Parsifal's Peace Poems


Peace is the main theme of this book, like it is the main theme of the Bible. "My peace I have and my peace I leave you with", is some of Jesus famous words in His meaning and purpose on earth. In fact the beautiful mind of God, is Christ's brilliant and perfect peace. The kingdom of God or heaven is one of peace, prosperity and lovingkindness, demonstrating all the goodness of God in all his glory. God is a God of love and like its sister word joy, peace is about harmony and an enjoyable place, where the situations there are as a feeling of calmness, stillness, relaxation and peaceful meaning, like paradise in heaven. It is really a gift that is to good to refuse and is all to often related to the mind and how we think and so it should be to, but it also means the prevention and stopping of fighting and wars going on, that there is a peaceful existance for all, through diplomacy and the prevention and care of people's lives. This is my prayer for you that you would work for peace and not destruction, that you would live at one with one another in consideration and affection, not hate, spitefulness, envy or jealousy. That you can be content with each other and tolerant of everything you have to come across. When aquiring another thing to your collection in life, it would be one of care, done with prayerful consideration as to how much you have and need in regards to your hording and greed, which is created by corruption and selfcenteredness. We should aim to live with each other in a world of peace, where we need to be content with what we have got. I can not stress this enough, that the more you have got in the way of material things, does not make you happier in life, it just gives you more to worry and think about, for more work, strife and turmoil. Love God not money and peace will be yours, Love God and not things and you will experience the peaceful existence of heaven. Work for peace and not money or things and the whole kingdom of heaven will be yours, with everlasting life thrown into the bargain. Christ came to heal and save, not to destroy, but to give you His lasting and perfect peace. God Bless You as He should and may we glorify God as He would us in faith. To He Who Is Him, That Also Gives Life, may we go into this together, so as to love and search the world, to fathom the understanding of God's Peace and Mind, For Love Towards Each Other. More later. Darel.

Chapter 1 Peaceful Times

1 Time For Peace

Time for peace and plenty,

Time for love and joy;

Time to be nice to everybody,

Time for peace not war.

Time for keeping things holy,

Time for prayer and praying;

Time to be beautiful and happy,

Time for God's new leaf.

Time to lead a righteous life,

Time to help and heal;

Time for loving nearly anybody,

Time for health and peace.

Time to see the good in life,

Time for reason and truth;

Time to see what can be done for others,

Time to be kind and good.

Time for peace and passion,

Time for healing the sick,

Time to restore the wounded,

Time for forgivenss and proof.

Time to heal the hurting heart,

Time for head and mind of peace;

Time to love one another,

Time to relieve the pain for peace.


God and Creation.

2 Peace and Rhyme

Time for rhyme and romance,

Time for love and joy;

Time to be good for each other,

Time for rhyme and toys.

Time for rhyme and living,

Time for truth and justice;

Time for God and being,

Time for wellness and care.

Time for peace and rhyme,

Time prayer and healing;

Time for rhyming nearly anything,

Time for all and nothing.

Time to give a bit back to God,

Time for love and patients;

Time for freedom and honesty,

Time for courtesy and manners.

Time for rhyme and restoration,

Time for healing the sick;

Time for peace and atonement,

Time for redemptive reading.

Time to rhyme along the lines,

Time for lemons and limes;

Time for the fruit of the spirit,

Time I opened the eyes of the blind.


Rhyme peace not to cease.

3 Peace and Purpose

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for reason and truth,

Time for hope and love,

Time for faith and belief.

Time for peace and purpose,

That is a very good thing;

Time for loving and giving,

Time for nearly everything.

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for seasons and things;

Time for the topics and meaning,

Tropical paradise now anything.

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for Summer and Spring;

Time for Autumn and Winter,

Time for snow, rain and sunshine.

Time for peace and purpose,

Everything happening for a reason;

Time for teamwork and friendliness,

Time for spouce and marriage.

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for nearly everyone;

Time for nearly everything,

Time for something not anything.


A reason for Everything.

4 Peace and Reason

It is peace and reason,

A very good season;

Love and joy,

And peace evermore.

Peace for the perfect,

Pain for the sinner;

Love in forgiveness,

And faith for the truth.

Trust for those who believe,

Pride for the wicked,

Peace and patience;

Care for all the others.

Tears for the guilty,

Relief for the condemned;

Sun, seas and trees,

Jesus is the reason.

Christmas is coming,

Peace for the season;

God is the reason,

The world is His thrown.

Peace for the weary,

Reason to believe;

Joy to be magnified,

Plenty of peace.


Reason For Peace.

5 War and Peace

An epic novel of time gone by,

Peace for the living,

Trust for the dieing,

For the fighting to cease.

God knows our hearts,

God loves our souls;

Jesus is the way,

Truth and the Life.

Peace and not war,

Work and not laziness;

Blessing and honour,

Time on our hands.

Time for joy and peace,

Time for all wars to cease;

Time for the love of God,

A clean clear drink of water.

War does not help,

War has a cost;

People lives are important,

We must pay a price.

God sent His son,

A living sacrifice;

To redeem and to heal,

For peace evermore.


Thanks to the cross.

6 Peace and Water

Cool crystal clear clean water,

A drink from the fresh stream;

A waterfall pouring on down,

The estery of a delta.

A lake like life,

Peace like a river;

Love like an ocean,

Joy like a fountain.

Peace like water,

Reflecting in the sun;

Seas and surf running,

Eternal waters now flowing.

Water of life for everyone,

Water of life forever;

Water to drink slowly,

From the fountain of life.

Jesus is the living water,

Water that never runs out;

Infinite water forever,

Reigning from heaven above.

Rain is the peace in the desert,

Clouds that shed mercy above;

People will always have enough,

If they trust in Jesus, the water of life.


Thirst quenching. 

7 Peace and Light

Peace and heavenly light,

Glory and beauty adore;

Love and mercy forever,

God and goodness abound.

May prosperity follow you wherever,

May the peace of the Lord be yours;

May the light of Christ smile upon you, 

And may peace and joy be light.

May peace and light be plenty,

May you joy at every sight,

May you walk in the place of peacefulness,

May you enjoy your love and life.

May the peace of God go with you,

May Christ smile upong you at night;

May peace and light dwell within you,

And may The God of heaven live in light. 

May God fill your heart with life,

May there be peace in your head and mind;

See the truth and beauty around,

Keep safe in God and above the ground.

Lead me kindly with peace and light,

Show me goodness and mercy forever;

Keep me safe and dry in your tender care,

In the beauty of your creation.


God Willing.

8 Peace and Plenty

Peace and plenty be your forever,

Love and joy and peace to share;

Watch over me in your home forever,

Where heaven is my joy and care.

Keep me from harm and evil people,

Show me your truth and light;

Give me peace to reign forever,

In your eternal love and care.

Peace and plenty and love forever,

God is good and reigns in heaven;

In love and peace and care,

God grant us and show us mercy.

Peace and plenty abounding everywhere,

Peace and love and kindness;

Plenty of peace for me and you,

Plenty for people everywhere.

Peace and plenty and love abide,

Abounding in hearts everywhere,

Minds are filled with joy and peace,

Plenty of peace for everyone.

Peace and plenty, joy overbounds,

Peace and plenty now and forever;

Peace and plenty as I end these lines,

Peace and plenty for everyone, everywhere.


A long time to come.

9 The Peace Release

The peace release is the joy of creation,

The beauty of love and life,

Finding peace and still and quiet,

In the face of anxiety and strife.

The peace release will take you to heaven,

To be with your God and father;

To see and understand the mind of God,

Till forever ages to be kind.

