Parsifal In Paradise




I always write the introduction for the book after I have written the book so I can explain and give some idea of the structure and context of how the book was written and what the book was about so you can understand what the book will be like or about when you get to read it. As I am writing this the introduction for this book before I write it as I usually do, but write it after the book is written. I need to give you some idea on what it will be about from what I invisage so far, from what I have already got in mind and what will be in the book before I write it. In the introduction of book 9 before starting to write this one, I wrote in it how I organised chapters and poems for the book and books I have written like this one, that the order appears by what I organise and write. I have now started writing this straight after the last introduction of book 11, so for organising it, which I have done some of, there are many ideas to be written and sixty pages of poetry, as titles are to headed, with poems to be started and completed for writing in this book, as this page appears it is simply a plan. Please consider, contemplate and concentrate on finding the contentment you seek at this time, since I have written the forward introduction first, in this My Twelth Book of Poetry, Parsifal In Paradise, until it evolves and comes about, which it is now in the process of, I hope that you can learn and share the idea of how this book is written. At this stage now I have written twenty one poems by hand with pen and paper and the rest are getting typed straight on as I go to be set in structure position and order when complete. This has taken a fair bit more time than expected as I have conscentrated on the typing of older books first. Enjoy the read and learn if you can by the experience. Darel.


PARSIFAL IN PARADISE! –What does it mean?

Paradise is a good question to a logical argument of what is right in life and what is the desired state of mind. That through a world of tropical indulgence of heaven and hell, eating and drinking to ones heart's content and satisfying oneself with the love of a woman. This means the perfect utopia of paradise and Parsifal is on his quest through this world to end up in that state of mind. The argument could be put forward that money is the only means to the end, but that though time plays an especially intricate part in the life and road that the pathway takes to find his desired state of being.

Whether it be physical surroundings or an ultimate pinnacle peace experience, it is yet still to be deciphered and determined.But the reality is that in his impoverished state, it is a long and slow windy climb to the place of desired outcome. To reflect intimately and concentrate on the highs and lows, ups and downs, which, would be to lead to a lack of contentment, but this patient pursual of things on earth and the ultimate goal and direction of the heavenly state of mind called paradise, is a give and take, lack and indulgence and actual reality that is measured on self worth. The process to reach it is one of a right minded projection to the physical, though to reach it is of a transition to a state of heaven and whilst here on earth he must go through hell.

The foundation and interrelationship he has with God and Yeshua to the faith of the mother and the genealogical hierarchy of family for royal bloodlines is unquestionably conclusive as the reason and attainable goal of the desired outcome of utopia is found within himself and all his achievements, works and deeds. To find, follow, search and receive the goal, to attain the Holy Grail which is the relic and artifact that claims and holds his whole state of being, represented by the cup of suffering, that just to put his hands on it, whatever it is, is sure and unfathomable, heals him and gives him life, for a drink from this of the eternal life giving miracle water, has the healing he needs. For from it is the ultimate experience and what it means for Parsifal to be in paradise.

Tropical paradises are for and as reasons for people in places, some should represent to the reader a picture in the mind to invisage and imagine themselves there in a tropical paradise perfection. The topical ideas which have come about in the writing of this book are seamingly sensed to portray poetical concepts and visions of actual paradise in the mind of the reader to establish there position of uderstanding in the real world where exotic plants and drinks on island resorts of Pacific Paradises of aqua blue crystral clear waters coming about as acceptable to the heart of the persons invisaging mind. White and gold sands, coconut trees and different species of palms all compiling into the complex perfection of paradise on a blue lagoon setting with boats and huts in a tropical exclusive club, marina type setting. With coral and tropical fish, island feasts and fruit cocktails, being just some of the tempting treats to sit back and imagine as in your own place of a comfort zone to enjoy, relax and explore in these written verses of these paradise conceptions. Indulge and entertain yourselves with the tropical mystery of the islands where heaven and love both mix and intertwine to form Parsifal In Paradise.




1 The Sunshine Of Life

The sunshine of life is the sparkle of the heart,

Where the mind flickers briliance, just so dazzling smart;

The light shines from the heavens into troubled parts,

To brighten up the morning so the day might start.


Good morning freinds and countrymen, I have you on mind today.

Where the sunshine of life leads and guides dso right;

The beauty of the moment is when I say I love you,

And look right back at me smiling with delight.


God knows the world is good to us, if we only play our part,

To do the best we can in life and always try to please the heart;

For love comes in the romance of the sunshine of the life,

For true magnificence and glory are the only right things that light.


I love the morning all so meaningful as brightness in my eyes,

To let you know the care I'm feeling and look at you and gaze;

For true love is a beauty all on its very own to know,

As if by magic it did start again and fill me in my heart .


God is love and kindness and goodness He imparts,

To shine the light of sunshine into the troubled parts;

I believe that it is right to trust in Him when all else seems waylayed,

For He is there watching from above, with paradise that pays.


Now as this poem on sunshine with the life that came to save,

With Christ bright son of triumph, leading what he gave;

I let you in on the secret of it, if you will stay true to be,

For perfection is the whole righteousness end this timeless story.



The Brightest Wins


2 True Love From The heart


True love from the heart comes from the soul of God,

It manifests in the mind for to others to impart;

Think about what's lovely and true and right to be,

So the beauty that is in you, can also be in me.


I love the blue sky, so true without a doubt,

When clouds are all gone and past without;

As you look into the air and breathe a gentle breath,

The clear mind of brilliance beats every darkness of death.


