Parsifal Considers Himself

Parsifal Considers Himself



The heart and mind come together in a form of contemplation, to examine the thoughts and the motives of the actions considered. In order to understand and comprehend the matter of attitude of the heart, the mind gets around the brain to inform it of the common denominator of its pivotal position in thinking. This format of absorbtion of thought is called comtemplation. What the heart can consider the mind readily accepts or rejects as rational or a possible reality. We are actually daring to believe in the options of our faith and with careful thought and consideration, think about what comes into our head in order to deal with the predicament and situation of the need arising. Meditating on what the mind concieves as a rational understanding or organising thought. Well you might say what has all this got to do with consideration as the title of this new book Parsifal Considers Himself as the rational understanding of what it will take to write this book. I am just putting my mind into the position to understand and grasp the needs of writing material and also set myself up in the pretty picture and position of what this book is all about. Consideration and rational thinking go hand in hand with writing a book of this nature and hopefully, with the right calibur it will do it justice in the actual output and writing of this book. Even though as this is and should be a poetry book, that begs for a higher undersatnding and aptitude of writing to give it the intelligence level that it needs and requires in the process of the actual task of writing this book to the level of its unique conscription and appreciation of dialouge. The rhymes themself need to be of a more intense visual verse diversity and have an individual identity, rather than the last book which was somehwat, will of the wisp and free loving. I think so anyway and that is how it will be and remain with this one I hope, more intense and transient. Lets once again get on with the job and task of writing it, I hope you all stay tuned and hang around to come for the ride once again in the writing of this new book, Parsifal Considers Himself, which is what I have just tried to do in the summary of the introduction to this book, as it arises and conforms to requirements of your desired standards in consideration and contemplation. I was just setting the picture portrayal of the requirements as you can and may well see to come in this new book Parsifal Considers Himself. God bless and get ready, here it comes. Thanks again for taking time to read and follow. Darel. 


1 Knowledge

What is it you want?

What do I actually know?

It is knowledge that we all desire,

It is all working in smooth flow.

Knowledge, what you wrap your head around,

Staying alive with your head above the ground;

It is an intelligence requirement,

What we need to know and understand.

Geography or historical knowledge,

Scientific or mechanical knowledge;

Trades, tools and and equipment,

Reading, writing and memory of knowledge.

Comprehend or non comprehendo,

Logical format of written dialogue;

Knowledge, a vehicle for understanding,

A work sense of fathoming the needs.

Knowledge! a gift of true inside beauty,

Carefully co-ordinating and agreeing;

Explaining to people what you know,

Actually understanding the real need.

Knowledge a means of kindred plenty,

Kindness and goodness all in one;

A mixed bag of beans of information,

Waiting to come out and to be told.


A lot of books.

2 Information

Information crisis or let down,

Where do you want to go today;

The beauty of human understanding,

The love to know how to feed the hungry.

The desired destination of knowledge,

The required format of understanding;

Information on a path going somewhere,

Down the road and mountainside to here.

Information that you required me to tell you,

Knowing where you are and where you want to go;

All the details of getting form here to there,

Destination overload, a bright conception commanding.

Peace an plenty getting from me to you,

Nurtured days of care and prayer;

Faith in the what you know of understanding,

Trying to tell you what you want to hear.

What is written down on paper,

The knowledge of what is in my head;

Telling you where to find and get what you need,

The personal persistance of all the time you read.

Information, the leadership technique without saying,

Telling everyone what they desire to really know,

The right direction and reason to tread,

The bright beauty of new daily baked fresh bread.


I will let you know.

3 The Grail

What I want,

I want the grail;

The ever elusive cup,

The holy grail.

Can you find it here?

Are you looking where I am?

Can you see Jesus in it?

Who owns the grail then?

Do you wish to find?

Have you been looking hard?

Can you see Jesus in it?

Do you believe in Him?

Rising from the dead to live.