Peace is the joy of the spirit,

In goodness and freshness and life;

Reigning eternally and endlessly forever,

Releasing love and kindness from His mind.

Releasing tension is a way to release stress,

Do it in a nice and kind way;

Live with the love of God within,

To dwell in heaven forever.

Fill my heart with joy and peace,

Peace that will last forever;

Release the pain and hate of men,

Find time to heal the wounded.

Keep me safe and to dwell with Thee,

Watch over me in your heavens love;

Release the worries of my mind,

And help me to be well with Thee.


Love eternally.

10 The Peace Increase

The peace increase is something good,

Joy and love as things really should;

An increase of peace to make things right,

Holy and good in God's sight.

The peace increase is something good,

Loving kindness and charity, for what is good;

Serving and helping to make things better,

Love and peace for a gogetter.

The peace increase is something good,

Thinking of you all the more now;

Love and blessings from the holy cow,

Spiritual milk and blessings from God.

The peace increase is something good,

Trying to write to make things good;

Looking around to see wherever I can,

To help God out with His heavenly plan.

The peace increase is something good,

More peace on earth as things really should,

More peace of mind and humble hearts,

More peace, more joy, more heavenly love.

The peace increase is something good,

More peace, more peace, for mind and heart;

Thankyou God for your heart to our prayers,

A listening ear to hear, love and care.



Chapter 2 Peaceful Existance

11 Peace to Never Cease

Peaceful existance, time and love,

All things good and nothing odd;

Beauty surounding, joy and peace.

Things in there place, as they should.

Peaceful existance, time and love,

Peace evermore, right and good;

Praise and honour, in all our prayers,

Love care and concern for us and them.

Peaceful existance, God is good,

Love joy and peace, all things good;

Creating and caring how things should be,

Loving and living to cherish how life is.

Peaceful existance, God is good,

Kindness and mercy for sure the more;

Love and grace in the right place,

Faces smiling all day in space.

Peaceful existance, God is good,

How things should be and understood;

Seeing meaning and beauty in every word,

All things good, love of a bird.

Peaceful existance, God is good;

Blessings upon you now, forever and a day,

Creators concern to make things right,

Passion and healing, peace and love.


God is good.

12 Piece by Piece

Piece by piece things fall into place,

Peace after peace to make loves way;

Joy and mercy, a very good thing,

Sweet loving kindness, peace is the thing.

Piece by piece things fall into place,

All things good and the way of God;

I love it dearly when Gods plan comes together,

All things clear, not muddy and merky.

Piece by piece things fall into place,

By the grace of God and love of His face;

A grace and space for each and all,

On this our earth, the spinning ball.

Piece by piece things fall into place,

All the best love and care for what goes where;

Peace, love and kindness, mercy be,

All God's goodness and love for me.

Piece by piece, things fall into place,

In the right time and in the right way;

See where things go and put them there,

In the right palce for God to care.

Piece by piece things fall into place,

God loving us and we loving Him;

Everything good, the way it should be,

Peace love and kindness and the blessing of Thee.


God's fits right in.

13 Peace and Persitance

Peace and persitance, the place to be,

Creativity and love on bended knee;

Dwelling in heaven, hearts should all be,

Lost in His grace of peace and persitance.

Never say die, never give up,

Peace and persitance will see you right on;

The right light, the true light, of God in the sky,

Perfect love, pure love, splendidly bye.

Peace and persistance, at home to try,

The right love, the true love;

Working towards the beauty to fly,

Homeward bound at the end of the sky.

Peace and persitance, an unlimited gift of love,

Abounding freely for all those who try;

God in the atmosphere, looking down from above,

To a people who love Him and work for His love.

Peace and persitance, God's grant of fame,

Holy and blameless remembering His name;

Heaven comes to mind for all that you have done,

The work of your efforts and grace of God's love.

Peace and persistant, holy, right and true,

Doing what you have to, to get the job done;

Love in your heart with the work of kindness,

The blessings of honour, freedom of heart.


Work in heaven.

14 Peace and Protection

Peace and proection, God's loving heart,

Kindly looking after you right from the start;

Grace and well being, mercy for all,

The love and forgiveness of peace and protection.

Peace and protection, heavens lovely, calling, being home,

A sure and safe place, with God in front above;

Safe and sercure in the knowledge of His love,

God sure and boundiful conditions of everything good.

Peace and protection, the knowledge of the holy,

Doing what is right and staying out of trouble;

All the beauty of creation, forgiveness since the fall,

Forgetting what is evil and remembering God's love. 

Peace and protection, the problem of sin,

The Devil watching out for someone to win,

Stay with the truth, the peace and the way,

The life for the living, your heavenly home.

Peace and protection, the pleasure of love,

Safe and secure, the loneliness of yourself;

Stay in the light, don't go out in the dark,

Live a long time, not caught out doing wrong.

Peace and protection, the longest of years,

Been sinning and winning, now comes the tears,

Peace and protection, Your friend by your side,

The right one, the true one, the one you can trust.


God's Combination.

15 Peace and Persecution

Peace and persecution, money in the bank,

You think you are safe, but God thinks your not;

Love and my surroundings, only God knows,

The true heart, the loved ones, nothing is odd.

Then comes the rain and the pain of sin,

Your caught full of yourself, God sees the heart;

People having a go at you, nothing is right or sacred,

The wind of destruction, the safety in God.

Peace and persecution, they are tangibly opposed,

But a pair of tormentors that leave you exposed;

Seek for the right light, the love and life of God,

Not high and dry, out on your own.

Peace and persecution, not all of the joy you want,

Having a go at you and not in God's love;

Leaving you hurting, without a care, turn and ask God,

You need to come back to Jesus and talk to God in prayer.

Peace and pursecution, you left the church,

Not happy and crying, you are out of God's favour;

Your hurt and your worrying, a bad place to be,

Lost in the safety, but not eternity, suffering for Him.


Return to God. 

16 Peace and Peaceful

Be still and quiet and know God,

Content and satisfied in your mind;

Peace everlasting and love goodness,

The peace and the peaceful rest in God.

Peace and the peaceful, being yourself,

Peace by piece things fit together;

Enjoying the good life and peaceful plenty,

Grace and mercy in loving faith. 

Peace for the peaceful, nice and kind,

A bit of respect for God and others;

Joy in the heart and peace of mind,

Peace for the peaceful, right and royal.

Blessings upon you, God is good,

Peace for the kingdom, love is real;

Things of the past and into tomorrow,

Love ever after, forgetting the sorrow.

See how the happy, live in heaven,

Good times, not bad times forever;

Eternity is upon us here and now,

Peace for the peaceful, longsuffering joy.


Coming kingdom.

17 Peace and Beauty

Peace and beauty in His glorious kingdom,

Love and kindness, passion and feeling;

Joy and forgiveness, what life is about,

Confiding in one another, without any doubt.

Peace and beauty, look full in His face,

A wonderful time and perfect embrace;

Collecting your thoughts, I think I am free,

Bended and bowed to Him on one knee.

Peace and beauty, it is the love of God,

Keeps us going, looking into His grace;

Working with words, things become so real,

People going places, good things are ideal.

Peace and beauty, all the goodness of life,

Struggling with yourself, then comes a wife;

Glorious beauty, perfect peace of mind,

All of God's goodness, in peace He shines.

Peace and beauty, love fills my head,

Treasures of the earth, heaven instead;

The kingdom of kindness, peace and beauty win,

The dead and rotton people, dead in their sin.

