Parsifal In Paradise




PARSIFAL IN PARADISE! –What does it mean?

Paradise is a good question to a logical argument of what is right in life and what is the desired state of mind. That through a world of tropical indulgence of heaven and hell, eating and drinking to ones heart's content and satisfying oneself with the love of a woman. This means the perfect utopia of paradise and Parsifal is on his quest through this world to end up in that state of mind. The argument could be put forward that money is the only means to the end, but that though time plays an especially intricate part in the life and road that the pathway takes to find his desired state of being.

Whether it be physical surroundings or an ultimate pinnacle peace experience, it is yet still to be deciphered and determined.But the reality is that in his impoverished state, it is a long and slow windy climb to the place of desired outcome. To reflect intimately and concentrate on the highs and lows, ups and downs, which, would be to lead to a lack of contentment, but this patient pursual of things on earth and the ultimate goal and direction of the heavenly state of mind called paradise, is a give and take, lack and indulgence and actual reality that is measured on self worth. The process to reach it is one of a right minded projection to the physical, though to reach it is of a transition to a state of heaven and whilst here on earth he must go through hell.

The foundation and interrelationship he has with God and Yeshua to the faith of the mother and the genealogical hierarchy of family for royal bloodlines is unquestionably conclusive as the reason and attainable goal of the desired outcome of utopia is found within himself and all his achievements, works and deeds. To find, follow, search and receive the goal, to attain the Holy Grail which is the relic and artifact that claims and holds his whole state of being, represented by the cup of suffering, that just to put his hands on it, whatever it is, is sure and unfathomable, heals him and gives him life, for a drink from this of the eternal life giving miracle water, has the healing he needs. For from it is the ultimate experience and what it means for Parsifal to be in paradise.

Tropical paradises are for and as reasons for people in places, some should represent to the reader a picture in the mind to invisage and imagine themselves there in a tropical paradise perfection. The topical ideas which have come about in the writing of this book are seamingly sensed to portray poetical concepts and visions of actual paradise in the mind of the reader to establish there position of uderstanding in the real world where exotic plants and drinks on island resorts of Pacific Paradises of aqua blue crystral clear waters coming about as acceptable to the heart of the persons invisaging mind. White and gold sands, coconut trees and different species of palms all compiling into the complex perfection of paradise on a blue lagoon setting with boats and huts in a tropical exclusive club, marina type setting. With coral and tropical fish, island feasts and fruit cocktails, being just some of the tempting treats to sit back and imagine as in your own place of a comfort zone to enjoy, relax and explore in these written verses of these paradise conceptions. Indulge and entertain yourselves with the tropical mystery of the islands where heaven and love both mix and intertwine to form Parsifal In Paradise.

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