True love from the heart can be found in such simple ways,

When you smell the fragrence of a rose and live eternal days;

When her eyes meet yours and you see her true to heart,

Two hearts become as one and the beauty really starts.


For love is really lovely and true beauty really best,

When you see the real truth of God and live out your days, His guest;

Now as the morning rises and dawn inparts the day,

I see the true colours of the visual heart to pay.


Like clear mountain lakes and streanming golden sunshine,

The earth has natural beauty and to see is with your lunchtime;

True love is really at the core of it as the heart beats smart,

For the head gives ways to other thoughts when you see the light of day.


Now as I try and wrap this up and finish along the lines,

I am reminded of the beauty of her eye and the blue sky as the sun shines;

The golden glow from in her hair is really so perfectly fine,

That true love from the heart is actually a man and woman forever to last.



Morning Glory.


3 The Head Knows Best

The heart knows best said the tail to the head,

If you have a good mind to use, you really stress less;

I wake up each morning and get out of bed,

So the head knows best if you get what I meant.


I have to think fuirst so I know what I am doing,

To get the right idea and keep my life going;

The head knows best was a fair centered guess,

That the answer you seek, you worked out with your head.


The head knows best and the heart was quite smart,

To think it could lead while the linking a test;

The trick to the thing was the joint in the neck,

As that is put out now with everything HighTech.


The head said to the heart, why? why do you ask?

If your so smart, why do I know best?

You know best because your being smart,

That was the answer from the head to the heart.


So I guess we must guess who really knows best,

The head is intelligent but the heart is so smart;

So if intelligence beats smartness, there is another part,

That is why we walk around and write with both arms.


So I now think my head links straight to me heart,

For to combine the two, leads to winning the start;

The heads on the body, which is the whole part,

For each part works but is lead by the head.



So I'm Sure.


4 The Brightest Mind

Good Morning, good Morning and welcome to my day,

It is nice to get a blessing in the most heavenly way;

Flowing right into my heart are the happiest tresures,

Of the brightest of minds flowing dow like a river.


The sun shines brightest and is the most brilliant of things,

To think of the beauty of all the brilliant mind most pleases;

Thankyou to God who shone and relfects of His heart,

Into the heads of the people who are clever and smart.


Beauty is brilliant in the mind of the brightest,

Treasures are majestic in the brilliant illuminumation;

For the thoughts of creation are a glorous inspiration,

As truly the brigthest mind desires and perfects tranquility.


The brightest mind bedazzles, brighter than the sun,

With all the heavenly joy of things up there going on;

God only knows what the future has install,

As the earth goes around like a big spinning ball.


The brightest mind is intelligent beyond all on earth,

As the reflection of eternity is shining out of the sun;

Therefore look to the distance far beyond the past,

For there is untold wealth in the worth of tomorrow.



Time unending.

5 Brilliant Things

Well the wealth of creation is worth the whole wide world,

The sun shines down on it to the last eternal end clear water;

Thankyou God for the beauty and the eternal joy of bliss,

The sweetness loving child who waits for their first kiss.


Brilliant things come to mind from nothing out of nothing,

But the most brilliant thing is The God of heaven in prayer;

Where all the torment of sin is perfected by Him for us all,

For in Him, there is no malice and the brightest thing is Him.


I love the heavenly creation of God who did make man,

The perfect unity of planets flowing in heavens plan;

A brilliant thing just might be all of earth in heaven,

Or just the sun flowing down in glorious glowing golden rays.


So who can say what beauty is a man unto a woman,

And who can say what heaven is the unity of children believing;

I trust you with great might that you will not let me down,

The God whose infinite creation holds the key for man.


So if time is all consuming and and money breaks the bank,

Who have we got to look to or who do we really thank;

God the master of every living soul and cell or created plant,

That the creature would understand the truth of one eternal plan.


For nothing ver happened to one whho did have faith,

But the simple engineering of conceiving perfect face;

Where the sunlight of our God leads us out of the dark,

To the most beautiful of places beyond the space and heart.


Heavens Mind

6 Passionate Quest

The journey and road is simple and narrow to seek,

For the passionate quest of understanding the mind and heart;

The brilliance of The Lord is something yet to see and start,

That all the trouble worrying us turns from dark to light.


I wander here and there to find the thing I seek to find,

For the quest of soul and heart and brain and mind;

As if you could discover yourself within the frame of art,

And there see yourself pictured with a bright new start.


For heaven holds the answers and ever sought out key,

Where God holds eternity in heaven and frees serenity;

The path is often winding on the passionate quest for true love,

But still there is nothing more beautiful than heavens waiting call.


The partner in the waiting is hiding there for you to find,

With pefect anticipation of what is good and whole and kind;

Be reflective in the waiting for creation to revael what it holds,

That the perfect soul mates there for those who seek their mind


God knows that they are will and he waits to show and guide,

For those with the will and desire to enquire off Him;

Just what it is that He desires and finally decides,

For the marriage of the holy ones and the life they share afterwards.


Well I hope that you might have gathered the meaing of this quest,

And that you have been answered in what is this passion that you seek;

For all of creation waiting for the heavenly king to come,

That the bride and groom and in harmony with the rest of what is wanted.



True Love Is Real Love

7.Think and Link

It is time to think and link and plan,

To reflect of everything that makes all things grand;

I know there peace and sound of heart,

Were love is still and kind and quite smart,


As we dare to connect and piece things together,

Life is found and leads us into better weather;

Then its whether you can find the way of day,

To heaven from hell where things are kind and pay.