Peace and beauty, love fills the air,

Woman and their lovelieness, beauties delight;

The kingdom of God, living in the light,

The best of everything, the beauty of peace.


Wonderful Creation.

18 Peace and Perfection

Peace and perfection, nothing odd or wrong,

People living out their time, gloriously long;

Love is like an ocean, peaceful and full,

Glory in the morning, sun shibning warm.

Peace and perfection, everthing true and right,

God is good, glory in His sight;

Peace like a slow moving river or steam,

Running ever freely, in your hopes and dreams.

Peace and perfection, things just the way they're meant,

Glorious heaven, love all heaven sent;

Looking the mirror, you see yourself,

Reflecting in God's Glory, I see myself.

Peace and perfection, money heaven sent,

The problems of earth, best left in bed;

Shining through the clouds, God reigns on high, 

The truth of the situation, now comes to light.

Peace and perfection, beauty there as well,

The crooks and wicked people, all go to hell;

Give God your life, live on higher ground,

The beauty of perfection, now lost and found.

Peace and beauty, God fills the earth,

Like water falling down a waterfall;

God of heaven loves to forgive,

Perfect creation, now crisp and clear.


Mirror Image.

19 Peace and Production

A piece of the production, peace is to me,

Poems in the process of peace and production;

Working like a trogen, spitting out verse,

No time to relax, no time to reverse.

Is there a quiet time, somewhere by myself,

Somewhere where people will care and not attack;

Somewhere to look, listen and be still,

Somewhere where I can be peaceful and tranquil.

Peace and production, just going down the line,

Another place and people, another place and time;

Looking around to find out just sonewhere,

God is a genius, not some ordinary dill.

I know he works hard, I try to keep up,

Joy of a fountain, a drink form the cup;

Tireless and blamless, In God I lie down,

The rest my weary head from the production line.

Peace poems and plenty, all in the peace process,

The production line of heaven, peace in the conquest;

Where the river flows, as lines go on down the page,

The production line of life, is peace and its purpose.

The promise of fullfillment, peace in the project,

Trying to attain, some peaceful heavenly object,

The production line of poetry, peace is the answer;

God's prime objective, is to rhyme peace in poetry,

That the time lines of life are lightening the production.


God's peaceful purpose.

20 Peaceful Reliance

The reliance on God, a peaceful good reason,

Heaven is the answer, seasons are just pleasing;

The peaceful reliance, God's own requirement,

Loving one another, just doing good forever.

My self reliance, no valid reason,

Just pleasing myself, no sense or feeling;

God has the capacity, to look after everyone,

I keep going on choosing, my own explanation.

A peaceful reliance, God stay with us forever,

Give us the answer, the victory in heaven;

The call of the wild, Lord I want to go my own way,

Teach me reliance on God, no independance.

The accounting book of God, Am I on the roll,

When the trumpet sounds from heaven, Will I be called?

Looking around for love, your reliance is a requirement,

The compass tool of life, God's weather and direction;

I look wherever, God you are asking for reliance,

If I could only help myself, I wouldn't need you forever.

I know it is not the case, God, I need you more than ever,

My independance struggles, when I am on my own God;

My reliance is on you Lord, more and more than ever,

Now and forever Lord, my reliance is on you God.


The song of the birds.

Chapter 3 Peaceful People

21 Peaceful People

Peaceful people, beautiful people,

The grace of God and God's forgiveness;

Trying in vane to save themselves,

Jesus Christ, if they would only listen to reason.

The answer is simple and sweet and easy you know,

Going your own way, you won't learn and grow;

Looking to God, He is above all your fears,

He is immortal, you no longer need tears.

Peaceful people, you just can't save yourself you know,

You need God, through Jesus Christ His son;

He came down from heaven and died on the cross,

Your releiance should be on Jesus and God above.

Happily living, in peace and in joy of heavens love,

Peaceful people, they just don't do their bit;

Sitting so quietly, in their silently effort fit,

They love what they are doing, but are no good for it.

Peaceful people, you don't hurt anybody in the process,

But while you are doing nothing, you are no good for God;

Look out for what you can do to work for God and peace,

Using your time wisely and not just giving up on it.

God has time for people to sit and be quiet,

As people pray in peace for the good of God's earth;

Prayer is a way that we can all talk to God, as peaceful people,

Peaceful people get the idea, that we are not meant to be lazy.


Turn to God in prayer.

22 People Pray in Peace

People pray in peace, people love realizing,

The joy of being in prayer to God;

The love of being certain knowing God,

People pray for peace, to never end on earth.

People pray in peace, for everything good on earth,

People ask God for peace for what they are needing for;

People look to God for peace in many things,

Lovingly knowing God's joy of releasing peace.

People pray for many things, when all they need is peace,

The love of God for everything, the joy of being in peace;

Peace is the reason for living, God has the gift of giving,

God is the beauty of all His people being in peace.

Peace is what we work for, peace stops the war,

Peace is the joy of giving, what is worth living for;

People pray for peace, the only best thing to ask,

Giving God the joy of answering, the each and every task.

People pray and ask for peace, never ending to cease,

You have got to give me, what is on your heart;

Having the mind of peace, God's soul of love and joy,

People pray for peace, loves never ending journey's story.

People pray for peace, for famine and wars to cease,

For food and no more poverty, to stop people starving;

People pray for anything, asking God in care,

People pray for peace, for peace from God in prayer.


Lasting peace.

23 The Peace Poem

The peace poem is a poem of peace for you,

For love and understanding, care and wisdom;

The peace poem is a treasure of heaven,

Given from me to you for your peace.

The peace poem is a vision of splendour,

Making time for me and time for you;

The peace poem is an answer to prayer,

Being aware of life and daring to care.

The peace poem is a place where you can visit,

To get some head space and to have some peace;

To glory in the heavens of God's peace,

To understand the mind of heavens peace.

The peace poem is about beauty and life,

The joy of answered prayer and eternity right;

The end of war and famine, once again God's delight,

The peace poem is for your, to fill your mind with heaven.

The peace poem is for believers, what is enw on earth,

Trusting in salvation, free from torment being in hell;

Theb peace poem is for you, the whole of all mankind,

The grace and wisdom of weather, whether in God's sight.


God's peace of mind.

24 Prayer For Peace

Prayer for peace, not hate and spite,

Prayer for the kingdom, God's delight;

Prayer for the beauty of all creation.

Prayer for peace for every nation.

Prayer for peace, living in loving conditions,

Prayer for you to love God, me included;

Prayer for peace and understanding wisdom,

Prayer for peaceful existance and God eternally.

Prayer for peace, loves best reward,

Prayer for peace, the treasues of heaven;

Prayer for peace, looking for other things,

Prayer for peace, what is best in heaven.

Prayer for peace, might be my turn,

Prayer for peace, what we all yearn;

Prayer for peace, other people need it,

Prayer for peace, its quarter past eleven.

Prayer for peace, pleasant dreams while your alseep,

Prayer for peace, God everlasting, sweet release;

Prayer for epace, God eternally, God enduring,

Prayer for peace, what do you think you are doing.

Prayer for peace, God longing for you to come home,

Prayer for peace, everything else going on around;

Prayer for peace, has God left you on your own,

Prayer for peace, time for this one to return in peace.


Praying for peace.

25 Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet, while I listen to some music,

The sound and joy of pleasant thoughts in mind;

Peace and quiet and stillness, peace divine,

Peace and quiet, loves knowledge of the calm.

Peace and quiet, so that there is no harm,

Peace of mind, keeping quiet to myself;

Peace and quiet, not making a sound at all,

Sitting at home silently, in the peace of night.

