Parsifal Desires The Poetry



Welcome yet again to another poetry book. This one is the big 30, the thirtieth book of poetry on this website. As we try and engage in what is still yet another book of poetry, we have to empathize with the previous work and get a right instruction to follow and proceed with the task of this one being a book of poetry based on the personal desires of the author in poetical verse and what has been placed upon my heart to write to you about in the instruction of care through poetic verse. Like the last book there will be some repercussions of previous book work, but there is still the hope and aim to stay true, original and imaginative, without being too repetative and covering previous territory. However having said all that, we have a new criteria, another set of six chapters and poem ideas based on the desired inspiration of the heart and mind, to consolidate the souls comprehension and understanding about what makes people tick and what is on their mind, that I can tap into and write common thoughts and ideas about to relate to you. Don't lose heart folks, I hope that you are not all tired of reading these creative inspirations yet, that there is still a bit of life left in the old boy, to come up with new and revolutionary ideas of an explanatative reality in a variety of literature. There is so much more to life then death and we have not even looked at so many of the other aspects of life yet. With another twenty poetry books to come after this one, which I am still well up for and committed to do in the next five years or sooner. We just have to be ready to digest the informative behaviour of personal endeavours to succeed through inspirational creative writings. I really do hope that you are not all sick of it yet, I certainly am not and the more I write, the more I get excited about and rared up, to be ready to go and get on with the writing of the new books. Well, we are now all well established once again in the lead up work of the introduction to have a prepared and ready mind to attack the subject matter once again. Here we have it, Parsifal Desires the Poetry is now and will be soon your new book of poetry to love, hate or just experience anyway you can positively feel relevant to about it. Lets have another go at it and get on with the job of writing this one. Once again, enjoy the read, as we now start to do the hard yards and miles of the writing of this new book. There are a few personal and sensative subject matter objects in the topics, all the more juicy to relate to and write about. Have a look down the page first for yourselves and we will now get on with it. Welcome everyone to Parsifal Desires The Poetry. It is now nearly here.**Darel**.


1 A Few Nice Things

Christmas trees and Easter eggs,

Means that you are getting something,

Lounge chairs and television,

Sitting down in comforable luxury.

Cutlery and dinner sets,

Food on the table to eat;

All these good things are nice,

Needed necessities that someone gets.

Think of the person paying for things,

Kindness out of the goodness of their hearts;

Beautiful people don't come easy or cheap,

Loving memories that lead us to be smart.

Cars and houses, music on the roads,

Radios and sound tracks, everybody knows;

Listening a delight to hear and understand,

Talking to each other, not a thing of the past.

A few nice things to indulge a bit in,

Love greater and grander on the other hand;

The beauty of the master is in the reading,

Food for a mood, not really a disaster.

Waves running along the shore and sand,

God graciuosly loves us living for Him;

All of the glory and love coming back,

Returning in a logically methodical order.


How I understand.

2 Plenty Of Toys

Plenty of toys, plenety of joys,

Love and romance, good to be;

A relationship with God,

What does everybody say?

A new sports car to speed in,

A computer page to read on;

Telephones and televisions,

Boats and and jetskis.

All these nice things,

Just waiting for me;

Some say, have a good time,

Not a long time, more money.

The joys of the toys,

Are just like playing in the sand;

Good on the one hand,

Not too happy on the other.

God grant us a pardon,

For all these things we need;

Instead of living for Him,

We do what we want for ourselves.

Toys are for the kids,

Let them go and have theirs;

We have to get on with living,

Not revel in greedy ploys.


God grant us peace.

3 Been A Good Boy

Been a good boy,

Santa is coming to town;

God knows if you have been good,

Just the way that you should.

I don't want to be bad,

I say the devil will be glad;

I don't want to please him,

I want to be good and go to heaven.

Why should I do the wrong thing,

That is simply not right;

Doing the right thing makes me happy,

Being a good boy is God's delight.

Have you been a good boy,

Yes I am asking you the question;

That makes me happy and not sad,

Glorifying God is a good story.

Have we all been good boys?

Do we fit into that picture?

The fact that we're being happy when we are,

And not sad trying to do the wrong thing.

Get your reward in heaven,

Live by the grace of God,

Mercy and healing are plentiful,

Come back to the God of gold.

So how are we going right along now,

Have we all been good boys by now,

If we try and maintain the right story,

We will live in the glory of God.


Peace and plenty.

4 Girls Like To Play

Girls like to play with boys,

Inquistive little treasures they are;

Curiosity is still curable,

So are the cute little girls.

Sugar and spice have I none?

God does not want to spoil all the fun;

Look at the loving arms of Jesus,

Boys and girls fitting into the story.

Give back the glory to God,

Girls love to play and enjoy;

All the good things in life,

Are found in the lovely little girls.

Girls are a real kind of blessing,

Beautiful and cudley to watch;

Be on your total best behaviour,

Girls are glorious to admonish.

I love watching children play,

Boys and girls in their favour.

They have youth on their side for ever,

Waiting and watching in whatever weather.

Great are the girls of tomorrow,

Now is the year of their savor;

Looking and loving for whether,

God will save every girl forever.


Liking lollies.

5 Food Again

Lapping up the food,

Licking liking lollies;

God in heaven eating,

Anything you want to eat.

Food again, plenty to come,

Plenty more, you can have some;

Some for me, some for you,

God wants any, all will come true.

Food again, I am not hungry,

More, still more and yet still more food;

The table is full, dinner is served,

Food glorious food, and still some more there.

Food again, as if I could live without it,

Enough on your plate, don't worry about me;

I have enough to eat, can't you see,

Just keep cleaning up that dinner plate.

The funny thing about eating is,

That you never get sick of enough food;

Whatever the flavour, whatever the mood,

Food puts your mind into contemplation to be full.

Food again and yet the story never ends,

Food on the table, food glorious food;

Keep thanking God and give God the glory,

Mercy heals the hungry, food satisfies the life.

More food tomorrow, think about today,

Farmers are growing, food surplus is rude;

Plenty of lovers putting you in the mood,

Merchants making money out of food and more food.


Dining in.

6 Tea And Coffee

Tea and coffee,

The choice is yours;

More of a reason,

Time to be shared.

Seasons come and go,

Tea of coffee being served;

On a silver plate or tray,

Tea or coffee till your bored.

Add sugar or cream,

Better intertwined for two;

Better now than alter,

Tea or coffee for two.

