Parsifal's Peace Poems


Peace is the main theme of this book, like it is the main theme of the Bible. "My peace I have and my peace I leave you with", is some of Jesus famous words in His meaning and purpose on earth. In fact the beautiful mind of God, is Christ's brilliant and perfect peace. The kingdom of God or heaven is one of peace, prosperity and lovingkindness, demonstrating all the goodness of God in all his glory. God is a God of love and like its sister word joy, peace is about harmony and an enjoyable place, where the situations there are as a feeling of calmness, relaxation and peaceful meaning, like paradise in heaven. It is really a gift that is to good to refuse and is all to often related to the mind and how we think and so it should be to, but it also means the prevention and stopping of fighting and wars going on, that there is a peaceful existance for all, through diplomacy and the prevention and care of people's lives. This is my prayer for you that you would work for peace and not destruction, that you would live at one with one another in consideration and affection, not hate, spitefulness, envy or jealousy. That you can be content with each other and tolerant of everything you have to come across. When aquiring another thing to your collection in life, it would be one of care, done with prayerful consideration as to how much you have and need in regards to your hording and greed, which is created by corruption and selfcenteredness. We should aim to live with each other in a world of peace, where we need to be content with what we have got. I can not stress this enough, that the more you have got in the way of material things, does not make you happier in life, it just gives you more to worry and think about, for more work, strife and turmoil. Love God not money and peace will be yours, Love God and not things and you will experience the peaceful existence of heaven. Work for peace and not money or things and the whole kingdom of heaven will be yours, with everlasting life thrown into the bargain. Christ came to heal and save, not to destroy, but to give you His lasting and perfect peace. God Bless You as He should and may we glorify God as he would us in faith. To He Who Is Him, That Also Gives Life, may we go into this together, so as to love and search the world, to fathom the understanding of God's Peace and Mind, For Love Towards Each Other. More later. Darel.

Chapter 1 Peaceful Times

1 Time For Peace

Time for peace and plenty,

Time for love and joy;

Time to be nice to everybody,

Time for peace not war.

Time for keeping things holy,

Time for prayer and praying;

Time to be beautiful and happy,

Time for God's new leaf.

Time to lead a righteous life,

Time to help and heal;

Time for loving nearly anybody,

Time for health and peace.

Time to see the good in life,

Time for reason and truth;

Time to see what can be done for others,

Time to be kind and good.

Time for peace and passion,

Time for healing the sick,

Time to restore the wounded,

Time for forgivenss and proof.

Time to heal the hurting heart,

Time for head and mind of peace;

Time to love one another,

Time to relieve the pain for peace.


God and Creation.

2 Peace and Rhyme

Time for rhyme and romance,

Time for love and joy;

Time to be good for each other,

Time for rhyme and toys.

Time for rhyme and living,

Time for truth and justice;

Time for God and being,

Time for wellness and care.

Time for peace and rhyme,

Time prayer and healing;

Time for rhyming nearly anything,

Time for all and nothing.

Time to give a bit back to God,

Time for love and patients;

Time for freedom and honesty,

Time for courtesy and manners.

Time for rhyme and restoration,

Time for healing the sick;

Time for peace and atonement,

Time for redemptive reading.

Time to rhyme along the lines,

Time for lemons and limes;

Time for the fruit of the spirit,

Time I opened the eyes of the blind.


Rhyme peace not to cease.

3 Peace and Purpose

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for reason and truth,

Time for hope and love,

Time for faith and belief.

Time for peace and purpose,

That is a very good thing;

Time for loving and giving,

Time for nearly everything.

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for seasons and things;

Time for the topics and meaning,

Tropical paradise now anything.

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for Summer and Spring;

Time for Autumn and Winter,

Time for snow, rain and sunshine.

Time for peace and purpose,

Everything happening for a reason;

Time for teamwork and friendliness,

Time for spouce and marriage.

Time for peace and purpose,

Time for nearly everyone;

Time for nearly everything,

Time for something not anything.


A reason for Everything.

4 Peace and Reason

It is peace and reason,

A very good season;

Love and joy,

And peace evermore.

Peace for the perfect,

Pain for the sinner;

Love in forgiveness,

And faith for the truth.

