Praise and Joy Poems



Welcome to another book of poetry for your perousal and personal self reflection on what is Parsifal's Praise And Joy Poems. I have sat down to write and completed a book for you to read that I hope will divinely inspire you and set a step a bit higher up the ladder of contentment and self satisfaction, by expressing love and joy in praising a holy and worthy God of instruction and honour. We worship God through praise and song in a spirit of poetic verse here to do just that, reflect on the higher nature of God and all the joys and benefits of giving back to Him. Poetry in its many shapes and forms of up hill and down dale, tales and fables of stories told in intricit verse and discussion of life and its many different apsects of living. Here we have discussed the varied ways and lanes of wisdom that have been shown to me and arranged for you to see in the spirit and characteristics of love and joy through praising God. Praise Him to the ends of the earth, praise Him in verse and song, praise Him unendlessly and unceasingly till you can no longer do it because your knee pads are worn out and you mind has be exhausted of all its dust cavities and narrowness of thought in self desires and intoxication. Stand up, rejoice and celebrate that life is good and that God really does deserve all our praise and adoration for the receiving of the joy of The Lord. Give Him your hearts and souls and let Him explain to you both the meaning of life and the pretty picture that he has for you to understand through reading of poetry for a brighter hope and future. God has the reigns and is the guiding star. He was here before the uiniverse was formed, you can't beat that one can you or take a trick off Him there, other than reflect on His love and treats for you individually and personally through your praise to the God who gave you everything to enjoy. His love and understanding are unsurpassable and beyond the comprehension of completion, yet His love for you and me as His children, will go on forever, well into eternity when we are dead and buried and there is someone else to carry on the work after we go. What is money when there are words of love in poetry? I think that says it all and it is now just up to you to go through and take on board and enjoy the work of this book of poetry. Praise and Joy Poems is for you to love and chersih if you will allow your hearts to do so. God Bless you all in your reading. Darel Robert McAllister.


1. God Save The Earth

God save the earth,

Mother country;

Heart of nations,

And help mankind.

Our land, rich in nature,

Beauty to be seen in every scene;

Love of God and people,

Help us to listen to each other.

Many come and many go,

Those who've been and know;

People's places, God abounding,

Show us peace in every place.

God save the earth, its mineral resources,

Crops and foods of nicest taste;

Show us how to love each other,

Teach us all the truth within.

God of grace and mighty pleasure,

Who reigns and sits on high above;

Many women and so much beauty,

Teach us all to do our duty.

God of heaven, reach down unto us,

Where from hell we cry in pain;

Lift us up by your great love,

To your place in heaven above.


On high again.

2. God Save Our Souls

God on high look down on us,

Save our souls in peace and trust;

Give us strength to hope in you,

And love so strong the world won't end.

Teach us how to love each other,

In faith and truth to live a lot longer;

Teach our hearts to live and save,

Our minds and souls, from the grave.

From the depth of creation,

You lived and died to save us from sin;

So our hearts and souls could live and win, 

Rescue us from this time of toil.

Grant us peace to love and trust,

To tell the truth and achknowledge you; 

Help us understand each other,

To live in peace and not war and kill.

You were there right from the beginning,

Redeeming us to save our souls,

From times of old and times of grace,

Fill our hearts with love and justice.

Beauty is in nearly all creation,

Of peace and hope and love for each other; 

God is good and God is kind,

An atoning love of peace and truth.

Give us strenght to hope in you,

To love you undieing love,

Fill our hearts with beauty and truth,

Love and peace, our souls, our minds. 

Put an end to murder and strife,

Show us how to love each other;

Our souls, your kingdom, your heaven,

An endless bliss of eternal life.


God save our souls

3. The World Below

The world below is a beautiful place,

As God sits up on high in heaven above; 

Filled with the goodness of God's love, 

A world of truth and loveliness, for all to see.

The world below is intellectual,

To study the books on the shelf about; 

Reading down the lines of the page, 

From time to time and given time.

The world is given to us as God's creation, 

The love and beauty of peace and time;

Grace and mercy flowing down in plenty, 

Meaning and reason in words of rhyme. 

The world below is a wonderful place, 

Of peace and plenty and wonderful grace; 

Of green and blue and a heavenly hue,

To mountains and streams, rivers and oceans. 

God is there is His heavenly eternal home, 

Where we chance to stray and chance to rome; 

He gives us life from the light of man,

The one who came to save in His merciful plan. 

God looks down below to the world He created, 

Of peace and plenty and heavenly nations; 

A world of good, with order not chaos,

That a sinner should stray and look for forgiveness.


That will do for now.

4. Great Is Our God

Great is our God,

Who lives and reigns on high;

Who lives to love and bless,

Who gives without any regret.

Great is our God,

Great is thy faith;

Great is thy love,

In all the heavenly sky.

God above all others,

God above the rest;

God reigns in His kingdom,

The whole earth is blessed.

God's love is great,

God lives on high,

God reigns forever,

His thrown above the sky.

God lives in heaven,

With the treasures of His people;

God gives a gift,

For us to live.

God reigns in heaven,

With His kingdom on earth;

Away up there on high,

His love is forever.


At His right side.

5. God Was Right

God was right,

I should know;

I did it my way,

I was wrong.

God was right,

He did it His way;

God was right,

I should have followed.

God was right,

I must learn to follow;

God was right,

I learn't the hard way.

God was right,

You could have told me so;

God was right,

I was awake all night.

God was right,

I knew it true;

God was right,

He loved me first.

God was right,

He would take care of me,

God was right;

I had a cup of tea.

God was right,

He showed me heaven,

God was right,

I am home at last.


For The Love Of God

6. I Will Do It God's Way

I will do it God's way,

When I don't understand the way; 

God will teach me how to love,

He will show me which way to go. 

God will show me what he wants, 

I will do it God's way;

He will show me where to go, 

I will do it God's way.

God will take me by the hand, 

I will do it God's way;

God will teach me how to trust,

I will do it God's way.

God will drive out all my fear,

I will do it God's way;

God will show me love and grace, 

I will do it God's way.

God will teach me to be kind to others,

I will do it God's way;

God will show me love and care,

I will do it God's way,

Because He means being nice to others. 

I will do it God's way,

Because He is good and right;

I will do it God's way,

God will show me peace and mercy.


Trust in God.

7. God's Forgiveness

Old and grey and over the hill,

God is loving and forgiving still;

Peace on earth and joy abounds, 

God's gift of grace and mercy meet. 

Young and sweet and lovely to be, 

She is the girl that wanted me;

Time has a way of catching up with you,

Love and mercy meet and forgiveness to.

God's forgiveness and love relate,

Compassion and kindness a meeting date; 

Peace and joy foreverlasting times,

Things intertwine and relationships heal.