I love the thought of perfect unity leading creation,

Where heavens place is earths new station,

And love evolves and finds itself in love,

As true and right thoughts, rule the law of heart.


For the right of beauty is the beauty of the heart,

It is the true and connecting peice of peace of mind;

We need to think and link to make things right,

And we need to look to God who leads all things odd.


For the space we plan and sort to seek to have,

And love is made there where all things meet together;

Connecting thought from mind and with soul and heart,

To the beauty of perfection to all who would impart.


So now as I end this plight for everything rights connection,

Through thought and thinking to link and really impart;

That you might know the best of life and keep you straight and true,

For in love there is perfection for the right minded thinking true.



Finished Again.

8 Connect and Join

Connect and join the dots to different dots if you please,

Where what we all forgot we recall to distant memory;

And life is answered simply in starting to believe,

For the pieces of the puzzle you struggle to understand.


It is really a wonderful thing seeing everything come to place,

Where people of distant nations come to like heart and race;

Where the loving interelationship is unity of mind,

And everyone is working towards being humble and kind.


For love really does have the victory in seeing what heaven holds,

Where everything is perfect and we connect and join the wrong;

As the odd that leads its innocence into the light and sight of God,

We wait in eager anticipation of winning an old unkind sod.


For in reality heaven is the waiting place of rest,

As we give opur hearts to wait and souls to find and address;

Now as if there was in here and answer to it all up there,

And we just patiently waited for it, to see it all come true.


Connect and join the hearts if you dare to find what God desires,

Two people beating perfectlty their hearts to come true;

For a choir of heavens angels are waiting to behold,

The perfect humble unity of two souls lives entwined.


And I know that God has the victory in leading me all the way,

To the place he has and holds and in heaven he does wait;

For everything was to return to creation from begginning unto end,

And God still holds the keys to lead us to this loving friend.


True Love Never Ends.

9 Perfection is a Reflection

Perfection is the reflection of God ruling us all on earth,

As He looks into the mirror of what happens in eternity;

I try and understand the menaing, but my human mind is simple,

And life is really sweet enough to see a woman smile with dimples.


Sometimes we just look at each other in wonder and amazement,

Confused in the understanding of what are each others expectations;

But life is not a challenge to win every other person,

But simply to enquire of what makes and leads them to it.


The heart is really the key to it as heaven holds the mind,

And beauty is an answer as we seek and search to find;

But the truth of it really is in the magic God imparts,

Where every living breath, beats every living heart.


So love is quite an notion on the big and wide blue ocean,

Reflecting suns rays in majesty upon nearly all creation;

As the water meets the sky in perfect reflection and retaliationl,

Where the sunshines its reflection to the mirrored human eye.


There we have it the sunshine relfecting perfectly on the water,

To the hearts and minds of children, where son meets daughter.

To the glowing hearts of love in complete reunification,

The earth there meets heaven in total reflective perfection.


I'll give it back to God now and let Him do what he does best,

To leave me with some peace of mind and let Him lead the days;

For mine is but uncertainty in a world of constent doubt,

But I love to follow God to find out what I am allowed.



Exact Opposite


10 Is The Weather God ? Written

11 Sun and Wind

The spirit is the wind and sun shines down,

The hot and dry are blown around:

From sand and ea to desert and sun.

The world turns around since the earth begun.


The dry free air is the breath of God,

As seaons come and turn from hot to cold:

The icy chills or a gusterly gale,

Are found in winter when the sun is pale.


The summer blows its fierce winds of old,

When time has been and the sun is gold:

To heavens place of love beyond compare,

To a place that's still and love is prayer.


Now when the spring has been and sprung,

And birds are their with sons they've sung,

The new life breathes its breath of life,

The breeze that blows between the trees.


So then in Autumns fall of leaves,

Wghen sun has been and burn't the trees,

The brown leaves die and fall to the ground,

As a rustling wind blows them around.


Now sin and wind are the spirit of God,

When sun has been and water flood,

The wind moves out across the sea,

To lands of plenty for you and me..



Love and Thirst.

12 Clouds On High Written

13 Skies Forever Written

14 Skies and Eyes Written

15 Love Always Saves Written

16 Peace and Faith Written

17 Grace and Mercy Written

18 Unity and Purity Written

19 Riches and Glory Written

20 Good and Kind Written

21 The Kingdoms Mind Written

22 The Mighty Truth Written

23 The Inner Soul Written


24 The Fruit Of Heaven Written

25 The Think Drink Written

26 Piece The Peace Written

27 As Hard As Hell Written

28 Living On High Written

29 Sailing Away Written

30 Island Magic Written

31 The Exotic Hut

On a hot summers day in a hut on the beach,

On a Carribean Island in and out of the sun;

It gets quite warm out there on the quite secluded sand,

With a tropical fruit punch in you hand.


A woman in a bikini after you just leave the hut,

The man is quite happy with what he has got;

The hot sun beats down and it is back into the hut,

To succumb to the love affair that is keeping them there.


A dip in the water and a swiim around,

A towell on the beach under coconut palms;

Back into the hut to get out of the hot sun.

Love in its beauty is tropical fun.


Those aqua waters are enticing again,

To leave to cool shade of the hut then;

But the love of the food and cool of the drink,

Are far too nice to leave the hut again.


The night comes upon them and they are asleep,

In the warm still night air on the sunburt skin;

The hammock is tied and strung between,

The poles that hold up the roof of the hut.


So the love is not lost in the hut with tropical food,

Heated and cooked on the open fire within;

Time is without time as days go on forever,

Love in the tropical hut, is time with a freind.



Hot Love.

