The Mind

What's mine is mine and what's yours is yours,

The mind of the matter is what's mined in ores;

If keeping my mind on the money it goes elsewhere,

But with a selfish ambition it does not go anywhere.


It's good to develop a beautiful mind with respect,

Of all the pages you have read and what you reject;

Christ had a brilliant mind in the genius of the Bible,

And now you have to pick whether you able or liable.


It's not always possible to keep your mind on the job,

With motivation and love your heart will still throb;

It could be a case for the mind of life over death,

Where the weather can just overwhelm your breath.


With the mind it's a passion of making what you can,

In working or romance in accordance with the plan;

The mind is like a bubble which surrounds the brain,

In which it incorporates ideas like whether the rain.


I think I'd go crazy with the mind outside of me,

With the certainty of insanity and not being free;

I must remember requirements of my mind to others,

For the good of the family with fathers and mothers.


With two different minds there will be disagreement,

To argue the point of conflict for the discernment;

Really heaven and hell are in the heart of the mind,

Or you can go on to paradise where you can find kind.



I want to keep it.