Coffee here for me,

Tea I know for you;

Better to pick and choose,

Tea or coffee you use.

Breakfast in the morning,

After dinner at night;

Morning or afternoon tea,

Coffee at both times.

Tea or coffee your certain,

More sure enough for me;

Born to live and die coffee,

Teachers teaching a cup of tea.


Decision time.

7 Dining Room

Dining room, set up to eat,

Good wooden table and chairs;

Lace table cloth and placemats,

The roast is cooking in the oven.

Come to the table children,

Dinner will be served soon;

The best in life is here to eat,

God knows all six seats are filled.

Mum and dad at the head of table,

Curtains drawn to let the sunlight in;

Blinds are open to shine the light,

The table is laden and ready to eat.

Things are pretty good in a modern world,

Everything you need ready to eat;

Good maple wood and velvet linings,

The dining room a work and piece of art.

Loving living conditions aand situation,

Perfect environment, everyone loving;

God bless the meal on every ocasion,

Peace at the dinner table, pleasant conversation.

A family get together, a wonderful meal,

Beautiful the situation, wonderful occasion;

Sitting down together and all eating,

Soak up the gravey with a piece of bread.


Leave the table.

8 Lounge and TV

Lounge and TV in the corner,

Sit down for the day to watch and relax;

TV dinner at your lounge chair,

All your favorite shows, live on air.

Life does not get much better,

All you need in life or so you think so;

Time will come when you have to work again,

For the moment though, just keep on going.

A nice comfortable lounge chair,

Maybe a book would be better;

Turn the TV off and read a while,

Switch the TV back on again later.

Never mind you did not miss much,

Work going on at the TV station;

Book your ticket for your next holiday,

Just get on with the job of life and fun.

Sitting back down reclining in the lounge chair,

Life on earth goes on, life on air;

Tune into a differt channel if you like,

Compare what is going on around you there.

Your world is a wonderful situation,

As if everyone else was just working for you;

I have to sit back and down and compare,

Is any one out there, am I the only one there.


Lazy days.

9 Office Computer

Sitting behind the office computer,

Work going on and being done;

You get the picture from what I am doing,

You read the writing after it is done.

A work station at the table,

Sitting upright on your desk;

All done and nearly completed,

Just working to fix the mess.

The office computer, making money,

Sydney CBD, harbour view;

Working hard to please the boss,

Everything has to be done on time.

If you get my point of view,

Where are you sitting there reading;

Cooking lunch, a home stew,

Telecommunications, a real winner.

Life beyond the office chair,

your computer, you are sitting there;

I am trying to do the same thing myself,

It will all work out when you save your work.

Let us now try to get it from God's perspective,

When life was simple before the personal computer;

But think about how much easier things are,

Anything you want with a touch of a key or right click.


Type written.

10 House and Land

Your main investment property,

The house and land where you live;

Keeping it safe for a rainy day,

Its your place to stay and be.

House and land, the ideal dream,

A place to really call mine;

Just sign your life away and get one,

A house and land, a place to have lunch.

Time goes on just ticking bye,

As you dream away in endless sleepy nights;

Put in a pool or BBQ or buy a car,

Tools go in the garage with things there.

Anywhere you want it, pay for it then,

Build the house yourself or write with your pen;

Just talk to your bank manager to get approved,

A morgage will not cost you the whole earth.

Kids go to school across the road,

The hospital around the corner for when your sick;

Everyhting in the neighbourhoood gets a tick,

Life is good, sitting pretty there I think.

Move and upgrade when you are well inclined,

When you have enough money in the bank to improve;

Just the right feeling, putting you in the mood,

Lots of loving thoughts and all the good food.


A foundation to believe in.


11 Greedy People

Greedy people, greedy guts,

Acting like pigs, quite awkward;

Not reading the information,

Just greeding whatever they can get.

Life is unfortunate with people like that,

Big fat porkers filling up their hats;

Wantings just for themselves,

No thoughts for other people.

Only what I want and can get for me,

Nothing in it for you at all;

They are just wrong in every action,

Thinking of only themsleves all the time.

Consider it just pig headed,

Consider it a waste of time;

God will get them back,

And repay them for their crime.

You only get what you pay for in life,

Nothing is free, nothing cheap;

Your hard earning work and savings,

The only way to really succeed.

Tell them all to get stuffed,

I am not accepting those greedy dogs;

No sense in feeding the mungrols,

No sense in giving in to them.

I don't like greedy people at all,

They try and make you and me feel small;

They can go to hell and rot there,

Too crude or rude to ask for forgiveness.

Jesus loves us in His care,

Greedy people to have a heart or prayer;

More money is the only ting they want,

Christ crucified for us and their evil delight.


I'd rather work for it.

12 What Else Do You Need

What else do you need,

Not everything that you want;

God knows what you need,

Before you even think or ask.

You have everything you can get,

Full to the brim for yourself;

You don't really need anything else,

Just the bare essentials to survive.

You have a big list of things you want,

You don't really need them at all;

You just think that you need them,

Give your life to God, He will bless you more.

What else do you need,

You have everything thing you want;

Turn around and give God the glory,

For everything that you have allready got.

God can use you for His purposes,

God can make you someone important;

You can't do it all on your own you know,

Its just not some kind of sport.

Live your life looking for and loving God,

He will direct all your paths to Him;

You will feel blessed and rewarded,

Living out your life and days for Him.


Peace at last.

13 What Else Can I Have

What else can I have,

All you do is think of yourself;

Give your life to God,

And receive a blessing.

What else can I have?

When you have everything you really want;

You keep asking for more,

But never have enough.

What else can I have?

Just you learn to be contented;

God will give you everything,

If you will only worship Him.

What else can I have?

As if I did not allready have enough;

Peace and security and certainty,

Aren't the treasures of heavens peace, better instead.

What else can I have?

If only I had just used my head;

Thinking about everything I ever wanted,

Never really getting anything at all.


God be with you.

14 Saving Or Spending

Saving or spending,

Its an attitude of heart;

Putting money in the bank,

Always wants to seem smart.

Buying what you like,

Spending whenever you want;

Think about tomorrow,

When the rainy days are come.

Better to have what you earn,

Than waste it on illigitimits;

Trying to maintain your account,

Money just doesn't seem to want to sit.

The beauty of tomorrow,

Is that when you save, you have money there;

The past can go on with memories,

Tomorrow is what you need to care.

Spending and saving,

Money for when you want it;

Taking time for cosnsideration,

What am I going to do with it.