Forgiveness is a powerful word

A tool and vehicle to use and feel,

Of a substitued life for those who perish, 

Jesus Christ on the cross, it's 2020.

God's forgiveness,well who would ask, 

Do you doubt the times of past,

Are you afraid to ask for this kind task, 

Lord forgive our sins as people require. 

You reign in heaven with truth and love, 

Your kingdom rises to the sky above, 

The earth our home, but sinners we are,

For your love and forgiveness, we plea. 


God Eternal.

8. Pardon Me God.

I did not mean to do wrong,

It is just a thing I do,

I don't really want to,

But this thing I still do.

Pardon me God,

Let me start anew;

To trust and obey you, 

Instead of going my own way.

Pardon me again God,

You knew the best way, 

If only I had followed all day, 

To work and earn my pay. 

To love you and not fear you, 

To see clearly what you want;

Pardon me again God,

I still need what you have got.

I look here and there;

Searching for you everywhere,

Pardon me again God,

You must have been near. 

Pardon me again God,

This time I ask in prayer;

Help me to know you,

To stay close to you everywhere.


Just A Closer Walk With Thee.

9. The Love Of God

Thou shalt love God you know,

If you love yourself, will anyone know;

God sees the heart of man and mind,

To decide their fate and heaven reside.

I love God, I hear you say,

As you go to the bank, to get your pay;

And what will you do with that money of yours, 

Keep it to yourself or give it to God, a good cause.

I'll spend my money wherever I like,

Its mine, not yours, its my delight;

God won't mind you say, he has got enough,

As He sends you to hell and says, tough luck!

I wonder why He looks down on me and frowns,

Me and my riches of food and gowns;

I love myself, a lot more than God,

You will be sent to hell with all the odd.

If you can see the beauty in all arounds,

Remember God and give to His cause;

You will be blessed untold, with treasures of heaven,

God holds the keys to life and eternity.

The choice is yours, like heaven or hell,

Will you love God more or hate yourself; 

Will you look up on high to God above, 

Or will you go down there, to burn and bubble.


God Loves You.

10. The Spirit of God

The spirit of God is a great thing,

Like a breath of the wind;

Of a grace or peace and mercy,

Love like a river flowing home.

The spirit of God is a true blessing, 

Truly trusting His own people;

Like a nation on fire for Himself,

His love burns with eager desire and passion. 

God is in the beauty of everthing around,

Creating freshness and new life all day;

Like the sun shining down on me,

In the springtime the birth of a fawn.

The spirit of God is a precious and dear thing, 

Like the birth of a baby in coming life;

Like a fresh breath of the ocean,

The salt air and the sea breeze.

The spirit of God is loneliness,

In solitude of thought and isolatation; 

Tears of pain and greif,

Love that never ends or ceases. 

Beyond the blue horizons,

Is a place of peace and rest;

Like belonging to each other,

Joy will never cease or stray.

The spirit of God is like a lost tribe,

To be found and taught the love of God;

Another tongue to learn and teach,

To save the souls of the indiginous lost. 

The spirit of God is never ending,

To be found in the hearts of all;

A love that never denies or fails, 

That loves unconditionally all the time.


This just goes on and on.


11. Lord Grant Us Favour

Lord grant us your personal favour,

To honour and cherish life;

To show mercy to all and grace,

To favour our freinds and race.

Love our neighbour as we should do,

Teach each other honesty and respect;

Show kindness and goodness to all,

Lord grant us the favour we deserve.

God is love and God is good,

Our minds and hearts stay focused;

Keep our heads out of deep water,

And show us the depth of your great love.

Lead us to the kingdom of God,

Show us the heaven of your wonderful peace;

Lord show us favour to live on high,

So we know how to have manners and loyalty.

Great is your mercy and love,

Godliness and holiness reign above;

Show us your favour when we are in despair,

Forgive us our sins and forget them all.

For the fragrence of the Lord is sweet,

Your mercy and love endure forever;

Show us your favour one more time,

To a place of eternal rest and peace of mind.


Grace for all.

12. Lord Of Mercy

Lord of mercy, through endless years,

Through pain and suffering, grace appears;

To glory reigning on high in heaven above,

God came down through His son in love.

Thanks be to God, who forgave my sin,

Who leads me out of hell, to a place I can win;

For through the praise and prayer, you lead me home,

To heaven up there in the sky, is where.

The beauty of creation gives way to you,

The Lord of mercy and freedoms peace;

Where you reign there forever again and again,

When I come to you on my knees and ask.

Thankyou God because you are good and kind,

You fill my heart with laughter and happiness of mind;

I long to be with Jesus, where life is sure complete,

Where grace and the Lord of mercy in Christ is very sweet.

So lend an ear you people and listen to what is say,

Hear the hope of Jesus and once again give into Him I pray;

That God would reign in heaven with Jesus by His side,

And find a place for me to join Him, in humble hope and pride.


Peace Forever

13. Jesus Loves You

Jesus loves you, do you know?

Are you saved from sin? or going to jail?

He will fill your heart with joy you know,

If you turn to Him and honour bestow.

He'll save you from, a fate worse than death,

He will heal your life and return your breath;

He will love you always, if you follow Him,

To live a life of good and turn from sin. 

Give yourself to him to win His trust,

He will save you from your sin and dust;

He will give your righteousness to live,

To love and keep, if you do unto Him.

God is good and Jesus cares,

Your life is precious in His prayers;

Take a moment aside to think on this,

Will you love Him back and get a kiss.

Jesus loves me this I know,

For The Bible Tells me so,

Little ones to Him belong,

They are weak, but he is strong.


Dream In Peace.

14. Jesus Is Lord

Jesus is Lord of all the earth,

How great is His love to our birth;

For people that come and people that go,

Christ is the Lord and Jesus is God.

God is good and god is great,

His love and forgiveness both relate;

His kind heart and care in daily prayer,

Teach us love and compassion to dare.

Peace be with you, you caring person,

God's love is with you if you persist;

Grace and peace, is His love all the time,

Jesus is Lord of all the crime.

God who cares and wants you safe,

To slave away for His peace and name; 

Jesus is Lord, His love is majestic,

His heart is for all, his love digestion. 

Taste that The Lord is good and sweet,

Learn to stand on your own two feet; 

Jesus is Lord of time and money, 

All our wants and needs, when in a hurry. 

Take time to listen and to enough patience,

As it is good to wait in eternal prayer;

Jesus is Lord of the world our earth,

He gave us love for each new birth.

Jesus is Lord of law and health,

Do things right and learn his wealth;

Take time for Him and be good to God,

He will reward you, if you are not rotton or odd.


God Is Love. 

15. I Love You Lord

I love you Lord above all else,

My journey sweet you will detiremined,

I love you Lord more than words can say,

I will love and praise you all my days.

