Parsifal The Poetic Person



I sat down to write after I have just read a chapter and dwindle over and daudle over the thoughts that I could write another page and this time on chapters I could read and write. I would rather write pages on something else but this was the first on the next to do list in line that as another page I would give some account of what I could read and write in the context of another chapter, chapters that I have to read and write or chapters I have read and written. It is inopportune to sit and write without looking over chapters that I have written but as I usually write the pages first and sit down and organise them into chapters after they are written and write the chapter titles to suit the group or collection of verses and poems or pages that fit into the continuity of the chapter name or group idea. In this my ninth book, Parsifal The Poetic Person, I have now written the sixty poems and sorted them into groups of chapter headings that are ideas I thought of that seem to have a real realtionship to the pages of poems and I know with confidence and experience I can use them to utilize them competently so that they are now into organised chapters and pages for this the new book. The book is in completion now which you will be able to read, even though they were not in the right order when I wrote them. So as you can see now you have some kind of picture or idea onhow the book was put together and I hope you can realize that this is the way I would normally do it or have done it in the past so that you can see that through experience of heinsight and learning of organisation, planning and just doing. This writing down of how I do things in the work of writing pages and organising them into chapters gives you some idea on how I usually do it and compared to how I have done it in the past and how I will do it in the future.In writing this down it gives you some idea of how it comes together and me more organisation of thought on my work for the coalation of pages now and when you have come to read them so they will be in the past to me but in the present to you as you understand the future from what you are reading now. So it actually helps us both to conscentrate and understand what is being read. So my work for the books and the chapters are only summarized and written in this way for you to understand how books are organised into chapters. To write a page I come up with an idea and write it on top of the page and I just have to dwelve into my own experiences and knowledge of what I have read and heard and flow in logical continuity down the page so that it makes sense to me and if it makes sense to me it should make sense to you because I know and you know when you have read something it makes sense or not as, when and after you read it. So therefore now it is time to start reading the book and you will just have to understand that in the process of writing, things have to be double checked and corrected so if it does not seem one hundred percent now I can assure you it will be as the due process of creating the book gets to completion and is able to be perfectly read. For now have a look at the Chapters and if the poetry is there then you can go for your life but remember that you are the best judge as to whether you like it or not and don't feel you have to suit someone else to know if you like what you are reading. If you feel targeted somehow in a personal way don't because it is not intended to make anyone feel bad and if there is any laughing to do it is at me because Parsifal makes a fool out of himself quite easily and simply by his own selfish ways of understanding. But if you are bright enough as he well might be one day then you can see wisdom in his arguement and logical dialouge that forms and makes up the modern day character of Parsifal from long and lonely nights of reading and wandering he starts to get it right by writing the error of his ways so that his days are right in the writing and The Knight sleeps through the night because he has found his true love in being right from having written and that is only complemented by the damsel that will win his heart. But that is a completely other story so lets get on with this my Ninth Book of Poetry "Parsifal:- The Poetic Person"