If you spend it you have not got it,

If you save your money, you can't have both;

Then it is there for you when you want it,

We just have to see where it goes and ends up.


One more tomorrow.

15 Material Possessions

Material possessions, wanting more,

Not happy with everyhthing you have got;

Still you want something else more to have,

Give up and be happy with what you have got.

Looking around for what else I can buy,

Just one more thing beofre I die;

Thinking more things will make you happy,

You just can't take them with you to the grave.

You have got a lot now as I can see,

So why aren't you happy now with everyhting?

More things compounding, just making you miserable,

Stop being so stingy and also so miserly.

Material possession, don't you just love them,

Another thing to put in the garage;

More books just going onto book cases on the wall,

Whether tall or small, no difference to us all.

Matierial posessions, just getting the better of you,

Nice new lounge suite made out of leather;

A new car or more property, over the moon,

The little boy laughed, the dish ran away with the spoon.

Material possessions, just doing the best you can,

Its just not good enough for you though,

You just can't be that wonderfully happy man.


More or less.

16 Family Matters

Family matters to me and you I hope,

Good things come in the love of home;

Two parents and four kids, five or six,

The extended cousins, uncles and aunties.

Family really matters to be, how about you?

Are you happy celebrating with loved ones?

Keeping in touch, working together for everything,

Birthdays, regularly or annually at Christmas.

Family matters, love in the sun,

People sharing their lives with others;

Those who learn to live and learn together,

Peacefully living with our sisters and brothers.

Family is really a very blessed institution,

Conforming and reforming, exchanging and favouring;

Keeping each other company and warm,

Energised and lovingly, luxurious living.

Plenty for each other and each all together,

The beauty of relationship in pristine paradise;

Joyously knowing, love endlessly giving,

Getting affection, gratefully detecting.

Family matters, well it does nearly all the time,

Verses of love trying to express it in rhyme;

Explaining the truth and certainty of eternity,

What it realy matters and should to you and me.


God loves us.

17 Good Time Or A Long Time

A good time or a long time,

As if the difference really matters;

It does to those enjoying themself,

But digging themself an early grave.

They say that if you are happy,

Then you will live a long time;

Its the overindulgence of vices,

That makes a good time, really a crime.

I will be happy to go on living a long time,

Working for eveything I get forever;

Strictly under the circumstances however,

In pleasant and all kinds of different weather.

A good time or a long time really changes?

How God makes a difference in peoples lives;

In the course of his infinite judgement,

When things change and go thier own ways.

There is a little thing called sin you know,

That throws a spanner in the works for everything;

You have got your heart and mind hell bent on living,

Then God calls you home when He is good and ready.

A good time or a long time, money makes a difference,

Whether you are poor or rich, head above the surface,

Getting together all the good things of life you love,

Only to face the judgement if you don't know Jesus.


Waiting in His presence.

18 Meaning Money

Meaning money, not something funny,

Nice for a reason, sense in a season;

Good people, all trying to love things,

Come to the party, its not that easy.

Meaning money, do the hard yards,

Work for a living to make ends meet;

Food for the family, people to eat,

Animals and alcohol, watch your feet.

Plenty of nice liquids, some are good to drink,

The dishes are done after dinner properly;

Washing up and drying up to have a clean sink,

Put away all the china and dinner sets back.

You can take it easy and put your feet up,

Watch TV till your tired and go to bed and sleep.

As if buying everything you ever wanted comes cheap,

Massing up a big pile of it in a big heap.

Writing different verses of poetry,

As if just trying to mean something;

Money in the bank comes pretty hard,

Thankfully I have God to do that and thank.

I just don't know where we are going on from here,

Go to the pub if you like and just have a beer;

Meaning money is in the cleaning up though, forever,

It just makes a difference what kind of weather you are having.


Whether you try.

19 Nice To Eat Food

Nice food to eat, I just like to say,

Continually dining all of the time;

Eating because it is good to eat,

Good food, healthy food, very sweet.

Nice food to eat, heavenly eating,

A place of comparison, food on the table;

Served up as dishes of elegant meats,

Vegetables sweetly eaten, very neat.

Nice food to eat, all you could want,

Even though you need to eat eevery single day;

God will watch over you on your way,

Pay for you own food and to God you should pray.

A simple necessity, the food supply,

Never a surplus, always just enough;

More coming, always on the way,

Heavenly living, the time of the day.

Cooked to perfection, lovely to eat,

Nice food to eat, God way to pay;

We all should be grateful and thankful,

Always enough to eat each day.


Mercy and grace.

20 Seasons Reasons

Seasons reasons, Easter and Christmas,

Anzac Day and Royal Birthdays;

Plenty of joy in a the times,

Good for loving and eating.

Don't get too caught up in the moment,

Enjoying the experience of a good time;

Treason is not being a good sport at times,

In the living experience of the thought of crime.

Mint, dill and cummin, parsley, corriander and thyme,

Seasoning up your life with the herbs and spice;

Making the meal for eating perfect in its time,

The feast of glory in charity, for the love of God.

Reasons for the seasons each three months,

For the four, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn;

Tropical Islands and Deserts, the equator and the poles,

Different kinds of weather, different seasons in time.

Always different reasons for different seasons,

Monsoons and typhoons, Hurricanes and cyclones;

All adding variety and spice to the different customs,

As it seems a reason for him and her in the right seasons.

Days and months come around, while years start to appear,

Your having a nice wine, beer with a beard, spirits of the wind;

Things just flowing perfectly rhyming down the lines,

Just sit back and thank God for everything, the reason for the seasons.


Pretty dreaming.


21 Plentitude

Plentitude, indulgence,

What a difference it makes;

Much to go around,

Hesitation not waste.

Never short of anything,

Aquiring what you like;

Buying nearly anything,

To take home and use at night.

Plentitude, means everything,

An abundance for all;

You can have what you like,

You only pay a small price.

Plentitude rewarding,

Thinking about the cost;

Money you have made,

Not for saving the lost.

Plentitude perfection,

Enough for everyone everywhere;

Share and share alike you people,

Complete your day with care.

Plentitude for everything,

Never lacking what you want;

Its a good enough nice reason,

Suffering for being tough.


Paid for us.

22 Famine

Famine and drought,

Time for a shortage,

Things we all need,

Held from within us.

The rain does not come,

The crops fail again,

Sinful behaviour,

Creating famine again.

