Parsifal Rides Again


Poetic Licence

When you are the writer of written material you are usually read in black and white. There is always a grey area in the middle that sometimes needs to be interpreted and this can be misleading or lead to confusion and without enough concentration for the exact meaning can be misunderstood.

The writer writes to suit his purpose and the needs of the reader, therefore the understanding and interpretation must be clear for both parties so that the meaning is portrayed correctly and with inexplicable exemplification. The written word is to be intended to be read the way the writer wrote it, however this to maybe right and wrong.

Once it is written and left to be read it is in the hands of the receiver to read it in whatever way they want, usually left to right and top to bottom and hopefully cover to cover. With poetry it is a matter for me to rhyme the lines in an AABB sequence which may vary from poet to poet, some being ABAB or even other formats such as ABCDA or B which is not a rhyming couplet as my style is and the others prefer to rely on the use of language as a more self expressive metaphoric English usage, instead of being as meaningful and meditationally inspirational.

The distinction is in the rhythm when you get the parallel words of AABB rhyming to the sound of the last words in the line and so then the meaning is more time oriented. When you have a more ABCD or even E the meaning is more generally money and in an ABAB is either a mixture and or combination of somewhere with some things in the middle.

Poetic licence is an exhumed free expression of speech, in more commonly written and less commonly oral format, which gives the writer permission to say what they like within the guidelines of protocol and extremities of indisposed correction. My purpose is to pick a word or phrase and expound on it in order to extrapolate the meaning and expose its true identity for what and all it is worth.

You will have to excuse me if there is any further examination of the topic or any details are considered to be withheld or omitted, then what is picked is in the eye of the reader and even though the poem is fair game, the writer has the final say and that is why, how and what, poetic licence is legally and lawfully in the hands of the grey area. As I usually limit myself to one page and 24 lines per poem it is quite possible that there is further meanings and truths to be extracted.

Encouragement is given to the decipherment of the definition and whilst sometimes space on the line and the rhyming words in the parallel couplets take precedence over the exact and the precise meaning. However all endeavours are assessed or accessed and attempted, in order to create the best possible meaning and understanding of the poems title. I do sign all my poems differently and decisively based on what I think of the poem as an afterthought or possibly the final meaning of it, that might have been missed or left out.

Writing poetry is for me a pleasant pastime and an enjoyment for a bit of notoriety. Any financial contributions are generally only to cover costs and those who can afford to pay make up the difference for those who do not. The main purpose for reading is to generate new ideas from original work that might satisfy the mind of the reader and stimulate fresh and insightful ideas for redirection and further advancement of society and possibly increase the intellectual capacity and meaningful understanding of life on earth in general and more specifically the happiness of the person.

You must remember that making money is a job for the mint and living requirements and standards come from serving the community and putting in more than you take out.

Therefore you can now continue to read and sit back, relax in order to enjoy, contemplate and peruse the book in which you are about to undertake and somehow benefit by or from and hopefully experience by something by it, in order for you to find and make in some way of the means and contribution out of it to.

Lets get on with it,

Darel Robert McAllister.

Chapter 1