I love you Lord at any distance,

You love me back with your persistance;

Contain my wealth and heavenly treasures,

In you great love and endless measures.

I love you Lord, all the times of the day,

As I daily wait and hourly pray;

Give me strength to be strong in you,

Teach me how, to love you true.

I love your Lord more than all the earth,

I love you deeply in endless fun;

My prayer is this, to love you always,

That I may follow closer and love you more.

I love you Lord and I want your best,

Teach me how to love and pass the test;

Fill my heart with love and give me rest,

That I may know you Lord and in your wisdom invest.

God of love and Lord of all,

Teach me, show me all your love;

Send your son again for He to bless,

Let us all confess the mess and stress.


Strength and Honour.

16. More Ways To Love You

More ways to love you,

More ways to be kind;

Time for peace of mind,

Teach us to do right.

More ways to love you,

More ways to show mercy;

God's grace and favour all the time, 

The power of love in heart.

More ways to love you,

The peace of God on mind;

The best of all to come,

The kingdom of heaven from above.

More ways to love you,

More valleys to tread and mountains to climb;

More rivers to cross and streams to find,

More joy and peace being kind.

More ways to love you,

More goodness and mecry forever;

More ways of caring and showing respect,

More joy and peace of mind.

More ways to love you,

More godliness and grace;

More time for each other,

More help and healing as well.


All is good.

17. Praise and Love You Lord

Praise and love you Lord,

Because you are good to me;

Love you and worship you Lord,

For you reign in heaven above.

Your kingdom is one of love Lord,

Your heart is filled with joy;

Let your people praise and seek you Lord,

For you are God and no other.

Praise and love you Lord,

For you are the king of hearts;

We lift our hands to praise you Lord,

For you are good and God is love.

We praise and love you Lord,

For you were God right from the beginning,

You were raised on a cross and suffered and died,

Because now you are the eternal God on high.

We praise and love you lord,

For you are the high priest our king;

You are the God of every soul,

We praise and love you Lord on high.

We praise and love you Lord our God,

You are the best and the first of all;

We praise and love you Lord our God,

For now our joy is complete in you alone.


The joy of The Lord.

18. How Long Lord?

I will love you forever, I hear you say,

You taught me right but I have gone astray;

Never give up on loving Him,

To reign in glory and with Him to win.

Here on earth we all do our time,

In hard work and labour;

But what's the crime,

How long Lord, I am in my prime.

I hear you ask about the time,

In words of truth going in this rhyme;

You can take as long as you like you think,

I have news for you, I'll demand your life tonight.

How long Lord, such a pertanent question,

I love my life more than money or you;

I have been working hard for these treasures of yours,

Too bad now, I am going to hell not heaven.

How long Lord, Did I hear you say, you love me,

I have a place in heaven for you called home;

I reward those who love me and not themselves,

I will give you more riches, than you imagined yourself.

How long Lord, I want my happiness now,

You will have to wait, like everyone else, he said;

I love you to and will give you more time to do,

Only follow me and everything will be yours.


I Love you Lord.

19. Forgotton

Have you forgotton all the things you were told,

Of love and dreaming and a world still untold;

Of peace and of happiness and all God had said,

To love one another and be good in bed.

Forgotton the things that really do count,

From long long ago when things were without doubt;

Forgotton what is good and things that are right,

Heaven and hell and being in God's sight.

Forgotton what your parents had said,

Now you wonder why you are still poor;

Your forgiven by grace through God's only son,

So remember the truth and that your saved from sin.

Forgotton what it was like when your were young,

Now you remember you had all that silly fun;

When times were happy and life worth living for more,

Have you forgotton that life is hard and tough?

Forgotton all the good times when you prayed and went to church,

Now you are lost in the dark ages trying to find breath;

God has not forgotton you there you know.

He is still waiting for you to come home.

God has a place for you in heaven above,

Where you are not forgotton and rotting in hell;

Come home to Jesus to live and reign with Him.

With Him and His angels in the love of His kingdom.


Your are forgiven not forgotton.

20. A New World

A new world to come about,

A place to be, to live and love;

A way to know what heaven is,

A mind of peace in paradise.

A beautiful world to have and hold,

A wonderful place of love to know;

To ponder over life anew,

To refresh the mind of what was said.

A love so precious, birds sing out,

The angels cry at first lament;

A new world, born at dawn,

Heaven is strong, hell is bent.

A brand new morning to see what grew,

Home sweet home, the place I knew;

Love is found, deep within my heart,

My head is lost in dreams that start

It is a new world, it is too good to be,

It is a brave new earth, to live and not die;

When the skies come down and fall apart,

In the dew and rain to fill my heart.

A new world in the morning, how great is God.

With things in the bright shining light;

Not downcast or dismal or odd,

Where Jesus smiles right into my heart.


From here I am.


21. For The Best In Life

For the best in life,

Look up to God;

Be as free as a bird,

Learn to love God above all else.

The best in life is free,

The birds in the trees;

The wind and the air,

The sky up on high.

The best in life is good,

God above all else;

Free is the love,

Life is the light.

Money for the music,

Nothing beats the best,

God on high above,

The best above the rest.

Time for tomorrow,

The future is to come, 

Life on earth is sweet,  

The best is to beat the test.

God on high above,

Music for the nations,

Hymns of praise and triumph love. 

God is good and God is love.


Life is the best.

22. Love Forever

Love forever, is eternal love,

Love that dreams and hopes,

Love that cares and does not despair, 

The love of God for those who dare.

Love forever, never dies,

Love forever, lives forever;

Love forever, for all creation,

From the dawn off time, until forever. 

Love forever, never fears,

With love forever, God comes near;

With love forever, I need not fear.

For love forever, is love forever.

Perfect love drives out all fears,

Perfect love is truly dear,

Perfect love is love forever,

Perfect love saves me from tears.

Love forever is realy perfect love,

Love that endures and lives forever;

Love forever is peace and grace,

Love forever just saves my heart.

Love forever, is sacred mercy,

Love forever is kind to others,

Love forever is reality and truth,

Love forever is unmerited love.

Let love forever be our prayer,

Let love forever be our care;

Love forever is faith and safety,

Love forever is truthful faces and places. 


Love only for you.

23. Peace Is The Way

Peace is the way to being kind,

Love is the thing to have on your mind;

God came down from heaven in the form of a baby,

Peace and love are happiness represented by this child.

The boat sits calmly in the blue bays beach,

She wants to watch the waves and learn to teach;

How people can be happy and live with each other,

In peace and happiness and love on the other shore.

Peace is the way to money and prosperity,

Sharing success and love with each other instead of war;

Shine your light down on me God and let me see,

All the good in the world and all that I can be.

The palm trees sway on the tropical island and coconuts drop,

A quick cool drink of pinapple juice with coconut milk;

Sipping up the pleasure and the treasure on the beach,

Peace is the way to tranquility, nothing wrong with you at all.