Working soft and slowly, in the peace and quiet,

Enjoying all the goodness of God in peace;

While I have been in a peace of mind to think about,

Loving the quietness and beauty of a picture in my head.

The beauty of the mind in the peace and quiet,

The knowledge of being in the holiest of the holies;

The holy is being a place of peace and quiet,

The loveliest of the lovely, the peace and quiet. 

Peace and quiet, looking for a house and home,

A place to belong and enjoy the peace and quiet;

Grace and mercy, enduring plenty of peace and quiet,

Eternal palces, being in their peace and quiet.

Homes for the homeless, beautiful peace and quiet,

Loving all creation, a home for peace and quiet,

Going to heaven, where all is peace and quiet,

Voices like angels singing for me to hear,

Who needs to listen to all the peace and quiet.


God hear me.

26 Peace and Prosperity

Peace and prosperity, good news for all,

Enjoying God's creation, love is a good thing;

Peace and prosperity, money and success,

The joy of going to the bank and buying a house.

Peace and prosperity, don't get left behind,

Lost in the dark ages, nothing left to find;

Peace and prosperity, the joy of answered prayer,

People living in heaven, all high on air.

Peace and prosperity, all a millionaire,

What is left important, kids learning how to love;

Peace and prosperity, the gift from God above,

Working for a living, God grant us peace.

Loves beauty in action, heavens love release,

The joy of all creation, peace and prosperity for all;

Peace and prosperity for all those who read,

And write for all others to try and recieve.

Peace and prosperity, good knowing what it is,

Great treasures in heaven, life on earth;

The best of everything left to come,

Glory in the revelling of all of God's love.

Peace and prosperity, a suprano and a tennor,

The whole instrumental orchestra, playing out the chorus;

Handel, Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, playing out their best,

Peace and prosperity, for every heavenly guest.


God's Holy Beauty.

27 Peace and Property

Peace and property, heavens owning only home,

House and land and business, factory in the making;

Books on every subject, for the library leading,

You have got to know, learn and teach something.

Peace and property, people doing things properly,

Looking for the right ways, straight and true;

Peace and property, everything looking good,

A song for the heart, soul and mind.

Peace and property, peace and kind,

God is good for all time, what is on His mind;

Peace and property, Government registration,

The law of the land and political legislation.

Keeping the peace and a new land release,

Build yourself a property, house and land package;

Somewhere you can keep things and live,

Peace and property, something that God can give.

You have to own it, according to the peice of paper,

You can buy or sell it if you like with exchange rates;

Peace and the property, it is yours if you need it,

Tell me where you want it and it is yours therefore to keep.

Peace and property, houses and homes forever,

Do the right thing and learn how to keep it;

Do the wrong thing and you have broken the law,

Without a piece of property, you have no peace instead.


Ownership Rights.

28 Peace and Priority

Peace and priority, things have some importance,

People wants things first but there is a right order;

I must get what I want, but it pays to have patients,

People are important, as long as things are in priority.

It pays to keep things in their priority,

So everything gets done by its importance;

Working through one thing at a time,

In the logical right order of its priority.

I can place things in order between one and a hundred,

Slowly and methodically working through the backlog;

To get everything done in God's good time,

Even in writing poetry of verse and rhyme.

I have a long list of things to get done,

Time to write them all in their priority;

Prayer and God's help will sort out the order,

Of cource all being done, we just start all over again.

God help me get through this long list of things,

I can't do it alone, the joy that God brings;

Seeing things clearly just how to get all things done,

Doing then the right way, in the right order.

God has priorites, it would be good if all took note,

Maintaining certain liberties of what goes on in church;

God has priorities for people and their lives,

Give them back to Him, to love and use and bless.


Gracefully Letting God.

29 Permanent Peace

Permanent peace, whether you are lucky or not,

Living on life's edge or home safe and sound;

Permanent peace, lasting peace, love evermore,

Skills of salvation, God blessings never cease.

Jesus our warrior, fighting for us to be happy,

All the good reasons, blessings going on eternally;

Permanent peace, lasting peace, God eternally with Jesus,

Treasures of heaven, God's blessing forever.

Permanent peace, the joy of assurance,

Certainty in the knowledge that your going to be saved;

Home on the land of our fathers, God's perfect peace,

Permanent peace, lasting peace, God always satisfied.

The glory of heaven, the peace of everlasting love,

God's grace to the sinner, the cross of pain! paid; 

Forgiven and restored, healed and redeemed,

Peace and rememberance, permanent peace.

The power and security of God's everlasting peace,

Safe and secure in the treasures of home;

After combing the earth, that I've been to rome,

Permanent peace, lasting peace, there is no time to lose.

The fight has begun, the prize is for the taking,

God's gift of glory, worth more than money in the bank;

Permanent peace, lasting peace, I have my portion,

The Lord's been rewarding, treasures he has been hording.

The beauty of creation, the whole universe unvailed,

Permanent peace, lasting peace, I have enough at last;

Lovingly knowing that our God, The Christ has died,

Reveling in all countries and nations for permanent peace.


Homecoming happiness.

30 Peace and Promiscuity

Peace and promescuity, Jesus forgives the woman,

Caught in adultry, he writes on the ground;

Where are your accusers now, he said,

She looked and saw that they were all gone.

Peace and promescuity, the woman was forgiven,

Go and sin no more he said, life is for living;

She knew the power and love of Him,

She had turned from her life of sin.

Peace and promescurity, beauty and the tears,

Love and blameless kindness, washed away our fears;

Peace and promescurity, are you suffering in shame,

Have you known the peace of Jesus, will you never sin again;

Peace and promescurity, leave your life of sin.

The prostitute will tempt you, turn your back and walk away,

Don't engage in sinful actions and behaviour;

Life on earth is far too short to want go astray,

Live a life of obedience, upholding the good of Thee.

Peace and promescurity, have you given your life to Jesus,

Have you asked Him for forgiveness in peace to be fullfilled;

Constant acts of kindness will give you life instead,

Instead of dieing in your sins and suffering disgrace.

Peace and promescurity, have you come to your senses yet,

Have you found the grace of Jesus, by staring in His face;

Have you known the love of God, peace beyond all else,

Come to Him in time, give all your tresspasses away.


Except Constant Grace.

Chapter 4 Peaceful Paradise

31 Tropical Beaches

Tropical beaches, full and free,

Coconuts falling form the trees abunadantly;

Aqua water washing up on the golden shores,

Sand so white and beautiful, fruit would open then.

Tropical beaches of paradise, juice to sip and drink,

Beautiful places on uncharted islands;

Enchanted to to supply all your needs,

As you read along upon these lines.

Fruit, glorious fruit, a cocktail delight,

Tropical goodness, the passion of paradise;

Love being made in heaven all night,

Alone on a beach, so beautiful and bright.

God is good and love is His freedom,

Gloriously celebrated in His wonderful kingdom;

Purple passionfruits and peach coloured peaches,

A piece of paradise in a tropical wilderness.

On the island of a tropical paradise,

Life is sweet, lonely and heavenly;

If you were with me, the two of us could be,

Alone together as if in heaven, any where there.

Whether you are with me or weather you are not,

On the island of your dreams in heaven;

You live there in a tropical paradise,

Life is a slice of paradise, sun tan skin deep.

Beauty on the surface, terror comes and goes,

The action of the island paradise;

Is a tropical storm with winds that blow,

Tropical conditions now settled and in flow.


Seventh heaven.

32 Coconuts and Fruit Juice

Coconuts and fruit juice, heaven eleven,

Gods goodness in natural fruit juice.