32 Delicious Food

Well, I love to eat all the delicate delicious dishes,

With food lade on into some kind of the abundance;

And a blessing from God thrown in for good health,

Get on with the job of eating it, for luck to your wealth.


The best part of the beauty of eating good food,

Is the love you can share with her, that puts you in the mood;

For the accomplishment of loving is Bon Et Petite,

With romance and passion for social understanding.


Now it is time to get down to the busness of eating,

Where the food on the menu, is each cource a treat to you,

And the beauty of the dishes is delitefully delicious,

As the food goes down your gullet in slow slippery swallowing.


So you can have fish or chicken, beef or lamb,

Pork if you dare and prawns and oysters compare;

The roast or the fry to put a smile in your eye,

To see gorgeous food on the table to eat.


Perhaps you eat salad and vegetables and other things of delite,

Breads or rice or some authentic Italian pasta care;

Where taste is all important or you have dietry restraints,

To dine in conversation of dull or bright lights.


As now I wind up this dining escapade with a drink or two,

And say I love you and well are you;

Do you love me enough to eat with such ettiquate with me,

Or do I just say goodbye and thankyou, Would you just eat without me?



Who's Cooking Dinner?

33 Palms and Plants

Palms are plants that are of the tropical in sort and nature,

When rainforest or tundera habitant take precepas;

I love seeing tropical plants and palms are so precious,

That they delight you and live to also delight me.


Now if you hand me a pot from the palm of your hand,

It just might be a palm that you want to get rid of;

And I will say thankyou and bless you as such,

That I might be delighted by a nice green palm.


Then if it is cool or is warm to delight the heart,

You can say it was my love, this gift of life in a day;

I think you have given me the joy of a peaceful palm,

To look at and admire from time too time in mind.


Some are a bright green to illuminate the light,

Of lime or light green to pasify the eye;

Some come in stripes of green to soften the sight,

That the right green is the perfect paradise delight.


From parlour palms to dates or island natives,

The day seems more peaceful to look at these that way;

As time passes and the rains give their drink,

To sip and partake in a tropical cocktail think,


Now as the beauty of these tropical plant trees,

Satisfy your need and my mind being set free;

Remember the island home of the paradise trees,

And leave them well alone to the birds and the bees.



Growing and glowing green.



34 The Best Resort

Welcome to this of what is the best resort,

It is a reason to live and for your love support;

The purpose for pleasure and beauty defined,

It is a tropical paradise to sip tropical drinks.


The best resort is to do what you say and mean,

Top end up where you said you would and enjoy the visit;

It is an island tropical resort and paradise,

And it is the place to visit and spend your time.


I love the blue pacific, its might and majestic splendour,

Its all encompassing power as the biggest and the best;

Its reason to command respect and life to take and reject.

But its love is in the people who have their island homes.


To Tahiti or The Cook Islands, Samoa or Tonga,

The Barrier Reef Whitsundays, with The Island Resorts;

Of Daydream Island or Hamilton and Green and Hayman,

Islands of tropical paradises were the best resorts.


I think she is there waiting for me to come and take a wife,

To touch her with the love of God, that is an eternal delight;

To take her by the hand and offer her my life,

To marry for ever after, in a perfect heavenly delight.


This will be our honeymoon to an island paradise resort,

Where the best resort becomes to life blessing fulness still to come;

I love to touch her softly and hold her tender hand,

To lead her to bed with me for the family we make and plan.



Forever perfect love.

35 Island Holidays

Travel to the islands for a tropical holiday paradise,

To take in some sun and aquire a tan;

To sip fruit cocktails sitting around the pool,

To make love out of nothing from within a hut.


Feel free to snorkle on the coral reef,

And see the tropical fish in brightly coloured array;

Understand that life is precious and be environmentally friendly,

Eat at an island banquet and go home satisfied and full.


Find a private hiding place on the other side of the island,

On a beach to call your own, that no-one can believe;

Cuddle up and kiss with that island girl,

See where the blue ocean meets the dawns horizon.


Find a place to retreat where no one ever goes,

Uninhabited desert islands always seem to win;

No-one cares about life in all its importance,

For life and sand is free and seems a little bit unbelieveable.


For the beauty of a world without time is too good to be true,

Money does not matter with your new island freind,

Island holidays live forever and often do come true,

To leave the beauty of the world to live on an unspoilt island.


Its now time to go home back to the cities and the smog,

Remembering your island holiday and the treasures you left behind.

Maybe there really was a pirate treasure chest left there buried in the sand,

What God holds waiting for another time in space and heaven.



Leave it all behind.

36 The Delightful and Delectable

Can we experience highs without the lows?

Is the sweet food of life, like the wind that blows;

The delighful and the delectable, is sweet to taste,

But the beauty of the abundant, is often lost in waste.


Still we treat ourselves to all the good things in life,

House and home, kids and wife;

Where the surperflous is extravegence,

And the delightful and delectable can be negligence.


Christmas comes but once a year,

And time is sweet and life is dear;

All the good things you could possibly want,

When what we really need is love without cost.


There is no such thing as a free lunch,

But we eat all we can whatever it is;

The delighful and delectable, is an expensive thing,

When we try our little heart out to be king.


But God has a grace and beauty to behold,

Which can be found in the delightful and the delectable;

So we should not take for granted the good things on earth,

But cherish our souls and lives since the worlds first birth.


The delightful and delectable is a magnificent array of delicacies,

To treasure for a short time and pray the memory will last.

For the spirit of God is a gift to us all,

Like what's deightful and delectable on earth's ball.