Peace is the way to be happy and love and cherish,

Your days are all waiting, set out before your eyes;

God leading the way as you sail off into the distance,

The world a big place and so much to do and see.

Cruising away now on your around the world holiday,

Mediteranian or Caribbean and all that is good and free;

Greek Islands and Florida Quays, eternal happiness and peace,

God is good and smiling down from heaven to His perfect formed world.


Back To Normal.

24. Musical Minds

Musical minds are worth more than money,

With peace and joy and temperal loving; 

Music fills our hearts and loving feelings, 

And our minds with ideas of graceful mercy. 

With rhythm and beat, we sit on our seats, 

We dance for our lives to the joy of the sound; 

Music that fills our ears and hearts,

From the mind of words they play and sing. 

Peace and happiness and love everywhere, 

Sounds of joy, that fill the air,

Music so sweet, we cannot do without; 

This loving feeling of peace and joy. 

Musical minds of the singers and musicians, 

Instruments and voices a heavenly choir;

The orchestra combines to a symphany suite,

God our choirmaster and conducter forever. 

Musical minds of harmony and melody, 

Mixing the sounds to joyous surrendering; 

Down on our knees in gradtuitous prayer, 

God of all creation leading there.

Musical minds, our hearts delightfully crave, 

Our money for the concerts we constantly save; 

The night has come their all on stage,

Heavens choir of angels take their place. 


The paradise picture.

25.The Love Of Music.

For the love of music,

Glory be to God above;

When I was tired and helpless,

He reached down and spoke to me.

In the sweet voice of melodious music,

He touched my heart at the time of need;

He wrote a chorus of glorious music,

From His heart and mind for me.

From within the chords of silence,

God wrote down these words along this line;

In sweet sweet sound of angel voices,

He whispered love of music down to me.

I could have sat or stood forever,

In the wonder of His grace;

As mercy met with glorious music,

God was there, found in my heart.

A choir of angels singing heavens hymns,

The love of music sweet glory be;

I trust my souls to hear those voices,

Of how much His love abounds for me.

And when I am called home to heavens glory,

As a choir of angels sing for me;

The love of music will be my witness,

Of God's infinite love for me.


Home Sweet Home.

26. The Praise Song

Blessed is the Lord our God,

King of all the His worldly creation;

He reigns on high in heaven,

With His awesome power and might.

God is Lord of all the earth,

Sing unto the Lord a new song;

Sing with sweet joy, mercy and love,

He has conquered over all His foes.

He has the victory in the light,

Great is our God above all other;

He has won the battle for His people,

Mercy and truth He bestows to us.

Grace and honour are His sceptor,

His crown and sword for us to fight;

To live and reign with Him forever,

In the truth, power, grace and love.

Lead us home to you on high,

To Thy divine home in heaven above;

Teach us while on earth alone,

To look to you with love and care.

For the majesty and grace abound,

To those who ask to you in prayer;

Take the world away, from within our hearts,

To live in peace with Thee forever.


Be at one with Him.

27. Peace and Praise

Peace to me and peace to you,

Prasie the son, praise the father;

Money on the table,

Time on your hands.

Peace is the key,

By praising our God;

Love and restoration,

Forgiveness and Faith.

Love all around and about,

Still waters are clear waters;

Peace and happiness for all,

Prayer and praise forever.

Certain of the time coming,

God, our sure hard rock,

Peace like a river,

Love like an ocean.

Prasie and love you Lord,

Prayer and praise to God;

Peace forever more on earth,

Eternal life and light in heaven.

God of our fathers in heavenly realms,

Rock of ages hear our prayer,

Come down and dwell and visit,

Your people praise you and ask for peace.


Love Eternal.

28. Love is The Greatest

Love is the greatest,

Of this I am sure;

Love goes beyond all else,

Love has not sinned.

Love is the best thing,

What you have in life;

Love never turns a blind eye,

Loves sees everything around.

Love is our good God,

Love is beauty of heart;

Love sees, when others hurt,

Love cleans and washes away the dirt.

Love is all creation,

Love is heaven above;

Love helps the broken and homeless,

Love leads to places on high.

Love is the best yet to come,

Love is all that has gone;

Love heals and forgets,

Love wins and never loses.

Love is romance and flowers that bloom,

Love is two people who bond together;

Love is the new life of Spring,

Love is being born again.


Love is eternal.

29. The Best Test

The best test is this,

To be the best, is to beat the rest;

The best test, is to see if you can beat the best,

Not one left to defy the best.

Not one to beat the best,

The best must remain the best;

The best must always win,

The best must never also sin.

The best test is to see,

If you can beat the best;

To see if the best have a rest,

To give the rest a chance to beat the best.

To beat the best,

You must not have a rest;

For me to be the best,

I must put me to the test.

To see if I can beat the rest,

See if you can rest and not be stressed;

To be the best,

You have to beat the rest.

And not rest is you are going to be beat.

But are stretched beyond the wretch whose best,

The rest are bad and the best is best;

You will be mad if you can't beat the best,

If you think that you can beat the best.

Then you must be put unto the test to beat the rest,

And not get lost in the wrong address;

For the best is best to beat the best, 

And for the rest, the best is yet to come.


The Best Has Beaten.

30. From Time to Time

From time to tiime and given time,

Of reason and language of written rhyme;

The words of truth go on down the page,

From time to time and age to age. 

From time to time and given time, 

Love and logic is beauty to see;

As magic to many is money to any, 

But time holds a place in the heart as a key. 

From time to time and given time,

The land of peace and nations of plenty; 

All are good and given by God, 

But God holds true the time of His love. 

From time to time and given time,

Trees and streams meander on by; 

Lost in a world of oceans and seas, 

The land of the living is heaven for me. 

From time to time and given time,

The truth and meaning is plain to see; 

Where snow and ice and Winter fall, 

The summer, the seasons and leaves are all. 

From time to time and given time,

The love of God goes on rhyming sublime; 

Where the world of wonder in time and space, 

Is the place in heaven and on earth, the human race. 


God created me.


31. The Beauty Of Creation

The beauty of creation,

Is truly a magnifigant thing;

In all the earth adored,

Life is splendid thought.

The beauty of creation,

Love of mountains and trees;

Rivers and lakes forever,

Life is an ever flowing stream.

The beauty of creation,

Eternal life in heaven above;

Hell is the pits of life,

From God who lives on high.

The beauty of creatiion,

A joy to all the earth;

Love and merrcy for all others,

Grace an abundant source.

The beauty of creation,

Feedom of life above;

God is a God of Love,

We His joy and people.

The beauty of creation,

Heaven where the thrown of God is.

The earth a place of peace and rest;

Where freedom reigns eternally best.

The beauty of creation,

The beauty of love and grace,

The mercy of a kind old God,

Cities sit and Christ is life.


