Parsifal Desires The Poetry



Welcome yet again to another poetry book. This one is the big 30, the thirtieth book of poetry on this website. As we try and engage in what is still yet another book of poetry, we have to empathize with the previous work and get a right instruction to follow and proceed with the task of this one being a book of poetry based on the personal desires of the author in poetical verse and what has been placed upon my heart to write to you about in the instruction of care through poetic verse. Like the last book there will be some repercussions of previous book work, but there is still the hope and aim to stay true, original and imaginative, without being too repetative and covering previous territory. However having said all that, we have a new criteria, another set of six chapters and poem ideas based on the desired inspiration of the heart and mind, to consolidate the souls comprehension and understanding about what makes people tick and what is on their mind, that I can tap into and write common thoughts and ideas about to relate to you. Don't lose heart folks, I hope that you are not all tired of reading these creative inspirations yet, that there is still a bit of life left in the old boy, to come up with new and revolutionary ideas of an explanatative reality in a variety of literature. There is so much more to life then death and we have not even looked at so many of the opther aspects yet. With another twenty poetry books to come after this one, which I am still well up for and committed to do in the next five years or sooner. We just have to be ready to digest the informative behaviour of personal endeavours to succeed through inspirational creative writings. I really do hope that you are not all sick of it yet, I certainly am not and the more I write the more I get excited about and rared up, to be ready to go and get on with the writing the new books. Well, we are now all well established once again in the lead up work of the introduction to have a prepared and ready mind to attack the subject matter once again. Here we have it, Parsifal Desires the Poetry is now and will be soon your new book of poetry to love, hate or just experience anyway you can positively feel relevant about it. Lets have another go at it and get on with the job of writing this one. Once again, enjoy the read, as we now start to do the hard yards and miles of the writing of this new book. There are a few personal and sensative subject matter objects in the topics, all the more juicy to relate to and write about. Have a look down the page first for yourselves and we will now get on with it. Welcome everyone to Parsifal Desires The Poetry. It is now nearly here.**Darel**.


1 A Few Nice Things

Christmas trees and Easter eggs,

Means that you are getting something,

Lounge chairs and television,

Sitting down in comforable luxury.

Cutlery and dinner sets,

Food on the table to eat;

All these good things are nice,

Needed necessities that someone gets.

Think of the person paying for things,

Kindness out of the goodness of their hearts;

Beautiful people don't come easy or cheap,

Loving memories that lead us to be smart.

Cars and houses, music on the roads,

Radios and sound tracks, everybody knows;

Listening a delight to hear and understand,

Talking to each other, not a thing of the past.

A few nice things to indulge a bit in,

Love greater and grander on the other hand;

The beauty of the master is in the reading,

Food for a mood, not really a disaster.

Waves running along the shore and sand,

God graciuosly loves us living for Him;

All of the glory and love coming back,

Returning in a logically methodical order.


How I understand.

2 Plenty Of Toys

Plenty of toys, plenety of joys,

Love and romance, good to be;

A relationship with God,

What does everybody say?

A new sports car to speed in,

A computer page to read on;

Telephones and televisions,

Boats and and jetskis.

All these nice things,

Just waiting for me;

Some say, have a good time,

Not a long time, more money.

The joys of the toys,

Are just like playing in the sand;

Good on the one hand,

Not too happy on the other.

God grant us a pardon,

For all these things we need;

Instead of living for Him,

We do what we want for ourselves.

Toys are for the kids,

Let them go and have theirs;

We have to get on with living,

Not revel in greedy ploys.


God grant us peace.

3 Been A Good Boy

4 Girls Like To Play

5 Food Again

6 Tea And Coffee

7 Dining Room

8 Lounge and TV

9 Office Computer

10 House and Land


11 Greedy People

12 What Else Do You Need

13 What Else Can I Have

14 Saving Or Spending

15 Material Possessions

16 Family Matters

17 Good Time Or A Long Time

18 Meaning Money

19 Nice To Eat Food

20 Seasons Reasons


21 Plentitude

22 Famine

23 Indulgence

24 Over Indulgence

25 Going Without

26 Happy With Less

27 Looking For More

28 Knowledge Hunt

29 World Search

30 Finding The Way


31 I Am The Way

32 Way Needed

33 Way You Want

34 Watching Out

35 Prayer Discerment

36 God Listens

37 Truth Matters

38 Each Days Directions

39 Work For It

40 Pay Money


41 Book Titles

42 Book Headings

43 Chapter Names

44 Page Numbers

45 Information

46 Novel Ideas

47 Fiction

48 Non Fiction

49 Requirements

50 Necessities


51 What Do I Need ?

52 Will I Get What I Want?

53 Superiority

54 Complexities

55 Perplexities

56 Intelligence

57 Dexterity

58 A Conscience

59 Good Looks

60 A Beating Heart

Final Word