Good all the way.

37 Delicious All The Way

Delicious all the way and you said the times were grey,

Living and loving and trying to pay;

But life really is that good, if we let God have his way,

For all the earth to cherish and see eternal days.


Delicious all the way is that tropical hideaway,

Food lavished to the death and seems to go my way;

Beauty has the key for the delicious al the way,

Where peace and heavens glory is eternal pay.


Deicious all the way, food laid on with out numbers,

For those who taste what is good and what is beside me;

Lots or delicacies to delite the pallet and apettie,

On your uncharted desert island where the tropics are just fun.


Delightful all the way where heaven and paradise meet,

Where time has no meaning in lines upon the sand;

And coral is there in the shallow or brightly dazzling in colour,

To the taste of the reef fish with island fruits a tropical dish.


Deicious all the way, skies are endless and heaven pays,

Beauty is on the horizon as a sailing ship passes by,

Laden with the treasures of a tropical feast design.

Food unto the heavens, paradise its only real true way.


Well love has and holds the answer to delicious all the way,

God who sees everything waits in time to try all day.

Keep your head in heaven and hold onto peace of mind,

For all the delicious treasures are food left for no man.



Delireous design

38 The Five Star Motel

The five star motel is the best resort,

Luxury laid on on your island paradise;

Banquets fit for heaven forever,

Life at its best, does not get better than that.


The five star motel has leather lounges,

Satin sheets upon the bed;

Croqueted lace table cloths,

With the finest silver cutlery.


All to be capped off by foyer in heaven,

And to expect service at its best;

A exotic food to die for, eating out by the island pool,

The result of hard work for the elite uppercrust.


The marina and the bar by the island lagoon,

Sea planes and airport, golf cource and the rest;

Lay back and indulge in the rest you paid for,

By the second bar and tropical pool.


Seafood banquets and indulgence is a self thing,

A resaurtant fit for a king or God;

And the treasures of the island paradise are free,

To think and live to eat and win.


The five star motel on our island tropical resort,

Is an island in the sun where oceans seem to never end;

LIght through the coconut trees, islands drinks to sip in paradise,

For the thoughts of heaven, never seeming to think twice.


Well home again we go after spending all we can,

A new sense of heaven and a new found freind,

Love is really now all left far behind,

With the tropical paradise memory in mind.



The best is left unsaid.


39 The Marina, Yauchts and Boats.

Yauchts and boats to and from and in the marina,

Sailing boats, clippers and schooners;

Motor boats, luxury cruisers,

All moored up at the wharf and docked in the marina.


Maybe like Gilligans island they set sail for a 40 hour cruise,

Or its sailing to the Whitsundays for a few beers;

Its a wonder see by sea, of the natural world,

To be out on the water, seeing what is to be explored.


To set sail for the day and return unto the marina,

Where drinks and BBQ's add meaning at the bar;

Cabin cruisers and yauchts and gone out to sea,

Sailing on the ocean, where wind and sea breeze blow.


The floor at your feet and at the door of the ocean world,

Take off in the morning and return to the marina at sunset;

Or sail around the world with everything to explore.

But its nice to be back safe at the marina shore.


The world is out there waiting when you have a pleasure craft,

A boat just out there waiting in the marina, to take off when you like;

Go anywhere you like and enjoy the sun and waves,

Maybe you can find a private island paradise.


The sunshines down and reflects on the ocean water,

Brightly shining quite reflections in to hearts and minds;

Or up the river to the quiet and still sandy banks,

Or where peace is like the esterrey of your favorite fishing spot.



Not Home.

40 Coconuts and Cream

I had a beautiful drink of coconuts and cream,

Cool mellow swallowing to put me in a dream;

On an island in the tropical pacific sun,

Life was paradise and heaven was just fun.


With tanned island girls making this fruit cocktail,

Of love in a glass of pure heavens juice;

This tropical elixor was extascy desert,

With a mix of perfection and taseful desire.


Well is slithered and slid down the back of my throat,

As a island sunet was shrouded by an island boat;

With a squeeze of pineapple and lemon juice,

This exqisite mixture was an island composite,


Coconuts ad cream were the passionate quest,

For love and for sex and a touch of passionfruit;

Where the island paradise bar was an exotic drink,

Of a burning manifestation of the island think.


Well she made the drink and he fell in love,

And such was the blossom of the island love;

As the island sunset into the island night.

The glass of cocnuts and cream was a toxic potion.


And as the hut got hot and steamy,

With love in a glass of island dreaming;

To wake the next day of love so creamy,

The fruit of life was love believing.



Hot and Deep or Cool and Shallow.

41 The Fruit Cocktail

The fruit cocktail is a drink of love and passion,

It is a mix of all the tropical fruits under the sun;

A cool delight of natures best to heavens mind.

It tastes so sweet going inside, in its being kind.


There's orange and banana, apple and mango,

Watermelon and rockmelon, passionfruit and pineapple;

Coconut and dragonfruit, kiwifruit and paw paw,

With cream on top a island treasure delight,


Well it was pure heaven as you sip and taste the drink,

Island paradise in a glass of capped with a cherry;

A straw and an umbrella to at to the spirit,

It was a brilliant delight to taste, swallow and drink.


Well words are not enough to describe this island drink,

To sip and to taste this tropical island drink;

As in itself it has meaning of lifes breath to think,

For heaven comes in a glass that appears pink.


So as the boats come in to taste this island paradise drink.

Visitors are welcomed with a taste of this passionate thing;

With a twist of lime and lemon peel for zest and zeal.