To stand and care.

32. A Beautiful Situation

This poetic setting is a beautiful situation,

That just goes on and on so lovely;

Of rhyme and time in verse so magically,

To be sighted by you incorruptably.

A wonder of time and loveliness.

A beautiful situation,

To be beheld by all;

Of love and passion,

Only inwardly bound.

God of heart and mind,

Take us into your inspiration;

Of love and mercy and a beautiful situation,

Of peace and happiness and life everafter.

God grant us freedom to do what we want,

Within the bounds of law and sin;

To look upon the stars at night,

And beat the breast, that breathes the wind.

Love beyond all others,

Joy of peace and might;

To defeat the dark of night,

A beautiful situation of peace and love.

Sleeping like a dream overturned,

Heaven and peace all that you earn;

The stillness of crystal clear water,

The sun shining on son and daughter.


This ones for you.

33 Perfect Peace

Perfect peace is joy and love,

Perfect peace comes from God above;

Perfect peace is only good,

Perfect peace really always should.

Perfect peace drives out all fear,

Perfect peace please come near;

Perfect peace will never cease.

Perfect peace is love and wisdom.

Perfect peace I need to know,

Perfect peace from me never go;

Perfect peace I love you deep,

Perfect peace, God's love for me.

Perfect Peace, will always be,

Perfect peace, God saves for me;

Perfect peace, so true and right,

Perfect peace, God's pain release.

Perfect peace, come here from there,

Perfect peace from everywhere;

Perfect peace, I love you dear,

Perfect peace, God's need for me.

Perfect peace I see you now,

Perfect peace in the mirror window;

Perfect peace, lets me see you,

Perfect peace is for me for love.


Peace forever.

34. Kindness and Faith

Heavenly father show us your kindness and faith.

Teach our hearts to be kind and faithful; 

Give us the faith to see you as you are, 

Make us kinder to let us see you there.

Kindness and faith is the heavenly key,

To life everlasting Lord, let us see;

Goodness and mercy there by your side,

A warm welcome of forgiveness to make us care. 

Grace and peace to help us know,

Your goodness and kindness to make us grow;

Your love and tenderness beyond belief,

Faith and kindness to let us live well.

Give us hearts for full belief,

In a God who is good and grants relief; 

In grace and mercy for men to care, 

In truth and prayer for us to breathe.

Love us dearly and more nearly Lord,

Seek out wisdom and show us how to use; 

Give our hearts peace and minds clarity, 

Give us heads that are clear to think.

Show us holiness in truth of life,

Give us knowledge of your perfect peace;

Help us use our faith for your divine purposes, 

Lead your kindness in to our lives to care. 

Lead us homeward bound in truth and love, 

Show us your truth and kindness in faith;

Give us hearts to understand,

What you imagine us to be. 


Faith and Kindness.

35. Time For Meaning

Time for meaning, love and understanding,

To live on earth is wonderful compassion;

Time for meaning and purposeful goodness,

Money in the bank through, God's great kindness.

Time for meaning and peaceful relationships,

Where people live and give back to God;

Time to live in the now and everafter,

With God's great love so everlasting.

Time for meaning, peace and tranquility,

Time for seeing clearly, what is invisible;

Love and honour, wealth and crime,

What is true and what will rhyme.

Time for love and time for each other,

Time for truth and father and mother;

Time to see and time to experience,

Time to clarify things at God's conveninence.

Time for meaning, to help and heal,

Time for neatness and tidyness to.

Time for love and Time for God,

Time for meaning, shining down from heaven above.

Time for cleaning and washing pure,

Time for love, with things etrnally true;

Time for everything and everthing in its place,

Time for me and also time for you.


Heavens Garden.

36. Love Is The Answer

Love is the answer,

And the direction;

Wisdom asks the question,

Seasons change as mentioned. 

Love is the answer,

I must stress this again;

Just pop the question,

She will marry you, the answer.

What is around the corner?

Love is the answer, 

God asks the question,

Do you love me forever. 

Take a deep breath,

And then breathe in again, 

God holds the keys to life, 

Love is the answer. 

What is heaven all about, 

Does God smile out of the skies, 

Well this is the question, 

Love is the answer. 

He''ll heal and restore, 

God asks the question, 

Are you sick of life in hell? 

Love is the answer. 


Heavens Door.

37. I Love You God

I love you God above all else,

Your grace and mercy for myself;

When I was deep and dark in sin,

You rescued me to help me win.

You showed me truth from within the right,

From in the dark deep depth of night;

You held me dear and gave me sight,

You help me from the dark to show me light.

You made a place for me to be,

To reach out and into eternity;

You pulled me from the mirey clay,

You showed me truth, to lead my way.

You looked into my heart and mind,

You said I can use the man of mine;

You choose me from the deep dark depth, 

And saved my life from sin and death.

You lifted me from out of the pit,

You made sure my path was lit;

You helped understand your words,

You made it plain that I was heard.

You looked and saw how bad I'd been,

You forgave me anyway, to make me clean;

I love you god your heart is pure,

You looked on me and I felt reassured.


You Were Truth.

38. The Place To Be

Here on earth the place to be,

Though my heart is written eternally;

Heaven has a home for you and me,

I face the space of the place to be.

Is it better to have riches untold,

Is there really heaven with gold,

The mind is sweet to live and eat,

Hell the place to avoid for me.

The place to be, I ask you now,

Is it heaven or real estate you seek:

To each His own little bit of land,

Heaven holds the keys to my demand.

I look from here to there to be,

Where is the place to be for little old me;

The place to be, God holds it true,

It could be paradise on an island with you.

I look around for where I can see,

The tropics, the mountains, the rivers and sea.

There is a place, God holds for me,

The place to be, is heaven for free.

The place to be, have you got your own,

Is the dirt of earth your land in hand;

I want my head to rest in peace,

A place called home is the place for me.


Heavens Home.

39. Paradise People

Paradise people are people of love,

They die to live and give above;

You might find them in the tropics,

Or just at work in writing on topics.

They're born to win and live in peace,

For hell would be painful, where people sin; 

The heart and soul is for heaven within,

To beat the ground of pill in bin.

Paradise people are full of love,

They think and eat like heaven above;

They like the juices of fruit and flavour,

They live to dine in heavens savour.

However these people have to fight the shame of loss,

They try to beat the men on the cross;

They want to win and all they do is sin,

They need the grace and mercy of the saviours love.

Well I am still inspired to write and see,

What paradise people can do for me; 

They give and take, but seldon give in, 

They have to fight the pain on suffering within.

Paradise poeple love and lose to win,

All those things in life they try and improve,

Money means more than life to them,

Heaven is the place to be in paradise for me.


To Hell And Back.

40. Tropical Topics

Tropical topics are here to stay, Agree? 