God is in control,

Everything we need;

God's blessing are favours,

Sharing cares and flavours.

Famine in the world,

Prayer goes out how long;

All the needs of other people,

Greedy people doing wrong.

Famine forever needing,

Why do we do this to ourself?

You say it is God or The Devil,

Humans stuffed environmentally well.

Famine in the world,

Lacking what we seem to need,

Not reading enough to be well;

God hears our reasons in prayer,

He answer to or hearts.


Crops must grow.

23 Indulgence

Indulgence, indecency,

Sexual conatations not feared;

Driving nearly anywhere,

The car you can steer.

Indulgence, complacancy,

A complete waste of time;

Shopping for all luxuries,

Not a thought of the crime.

Indulence, inapptness,

Not sharing a cent at all;

People starving for limitations,

Feed the hungry now.

Indulge in anything you like,

Pigging into everything;

Don't deny yourself at all,

Sarcasism at its best;

The lowest form of wit.

Indulgence pretty petty crime,

Get away with anything;

You will be locked up next time.

You won't get away with it always,

God will care how much you have got;

How much you take and withold from,

You just can't keep it all from God.


Indecent shame.

24 Over Indulgence

You have overdone it this time,

Everything out of proportion;

Blown right out of the water,

Overindulging, made to order.

Overindulgence, how could it be,

Everything going my way,

For all to look on and see;

How embarrassing the act of greed,

All for me, nothing for you.

Overindulgence, greatfully accept,

All I ever wanted and need;

Nothing left to get for a rainy day,

I have everything I want, right now.

Overindulgence, Not a thought for others,

Too pig headed to care about you;

I am only interested in my own ideas,

Thoughts of me, beautifully true.

Overindulgence, you got it in the bag,

You hit the nail on the head with the hammer;

The room piled up to the ceiling with books,

Twenty cars in the garage and only room for two.

Enough houses to sink a ship with,

Gloriously dining out in restaurants every night;

Women hanging off each arm all the time,

Spare a thought and a prayer for God.


How about enough.

25 Going Without

Going without, denial as such,

No room in my tummy, for any more lunch;

Its not as if I did not have enough,

Its about thinking of someone else more than myself.

You have that wasteline to die for,

I think you thought about that;

Skinny, appearing as to not to have enough,

Going without, might help someone else out.

Its not as if I did not have enough for myself,

But there are real people going without,

A little cash in the plate to buy food with for you,

Enough from me to help some one else to.

How can I explain myself without sounding selfish,

I ahve enough to eat, going without, would it help you;

Spare a though for those who are starving,

Share a little of your money with those and show your caring.

I don't need everything to make me happy,

A little more you and a little less me;

Sharing and spending time with others,

Could make me heavenly loving you.

Going without, its not really that hard to do,

Thinking of someone else before yourself,

Its real to those people who have nothing,

Show you care and empty your pockets a bit.


Hunger pains.

26 Happy With Less

Lighen your load and be happy with less,

Try if you can to do without excess;

God will bless you if you seek His kingdom first,

More to life, than your own stingy self.

God's love is not rotton or odd,

Beauty in the actions of putting others first;

Happy with less, a lot less stress.

Happy with less, peace on your mind,

Being kind hearted, showing God's love;

Less clutter, less worry, more for others,

Giving God what you don't want, need or require.

Happy with less, money in the bank,

The kingdom of heaven is for those who do without;

The joy of giving comes from the heart,

The more you have, the more you want.

Try doing without, have a bit less,

God will give back and reward what you did;

You will be happy in the morning,

When you wake up to yourself.

Happy with yourself, you suffer for less,

You make more money, doing your best;

Your content and satisfied, with a bit less,

Good to be happy, being blessed by God.


Things won't make you happy.

27 Looking For More

Looking for more, where can you find?

It always seems hard without enough yourself;

You have to put down what you are doing,

And go out and look somewhere else.

There are plenty of places around the earth,

Search out your heart to try and understand;

All these desires of these wondrous lands,

You at the mercy of God in His hands.

Looking for more, when you really have enough,

Not satisfied and content with yourself;

Wondering where else you could possibly get,

The doctor tells you, don't hedge your bets.

Put your faith and trust in Jesus,

Everything you ever wanted is found in Him;

Come to the cross and get your peace and rest,

God is waiting there loving, you to come back.

Looking for more, no place to go,

Only hold onto what you allready know;

Keep your faith and trust believing,

When your sick of hell, you will find your feet.

Like it or hate it, life is what you need,

No good going on wanting, all these things you greed;

Money will always beat, you can never have enough,

Be happy and content, simply with what you have got.


Found something.

28 Knowledge Hunt

Looking for knowledge to make you happy,

You think the more that you know;

The happier that you will be,

It may not be like that as it appears.

First bight of the fruit from the tree,

Knowledge to be gained, eyes opened to see;

Beauty as it seems, just may not be,

True love is found in marriage, if two agree.

A family to care for, to love and to please,

Different situations, experience needed;

Children will come, to care and provide for,

No good chasing strangers, danger involved.

Looking for love, a knowledge hunt,

Found in the treasures of books;

In the library of God's heaven above,

Google the right things, you will find love.

Try and take God for what he really is,

Found in His Bible, His book of love;

Theology and ministry, treasures of love,

Spiritual inspiration, God's gift from above.

Jesus hanging on the cross, He died in true love,

Beautiful the situation, Christ's love for me;

What esle could he do, but give you all you need,

Your salvation and forgiveness, charity and love;

God sent His Son from heaven on the wings of a dove.


I found God.

29 World Search

World search for just what you are looking for,

Its really in your heart if you look first;

World seach for anything, just what do you want,

Word seach for everything, me on earth.

Keep on working, you will get what you want,

The meaning of life, what you need from God;

He has the answers, look in the right place,

He is laughing and grinning, smiling on every face.

World search for treasures, heaven stretched out,

The sky painted by the master in heaven above;

A masterpiece of beauty, colours endlessly bright,

Who could beat the creator, leading heavens light.

World search for people, loving friends to find,

People who are trustworthy, heavenly and kind;

Honesty is the best policy, people who are shrewd,

Putting you in the picture, your mood for food.

World search for love, can be found in church,

The beauty of people, who lovingly know God provides;

The treasures of creation, the world our earth,

God gives you new life again, in a second birth.

World search for souls, crying out for more,

More love more kindness, food to eat;

A room and a roof, somewhere to sleep,

The good news is, your life is now complete.