Coconut milk and island cream,

A slice of life in island heaven.

Twelve noon, the island feast,

Accompanied by a coconut fruit juice;

Pinapple and coconut juice, with watermelon,

A cocktail of love in heavens paradise.

Love in the morning, God at night,

Good for heavens meaning, a tropical paradise;

Coconut milk and fruit juice, heaven sent,

Money in the bank, being spent.

Take time out for yourself with this,

Coconuts and fruit juice, heavens kiss;

A piece of love and island feast,

The drink of life, a tropical juice.

Coconuts and fruit juice, meaning well,

Bananas and cream, custard as jelly;

Time to know and time to tell,

Are you dreaming in love or under heavens spell?

All is well in heavens paradise,

Coconuts and fruit juice, heavens slice of life;

Beautiful places, island sweet drinks,

Falling in love on heavens paradise,


Coconuts and fruit Juice.

33 Island Resort

I was thinking of Hamilton Island,

Then I went over to Hayman Island;

I had been to Daydream and South Mole,

Kepple and Frazer Island.

The trouble was I needed an island paradise,

I did not know which island resort to choose;

I was eating and feasting in heaven,

In a paradise of tropical perfection.

Here I am as I write at home,

Wondering God will take me now;

To my tropical island paradise resort,

A place to eat and drink and sleep.

It could be Pacific Islands,

Fiji, Neumea, Samoa or Tonga;

Cook Islands, Mauritous or The Maldives,

With island resorts and coconut trees.

Golden and white sand beaches,

Pools, bars and restaurants;

Girls wearing tiny bikinis,

Going to bed or sleeping under the stars.

God is good and gives us everything,

To enjoy while under the sun;

Be careful not to overindulge,

Love is fun, but not getting burnt.


Lost in paradise.

34 Perfection In Paradise

Perfection in paradise, a beautiful thing,

Life is for living, my dream my plan;

It is good to love God, not be odd,

Things in the right perspective, not wrong.

Perfection in paradise is the way to be,

Happily, merrily, going along to see;

Have a good look at yourself in the mirror,

Do you look happy with your own reflection.

Perfection in paradise, having good head space,

True and correct, not rotton or bad;

Does the sun shine down on your smiling face,

Heavenly thoughts, according to God's plan.

Perfection in paradise, tropical love ideas,

The subject for topics to write about right;

Right about writing, all of the time,

Reflecting perfection, God in the mirror.

Paradise perfection, Man in God's image,

Recreating, creation, plenty of things;

Recreation abounding, according to Him,

Everything working, right, straight and true.

Paradise perfection, cars on the road.

People come and go, life in the fast lane,

Time to slow down and keep things in flow;

The tide and the moon, fish swim and grow,


Money back in the bank.

35 Parsifal's Paradise

Grow up, get married, have family,

All good and wonderful things;

The paradise plan, perfect world,

To buy a house and have kids.

Lost in a world of medieval and disease,

Nothing going right, problems your believing;

Schizophrenia a dillusion, not feeling real,

This is the situation, learning how to deal.

The reality is a mix between the both,

Troubles come and go, everything should be right;

Such is the way of work and life,

Problems in perspective, not too much strife.

Time and age and money to spend,

God's good gift of life for those to live;

Peace and the plenty, in the picture of yours,

Parsifals paradise, perfection, people, poetry.

The person going places, ends up getting there,

The mystery of of destination, just living where;

The journey long and sweet, eternal life at end,

Meeting people along the way, a new found friend.

Parsifal's paradise, peace perfect peace,

Piecing together the pieces, life is quite sweet;

Pie in the sky, a cake that I bake,

Things true and right, things that I make.


A dream come true.

36 Peaceful Paradise

Peaceful paradise, a perfection idea,

The world all in good order, things not too bad;

Life has meaning, kindness blessing people,

A peaceful existance, things really ideal.

Peaceful paradise, properly with property,

Things going straight in the right places;

Correct and true, peoples smiling faces,

I love the idea of God being home in church.

Wondering or philosophising, what is life about?

Looking for reason, everything in season;

Life and the farm, life is good and sweet,

Loving and living, things more complete.

Peaceful paradise, lost on an island,

Dreaming and waiting, a boat now coming;

Sailing off into the sunset, around the world,

Coming home to land, a place in the street.

Peaceful paradise, life by a stream,

Awake or asleep, a wonderful dream.

The river wanders on down and by;

A tree drinking water, rootes by the sea.

Peaceful paradise, the school of learning,

Education a bliss, tomorrow good morning;

The way of the world, life is but sweet,

The cool waters of life, paradise peace.


Peaceful dreams.

37 Meaning Perfect Peace

Meaning perfect peace, making perfect peace,

Peace is in the process of being never to cease;

Wind blowing through the trees, breathing breeze,

Air to nose, sweet life grows and in poetry flows.

Meaning perfect peace, paradise perfection people,

Poetry in motion, lines rhyming in time;

Words going down the pages, as ages goes,

Life is for all creation, God's gift to me.

Meaning perfect peace, heaven on my mind,

All things good, I feel quite inclined;

God is found in the earth around us,

Paradise pleasantly performing poetry.

Meaning perfect peace, smell the fresh roses,

Life is heaven sent, the scent to the noses;

A century of people, places and paper,

Peace the product, the produce of pens.

Meaning perfect peace, sinners in jail,

Winds come and go, things never fail;

Lightning strikes the problem, trouble is fixed,

After all, we can't have things wrong, can we?

Meaning perfect peace, the picture is now clear,

Dirt in the face, the mirror is clean;

I did not do it, even though you blamed me,

Meaning perfect peace, everything right.


It could even be me.

38 Heavenly Paradise

Heavenly peace, this is what life is all about,

Others want money, give me God instead;

Sleeping in perfect beauty, love is nice,

It is a wonderful creation, God's perfect life.

Heavenly peace being, a magnificent world,

Working for law and order, the earth still turns;

Fixing and restoring, forgiveness and healing,

With a Christ centered mind, God fills my heart.

Heavenly peace really, people, poetry, paradise,

Pictures in my head, people being smart;

God has control, I should do things right,

The whole of creation, waits to be fullfilled.

Clouds floating over in blue blowing heaven,

Skies a dreamland and a world away where;

Purity and holiness, life is all full of love,

God has the reigns, as he sits on His thrown above.

Heavenly peace, now I see it as it were and was,

Truth in the law of creation, God leading us home;

Going the distance and in the right direction,

The ability to see, hear, taste, touch, feel and live.

Heavenly peace, all things clear in understanding,

Clarity of mind, knowledge of what is true and right;

Good information, education and intelligent insight,

Health, wealth and beauty, God's partners in life.


The way things should be.

39 Peace Like A River

Peace like a river, joy like a fountain,

Love like an ocean, God ever will;

Heaven higher and hell lower,

River running by down stream.

Peace like and river, people and the plenty,

Drift wood floating on and passing forever;

A trickle and a meander, cool clear water flowing,

Love is like life, water is for the living.

Peace like a river, the righteousness of God,

The mind is crystal clear, peace ever after;

Living, loving, learning, just praising God,

The water of holiness, flowing like a river of life.

Peace like a river, words from the heart,

Rhyming the river of life in perfect peace;

Poetry is a way of giving God delight,

Paradise of heaven, seeing the river just run by.

Flowing through a cave in an underground stream,

The river of peace finds its way to a very real pool;

An ever flowing friend, a verse I learn't at school,

The river of life in heaven, the book of eternal peace.

