Poem Ideas

Poem Ideas.

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Book 51 Parsifal:- Whethers The Weather

Book 52 Parsifal:- Healthy and Well

Book 53 Parsifal:- Wealthy And Wise

Book 54 Parsifal:- Backward Treads

Book 55 Parsifal:- Moves Forward

Book 56 Parsifal:- On Ancient Paths

Book 57 Parsifal:- Interacts Neatly

Book 58 Parsifal:- Wants and Needs

Book 59 Parsifal:- Working Willingly

Book 60 Parsifal:- Ascertains Rightly

Book 61 Parsifal:- Pertaining Correctly

Book 62 Parsifal:- Secures Certainty

Book 63 Parsifal:- Treasures Memories

Book 64 Parsifal:- Perfect Purity

Book 65 Parsifal:- Seasons Of Change

Book 66 Parsifal:- Creates Knowledge

Book 67 Parsifal:- Beautiful Reasons

Book 68 Parsifal:- Turning Around

Book 69 Parsifal:- Judges Reality

Chapter 1 Everyday Things

Chapter 2 Common Sense

Book 70 Parsifal:- Hopes For Eternity

Book 71 Parsifal:- Rules The Roost

Book 72 Parsifal:- Special Spirit

Book 73 Parsifal:- Sweet Stories

Book 74 Parsifal:- Social Studies

Book 75 Parsifal:- Musical Words

Book 76 Parsifal:- Singing Notes

Book 77 Parsifal's:- Loving Heart

Book 78 Parsifal's:- Passionate Plea

Book 79 Parsifal:- Forever Favouring

Book 80 Parsifal:- Learns Contentment

Book 81 Parsifal:- Still Focuses On God

The spiritual blessing of happiness.

Book 82 Parsifal:- Working And Wanting

Why we need to keep our minds occupied, to stay out of trouble.

Book 83 Parsifal:- Gives God The Glory

The peace of eternal paradise.

Book 84 Parsifal:- Waiting And Thinking

Why it takes time to do things and there is a price and a cost for everything.

Book 85 Parsifal:- Knowing and Showing

Reveals the truth of God's eternal kingdom.

Book 86 Parsifal:- Asks The Questions

He asks why life is worth its value.

Book 87 Parsifal:- Love, Marriage, Family 

Values and respect in building relationships.

Book 88 Parsifal:- Reigns As King

To serve and follow his master, Yeshua Is God.

Book 89 Parsifal:- Kingdoms Meaning

Truth and mysteries of God's love.

Book 90 :- Draws A Conclusion