And sugar coated honey to slip and slide down right.


The magnifigant texture of a real drink, both pure and rich.

An exotic glass of delight to make visitors mix;

This tropical fruit cocktail was to die for or dare,

That in life passed on earth you can't find or compare.



Too nice to miss.

42 The Heavenly Mind Written

43 Oceans On Earth Written

44 Sunrises and Sunsets Written


45 These Three Remain The Same

To the one who maintains all life and breath,

To the one who gives and sustans us all;

To the one whose love is faith and hope,

These three remain the same above all earth.


I love you God, my heavenly creator,

For you are life and joy and peace;

And you breathe life into us all,

For above the heavens these three remain the same.


Who took on flesh to show his love for us,

Who bought us back to pay for sin;

Who died and rose and comes back again,

These three remain the same from God our freind.


I love you Lord, you redeem the lost,

You are my dearest and strongest brother;

You are the father, son and holy spirit,

These three remain the same you are our lover,


Of good and bad and indiffernce to God,

You see our hearts, our pain, our shame;

You are the Lord God Father of us all,

You are the eternal three in one the same.


Now to he who reigns and holds the key,

To life and death and perfect peace,

To heaven and hell from where men do dwelll,

To live in paradise our home the three the same forever



Our God and father.


46 Father, Son and Spirit

Father, Son and Spirit,

How deep your love is for us;

That you the three in one of all,

Has bought us and has sought us.


You whose love abounds beyond all of the heavens,

Your care for us more than love endures forever;

And Christ does reign from eternal realms,

That he as God is born to spirit for us,


With prayer and faith we trust in you,

Who won the victory over death and hell;

Your perfect mind stills troubled hearts,

With peace for all who love and obey you.


How deep the meaning of it all,

Father, God and Son who is the spirit;

I love you Lord, you show the way,

Of righteousness and peace and joy.


Now all our hearts go out to you Lord,

Who is the heavens and light of day;

Whose word is truth and liberty,

Who keeps and seeks to save the lost.


I stand and knock and ask for Thee,

As you stand and wait to talk to me;

You are the father, son and spirit,

To sit on the throne with crown you own.



Eternal life to be.

47 There's Always Tomorrow

There is always tomorrow so why do everything today,

When yesterday has passed and gone its own way;

You are there to show and light the new day,

So we know which way you have us go to find the key.


If I work hard I know you will reward me father,

With treasures untold to surpass the disasters.

Yours is the right way for us to live and walk,

To come to you in prayer and have us in heaven to talk.


For peace and righteousness is the true way,

To live free of pain and torment and helll;

Yours is the perfect way for us in heaven to dwell,

Don't put off till tomorrow, because yours is now, forever more.


I love you God, your throne is heaven to dwell,

Your heart and mind is peace forever;

In gentle love you show us welll,

To live and reign with you forever.


I hear you say and ask us now,

To make a decision for you today,

That we might have love and life with you now,

In eternal change and all types of weather.


Hold on to us Lord and never let us go,

For the past, today and tomorrow;

You sit and reign upon the throne,

And where the crown and gown of love alone.



The day is always here.

48 Yesterday Is Today

Yesterday is today and tomorrow will come,

To make a choice for him right now.

To live in the future we must come from the past.

To dwell forever in the presence of today.


All the memories have been and gone,

To keep and cherish and resurect in Him;

To see the hope in the future coming,

Where God has got the eternal reign.


I know I love the truth and righteaousness of peace,

Where joy is perfect in the presence of the king;

And God you know what we are going to do,

Before we even know ourselves will sin.


You know the way and direction for us to go,

If we will only keep sacred and follow you wholly;

For the pure and holy are the chosen right and few,

To live on earth and in heaven with you.


I love you Lord who keeps and sustains all,

That you care for me who did not deserve Thee;

And you bought my soul at a price of freedom,

To live in perfect unity with you.


So don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today,

Look tpo heaven now where Christs reigns and wants to sit with you,

When God has all of us in his home with Him,

We will see whay today is the place to be there now.



He who holds the key.


49 Water Of Life

In the eternal realms of life and love,

Is the infinite flow of eternal water;

Where is eternal life is you heavenly portion,

God is in control and has the resigns of perfection.


The heavenly realms of the water of life,

Is a drink from the spring which is an eternal fountain;

Life that flows from the source for all heavenly purposes,

Into the hearts and mind of lives that simply love him.


For goodness leads mercy into the hearts and souls,

Of minds who thirst for living water, which gives life to the soul,

Each heart and mind and soul needs the gift of life;

Which flows fast and freely through him who has the keys,


So now as it flows and and appears in the mind of love;

The gift of God which is in us all flows out from above.

For the goodness of God is in the water of life,

Which is free and now flows from love.


Then this water of life becomes the water of life,

As the water of life is flowing from the mind of God;

As the mind of God is love, the water of life is to live,

As the pristine beauty of the water of life is eternal life.


Sure the gift of grace appears through the water of life,

Fastly flowing freely into the needy lives;

Where the heart of the water of life is a passion,

As a faith to give the water of life to all. 



The Purest Need

50 A Big Earth

It is a big earth of eternal truths and infinite needs,

The mass of an enormous solid rock ball spinning around in space;

As we as people live here trying to keep up with the race,

For those who love God and can look Him straight in the face.


With mountains and rivers and animals and plant life.

It is our job as humans to be good stewards to the earth,

For heaven is a reason and a purpose for times eternal season.

As the love of God is living in hearts and minds and souls.