From within the mind and soul they be,

To write and learn heavens place for me,

Paradise a picture you paint to see.

Words of wisdom coming clear to see,

To get a perspective on where to live; 

To see the tropics you would wonder why,

So much is said, but so few written by.

The place to be is heaven instead,

Where fear and doubt leave my head;

Tropical topics well you have to write,

The place in heaven would be my delight.

A tropical topic is paradise I have heard,

Where love is but an ocean bird;

A place where one can cross at night,

To the equater from each side of life.

The tropic of cancer and capricorn,

The idea down for each to return;

To the place where everything is well,

Heaven and hell are tropical topics. 

Paradsie my answer with palm and beach,

Where people can swim and easily reach; 

Tropical topics are these that I teach, 

The topical tropics are these I preach.


Piece By Peace.


41. Summer Haze

It was a lonely dawn and dusty morning,

As I sat sitting in my chair;

The wind came up and blew a gale,

As the sun burnt down like crimson ale.

The leaves on the trees were scattered everywhere,

Like a bear had run through the piles of brown;

The sky was like fire in brilliant light,

Shining through the clouds in smokey haze.

As the rays bent down and reflected off the water,

The ground became a mural of visible colour;

I lent to see myself and saw the mirrored image,

The grey scattered potrait of a dry old man.

The earth had taken a beating by the people's feasting,

The drought and red set sun had visible refraction;

Like a thirsty lands heart with a beautiful attraction,

As the sparkle of the dust particles had a dry old laugh.

I see the need for quenching showers of rain,

To love a downpour of Gods heart outpoured spirit;

To heal the baron parched land and give life for living,

So in faith and prayer we hope and wait.

Its a summer haze of fervent and ferocious dust,

Clouding up the hearts and minds of damaged souls;

Its a case of greed and envy and undue lust,

And a jealousy of pride for private lunch.


After Dusk.

42. A Joyous World

A joyous world, is a happy world,

A place of peace and plenty,

A place of beauty and natural grace,

A place for God to shine down His face.

A joyous world if a gift of God,

A world of rest and sleep;

A way to see the goodness all around,

A place for the kids to play in safety.

A joyous world, is a world of love,

Where faith is there, with fond hope;

Where the spirit reigns in happiness,

And all are living and loving God.

A joyous world is a world of sweetness,

A nice place to be and say;

A wonderful world of people dreaming,

A heavenly and happy joyous world.

A joyous world is a place where love is,

To feel safe in and with happiness;

A place of security and heavenly hope,

A place of joyous rest and prosperity.

A joyous place, is home sweet home,

Home is sweet, with joyous rest;

Home is heaven of joyous beauty,

Heaven is home in joyous rest.


Clowning Around.

43. Hoping For A High

The more you suffer, the better it gets in the end.

Hoping for a high and all you need is a song and a friend;

You think that you have got it hard right now and that is tough,

Because no matter how hard you work life is a bit rough.

Hoping for a high and you are two to be put into the picture,

Thinking that you will get what you want and you will be the richer;

Hoping for a high and no matter how hard you try you lose,

But when all things fall into place, you end up with what you choose.

Hoping for a high and guess that is the way to go yet again,

Still looking and searching for the right way, by works from within;

My pen is putting down in writing just what it thinks is best,

And I'm hoping for a high while I put myself to the test.

Hoping for a high and I don't really know what is for,

But I know what when I'm down and out I need the high evermore;

If you hoping for a high and think that you don't have to even try,

The best is coming along, that if you're not where you belong you lie,

I love the reassurance that Good is in control of my life,

And that all I need to do is marry and stay out of strife;

The wife might be a reason but unless you talk you dumb,

Add she will go a running all the way right to mum.

Hoping for a high and your left stating out on the fence,

With you thought all undivided, but making decisions are stress;

Hoping for a high and you think I am about to give you the eye,

But unless you have been to hell, you won't know what heaven means.


Paradise Quest

44. The Stars In Heaven

The stars in heaven are joy and peace,

They praise creation with every breath;

Eternal destiny of yet everyone,

The place in space for people to be.

Shining a bright light down on me,

Happy to know and happy to see; 

Bright shining flickering stars above, 

The stars in heaven are our eternal home.

Where God holds the key to our hearts we own, 

We look to serve and desire to deserve;

A place in the mind where the heart is well,

But the stars are the cars of house and home.

From earth we look and gaze to heaven above,

Where the stars shine down their eternal love;

With a beauty and trust, full of God's love,

To us here on earth at home waiting there.

The stars in heaven are a universe of wisdom,

To question about why, is the answer to these;

Life and limb go down in history,

But the stars are there for infinite time.

The stars up there are in heavenly rhyme,

Of place and being and eternal time;

To understand is logic for another time,

The stars in heaven are doing all the time.


They own all the crime.

45. He Loved The Sun

He loved the sun and surf and wind and waves,

Never board or lonesome or even crazy;

With the shirt of his back, he aquired a tan,

Living and loving the sand and the land.

He loved the sun and loved the girls,

Of water and seashore and figures amazing;

The sun beat down and burnt a bit,

The women on each arm, never would quit;

Shining, shimmering, flickering hazey,

Bikinis, skimpy and beautifully lazy.

He loved the sun and worked the land,

A farmer by trade who came to the coast,

From barron desert and forest and grazing plains.

The city held answers in questions of lanes.

Bacon and eggs and a piece of toast,

Mum cooked the dinner and he loved the lamb roast;

His hope was for a future of brighter times,

From the truth and past he held so dear.

He loved the sun and worked the land,

From place and people, that go hand in hand;

Now surfing for a living and married to her,

The son got the sun but the sin was winning.


The sweat off my back.

46. Another Nice Day

Another nice day to sit and pray,

To enjoy all the gifts of God;

Of love so sweet, you could eat,

The sun, the breeze and the trees.

Blue skies smiling at me,

Clouds clearing, life eternally;

Good looking out to sea,

Just another good idea.

Another nice day to sit and watch,

Time passing away, a picnic lunch;

A walk on the beach, sand and surf,

Dinner on the menu for an evening meal;

Another nice day, boy ! God is good.

The love He shows and gives to me;

Shining down from heaven above,

All of His goodness and all of his love. 

Another nice day to think and listen,

To the cars on the streeet and passing bye;

To the mountains that rise from Earth's creation,

I feel the joy of love so real.

Another nice day all full of music,

God looking at me through sunset skies,

The wind blowing gently as the clouds move pass,

The best has been and the better to come.


Blue and bright.

47. Summer Haze

It was a lonely dawn and dusty morning,

As I sat sitting in my chair;

The wind came up and blew a gale,

As the sun burnt down like crimson ale.

The leaves on the trees were scattered everywhere,

Like a bear had run through the piles of brown;

The sky was like fire in brilliant light,

Shining through the clouds in smokey haze.

