Above and Beyond

Above and beyond me I'm pretty sure of that,

Writing poetry is getting harder, if smarter with hat;

I'm thinking of De Bono with his six shoes and things,

And the action of returning and the coming joy brings.


Above the call of duty and beyond what eye can see,

I saw the sea and it's beauty calling unto me;

Sometimes it's cruel and I can't understand for sure,

As the waves crash up on and beyond in the sky.


Above the head up high and beyond the sky,

I'm sure to catch a glimpse of the beauty with the eye;

The colours passing through with clouds of white I knew,

The blue and green horizons with water clear and true.


From a distance the sunset seems a red and orange yellow,

And I count myself a happy and very lucky fellow;

The sunrise in the east and sunset colours in the west,

Sometimes being better is above and beyond the best.


And if the figure of the money is above and beyond the best,

I'm taken to the challenge and have to face the test;

For understanding the difference is above and beyond me,

As everyone else has something they use as the key.


So the magic of the knowing is above and beyond all else,

And the knowledge that you have differs to each self,

If the cliff was high enough I wouldn't dare to jump,

For the rocks above and beyond would give your head a lump.



A beating heart.