It is a big earth and we are only small to play our part,

Of looking after it and ourselves with love;

We must do what we can, to be kind and love each other,

Then as sisters and brothers, show the love of God's family plan.


This big earth which holds us all is really our own and final home,

Without the hope of power to discover life on other planets;

But be sure that we can trust in God for everything,

And that His hand holds the key and leads the heavenly plan.


Thankyou father you hear me when I cry out in tears,

We are at your mercy of the big earth you have reigned 2000 years;

And for your love that never fails and whose sins you see,

Help us all to love you more with love and fear.


For great is the goodness and mercy of this big earth,

Which leads love and kindness itnto each heart with life.

But for those who do not forgive the lost and lonely freind,

Hell is there at the centre for those who have no hope in the end.



The Almighty God

51 Spirit Of The Mind

The spirits flowing freely right through me,

My minds on the money and God's on me;

I am listening to the voices in me,

God is talking through His spirit.


The spirit of the mind is the spirit of God,

He talks to me through prayer and hears what's said;

The spirit is a life giving force of infinity,

That the mind can concieve and believe.


I hear what He says in voices in my mind,

Like the wind blowing through me, in the mind of my head,

The spirit is intelligent and wise, it is fair to be said,

That the peace and beauty of paradise is living in my head.


Words make sense when they come from God,

For love and grace and mercy are kindness.

We should live with love in our hearts,

And with God's peace in our heads,


I love The Lord who leads me all the day to win,

With the spirit of the mind like voices in the wind;

The glory of the heavens now fills my head,

As the victory of life is like the spirit in eternal realms.


The spirit of the wind can also be like hell,

Which corrects the sin to produce perfection;

Then leads the mind through the spirit of the wind,

To take me where the spirit is paradise and eternal grace.



Talking in words

52 Kingdom Come

To God be the glory and may kingdom come,

Life for the living with our earthly sum;

Beauty for ashes and love everlasting,

Death to the wind and whats gone is beaten.


Look to the future of what is bright and to be real,

Good coming in gracefully and life hard as steel,

Perfection is plenty when peace is in place,

Gods gift of love for all in His grace,


Kingdom coming tomorrow, yesterday is well been,

Christ at the centre and grass, green and seen;

Clear as clean crystal, rich as the days here,

Treasures are in heaven and earth heavy to feel.


Kingdom come now I ask you for the peace we all want,

The beauty of the mind is the brilliance of the front,

Lost in a world of illusion and day dreams;

Where are you now I ask you, have you lost perfect steal?


Words are the essence of truth power and might,

Worlds are evdaing the peace of rights light;

Kingdom come to me nearly and dearly to heart,

Loves in the goodness and food the delight.


Well the spirit is willing, but the flesh remains weak,

The strength is in the giving and loss is in the keep;

The kingdom comes in parables, like secrets we have been told,

Explaining the meaning of the truth gold and bold.



Money has meaning.

53 Perfect Love

How can we live without perfect love?

Where is the answer to truth from above?

Where is the love and passion to share?

What comes in time we must keep to compare.


The reign of true love is perfection peace,

Perfect love the rain of perfection without cease.

Creation is the plantation of Christ in true love,

Heaven perfecting the kingdom to come.


Beauty abounding in joy and Gods trust,

Mountains and rivers are lost in His love;

Peace and true love is for woman and man,

Endlessly attracted in love's marriage perfect plan.


God has the reigns at the centre of perfect love,

Christ is the rain of passion and God's true love.

Lovingly knowing that life is passed ourselves,

When to bless one another is a greater gift than self love.


God blesses us all with His perfect true love,

The earth has respect for Him in heaven above;

The desert is a jewel, while the sea has sweet air,

The oceans and wilderness swap to compare.


Perfect love is a gift from God high above,

Love that never ends but adjusts to what right,

The truth comes to those who seek and do wait,

Who lie not and want not, but in heaven and hells state.



A vision of paradise.

54 Living In Peace

Living in peace and world without war,

Heaven is true love and thats what it is for;  

Love never ending and peace and true love,

Harmony for each of us and all with heaven above.


The earth is a place and plenty for all,

It is really just a planet like a spinning ball,

Reading to learn what God has in stall,

Learning His leading from the peace, with plenty for all.


Why should we fight, what will it achieve?

Nothing for anyone and no one will need;

Wanting and waiting is like wasting away,

When we all must work for a living, with none going astray.


Living in peace is the worlds full destination,

Everything right and a nothing wrong nation;

Joy for the goodness of what is done right,

God evergiving with peace and delight.


The conditions are subtle if we all do as right,

The law is perfection of things happening in light,

God looking down and seeing with His sight.

A perfect creation without war and strife.


There really is no need for any war at all,

Peace is the answer to conflict and endurance;

Let us settle our differences and get on with life,

For in life there is love if in peace we delight.



Peace without war.

55 Peace, Plenty And Perfection

Prince of peace, with plenty and perfection,

King of creation that has natural perplexion;

Beauty all around the world about,

Brilliant in mind and thought detection.


Love, faith and grace all kindly thoughts,

With hope for the future and Godly selection;

Peace, plenty and perfection, joy evermore,

Lawfully willing to abide in his kingdom.


God shows His kindness, to all who will see,

Godliness and goodness, to all who will plea;

Great is the expextation for Him to return,

To show us the worth of all that we earn.


Lovingly knowing its life past ourselves,

Where eternity waits like books on the shelf;

Life everafter and love everlasting,

God is the bearer of truth overbounding.


Peace in our minds with plenty to come,

Peace and perfection, our earthly sum;

World without end and world without war,

Perect peace for all with plenty to ensure.