Head and heart.

30 Finding The Way

Finding the way, I thought I was lost,

Supporting the sport, just count the cost;

The price was paid, something very nice,

Not going to show me, your as cold as ice.

Finding the way, well I though you should know,

I thought I was going to teach you and show;

Your lost in the dark ages, dull without care,

People willing to lead us in words of prayer.

Finding the way, which way do we go now,

Its a hard luck story, the bull and the cow;

Cramps in the calf, farmer had a laugh,

Finding the way, the right time fo day.

Finding the way, not really lost in the dark,

The truth does appear, God is a bright spark;

The sun in your life, the Son on the cross,

The beauty really is, money from the boss.

Fining the way, work hard to live and eat,

Working for yourself, time is at hand;

The beauty of God, His land is grand,

All that you wanted, found in God's love.

Finding the way, the truth and the life,

Jesus comes as a teacher, healer and prophet;

Don't cast out and reject Him, your home will wait,

Come to the saviour, it is never too late.


Heavens peace.


31 I Am The Way

I am the way, the truth and the life,

No one comes to the father, except by me;

I died on a cross for your eternal life,

Jesus Christ paid it all, for salvations blood.

Come to me all who are heavey laden He said,

And I will give you all rest and peace;

Living and loving, a dieing saviour,

The weight of the world from heaven above.

I am the way he said to His friends,

Come follow me and make fishers of men,

The words come and flow easily from my pen;

The hard part is beating all heaven and hell,

Money is coming to serve and make us all well.

I am the way said Jesus Christ,

There is no other way but me;

He raised the dead and healed the blind,

To give a full pardon and peace of mind.

I am the way he told the pharisees,

Who trialed and tried him and tied Him up on a tree;

Where he hung and died there and He bled for you and me,

The perfect living sacrifice as a full atonement for sin.

I am the one who said He would come,

And I will return again to take you to be with me;

Coming through the clouds, rays the son of God,

Raising the righteous and saving souls from every voice.


Saying forgive me.

32 Way Needed

What is the way that you needed,

The way you needed and not for me;

I want to follow you and be your son,

The way that you needed me to be.

I four needed direction and seasons,

You gave me a choice to make a selection;

I had to wait and be patient in time,

You would come back to me in words of rhyme.

The way you needed, was a brother to me,

A friend of others and good to see;

Like night into day each time it does,

The world goes on turning, oh yes it does.

The way that you want, may not be the way you get,

The right way is the only way, for peace at hand;

The right way is the best way, to live a long time,

Words down in writing, filling in and taking up this rhyme.

Way needed is one way you should know how,

How to win a friend and how to save old crows;

The morning is coming, dawning another day,

The sunrise of creation has got to go its way.

The way you needed has gone its way all day,

The sun is slowly setting in a sunset red and gold;

Blues and crimsons colours, making the day to slow,

The beauty of the winning way, here to show and grow;

The way you read it is, right to left and top to bottom.


For Wayne John McAllister.

33 Way You Want

The way you want is the way you will get,

If you put things in perspective and don't bet;

Pray to God and Jesus, to see which way to go,

He will light into your heart and way you should know.

The way you want may not be the way to go,

It may not be the best way that you need;

You have to look and see, you have to see to read,

God will help you out and guide you with His lead.

The way you want, you have to pray about,

In accordance with God's will and design;

Creation was all perfect, we have to fit in and incline,

For understanding and knowledge, resign to the divine.

The way you want, you may not always need,

If you try your heart out and still fail to succeed;

The best way is the way of the cross, Jesus paid it all,

Its Ok to sit back, but while everyone else earns their pay.

Still there is a time and place to give your lives to Him,

When heaven meets hell and the whole world seems dim;

The beauty is in the believing, that there is more to life than me,

God eternally mighty and in His love so to do I reside.

The pefect huiman sacrifice came down to earth to die,

That we might know the truth and in the world abide;

Consider the alternatives and what have you got to lose,

Your soul, your life, your being, admit your wrong and live in His love.


Peace on earth.

34 Watching Out

Watching out for me,

Watching out for you;

God on your side over us,

Nothing can happpen to you.

Watching out for right,

Watching out for wrong;

When something happens,

On earth you belong.

Watching out for others,

Watching out for self;

Things going your way,

Thinking of no-one else.

Watching out for accidents,

Things happen in time;

No good playing hookey,

Its just another crime.

Watching out for someone,

Watching out for something,

Taking up your time and mine,

Costing other people money.

Watching out for goodness,

Watching out for the bad;

Why am I always sad,

What makes me glad.


Caring community.

35 Prayer Discerment

Prayer discernment,

Praying with care,

Things that you need,

You talk to God in prayer.

Say what you like,

God will understand;

What is on your heart,

Your trouble in mind.

God intercedes with His knowledge,

We are down here on earth;

God is in heaven,

Creating us new birth.

Prayer for discernment,

God always knows best;

These troubled times,

God is at rest.

Prayer for discernment,

Information required;

God comprehending,

What is your desire.

Prayer in discernment,

God always knowing;

Ask for what is needed,

Discernment interceded.


God listens.

36 God Listens

God listens to us,

God, me and you,

When hearts are troubled,

He hears ours to.

God listens to people,

Caring, me and you;

Individually we are divided,

United in suburbs.

God listens to problems,

He robs them off you,

He fixes the route cause,

You can thank Him for that to.

God listens to His church,

Giving them mercy and grace,

Looking upon Jesus,

Seeing God face to face.

God listens to hearts,

Troubled minds going astray,

The problem is selfishness,

Pride, envy and greed.

God listens to the reasons,

What we have on our hearts,

He sees the minds of us,

Beautiful pictures of love.



37 Truth Matters

Truth matters to me,

Truth matters to you,

God is the truth,

What matters to us to.

Truth matters to people,

Troubled minds and hearts,

Truth sets you free,

The cross and the tree.

Truth matters in court,

Not telling anyone lies;

God in creation,

Coming through the skies.

Truth matters to me,

Trust in what is right;

Trying to understand God,

The beauty is He is bright.

Truth matters to jesus,

He is the way and the truth,

Brilliant in Christ's life,

In death there is no strife.

Truth matters for real,

Tell it to the judge,

Straight down the line,

No problems, no grudge.


Must be right.

38 Each Days Directions

Each days directions,

Everything perfect,

You going your own way,

Me, what I selected.

Each days directions,

Consequences dejected,

The problem in life,

Four seasons connected.