As the rays bent down and reflected off the water,

The ground became a mural of visible colour;

I lent to see myself and saw the mirrored image,

The grey scattered potrait of a dry old man.

The earth had taken a beating by the people's feasting,

The drought and red set sun had visible refraction;

Like a thirsty lands heart with a beautiful attraction,

As the sparkle of the dust particles had a dry old laugh.

I see the need for quenching showers of rain,

To love a downpour of Gods heart outpoured spirit;

To heal the baron parched land and give life for living,

So in faith and prayer we hope and wait.

Its a summer haze of fervent and ferocious dust,

Clouding up the hearts and minds of damaged souls;

Its a case of greed and envy and undue lust,

And a jealousy of pride for private lunch.


After Dusk.

48. Trees Have Leaves

Trees have leaves and branches and things,

A trunk and rootes and limbs that stretch out;

Leaves fall in the Autumn and grow again in Spring,

Lovely reds and yellows and browns and greens.

I love to look at trees, that rise so high,

That grow up from the ground that a seed did lay;

Trees try to reach the sky, but never the less leaves fall,

Though sometimes trees don't have leaves at all.

Birds perch on their branches and may their nests,

Their home in the Winter and shade in the Summer;

I have faith and beliefs that tres really breathe,

Through their leaves a membrane cells as photosynthesis.

Trees give us freshness and hewness of hope,

Their gentle tenderness and softness with strength;

They gently blow in the wind and breeze,

Sometimes a fierseness and turmoil, then grace. 

As you look into their heart and the mind of their face,

You wonder what makes them and creates their space;

Love never ends as leaves leave their mark,

A tender heart of a fire that regenerate their love.

So I ask you Now God, Why you made trees?

A love we can see and a shade we all need;

How boring life would be without leaves on trees,

Endless everlasting life of the man who chose the tree.


Wise Ideas.

49. Heavenly Skies

Heavenly skies, endless days,

Full of love and endless praise;

Joy and peace from up above,

God in heaven showing His love.

Heavenly skies that go on and on forever,

Love, joy and peace, in endless heaven;

Beauty to look at and to see,

To behold of creation, is a joy to me.

Clouds move and change in wonder,

Changing and then changing again;

From one place to another,

To a different position, then once again.

Glory and honour, mercy and grace,

The skies in the heavens, change the pace,

The sun, just as if God had a face,

Prayer supplemented to out of space.

The wind and breeze throughout the skies,

The white clouds of heaven in the gentle blue;

Changes that heal and rain in due time,

Heaven I think is the truly the loveliest thing.

God smile again through your rainbow hue,

Looking down on us out of the bright blue,

Hold your head up, with eyes look to the the skies.

Heaven holding its own, in a colourful sunset or sunrise.


Goodness for All.

50. Heaven and Hell

Hear me knocking on the door,

Will you see and come to call;

Are you home or are you out,

Life is full of pain and doubt.

Heaven and hell, you have a choice,

Will you listen to the masters voice;

Decide yourself which way to go,

When God will call you home you know.

Lift up your heads to the coming king,

Make joyful noices and voices sing;

The saviour waits to heal your pain,

Heaven or hell, there is reason to say.

God loves you and wants you His,

To rise from earth to heaven up there;

Why go down and burn in hell,

When heaven calls you home with Him.

Jesus saves men from their sin,

To live in peace and eternal life win;

Heaven is sweet and true to heart,

Hell is for sinners, the punishment starts.

I love you Lord and I want the best,

For me and my friends, heavens eternal rest,

A home with you, where all is safe,

The door locked behind to keep sinners out.


Make Your Choice.


51. A Knights Life.

Romance and chivalry,

Happiness and peace;

Just doing my duty,

Looking after me and you.

A damsel maiden fair to see,

Love and passion in the night;

A knight from plains and heavens skies,

Warm, yet cold, his heart and eyes.

Thinking how to reign on high,

A quest for treasure, the question why?

Life is but a fleeting moment,

As we pass form death unto life.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

His fair maiden begging for his love;

Beauty rich and treasures heaven,

Endless skies that reign above.

God is good and God is kind,

Teach us how to have heavens mind;

Rich in fairness, hands are laden,

From the knights ride on paradise quest.

Live as one unto another,

Show restraint and deny yourself;

To be a knight you must stop indulgence,

To have your home and castle rest.


Lonely Planet.

52. Romantic Fool

I am just a romantic fool,

Lost in the ages of love and time;

Looking and searching for someone to love,

Not being able to find the same kind.

I am just a romantic fool,

Seeking the heart of my type of girl;

Born to be different and she the same,

To have found the one of God's own design.

I am just a romanitc fool,

Lost in a world of love and confusion;

Where in the world will I ever find,

The girl who I see in my heart and mind.

I am just a romantic fool,

Parsifal by name, virgin by birth;

When time comes on earth,

I will marry the one I deserve.

I am just a romantic fool,

Living and loving in time and space;

From past and behind to the future ahead,

I had faith in God that she would come to me.

I am just a romaintic fool,

Who fell in love with the first girl I'd find;

But the truth can really hurt when your playing with love,

Now I am alone with God my only hope.


Falling out of love.

53. The Fools Wisdom

Why are things done,

What are things for;

The fool fails to ask,

Wise people ask why.

The fools says there is no God,

The wise look to God in prayer;

The fool says, I can't do it,

The wise say, God can help.

The fool has to go to school,

The wise teach and learn;

A fool will never understand,

The wise are always understood.

God treats everyone evenly,

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread;

God demands respect and honour,

The fool turns his back on everyone.

The wise achknowledge the soverignty of God,

A rod for the back of the fool;

With wisdom comes the fear of God,

The fool thinks they know everything.

God is the source of all wisdom.

A fool can't look at themself in the mirror;

With God is all might and power,

A fool is lost before he starts.


Never too late.

54. I Fell In Love Again

I fell in love again,

With the girl of my dreams;

She was so lovely,

As lovely as can be.

I was succummbed,

To be who I could be;

A beauty of wonders,

The girl of my dreams.

Many a man had taken to heart,

A woman so clever, so smart;

So lovely I could hardly speck,

Being the girl of your dreams.

Great is they love,

And great is they faith;

Heavenly mercy in all that you are;

I had fallen in love again because of you.

A kind gentle spirit,

A heart to die for;

A mind of your own,

A love like burning steel.

Great is thy faithfulness,

In all of your years;

Grace through the ages,

In the pages of life.

I fell in love again,

With my darling wife;

Great is your beauty,

Love is your life.


The love of my life.

55 The Hateful Self

I see myself as a perfect picture of love and destruction,

The hate of self of what I might become,

This intimidated man of unjust gain,

To win and plunder and take without refrain.