Peace for the plenty and perfection of creation,

Endurance and suffering at the cost of one nation;

All to enjoy to employ, to emplore for an empire,

Peace coming for everafter and love everlasting.



Freedom and Justice

56 Winning The World

Winning the world, the earth pays a cost,

The price of real freedom, Gods surplus;

Truth and democracy, time pays all money,

Kindness in the kingdom and worth is loves honey.


Winning the world, souls won for a cause,

Sinning is easy, right is the hard pay;

Needless vendictiveness, hell is the day,

When heaven has purchased your head, heart and way.


Heaven and hell they say, winning is easy!

Paradise the perfection of peace really pleasing;

Exploring the meaning of truth to be patient;

Doctors love weather and whether they pay it.


God is on call at nearly every station,

Trains in the wind and water is rationed,

Winning is easy and the world aways waiting,

The hard thing of cource is the earth trying beating.


Winning the world then the answers come easily,

God at the helm and things seemingly pleasing;

Weddings and festivals, carnivals and funnerals,

Its hard to please everyone and all winning as easily.


Well health and the wealth are kind of good things,

Happily helping with pains, hurts and ills;

Winning the world, now what do we do next,

All are in paradise and peace always pleasing.



The Spinning earth.

57. True Love

Love isn't love untill you give it away

And if it comes back to you it is love that is here to stay

True love is true love and definitely one of a kind,

That your perfect match in life is of the same mind.


True love is fair love and right to behold,

To love and to nurture in beauty to believe;

True love is the best love, because it never lets you down,

As true love is a perfect love, like a king with a crown.


But true love needs two loves for it to really work,

One is a man and the other a woman, by God's word;

Real love is actual love and true love is due,

With true love you see clearly, to believe as new.


True love is good love, because it always remains true,

From now until eternity, where Christ's brillliance is knew;

True love is financial and a fiancee will match,

For perfect partners in marriage, true love is the catch.


True love is blue love, like the clear sky of heaven,

Where God sits and resides and listens to his servants;

Now true love is right love, left to live up to,

That true love reigns surpreme, as love in beauty is to do.


True love, refines love and true love remains true love,

True love is new love, when true love is through love;

True love is bright love and the best love to be seen,

For true love is about above love in all majesties scene.



Perfect Partners.

58. For Love and Glory.

For love and glory was the story of his life,

The beauty of her face and the shining light in her eye;

Looking unto her for peace and quiet of mind,

And her eyes meet his in the beaming sunshine.


She was there for the conquest in love,

To me from God in heaven above;

I had to take her for my wife to be,

She was his love and glory to see.


She had the face of faith,

With beauty beyond belief,

She beamed eternal glory,

Of peace and love so kind.


Now with grace and love and glory,

The is peace and joy and beauty;

In the majesty of perfection,

In the fullness of creation.


So now the eternal beauty,

Of her love and glory;

Was written in her face,

To tell her truth and beauty.


The homeward bound and duty,

Was to fill the earth with beauty,

Which God had allready done,

But now in her love and glory.


Being Fullfilled

59.Life And Death

How sweet it is the smell of success,

Life and death, a treat to take a deep breath,

With only time on your side and time to tell,

The earth goes around and all things are well.


So now as we look at things going on as a key,

With words down in writing and all appearing as a star;

Life is dear, when experimenting with experience takes place,

So the theory becomes will I live in a world or go out to space.


There is a sudden inspiration to life and to death,

That compells us to live life to our own very best;

That when confonted with evil and death is at foot,

Then the very best resort is to seek and to look.


So when in the garden, leaves fall to the ground,

Life is the green grass of home, while you take the test to be found;

And when the days done and the sun sets in the west,

Life is all set for tomorrow and the days gone, you remember it best.


Well now it is starting to sound like its finishing and to wind up,

When Christ took the last supper and was going to the cross with a cup;

Like throughing sand to the wind or bread crumbs to the birds,

We reap what we sow with the fruit and effort of our words.


And heaven is up there and hell down there for the sinners,

Where paradise is a mixture of good and bad, laughing and being sad;

For all who will attempt to live life out full to the very end,

When money seems as is our enenmy and time our best freind.



Better Trying Kindness.

60. Perfectly Right

I want to suit myself, but I am not sure that I can,

You see if you want to be perfectly right, you have to have a plan;

Of cource it is always better to have more money than what you have,

And that depends on being pefectly right and staying with the plan.


Then along comes the wind, to tell you that you might be wrong,

And that taking your time for everything, simply takes too long;

So to be perfectly right again, the plan becomes the goal we write,

And that fits in along the line with the perfect plan to be right.


I want to talk to myself and you can get me to write that down,

Like I thought about every book on the shelf and then going to town;

So, well if it is perfectly right to think to yourself all the time,

That is why I am writing this down to myself and trying to make it rhyme.


Well you think that you are successful, well that is perfectly right to me.

He thought he was him for her and she had to be perfectly right to win;

Well again I am right for me and she needs to be perfectly right for her,

As when you get married she was perfectly right for her then.


Well, when you want to be perfectly right to have a family clan,

Remember all of history and how that fits in with her plan;

Because when he and she are perfectly right for each other, love is the key,

And I remember everything like that and that suits me myself perefectly right.


So remember that I have to write for myself to be perfectly right,

And that depends if I am perfectly right, when I write this for myself;

Because being perfectly right is one of the best feelings you can have,

And if you are perfectly right for yourself, then you are perfectly right for me.



Written To Reflect.

The End