Peace like a river, down and through around the trees,

Life is eternal, now going on and never to cease;

Heavens perfect picture, a castle there in peace,

God's heavenly creation, now paradise complete.


Ends up in paradise.

40 Peace Forever More

Peace forever more, the never ending story,

Love there in paradise, giving God the glory;

Peace forever more, that is the right spirit,

Everything being perfect, paradise is the limit.

Peace forever more, God sits on the thrown,

Heavens picture perfect, both real and vivid;

Life is for all people, God has the true power,

Keeping the world in order, free from chaos and right.

Peace forever more, free to love as we should,

The whole of creation, turns and works for Him;

Grace, peace and mercy, something for all the good,

Putting the poeple in their places of perfection in poetry.

Peace forever more, God is Lord of His creation,

Loving the whole world, except for the evil in it;

Are we turning and following Him, as we really should,

No use being in danger, out of a relationship with Him.

Peace forever more, Knowing the good side of things,

Not being bad and living a life of sin, the victory to win;

Leaving the old self behind us, heaven is a better place,

The perfection of peace and paradise, people love poetry.

Peace forever more, looking for the questions answers,

Living on the land at home, houses for every nation;

The mission of telling the whole wide working world,

Jesus Christ is peace of mind for your hearts and heads.


God at home above.

Chapter 5 Peaceful Minded

41 Head In Heaven

Head in heaven, tail in hell,

Life is much more than a ringing bell;

Time to get ready, the job to be done,

God is in heaven in heaven above.

Thinking I will have peace forevermore,

Live life loving God, heaven to never cease;

Be the head and not the tail,

Keep your head in heaven, peace never fail.

Head in heaven, a mind of peace,

Joy bells ringing constantly, never to cease;

Love ever after, happily ever after to,

Life is good, with a mind of peace.

Head in heaven, love and being,

All things good, to never cease;

Peaceful thoughts, a human being,

The love of God, paradise forever.

Head in heaven, the place to be,

Love always seeing, peace to always be;

A heart for service, the head is right,

All of God's goodness, heavens delight.

Head in heaven, heart is right,

The mind of God, paradise delight;

The love of heaven, the life is light,

Perfect peace, the things I write.

Head in heaven, heart for service,

God is blessing, people need sermons;

Passion for living, joy and peace required,

The blessings of heaven, God saves our souls,


Peace forever more.

42 Peacefully Minded

Peacefully minded, the title of this,

God in heaven, heavenly bliss;

Pefect surrender, God only right,

Afternoon music, sweet times delight.

Peacefully minded, harmony and love,

Perfectly peaceful, attracting everything made;

The beauty of God, Heavens grade,

Lovingly magic, the truth of life.

Peacefully minded, paradise complete,

Everything I could imagine, perfectly sweet;

Peacefuly minded, the love of God,

Perfect peace and yet nothing odd.

Peacefully minded, I love you all,

Open to freedom, salvations call;

Magnificant heaven, peace the ball,

Created even, believing to be equal.

Peacefully minded, tropical paradise, 

The mind full of love for each;

The things of God I teach,

For heaven to come down and preach.


God send the fall.

43 Heaven Forever

Heaven forever, love on my mind,

The quiet forgiveness, love divine;

Perfect imaginings, my home in heaven,

Love always being as sweet as ever.

Heaven forever, God is good,

Everything in order, as it should;

Being an inspiration to everyone,

Peace perfect peace, always mine.

Heaven forever, God is great and kind,

Peace in perfect paradise on my mind;

The joy of loving is right all the time,

Home sweet home, God gives the sign.

Heaven forever, God only knows,

Absolute perfection, God on the thrown;

The gown of resurection, the crown of life,

Ascended to heaven, the clouds that shrowd.

Descending from heaven, coming to light,

The judge of the nations, the peace delight;

Heaven forever, a brand new day,

Christ reigns surpreme at God's right hand.

Heaven on earth, the perfect way to live,

Absolute creation, the universe displayed;

Heaven forever, my freedom from sin,

Perfect and in order, God has the win.


A gentle breeze of love and peace.

44 Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind, the heavens are my splendour,

Paradise fills my head, colours beautiful;

The joy of answered prayer, God is good,

I have a heart and head of joy and peace.

Peace of mind, the perfect way to be,

The God of all creation, goodness reigns;

The perfect world of being, the words refrane;

The love of understanding, sun and rain.

Peace of mind, the love of thoughtfullness,

Faithfullness, righteousness, truthfullness to;

The things I want and need, that I love to do,

Coming into fruition through Christ the king.

Peace of mind, to have and concieve,

The believe in and achieve with grace as yours;

Mercy and forgiveness, faith evermore,

The wonder of creation, all brought forth.

Peace of mind, God I love the day,

You wisdom reigning, truth forevermore;

The way I love you, for comprehension,

Absolutely everything, God has control.

The conquest of The Lord God almighty,

Our God judges as King and lives forever;

Seeing and interceding in perfect righteousness,

Making all things in peace beautifully clear.


He has the key.

45 Peace When He Comes

The spirit comes and spirit goes,

There is peace when He comes;

To reign on earth for good,

Peace of mind and peace within.

He brings His kingdom of love and joy,

And peace to live with day and night;

He comes to reign, when there is faith,

To establish peace in hearts and souls.

Peace when He comes to learn to live,

To teach and show us how to love;

To fill our hearts and heads with peace,

To give us joy that does not decrease.

He comes to give His children plenty,

The let us see the peace within Him;

To save the lost and forgive the sinner,

To grant us mercy, grace and glory.

God lives on earth in hearts and minds,

He reigns in heaven in love above;

He comes to give us all we want,

The peace we need to live and breathe.

He comes to bring us joy and peace,

He tries to stop the wars and hurts;

To heal the pains of sins deserts,

To love and live and reign with peace.


The goodness back to God.

46 Peace and More Peace

Peace, peace and more peace,

Peace to fill our hearts and minds,

Peace with joy and love for being kind.

Peace to reign and never cease;

Peace, peace and more peace,

Peace to live and peace to die;

Peace to love and peace to fly;

Peace joy brings and peace joy offers,

To broken hearts and things unspoken.

Peace, peace and more peace,

Peace for people hurting badly;

Peace for raising children gladly,

To teach the wayward more security.

Peace, peace and more peace,

Peace for joy and love within;

Peace to start and peace to begin,

Peace to finish well and win.

Peace, peace and more peace,

Peace for forgiveness, peace to heal;

Peace to change the way we feel,

Peace to show us love and mercy.

Peace, peace and more peace,

Peace to teach us faith and grace;

Peace to fill our lives with glory,

Peace the tale and peace the story.


Peace for our friends to restore them.

47 Fill Your Head With Peace

Fill your head with peace of mind,

Do things right and try to be kind;

What's wrong, we'll write to get things right,

With things restored and in God's sight.

Fill your head with peace of mind,

Love God greatly, you will be right;

Learn to love and in God delight,

The God of love and heavens light.

Fill your head with peace of mind,

God fill our heads with love divine;

Your presence fills the temple here,

Your clouds of peace are heaven near.

Fill your head with peace of mind,

Joy like a river of oil and wine;

Keep us safe wrong all things wrong,

Teach us wisdom to live life long.

Fill our heads with peace of mind,

Show us truth and things of God;

You prove to us how much you love us,

By dieing on the cross of peace and love.

Fill our heads with peace of mind,

Show us how to love you kind;

Teach our hearts to follow dearly,

Grant us peace of hearts and mind.


God is head.

48 Peace Is Mine

Peace is mine, my peace I leave unto you,

Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life;

Peace I give you, as no others give to you,

So that the joy of the Lord's might be yours.

