Parsifals Seventh Heaven



Fruitfullness is a positive equation for being productive. One must use their time wisely in order to bare fruit. On the other hand fruitfullness is about quality of life and all the benefits about producing fruit. Fruitfullness is spiritual food for the soul and the outcome is the income of finances. Obviously people will say that money is what it is all about, but it is the accountability of the regular information process of knowledge to keep reproducing in quanlity for the future which in turn will lead to the eternal forever. Then the practical side of fruitfullness is the sweet taste of success and the rich quality of life in the repeating cycle of word management. Effort and energy, as strenuous as it is, is a real time user and can be a real strengh increaser, that can turn around to become fruitfullness if we don't waste resources and use wise means and ways for understanding compound interest in problems so that the equation balances nicely and richly. For if we are all poor we forget what labour of love there is in planting fruit trees and picking and reaping the harvesting to eat. For as sweet as the fruit tastes, it is as rich as the food can get, for rationally speaking the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So when you have your next piece of Christmas cake with or without custard and cream, remember the pudding was best because it had fruit in it and you had to save room for the cake. I know it is a play on words and a lullabye is well gone in the past lifetime of dreamland but we must learn to utilize and use all resources of the past which we can draw into and bring out the repetitive repetoire of memories and cash in on the modernization of modern writing and talking to become unconditionally well understood in and for fruitfullness. In every matter, way and form of speaking it is about harbouring the enjoyment of long term constituences through endurement for proclamation of the best circulation with accumulation and its productive fruitfullness. As we all know, with a collection, it is the distribution in generating and creating profitability and therefore, it is answered by, the pleasure of the treasure. It is in this producing of fruitfullness we create the enjoyment for the fullfillment in life and it is this lingering of thought that gives us the long term and lasting peace of fruitfullness and the sweet taste of life itself for eternal purposes. Now as we enter into the Seventh book of Poetry called Parsifals Seventh Heaven we establish a track record of and for fruitfullness and I hope that you can see some of this fruitfullness in the work of the this the Seventh Book of Poetry for your ultimate pleaure and enjoyment, so that you to can produce this fruitfullness of what a productive life is all about. Continue on and be blessed. Darel.


 PARSIFAL'S SEVENTH HEAVEN                    Three of The Last Six Poems will not be In It.

 CHAPTER AND POEM LIST                            The Royalty Chapter has moved to the next book.

 CHAPTER 1 FOOD FOR ALL                

1 Bread and Biscuit   Written                   

2 The Potatoe and The page   Written  

3 Unstable Under The Table   Written

4 The Lions Den    Written with pride.


5 The Salmon Rose    Written

6 Space For The red Rose    Written

7 The Component Of Love    Written

8 Tropical Paradise   Written

9 Coming From A Grey Day    Written

10 Silent Achiever    Written


11 I'm Almost There   Written

12 The Spirit Of The Wind   Written

13 Australian Air   Written

14 On A Train    Written

15 I Was Just Wondering    Written


16 Eternal Water   Written 

17 Eternal Word   Written

18 Eternal God   Written *

19 Heavenly Life   Written *

20 Twelve Desciples   Written

21 Sons Of Thunder   Written

22  Our God Reigns    Written

23 Birds, Words and Bibles   Written


24 Life Like Line    Written

25 The Whole Life    Written

26 Living And Breathing    Written

27 A Poems Lifetime     Written

28 The Bit Of It    Written

29 More Time For Rhyming Time   Written

30 Something To Type    Written

31 Think And See    Written *

32 Inspiration To Win In Life   Written *


33. Seeing and Hearing   Written

34 The Nose On Your face   Written

35 Sure More    Written

36 Sure Of Things I've Got and Want   Written

37 Every Always   Written

38 Beauty Beyond All Else   Written


39 The Sunny Knight    Written

40 Sunshiney Things   Written

41 Enhancement   Written

42 Enchantment    Written

43 Mediocity    Written

44 Intelligence   Written

45 Indepenence   Written

46 Positive Reinforcement   Written


47 I Cried In A Hole In The Corner    Written

48 I'm At Home , I Know Where I Am    Writrten

49 Well, I Still Love You Very Dearly    Written

50 Sorry I Worry   Written 

51 Nourish And Flourish   Written


52 Across The Ocean    Written

53 An Ocean Of A Day    Written

54 The Deep Ocean   Written

55 Sea And Ocean   Written

56 The Wide Blue Oceans Waters    Written

57 Beautiful Mountains   Written

58 Mountains To The Sea   Written

59 Beautiful Water    Written

60 Waterfalls   Written

61 Rivers and lakes 4 lines

62 The Esterary

63 The Beach and The Boat

THe End