Each days directions,

North, South, East and West;

God has a vision to see,

The plan is not rejected.

Each days directions,

You can go your own way;

If I go mine own way,

God's way is to correct it.

Each days directions,

Know what you are doing,

Which way you are going,

God's purpose for protection.

Each days directions,

For the good of each other,

Me going my own way,

Means God is my lover.


Procedure in peace.

39 Work For It

Work for it,

Don't be lazy;

Everything is not yours,

Earn what you get.

Work for it,

It does not come cheap;

Life is not easy,

Things that you want.

Work for it,

God needs your help;

For a good cause,

Don't start to yelp.

Work for it,

Money in the bank;

Get whatever it is,

Things you must have.

Work for it,

What am I trying to do;

You see what I write,

Written down for you.

Work for it,

That is the whole idea;

Nothing dropped in your lap,

The way things might appear.

Work for it,

Time is on your side;

Time is important,

Do the job right.


Money would.

40 Pay Money

Pay money,

Don't cheat other people,

To get what you want,

Don't steal or do fraud.

Pay money,

Whatever the cost;

Life has a price,

Paid in full is nice.

Pay money,

Simple things come easy,

God has the reward,

Better in good breeding.

Pay money,

Fine, fine, just fine,

Clouds pass in heaven,

Earth turns around.

Pay money,

What pleases you to buy;

Nice things to have,

Prayer for each town.

Pay money,

What meets the eye;

Glasses for sailors,

Green, green grass of home.


Get what you pay for.


41 Book Titles

Book titles, all different types,

Fill your library collecting them;

Classifcations, selections,

Literary understanding.

Book titles, take your pick,

Novels, fiction, non ifiction;

Plenty of time to read,

A noted variety of choice.

Book titles, real enjoyment,

Reading through your books;

Long ones, short ones,

Big ones, small ones.

Book titles, wonderful to see,

All the good and quality;

Nice times reading books,

Still plenty left to choose from.

Book titles, magnifigant,

Superflous, superiority;

Magnified, indulgent,

Digesting, consideration.

Book titles, simple, similar,

Different, varied, dignified;

For your loving pleasure,

Top up with double measure.


Why Criteria.

42 Book Headings

Names, authors and titles,

Book headings and lead words;

Introduction and ending,

Summary and conclusion.

Book headings, so many types,

Top of the page and down;

Forward and final word,

Leading selection criteria.

Book headings and writers,

Introducing the structure;

Meaning and references to,

Body in nice sentences.

Book headings, clasifications,

Duey filing and catalogueing;

Look up whatever you want,

Your selection under book headings.

Book headings, find what you want,

Whenever your desire requires;

Aquire, adjust, understand,

Comprehend, fathom, appreciate.

Book headings, standing alone,

Plenty to choose from, perhaps a loan;

Borrowed, rented, surrendered,

Permanent fixture apprehended.

Book headings, looking for titles,

God what you want yet;

Still looking at what they have got,

Made your selection, taken home.

Book headings, purchase prices,

Charmed by the title, you aquisition;

The author completed the end of his story,

You reading satisfaction in endless glory.


Money back.

43 Chapter Names

Chapter names, something different,

A selection and variety, following near;

Brand new work, no sense of fear,

Ordered, maintained, perfected.

Chapter names, continuity, pattern, logic,

Rangeing, varying, discource;

Discussion, divergence, difference,

Annoying, conguent, obsticles.

Chapter names, home owner,

Informative, reference, implying;

Enjoying, relevant, replying,

Decisive, resplendent, resident.

Chapter names, adoptive,

Lending, reflecting, co-opting;

Reflecting, inspiring, admiring,

Breeding, leading, for reading.

Chapter names, requiring,

Designated for destination;

Prescribed, to the future,

Desired to seduce you.

Chapter names, elligant,

Diligent, intelligent, delincquent;

Refferring, conferring admiring,

Comprehended, apprehended.


Fixed Choices.

44 Page Numbers

Page numbers, numerical order,

Following logical patterned procedure;

Introduction in Roman numerals,

Progessing, gradually, configuring.

One, two, three, four, five,

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten;

Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty,

Sixty, sevety, eighty, ninety.

One hundred, two hundred,

Three hundred, four hundred;

Five, six, seven, eight, nine hundred,

Then up to or over a thousand pages.

Words down the page and over the page,

Written easy to find and to read;

Numerical consistency to need,

Following, finding, frequently.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,20, etc; 

30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, etc,

200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000.

Page numbers conseculatively,

Perfectly turning page after page;

Changing forever into new numbers of life,

Finishing, finally as the author required.


Numbers up.

45 Information

Information required and desired,

Knowledge, direction, answers;

Aquiring, knowing, giving,

Leading, loving, living.

Information overload, detection,

Absorbed, ingrossed, digested;

Saturated, full and filled,

Flooded, fueled and firing.

Information selection, connection,

What is required or rejected;

Perfect solution, original polution,

Evolution, ecology and environment.

Information resourses, selection,

Dejection, correction and perplexion;

Reflexion, mirror image, sees myself,

Yourself, your views of information.

Information, content and refrain,

All available for use and purpose;

Seasonable activity and relevance,

Direction, distance and depletion.

Information, capacity and reason,

Travel, association and complexion;

Questions, answers and people,

Certainty, rightness, truth and reign.



46 Novel Ideas

Novel ideas are nice,

Novelties, frivolity;

Wandering aimlessly,

Discussion, divergance.

Novel ideas for learning,

Stories, on ice, growing;

Characters, playing parts,

Theme and coersion.

Novel ideas, conversion,

Chapters and page numbers;

Meaning and particulars,

Poeple pleasing others.

Novel ideas are knowing,

Fiction, untruth and reality;

Gratefully and gradually,

Ebbing your way through the book.

Novel ideas theatrically,

Poeple, practicing, practicably;

Places, poeple and pictures,

Faces, features and frames.

Novel ideas, nicely, naturally,

Redecorating, refurnishing;

A complete make over costing,

Consciously, comprehensively.

Novel ideas impacting importantly,

Ranging, gauging, pacing, pleasing;

Fortune, future, faith and forgotton,

Freinds, family, freedom, freshness.


Sublime timing.

47 Fiction

Fiction, faction, fraction,

Nontruths, lies and scandals;

Romance, passion, attraction,

Fantacies, Thrillers, Action.

What is it about anyway?