The healing powers of its waters,

The love of Christ on the cross;

Dieing for me and for you,

Going to heaven for us.

He lives eternally now,

Coming back to take us to be with Him;

Perfectly reflecting The saviour,

Look in the mirror at Him.

Lost in old Englands dark ages,

Found at the foot of the cross;

Medieval Europe the journey,

The Bavarian castle to favour.

The fisher king on goldon pond,

Come with me to the Castle,

What is it that ails you?

The grail will heal you from the sick.

Greed and corruption and crime,

Jealousy and envy and pride;

Come to God for forgiveness,

Admit your sins and commit yourself to Him.


Well or not.

4 My Steed

My horse to get around on,

My steed and my hope for love;

Looking for the path of righteousness,

The journey along and up the hill.

Mercy deep in the crevices and valleys,

Grazing around in the meadows flowering;

Trusty and mighty venture to say,

True and honest, worthy of praise.

Tied up at the moment I say,

God will shine out of the cloud;

Come to terms and peace with Him,

Faith and glory with love appear.

Pyschologically speaking, it is not up to me,

Your what I am looking for through all the ages;

Discovering your presence on these pages,

This horse my steed in stalls and stages.

My horse will lead and guide me home,

From out of the danger into a safe place;

Till I can rise up and meet God face to face,

Caught in the morning of the dawn of time.

Brilliant beginnings and ancient ends,

Love and romance and new found friends;

Riding through the bind of long lost thoughts,

Travelling and arriving in medieval sports.

God has the good news, I can trust HIm,

Daily devoting myself to His cause;

The beauty of hearing and audience applause,

Seeing all the beauty of the country's scenery.


Playing ball.

5 My Armour

My armour is shining silver,

The whole armour of God,

Shield of faith and belt of truth,

Breastplate of righteousness.

Sword of the spirit and helmet of salvation,

Dressed to write and defend myself;

Writing with the heart and art of love,

The mind focused of kindness and goodness.

Coming into the light of perfection,

The glory in the might of His love;

Shining through the clouds of heaven,

The peace of His mercy and grace from above.

Healing is in the wind of forgiveness,

Beauty is knocking on the door of law;

The king of the castle has come to stay,

Christ reigns in magesty on His thrown of love.

Looking for the travail of the fleeting damsel,

Admmiring her beauty in kingdoms home;

Venture the highways of life and trials,

The armour of God shrowded by vails.

Up hill and down dale in vales of trails,

Looking for love and to keep her safe;

No place for tragedy or a silly mistake,

Take the armour off and go to bed.


Free from sin.

6 A Sword

A sword, a sword,

Waiting for a while;

Words your wanting,

Made me look and smile.

A sword, a sword,

Keep it by your side;

In a goldon jewelled scabbard,

Fashioned in loving style.

A sword, a sword,

No love lost in fighting;

Keep it straight and in writing,

Family feuds are not right.

A sword, a sword,

An order of service;

The voice of the spirit,

The wind blowing strong.

A sword, a sword,

Long loving in time;

Crying out for happiness,

Searching for the strife.

A sword, a sword,

The life of the world;

Pain and punishment,

Inflicting for a lie.

A sword, a sword,

The earth rock solid,

My dieing breath for time,

The life of words in rhyme.


Lost in verse.

7 Paradise

Paradise in mind,

Paradise in head;

Paradise in heart,

Paradise in bed.

Dreams all day,

Tropical islands away;

Picture perfect paradise,

Time for love and long life.

Paradise to come,

Paradise with us now;

Paradise in heaven,

Paradise for me.

Working for money,

The wedding and the first born;

The beautiful family arrangement,

Peaceful children in school.

Paradise is being,

Paradise in the home;

Paradise in church,

Paradise with plenty.

Hospitals and resorts,

The beach and the lake;

The school teacher teaching,

Around the pool, with room enduring.


National Quest.

8 Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell,

Heaven or hell;

Peace is the question,

The judgement being well.

