The Right To Life

Oh! What a privilege it is to be happy and write this, that in these lines to and about the right to live we can celebrate with such joy and pleasure the gift of life has given to us all.

The right to life is not a selfish thing but an indulgence in the freedom and peace that God has granted through his grace. If we will only believe and have faith that the real truth in any situation has to be valued as the highest and most upmost worth in all creation.

The right to life or the seeking of righteousness is in the development of a relationship with the creator. A deep and personal experience that understands and exuberates life in all its forms and attributes.

The attribute is naturally a positive one and the meaning of the difference between life and death is not a negative one, but a transitional change in the eternal planes.

The brilliance of a sun filled day or a stormy night, the beauty of a flower or a new born person or animal, the over enthralling and unexplainable existence of the never ending universe to the minutest organism, insect or reptile. All these have their own individual characteristics and personalities, right down to the living cell and genes or chromosomes that make up the human being.

The right to life is not about political economies or social systems but it is a gift of God that enables productive interaction and the ability to interrelate and exchange ideas on what is the best ways to do things and which is the better way to head to turn that which is denied and devoid into new and realistic attainments in order to build up mankind and not run it down.

It is about opportunities and advancement of the heavenly kingdom so designed for us that we might reach out and grasp the oncoming and ever passing desire to succeed. It is about choosing to live lives in accordance of the law and the wonderful possibilities and guidelines that are manifested and manufactured in the program and process of work.

It is about seeing the beautiful scene of the earth's environment and ecosystems that in the reflection of behaviour we can know and trust the information gathered and stored to be an accurate account of the perfection and perplexion of the life regenerating system and reproductive systems of life itself.

The right to life is about you and me, about humble beginnings and the greatest and majestic views of growing old. It is about the reaching out and touching the needs of others that in the help we provide and seek to benefit and increase in wealth and knowledge.

Now though! Mostly the right to life is about the love of God, that in death there is no sting and in life there is the victory of purpose, achievement and goals that harness and develop the advancement of infrastructure and management policies. That through leadership, organizational abilities and communication we can effectively and efficiently preserve the gift of life and its preciousness and attractiveness in the view of the future and reflection of the past.

The right of life cannot be taken for granted or used in senseless killing or victimization. It must be assumed to be available to each and everyone and thing so that all people can experience and undertake the joy of living. It is unaquivetably against sin and the massive repercussions of a sinful life style. It aims and seeks to enhance and beautify the very presence and glorification of God in any atmosphere or historical explanation.

The right to life then is an account of story of each and every one of us through the road we have taken and words of explanation and understanding. It is about living in a world on an earth where dreams really do come true and the ideological reality of utopia and heaven is a paradise where nothing is lost and everything is gained through the commitment and preservation of real assets and human life in all its forms.

Finally I might be forgetting about the forgiveness and resurrection power of the cross but still hope and aim to achieve the salvation of souls and the ultimate, victory of eternal life and infinite control of almighty God.

That the right to life would be something for all and not to be taken too lightly but in simple admiration for the giver one day give something back and one day attain the home and dwelling in an eternal kingdom where life is all right and where peace and plenty prosper.

Darel Robert McAllister

Parsifal Enterprises