Fiction, flavour of the month;

Food, fasting and frequencies,

Diction, dating and decorations.

Forgetting, forgiving, flirting with danger,

Fiction, foreigners, fighting;

Restriction, straightening, writing,

Looking, loving, liking, life is right.

Playing, praying, pragmatism,

Perfection, paradise, poetry;

Passionate, probably resolution;

Resolving, revolving, revolution.

Fiction, classification, restriction,

Capacity, conflict, confliction;

Communicating naturally,

Nautically, nationally, neighbourly.

Fiction, classic, confliction,

Covict labour, conviction;

Coversations, conservation,

Coersely, course and completion.


Victory arose.

48 Non Fiction

Non fiction, truth and desiring,

Lean to, lean on, learn;

Meaning, meant to, men,

Words, women and worthiness.

Non fiction, flying trying,

Lieing not, nor indulging;

Information, insertion,

Knowledge testing.

Non fiction, really alive,

Know the truth, strive;

Grace, greatness and mercy,

Employment, enjoyment.

Non fiction, working towards,

Quarto, electronics, trains;

Ships, planes and transport,

Cargo, freight and book cases.

Non fiction, adventure?

Delving into a different selection;

Rewarding, enjoying, treasures,

Money, hunger, poverty.

Non fiction, detection, connection,

Supurflous, supplying, superannuation;

Sustanence, sustaining, standardising,

Rejection, perfection, selection.

Non fiction, classification, occasional,

Permanent, relevant, conversant;

Congruent, congratulations, confidence,

Completion, complexities and compliance.



49 Requirements

Requirements, requisitions,

Pen and paper or typing;

Righting for reading writing,

Knowledge and information.

Realization, refinement,

Achknowledging, ascertaining;

Acceptance, assertion,

Compliance, refraining.

Requirements, relaxation,

Relationships, relevance;

Righteousness, wrongness,

What matters is writing really.

Creation, wisdom, truth,

Conviction, victories, vitality;

Conversing, coercing, correction,

Coveyancy, variation, velocity.

Requiring, stipulations made,

Make time for yourself and be careful;

Take time to see and look,

Bright beginnings, a brand new book.

Requiring, desiring, deserving,

Having, getting and distributing;

Remembering, memories, money,

Forgetting, forgiving, freindship.


Deserving designs.

50 Necessities

Necessities, niceties,

Complexities, spices;

Naturally congruent,

Affluently, fluent, flying.

Frequently, frightening,

Necessities, normally;

Naturally reoccurring,

Organisationally, Oceania.

Necessities, needing nationally,

Economic, rationalism, commerce;

Agriculture, justice, education,

Faith first, facing forever.

Necessities, now available,

Accounting, journalling, diarying;

Orchestra, augmented behaviour,

Theatre, Cinema, Movies, Plays.

Necessities, needed operations,

God, prayer and answering;

Time healing the wounded,

Wellness, health and being.

Necessities, now and forever,

Coming, quickly, arriving;

Beauty, behaviour, bachelour,

Marriage, beauty, budgeting.


Family love.


51 What Do I Need?

What do I need?

I need your help;

I need your mind and spirit,

I need God's heart.

Jesus ever living saviour,

Come into my life and times;

Teach me peace and understanding,

Show me how to reach a fallen world.

What do I need?

I need peace and compassion;

Where does it come from Lord?

It comes from your desiring habits.

What do I need Lord?

I need a heart and mind to serve;

I need passion and commitment,

I need your never failing unswerving word.

What do I need lord?

I need ears to hear and eyes to see;

Together there is unity,

Harmony working from God in here.

What do I need Lord?

I need to trust and lean on Thee;

Money in the bank is trouble,

I need eternally my Bible bubble.


Doing without.

52 Will I Get What I Want?

Will I get what I want Lord?

Will you help me in times like these?

Will you look upon me always?

Will you shine your light on me?

Will I be happy and content Lord?

Always trusting only in Thee;

Perfect and complete in you Lord,

Loving the glory of your face and word.

Will I get what I want Lord?

As if it was up to me to decide;

No I look to your understanding Lord,

Your glory and light mind abide.

Will I get what I want Lord?

When all is like light in life and water;

Peace and plenty in the giving Lord,

Two thousand years seem just like twenty.

Will I get what I want Lord,

When I ask to you in prayer,

You have heard me from above Lord,

Everything I trust into your care.

Give me peace and a humble spirit,

Teach me how to love you more;

Show me truth and understanding,

The knowledge of your eternal air.

Will I get what I want Lord?

Everything comes to those who wait;

Teach me not to hurry or panic Lord,

The earth is big and full of weight.


Patient people.

53 Superiority

I am not inferior to you,

Your superiority drives me mad;

Just sit back and relax for a while,

While the world passes you by,

Your consumed with yourself.

Your superiority drives everyone mad;

You are on a guilt trip complex,

Just take a step back and look at yourself,

Superiority, not inferiority to me.

I am losing and you are glad to see,

You have to be better than everyone else;

Just step back and take another look at yourself,

Proud, indulgent and lude and crude.

Your way just has to be the way,

Not like humble little myself I think;

Everything you do just has to link,

People perfect problem, purple promises pink.

Your superiority, God made you like that,

No time for other people, a bit bad and sad;

Not good to oursleves, superiority your style,

Like you should be stuck on a deserted isle.

Superiority, you think your just it,

Hopefully fashioned to be fit and to sit;

Lost in your own world, understanding a bit,

You can't tell me what to do, like your world is just it.


People problems.

54 Complexities

Complexities, completely,

Completion, complications;

Complexion, Compromise,

Co-ordinating, continually.

I mise at mutal conflict,

Intelligence is just and strong;

Thinking what is on your mind,

Keeps your brain alive.

Life is full of complexities,

Things to think on and that bug you;

Working to sort things out inside,

To get them the way that they belong.

The mind playing tricks with completeness,

Confusion and conjestion;

Problems, troubles and worries,

Things just not going the way they should.

You need not get frustrated and tangled,

Sort things out in your mind and head;

God is bigger than all your problems,

Let go and give God the job.

Tidying things up to get organised,

Leaders trying to show initiative and lead;

The complexities of life and its trials,

Get up to date with your paper work files.


Beating brains.

55 Perplexities

Perplexities, purposefully perfect,

Aplying our minds to do work;

Struggling to find the right word,

Again needing to sort things out from inside.

Perplextities and perculiarities,

Problems performing the tasks;

People creating a difficult situation,

Things going wrong, not falling into place.