Peace is mine, my peace I leave unto you,

As I hung dieing on the cross, peace to you;

No greater love has no man than this,

But to lay His life down for others.

Peace is mine, I leave it with you in love,

No other could care or come from above;

Peace like a dove descending on you,

To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Peace is mine, I give it unto you with love,

To watch over the flock and see God is love;

To care for the needy that hunger and thirst,

Peace that will satisfy, not endless junk.

Peace is mine, it comes from God above,

To supply my every need and give you back love;

I heal all the lame and find what is lost,

In Me you can trust, my heart for the cross.

Peace is mine, God sends it to you from heaven,

Where the eternal thrown abides forever;

Supplying all my needs and wants as required,

My peace is what I give you, to people who need it.



49 Peace In Heaven

Peace in heaven, you on earth,

God is good, get what you want;

Peace more than things of this world,

Accomplishing the goals of what's to be done.

Peace in heaven, time on your mind,

All the things of God, just being kind;

The best of everything, you just wait,

God is love and peace will come.

Peace in heaven, I love being good,

Helping my neighbour as I only should;

Creation is God's blessing, mercy heals one,

Goodness and grace, the glory place.

Peace in heaven, my only home,

Showing me abundance, great is His love;

Hills upon mountains, people have much,

Requiring the answers, questions have come.

Peace in heaven, durable and strong,

Lovingly living all my years out long;

The paradise picture, heavens love place,

Christ is the answer, He reigns on high above.

Peace in heaven, all I have desired,

Rest and relaxation, all I have required;

Beauty and brilliance, the sun shining down,

Another drink of water, out of God's hand.


Peace parrot parable.

50 Peace On My Mind

Peace on my mind, humble and free,

Greatfully accepting you Lord to Thee;

Peace on my mind, God has supllied,

All of my needs, what I desired.

Peace on my mind, What else can I ask,

Goodness and love, God's little task;

Peace on my mind, I am filled with all,

Blessings and mercy, God's hearts supply.

Peace on my mind, can life be better,

The best thing I have, God's love forever;

Peace on my mind, What is going on inside you?

Are you satisfied with God? or in endless pride.

Peace on my mind, I have got what I want,

Perfect understanding, all desires satisfied;

Peace on my mind, grace never cease,

Supplying my needs, God's love not cheap.

Peace on my mind, Blessings endless mercies,

Love like an ocean, fullfilled in the journey;

Peace on my mind, like ships on the water,

Things right and restored, all in right order.

Peace on my mind, while in heaven above,

People dieing to live, loving to give;

Peace on my mind, God ever having,

Never changing, but growing in glorious might.


Love from God above.

Chapter 6 Peace and Heaven

51 Peace and Gold Roads

The paths of heaven are paved with Gold,

From treasures old and treasures rare;

Can you find peace of mind there,

Do you know Jesus and His love and care,

Are you saved from you sin and asked in prayer.

Where the streets are paved with gold,

There is people waiting to get in there;

To see all the beauty of God in heaven,

Relieve yourself from trouble, strife and wrongs.

Th yellow brick road is one of gold,

God sits on the thrown in His kingdom won;

To give you a home in His presence there,

A place of safety, security and pleasure fair.

Have you walked up the heavenly highway?

Do you know the peace and love of God?

Have you taught others to follow Him?

To come home and live to see the king.

How high is heaven above you now?

Have you walked the streets that are paved with gold?

Have you seen the ancient kingdom of God of old?

Have you booked you seat and ticket there?

Christ died on the cross to lead you where?


I'd rather have Jesus.

52 Peace and Jewels

Are you trusting Jesus or jewels of earth?

Is He the precious gem you have set your heart?

Do you have peace and the love of God?

Have you found Jesus or treasures on earth?

Is there peace in a jeweled crown of gold?

Are you patient with things of old?

Is your name in the book of life?

Or still searching for treasures to make you rich?

There is a place in His kingdom for you,

Be reassured God has still got something new;

Jewels are nice to see for a short time,

But the peace of God will last forever.

Peace and jewels? the question still is asked,

To be happy on earth or rich in God!

Grace and mercy are treasures themself,

Peace, an everlasting fountain of Jesus love.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all of my life,

And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever;

I don't need piles of endless jewels,

I need the love and joy of peace within.

I need to take up my cross and follow Him,

To live on high with peace, not sin;

To claim the victory and really win,

To go to heaven and leave my skin.


The crown of God is eternal life.

53 Treasures Forever

Treasures forever, are you going to trust?

Or more peace on earth and in heaven fair?

God is good and God is kind,

In His home in heaven with His heavenly mind.

Treasures forever are those of eternal life,

In the kingdom of God, there is He who lives on high;

The peace and might of a bright shining sky,

To behold its beauty by day or night.

Treasures forever are knowing the saving love of God,

Where peace reigns in the beauty of Gods kingdom of love;

When strife and turmoil exist no more,

And all things are true and beautifully sure.

Treasures forever are both joy and peace,

The love of God, His reigning head;

The tragedy of traffic is long long dead,

And Christ has the victory over death.

Treasures forever are the long lost saints,

Who gave their lives for peace and life;

Join the ranks of those who are saved,

Beat the death of the aching bedding grave.

Treasures forever are the breath of life,

Seeking first God's kingdom of heaven;

Drink from the waters of eternal life,

The spirit of the wind and peace not strife.


The breath of God.

54 Kingdom Of Heaven

The kingdom of heaven is one of love,

Sent down to us from God above;

It is a thing for all who believe in Him,

Christ on the thrown and God is King.

The kingdom of heaven is one of life,

In all of God's glory and free from strife;

It is a life of abundance for each and all,

Eternal life is the prize of the faithful and true.

The kingdom of heaven is one of faith,

For those who follow and do not stray;

For Christ is the way, the truth and the life,

The church is Christ's bride and the grooms wife.

The kingdom of heaven is for God's flock,

The sheparding king who looks after us all;

To follow and serve our God the rock,

Living and loving and always on call.

The kingdom of heaven is here for a while,

And changes and turns and forms a new style;

Its the same and its different, in innocent fun,

The beauty of creation displayed for us all.

The kingdom of heaven is a banquet lunch,

With a posie of flowers or a big bunch;

A meal fit for the king and food for all,

A dance for His marriage in the great hall.


Heavenly home coming.

55 Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is nothing odd,

Everything in perfection, right not wrong;

In a vision of splendour, Christ has the reigns,

Living and loving and coming again.

The kingdom of God, is all of God's people,

Returning and changing in fresh renewal;

Its a cathedral and a wildlife park,

Its sleeping in heaven after dark.

The kingdom of God is love for all,

The earth spinning around as a turning ball;

The world a place where believers are found,

Managing to keep your head above the ground.

The kingdom of God is a lost sheep,

Finding forgivness and endless peace;

Coming back to the master as a son,

The coin found from under the sun.

The kingdom of God, is one of fun,

Frivolity and feeling of pleasant enjoyment;

Reveling in full in the love of God,

And coming back to the place of all things good.

The kingdom of God is one of good,

All things right and in good order;

Righteousness, faithfullness and joyfullness,

Being fullfilled in His kingdom to come.


The coming king.

56 Pearls and Peace

Pearls and peace, the oyster and shell,

A place of being where all things are well;

A string of pearls around the neck,

Peace for all without blemish or speck.

Peace and pearls, God's perfect truth,

The beauty of natural splendour in white array;

Dazzling and bright on a silver tray,

Rolling around in God's wonderful way.

