The gift of life is still the most precious thing,

A baby being born and the joy that will bring;

The love and the peace that fills up the heart,

Of a new person on earth you can't believe it will start.


But the suffering and pain is still worth it all,

To have someone to hold and bring up from so small;

How could one deny this beautiful glorious thought?

That they would terminate their pregnancy and life abort.


The problem is real and yes it's right at the core,

Of money making people who sin to want more;

And the evil that starts in the mind of the one,

Who has decided to end the gift of a daughter or son?


Abortion is not a game in which to make a racket,

Or put aside all of your time for a greedy pay packet;

But think of the ways that a child can be a blessing,

And come to your senses use your mind for confessing.


Think of the choices and make decisions that count,

That will add up much higher in a human resources amount;

And look out to God for the wisdom and guidance,

That the prayer for the children comes under his providence.


And use your head to make intelligent answers,

Questioning the meaning not take irrational chances;

For the truth of the matter is a very high distinction,

Between life and death and the whole human race extinction.



Please Consider Again.