that is an understanding of what you have done and want to do and read.
The written idea is for reading and understanding what I try to mean.
Seeing that I am expressing myself clearly and keeping things clean;
For it's nice to earn something, as you all well know yourself,
If you are a reader like me, the written idea is sitting on the shelf.
The written idea is now half written and well I might as well go all the way,
As I have nothing much better to do than to read and write all day;
The weather is kind of grey and it seems that black and white is OK,
But the whether I mind or you mind that, is something left to say.
The written idea is something you must have faith in, at the end of the day,
When it is all written down to read and you wonder where is the way;
It goes wherever it wants and to whoever will want to sit down and read,
Now the future is the promise that the written idea has time to lead.
I have nearly gotten to the bottom of what the written to be read,
And it is all right for you to read and the written idea to be;
As when you write something about the written idea to read,
It is best left for someone else to read and write the written idea and lead.


Another Reader.