Trust for those who believe,

Pride for the wicked,

Peace and patience;

Care for all the others.

Tears for the guilty,

Relief for the condemned;

Sun, seas and trees,

Jesus is the reason.

Christmas is coming,

Peace for the season;

God is the reason,

The world is His thrown.

Peace for the weary,

Reason to believe;

Joy to be magnified,

Plenty of peace.   


Reason For Peace.

5 War and Peace

An epic novel of time gone by,

Peace for the living,

Trust for the dieing,

For the fighting to cease.

God knows our hearts,

God loves our souls;

Jesus is the way,

Truth and the Life.

Peace and not war,

Work and not laziness;

Blessing and honour,

Time on our hands.

Time for joy and peace,

Time for all wars to cease;

Time for the love of God,

A clean clear drink of water.

War does not help,

War has a cost;

People lives are important,

We must pay a price. 

God sent His son,

A living sacrifice;

To redeem and to heal,

For peace evermore.


Thanks to the cross.

6 Peace and Water

Cool crystal clear clean water,

A drink from the fresh stream;

A waterfall pouring on down,

The estery of a delta.

A lake like life,

Peace like a river;

Love like an ocean,

Joy like a fountain.

Peace like water,

Reflecting in the sun;

Seas and surf running,

Eternal waters now flowing.

Water of life for everyone,

Water of life forever;

Water to drink slowly,

From the fountain of life.

Jesus is the living water,

Water that never runs out;

Infinite water forever,

Reigning from heaven above.

Rain is the peace in the desert,

Clouds that shed mercy above;

People will always have enough,

If they trust in Jesus, the water of life.


Thirst quenching.  

7 Peace and Light

8 Peace and Plenty

9 The Peace Release 

10 The Peace Increase

Chapter 2 Peaceful Existance

11 Peace to Never Cease

12 Piece by Piece

13 Peace and Persitance

14 Peace and Protection

15 Peace and Persecution

16 Peace and Peaceful

17 Peace and Beauty

18 Peace and Perfection

19 Peace and Production

20 Peaceful Reliance

Chapter 3 Peaceful People

21 Peaceful People

22 People Pray in Peace

23 The Peace Poem

24 Prayer For Peace

25 Peace and Quiet

26 Peace and Prosperity

27 Peace and Property

28 Peace and Priority

29 Permanent Peace

30 Peace and Promiscuity

Chapter 4 Peaceful Paradise

31 Tropical Beaches

32 Coconuts and Fruit Juice

33 Island Resort

34 Perfection In Paradise

35 Parsifal's Paradise

36 Peaceful Paradise

37 Meaning Perfect Peace

38 Heavenly Paradise

39 Peace LIke A River

40 Peace Forever More

Chapter 5 Peaceful Minded

41 Head In Heaven

42 Peacefully Minded 

43 Heaven Forever

44 Peace Of Mind

45 Peace When He Comes

46 Peace and More Peace

47 Fill Your Head With Peace

48 Peace Is Mine

49 Peace In Heaven

50 Peace On My Mind

Chapter 6 Peace and Heaven 

51 Peace and Gold Roads

52 Peace and Jewels

53 Treasures Forever

54 Kingdom Of Heaven

55 Kingdom of God

56 Pearls and Peace

57 Life Eternally

58 God Is Good

59 Peace and God

60 Heaven and Hell

The answer is peace,

Three Bonus Poems 

Heavenly Paradise

The Gift

The gift of God is a heavenly thing,

Of life everlasting and abundant;

The treasure is in the son of man,

Jesus Christ our God and peace plan.

Heavenly father, almighty God,

The gift of life, you made the grade;

You saved me from my own disaster,

Your the prayer, the peace, heaven's land.

You held me up when I was down,

You lifed me high above the clouds;

You gave the gift of life to me,

You loved me before I could love you back.

You watched me walk through troubled times,

You showed me the way to heavens home;

You pulled me up from deep in the pit,

You gave me the gift and heaven and peace.

You gave me the salvation of saving grace, 

You lead me out of the dark and depth; 

You restored me your righteousness,

You gave the gift of your only son. 

You gave your gift of love to me,

You taught me how to read and write; 

You showed me truth and the way of light,

You helped me see that God is right.


For Forgiveness.

The Heart Of Peace

The End.