Peace and pearls, the gates of heaven,

Paradise behind the golden path and hid;

God in His palace with room for all,

Who call on His name and worship Him.

Peace and pearls, life's precious treasure,

Eternal, abundant as peaceful pleasure;

Good gifts from Him unto His whoever,

Goes the whole way through any weather.

Peace and pearls, the treasure of heaven,

Joy, love and peace going on there forever;

Peace and pearls, the knowledge of beauty,

Men and women all doing their duty.

Peace and pearls all round and perfect,

To serve and work for God's ongoing kingdom,

A fashion of wonder at each the year ending.

The beiginning of a time into the new ages starting.


Timeless light.

57 Life Eternally

Life eternally, all abundant and free,

Good to be you and good to be me;

The cross of ages, the standing tree,

Holy and righteous and true to see.

Christ paid it all, for you and me,

Life abundant, pleasant and free;

Eternally reigning on high above,

In the kingdom of God and in His love.

Life eternally, wonderfully true,

Beautifully blue and all brand new;

Flown and flew and blown away to;

Christ coming through the clouds for you.

Life eternally, the truth of what is up above, 

Filled up with joy and full of His love;

All of God's goodness, the kingdom of God,

Coming down to you on the wings of a dove.

Life eternally, gracefully great,

Enough food to eat on your plate;

The earth turning around on Christ we wait,

The wolrd of wonder full of God's weight.

Life eternally to reign on high in heaven above,

Filled with the treasures of grace and peace;

The mercy of kindness and freshness of due,

In His kingdom of righteousness with all things new.


Splendid kingdom.

58 God Is Good

God is good and God is great,

Peace and forgiveness and love relate;

Kindness in heart, peace in mind,

Joy with love for faith to find.

Good is good, that is for sure,

His gifts of love and goodness more;

Shedding joy with toys for kids He brings,

Lots of lovely and wonderful things.

God is good and God is love,

Looking down from heaven above;

Giving grace and mercy to those of His,

The treasures of heaven in loving bliss.

God is good and in Him I adore,

God abides with peace and joy;

I hate the pit and hell and Hades,

She can keep all the horror she made me.

God is good and is always on call,

The beauty of life on this spinning ball;

God is love and that is nearly all,

Grace in the library with books on the wall.

God is good and gives us signs,

Of life and peace and all things nice;

His heavenly kingdom is eternal life,

His church His wife without the strife.


Restored and forgiven.

59 Peace and God

Peace and God, a very good thing,

Love and joy and peace He brings;

Restoring man to heavenly realms,

Giving gifts in songs and films.

Peace and God, does not destroy,

But creates us equal to employ;

From beauty to ashes, time will heal,

Restoring everything, a banquet meal.

Peace and God, with Him on high,

Rising above the eternal sky;

Where bird and plane do almost fly,

Lest I perish and in Him I die.

Peace of God in heaven above,

All of His goodness, God is love;

A picture of paradise's, perfect splendour,

Granting wishes and prayers surrendered.

Peace of God, the best is found,

The rising debt below the ground;

Listen to the music and its sound,

In peace you find God all around.


Perfect surrender.

60 Heaven and Hell

The answer is peace, if you must know,

Not the money you grab to keep in flow;

Mercy is sweet but peace we need,

To stop us from all the unwanted greed.

Heaven and hell, how can it be,

With Thee, Thy love so tender for me;

So sweet, so perfect with endless feed,

All I write and all the books I read.

Heaven and hell for sinners and saints,

Stained glass windows, arts in paints;

Working for Jesus is good and quaint,

Suffering for sin, hearts not to faint.

Save us from these pits of hell,

Where Satan and sinner and evil dwell;

Raise up up to be on high with Thee,

High in dear heaven, without no fear.

Heaven and hell, God wish us well,

So we can see what is right and tell;

Faith and prayer in Thee I draw near,

To compare with Thee and joy a tear.

I won't want to fade and flee from Thee,

But hide in your love eternally and endlessly;

The beauty you give us, God's gift of love,

Forgives and retores us to Him above.


Forget me not.

Two Bonus Poems

Heavenly Paradise

Heavenly paradise, beauty for all,

Turning around on this spinning ball;

Creation surrounding us with good for all,

As God reigns in heaven and on is call.

Heavenly paradise, our duty to serve,

To love and fix our uncertain nerve;

A topical place of sun and sand,

Tropical coconut trees on islands grand.

Heavenly paradise, peaceful bliss,

Girls who wait for a humble kiss;

Drinks of juice and fruit salad free,

The peace of mind from healthy lifestyles.

Heavenly paradise, quietness and still,

Beauty within us and our minds all filled;

Water to swim in and water to drink,

Peace of mind for all to think.

Heavenly paradise, time on our hands,

To work love and serve the king of glory;

To honour and worship the king of this story,

Putting us in our place of full nobility.

Heavenly paradise, the place of perfection,

Lovingly knowing all the things of His kingdom;

The secret reaveled of His heavenly creation,

World without end, God never to leave us.


Peaceful being, being peaceful.

The Gift

The gift of God is a heavenly thing,

Of life everlasting and abundant;

The treasure is in the son of man,

Jesus Christ our God and peace plan.

Heavenly father, almighty God,

The gift of life, you made the grade;

You saved me from my own disaster,

Your the prayer, the peace, heaven's land.

You held me up when I was down,

You lifed me high above the clouds;

You gave the gift of life to me,

You loved me before I could love you back.

You watched me walk through troubled times,

You showed me the way to heavens home;

You pulled me up from deep in the pit,

You gave me the gift and heaven and peace.

You gave me the salvation of saving grace, 

You lead me out of the dark and depth;

You restored me your righteousness,

You gave the gift of your only son.

You gave your gift of love to me,

You taught me how to read and write;

You showed me truth and the way of light,

You helped me see that God is right.


For Forgiveness.

Final Word

The Heart Of Peace

The heart of peace is both a joy and a blessing, filling our hearts and minds with a calmness and a stillness. Learning to love The God who created us for full salvation and restoration of mind and soul. The heart of peace is one for love and mercy, establishing the endless postion of stability and reassureance in the lives of people who love Him. So that we can be content and satisfied with each aspect and postion we take in life as a set of circumstances to live with. This book has been and a joy to write, giving me peace of mind and pleasure as I tried to find words to further establish God's kingdom on earth as one of peace. God grant us a heart of satisfaction and contentment as we all try and seek His heart and direction for His purpose in our lives. God create and restore total peace on earth to give us all safe and holy places to live in. We should all try and aim to do the work that you have given us to do to make your world a better place to live and be. Grant our souls perfect peace in your contentment God as we seek to save the lost and serve you better each and every day. If you have given us peace God, help us to maintain it and sustain it for the glorification of your kingdom here on earth. Fill our hearts and souls and minds continually with your joy and peace, so that we can worship you in the full magnitude of our minds and satisfaction in our hearts to do your will and purpose with all the more reason. Finally thankyou God for giving me this book for my readers to take in, read and indulge upon, that you might have blessed them through my work and endeavours to please you and them, in and with some kind of fashion of this my service. I commit this now to you God for the enjoyment of the readers and also to honour and love you more God, as we all seek to try and work for the greater purpose on earth and that is to find, seek and ask for peace. I hope you all enjoyed the read and that you to can give back to God for what he did for you as well as me and that is to establish a heart to work for peace. That you may know peace in and on your minds endlessly and The Love of God unceasingly and never ending, who is the provider and giver of all peace. The heart of peace, is the mind of God's peace around the whole wide world for all on earth now today.

Thanks for reading,

Darel Robert McAllister. 

The End.