It's a good thing to be competent in everything you do,

Even chasing after rainbows or dreams to come true,

But the intellectual side of things still must be done,

And that's a bit serious and not always simple fun.


Competence is a surety and certainty of ability,

Not immobility or disability but like enabling mobility;

Competence is being up to the challenge with a competitive edge,

When the stocks go up and down and the bets are with hedge.


It's the icing on the cake and cream with your pie,

It's knowing right from wrong to make sure you don't die;

And it's having to do things the right way and how hard you try,

And it's night and it's day with the truth of the lie.


Competence seems like an inevitably hard task,

Depending on how long you want and how much you ask;

And competence breeds confidence into all the right places,

Giving strength to the heart and smiles to people's faces.


The best thing about competence is that you stay true to yourself,

When you're sure you have read all those books on the shelf;

And I know for sure that I have competence in heart,

For God gives me life and with that I stay smart.


Now competence is near completion and what have we got,

Take a good look at what is done and I'm sure there's a lot;

So then the best thing to do is to have competence to,

To lead things to get done and steer things true.



What To Do Next.