The right frame of mind is a positive outlook,

An attitude developed by reading in a book;

The brain is a sensitive and challenging thing,

For decisions it makes and the job it will bring.


An electrical current can be positive to power,

But returns as a negative and earthed to allow;

The balance of thought is in understanding the need,

Of what you will want through what you do read!


The wires are in a lead to find the right thing,

To go to the place to support or to ring;

The cause or the needs is to find out just why,

And wonder where it comes from or when it will fly.


So is psychology a positive or a people problem!

Is psychiatry a bit negative for election of property?

Does one make money and the other make time,

Or is this a free verse in poetry of rhyme.


And the popularity of being positive till forever to die,

Depends on the work and just how hard you try;

We think we will make money bring positive all the time,

But the negative never wins unless the length is a line.


So life then depends on attitudes and decisions,

With positive thoughts meaning money must be precision;

And the time is eternal and a lifetime away,

That the questions and answers are asked every day.



Please appreciate.