Perplexities, the nature of being,

Trying to do everything on your own;

Not letting everything else beat you,

It is hard sometimes all on your own.

Pereplxities, reflexing refraction,

Attraction of different occurences;

Putting things in place where they belong,

So we can all see the clearness of it all.

Perplexities, a natural incumberence,

Things not working in normal smooth flow;

We wish that they would all fall into place,

Not slap our faces into out of space.

Perplexities, superflous behaviour,

Indulgent, intoxicating, indecisive;

Finding our way out of the big mess,

The truth is to confess the stress.


Bit interesting.

56 Intelligence

Intelligence of many fashions and kinds,

Complexities and perplexities on the mind;

University and extra terrestrial,

Just what the brain can imagine.

Its your thoughts coming from inside you,

To the outward projection of the ideas;

The possibility of discovering something new,

The knowledge and information of what you knew.

Intelligence is putting time before money,

It is encouraging instead of greeding;

God knows full well that you are needing,

What you get your mind around in your reading.

Intelligence, talking about you loves in life,

A little higher and above all the animals;

What you can consider and achieve,

Working out your problems, troubles and strife.

Intelligence, the perfect understanding,

The right minded thinking of being liked;

Understanding the higher intelligence of God,

Beating all the evil and defeteing all the odd.

Intelligence, the organisation and behaviour,

The human loves for hope and faith in the future;

Problems all losing their merit in right thinking,

Putting all the things together and well linking.


Ideal ideas.

57 Dexterity

Dexterity is the simplification of actions,

Supple and easy moving parts of the body;

Co-ordinating very easily to get things done,

Perfect unity in the mind thinking and doing.

Flinging, finding freely, flying forward,

Fixing everything in just a puff and a jif;

Breathing easily and having a good sniff,

Versatile and moving without being too stiff.

Dexterity desiring, a n]better kind of life,

Working hard to attain it with all the pain;

What have you got to lose? you want to gain,

Staying simple minding and using your brain.

Dexterity, perplexity and complications,

Working hard to beat the given situation;

Not giving in, but beating the predicament,

Easy flowing actions of the superlative.

Dexterity, your beating it by understanding,

Comprehending while you work as fast as you can;

Do you get it, do you just interpret the facts,

Working for love without all the push and shove.

Dexterity, harmony and complete perfectness,

Unity in doing and actions of co-ordination;

Everything now falling into place and its yours,

The good Lord lead and guided me through this cause.


Fitting together. 

58 A Conscience

Have you got a consciense?

Do you care about other people or not?

Can you live with yourself or not?

Is your mind on understanding?

People tend to think of themselves,

Whether they consider other people or not;

Can you live with your own thoughts and ideas?

Do you struggle with your own undestanding?

A conscience is a thing of beauty,

Putting your trust in the truth;

Trying to understand your community,

Living in harmony and peace with others.

I think about these things to myself,

Trying to justify my own actions;

 If I can do anything and not hurt you,

I am showing love for my brothers and sisters.

We have to be able to live with each other,

Have compassion and thorough understanding;

Well you are right on my conscience now,

Can you see clearly what I mean;

Not what I mean, but how you understand it,

Are you putting the blame on yourself and not God?

Are you guilt free and without complexities?

Are your perplexities beating you again?

Learn from yourself and come to peace with God,

Understand yourself, you are not really meant to be odd.


Inward thinking.

59 Good Looks

Good looks and understanding,

Do you like looking in the mirror?

Can you come to terms with yourself,

Are you full of your own certainties?

Do you have failings and insecurities?

Are you afraid of yourself sometimes;

Good looks are only outward appearances,

Don't fear others, you are all equal.

Good looks can be distracting,

Good looks can be disturbing;

Good looks can be untruthful,

God looks upon the heart.

Good looks can be enticing,

Good looks can be fallible;

Good looks can be untrustworthy,

God sees the truth in the light.

Good looks can be persuading,

Good looks can be crook looks,

Good looks can be found in books,

Reading and writing, God sees only me.

Good looks can be frustrating,

Not feeling good enough for other joys;

Don't fall for the tricks of good looks,

Good looks all come from God.


Beautiful scenery.

60 A Beating Heart

A beating heart, being quite smart,

Still alive to get on with living;

Eating good food for enjoyment,

Watch your health in giving.

Desiring all the good things,

Wanting to be all the beauty;

Be content with what you have got,

You have got to keep your heart beating.

Stay on top of the joys of living,

Work hard and exercise a lot;

Get rid of the fat on the waste line,

You have got to keep your heart beating.

A beating heart, Yes your still alive,

What else could you want more than that;

If you have still got your life, you are winning,

Don't give up and try to beat all the sinning.

A beating heart, its not about others this time,

It is about you who needs to do all the living;

You can't put yourself on the comparison line,

Get yourself fit and you will find that you have time.

A beating heart, are you winning over others,

How can you possibly help yourself?

If you are trying to beat others all the time,

Are you conscetrating on yourself in this rhyme?


Care and concern.

Final Word


Welcome to the final summary of this book, which is really just introducing you to a new word that I made up Admored. Admored simply means to make money out of people. It is an economic approach to business and leadership that is developed through subordination and line level management or also just the encounter with the unknown on the stockmarket or business bartering or just the commercial shopping centres and market gardens, whether it is reputable or not is immaterial, as it is a given example of cheating or rewarding people legally or indifinatively. If you have made a profit out of a certain person then you have created an admored situation, where by you have capitalized on the given point of sale or uncorrupted method of dealing to influence to attract a commercial contract or business sale. Work can also be conceptualized into this catergory of classification, by enhancing a particular transaction to influence or by ascertaining the deal close to a perfect order of civil liberties arising from the personal transperency of your trade or sale. Tyrants also like some executives can also make money out of people through a harsh and a coearse format of unfriendly dealing or by being the hard boss and with unreasonable coersion or heavy handed methods or techniques to get work done through their employees with high levels of pressure techniques. Desiring more does not really entitle you to have more, but through honest or foul handed deals and sales you financially gain or profit out of other people, you are committing an admored event or situation of superflously attaining more money, whether underhanded or honestly and reputably. So now you have a definition of my new word, whether it find its way into The Dictionery or not is up to me but public opinion, waiting for somebody else to grab hold of it and extrapolate it even more than I have already. Thanks for reading Desires The Poetry and I hope that you enjoyed the book. Darel.