Parsifal Advances Poetically



Parsifal Advances Poetically

Therapeutic Healing Through Poetry

Poetry is a naturally Thearapudic resource in the mental healing of medical conditions through reading and writing it to correct the brain from it's own minds history in the being to become right. The mind functions on many multifaceted levels and cures and causes for mental illnesses are not only to be solved by psychiatrists with medicines but with alternatives such as intellectual advancement through personal reading and writing.

There are natural healing methods through proven patterns of logical dialogue of written thought that relate positive attitudes and motivate the mind to understand the necessary steps and directions that one can work their way out of ill health and with some assistance from professionals seek to realize that aim of total health and well being. Poetry is both a relaxant and a stimulant which is an oxymoron but true. It creates and generates positive realities through peaceful conception and understanding of thought in recognising and association of common sense while digesting the reading. This is true of other forms of literature as well but poetry plays a special part in the culture of society and lifestyle living.

The idea of reading poetry is not only a rational way to realize health by accepting the negative implications of money but with exercises of differentiation of right and wrong in poetry and poets, it can become and give mental stimuli and poetical grounding for it's own self and the writing of it yourself. If we allow ourselves to be dictated to by it, it destroys our individual characters and personalities but the personality of another is discerned and differentiated to form the better personality of your own. This conflict of opinions and aggression is an aggravation ownership and needs to be addressed to be controlled. If however we look at it analytically we can ignore bad elements and suggest possible good alternatives through understanding the continuitousness of poetic verse and it's associations thoughtfully fed and implied to conceive the right from wrong in written verse and it's legal formula in laws.

As you learn to decipher the relative and required applications for your life you learn the poetic law of rhyme and it's implications as to how you spend your time. Being led by it totally is negative but the educational attainments of the writing of it yourself is taught and learned as a way to form your own opinions and make standpoints as to what you represent as in things associated with attributes and requisites of your life. Being diagnosed with an illness for some time I have tried to write and correct the thoughts I have experienced in the meaningful understanding of physical sin in my life and what life is all about and how to be relevant to other people and the recognised average reality.

How I see it may be different to you but whether you aim for the top of the hierarchical tree or are content with lower branches is up to you but understand that sin is wrong and the right way to get what you want is to do it the right way or pay the consequences. This has been relevant to me by my first hand experiences of doing the wrong thing and getting burnt. In this I have undertaken to form written ideas and conceptions that with this answers some of the ideational problems of life and it's reality through the interpretation of error and it's affiliated and associated problems of acquiring the desired outcome you seek.

This ideal lifestyle is eluding most of us most of the time because of bad choices and we have engaged in and the wrong reality has dealt us unfavourably the cards we desire. Now by understanding what the problems were and writing them down to get them right we can read them and understand the diagnosis ourselves to correct the problems themself by looking to the right idea first and not loving the wrong ones. Parsifal Advances Poetically is the logical progression in this path of solving life's crisis and dealing with the road to be travelled as a journey of faith spiritual dialogue in which we can consider it one of value and worth in the walk of daily concentrated relationships and there effects in order to make them easier through working things out in poetic verse and in words that intertwine and reflect what we are looking at.

This poetic work is both constructive and exciting with positive possible adaption and corrective visitation, in that the writing itself builds a relationship with others by relevant criteria and the necessary direction in the aim to be more Godlike. Within this I have discussed which will be made obvious and come into fruition in the next book, Parsifal Self Actualizes which unlike the others which put God in the picture first. This desire of Parsifal's to be a real person and speak the answer in the form of a needs hierarchy chart of self actualizing will hopefully give him what he wants but will be further addressed in Parsifal the Poetic Person in Book 9 when he realizes he has to go back to God.

Parsifal is to say that by the self he always wanted to be can actually love God more by conforming and abiding by his laws and the need to put self first and to love others second is an actualization of the ideal utopia of paradise by being in a state of righteousness with God and living to please him simply by being yourself and therefore satisfying God. This will be proved wrong when he learns that heaven and hell is real and that to sell books he has to put others first and please God above all else.


Darel Robert McAllister

Whether God or Love was greatest.

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