Its a cold and hungry land of selfish opportunity,

Where what is mine is mine and not yours;

This beautiful landscape picture of what I have done.

But through eyes of greed and selfish hate.

If only God could rescue me from this downward spiral,

Of selfish pride and hateful spite,

That I in the heart of prayer learn to write,

To right the heart and soul of hateful self.

Where corruption and lieing intefere with God,

And people see this hurtful man of selfish love;

It is a hate of self that reoccurs again and again,

If only this bent mind would learn to stop the sin.

Of how I wish a hundred times that this is not what I had become,

And my mind was filled with peace and bliss;

Instead of the anquish hate of soul and head,

Feed me the food of life instead of death and sin.

Oh God of mighty solitude lend an ear this day,

Heal this broken soul from death's dark clutch of despair;

Show us the passion of thy great love,

To lead us out of the pits of hell.


God's Reigning Love.

56. The Storm Inside My Mind

Lost in a world I have never heard of,

The storm in my mind plays havock on me;

God grant me peace and help me find my way,

Out of this storm of darkness to a place so far away.

It was like I was searching for a rainbow,

Chasing clouds that drift and pass away;

My heart told me that this trouble was what I must survive,

To come through the deep end to arrive on the other side.

My brain was like a storm cloud seaching around,

That the rain and thunder would come a clashing down;

Through the skies and eye of the storm,

Into my heart of anquish and pain and warmth.

The storm inside my mind, as I try and find my way out,

Through the doubt of a darkest nightmare into the tunnel of light;

Like I was banished from the world to hell a place of torment,

Where God had reached down into and dug and dragged me out.

I know we need this thunderstorm to flood the nation in the drought,

Of peace and calm assurance that God has been before;

To intercede from heaven and clear my mind and heart,

To give me hope and reassure my faith in Him.

It was like I was surrounded by the storm and hemmed in,

To beat this dark cloud of injustice and live and eat and win;

This storm within my mind was the Devil and His sin,

That God shone down from the sun and shone out from me within.


Now I See ClearIy

57. Healing the Wounded

God heal the wounded with love and prayer,

God heal our nation in time with care;

God do it straight away and not let us wait,

God you do miracles everyday.

God teach us patience to treat and heal,

God give us love for others to heal the soul;

God let us see you as you really are,

God you are a good God that cares about me.

God love us unconditionally to heal and help,

God let you know that your children wait;

God heal this nation with constant care,

God heal the wounded and will repair their hearts.

God lead souls home to heaven,

Who are burdened and weary and deep in fear; 

God teach us patience to rely on you,

God sent your love to the wounded parts.

God heal this land of strife and turmoil,

God teach us to wait expectantly on you;

God make us well and free from sickness,

God heal our hearts and souls from disease.

God also heal our minds from fear and dread,

Teach us how to love you more;

Give us salvation of our wounded souls,

Lead us home to be safe with you forever.


Goodness rules.

58. Love and Melancholy

Admidst the trumoil of peaceful existance,

Is love and melancholy of troubled lives;

God be good and God be kind,

Lead us out of strife and pain.

Love and melancholy to play on our minds,

Peace and joy to keep us kind;

Don't let us fret and stray,

Into doubtful times we cannot endure.

Help us find the guiding star,

When driving around in are lovely cars;

Teach us how to live and pray,

So that we may enjoy life and never waylay.

Admidst the faces of the depth and despair,

Is the time for love and prayer;

When all looks grim, steer us clear,

Of the deep darkness of frustrated lives.

Help us Lord to live and not die,

To tell the truth and speak in faith;

To love the Lord and fear not evil.

But beg forgiveness and heal our land.

A world of hate and melancholy,

Teach us how to love anew;

Let us learn to live and serve,

A God who is eternally true.


Truth and Grace.

59. My Strength and Shield

You are my strength and shield, Oh God,

You keep me safe from times of strife;

You see that my path is right,

You lead me home to see your truth.

You are my strength and shield,

You are my rock of salvation;

In you I put my trust and faith,

In you I know that I am safe.

You are my strength and shield,

You my refuge and my shelter;

In times of strife and turmoil,

I put my trust in you Lord.

You are my strength and shield,

You give me courage to face each new day;

You teach me how to love and pray,

You shine your love down from heavens door.

You are my strength and shield,

You are my hiding place in peace and love;

You protect me when times are tough,

You keep me safe from hurt and harm.

You are my strength and shield,

You are my place of perfect protection;

You are my help and guide from wrong,

You love me more and more than ever before.


God's Safety.

60. A World Of Want

A world of want and need,

This, I daily read and heed;

The time has come, 

To love and learn.

To stop the greed, 

Of what we desire;

To give a bit back,

Of which we earn.

A tithe of ten percent,

Not too much to ask;

For you and I, to hear the cry,

To live and love and not to die.

The beauty, the grace, 

The love within all;

Giving and living,

The world we want.

To share and love,

Time has come to turn around;

Not to hord and keep everything,

We are a greedy bunch, we are.

We want to keep and have,

All we need and must own;

From the world we want,

Joy and peace, always more.

Love and patients, not to cease,

Goodness and kindness to each;

All the love you need,

From what you give.


Words Were Worth.

Below is two Bonus poems by my sister.

Mum died on June 12 / 2005 aged 75.

61. Poem For me (sister)

I remember fondly my dearest mum,

As she was not like any other;

Each day she would pray,

Come what may;

For her family to know Christ's cover.

Over the years,

She shed many tears;

Until one day they all ran out,

Unable to weep;

She still kept her heart sweet,

As she trusted and did not doubt.

Drawing near to the end,

She could not hold a pen;

And her speech and sight had failed,

But this I can share;

That my mothers great care,

Still she prevailed and prevailed and prevailed.

So each new day, I remember my mum,

A woman of substance and worth;

And deep in my heart my memories live on,

Of the woman who gave me birth.

Today I thank God,

For my beautiful mum;

An example of kindness and grace,

And I long for the day when we will meet once again;

With our father face to face.


My my sister who lives in the Blue Mountains.

62. Decisions, Collisions and God's Provisions

Esau, Esau what a seesaw,

Can't make up his mind;

He's one of a kind.

A wife from here and a wife from there,

And still not satisfied witht he pair.

He seeks another from his fathers half brother,

And breaks the heart of his dearest mother.

Now on he goes with bitterness in toe,

And lives his life as an enemy and foe.

Seems Esau had a choice when his life turned sour,

But his hearts desire was to regauin power.

Going on his way, he conntinues to stray,

And forgets about the God to whom he could pray.

So the moral of this life, full of trouble and strife,

Was not top keep taking a wife and a wife,

The way forward for Esau from his life of collisions,

Was to seek the Lord for his promise and provisions.

So come what may in our lives today,

May we praise Him and thank Him for showing the way.


My sister in the mountains once again.