Praying paradise prediction,

Perfect reflection in time;

Good going up to God in heaven,

The bad down to the Devils pit.

Heaven and hell,

Prevention and predicament;

Come to Jesus at the cross,

You only have time to do it now.

Heaven and hell,

You choose for yourself;

By your talk and actions,

I can make up my own mind.

Heaven and hell,

Love and paradise;

Taking life for granted,

Its really Ok, its your life.

Heaven and hell,

Doing my things my way,

What you were doing all day,

All come to Jesus, is all I pray.


Thinking thoughts idea.

9 Your Time

Your time, not my time,

My time is your time;

Anytime, anywhere,

Spending time in prayer.

You time, your life,

Make time, get a wife;

Rhyme time, your in strife,

God's time, sin is rife.

You time, money matters,

More to you than to me;

I like life and love is sweet,

God is good to me, His time.

Your time, not only mine,

Keeping time on your mind;

Patiently waiting for Jesus to come,

Back into the hearts of people to belong.

Your time, I mean my time,

Keeping it clean and clear in rhyme;

Perfect and reasonable,

Things in place and free again.

Your time, my type of crime,

Thinking of myself, not yourself;

Thankyou for reading me anyway,

The words are seeds floating in the sea.


See the time now.

10 Money in Rhyme

Money in rhyme,

No time to lose now;

A chapter for the begging,

In a sea of clouds.

Money in rhyme,

See the horizon move;

Time in the heavens,

Dollers coming home soon.

Money in rhyme,

Peoples loving hearts;

Thinking of themselves,

How can I make more money?

Money in rhyme,

Time for more money;

Keep it simple you two,

One was right for me.

Money in time,

Peace of mind in head;

Time for paradise,

Rhyming time instead.

Money in time,

God comes to the rescue;

Out of the goodness of His heart,

The skies are full of smart art.

Money in time,

Well you should all know now;

What goes around, comes around,

Just keep ticking and picking in your head.


I'll pay you yet.


11 I Want Myself

I want myself more than you,

You want me, what is my defence?

You want yourself, come to me,

See the glory in all that can be.

I want myself, my vane glory,

Instead of telling you the whole story;

I keep telling myself, there is no-one else,

Am I just missing the picture completely.

I want myself more than yourself,

Where is she hiding anyway?

Its just not the same to myself,

Herself amd himself on separate shelves.

Not completely divided, not individual selves,

I want myself, and you do to;

Yourself and myself coming together,

Individual selves, sharing the shelves.

I want myself more than anything else,

I am a selfish critter thinking of myself;

She thinks of herslef a lot more than me,

So its not all about myself, because of yourself.

I want myself, a lot more than Himself,

Jesus Christ the glory of God Himself;

She is the crowning glory sitting on the thrown,

A lot more selfish than all that I own myself.


Give God the glory.

12 Me, Not You

Me not you, it is as easy as that,

Sitting here thinking, that's where I sat;

Asking you the question, Where is it at?

You yourself, me with my mind on mine.

Me not you, silly question again,

Why not you? Don't you come into it?

Have you forgotten me? your not like that,

Good memory to keep, myself for yourself.

Me not you, don't worry about being that,

I am not going to hurt you, me! no I'm not like that;

I sit I sat, remember that I did that,

That is where you come into the picture.

Me not you, no your trying to do that to,

You think of me to, yes me, me, me not you;

Me not you coming into the picture now,

Its all about me, not you or yourself now.

Me not you, don't you just really hate that,

A selfish pig like me, thinking of only myself;

That is not you, Are you a bit like that?

Thinking of yourself, me not you for thinking that.

Me not you, How will anything come true?

Do I really have to do everything myself?

Working hard for all the vane glory,

Sucking myself in, telling you the whole story.


Fat out of hell.

13 What Do You Want

What do you want?

Is it the same thing as me?

Thinking of myself again,

That is the vane true story.

What do you want?

As if I would even consider;

You trying to play your part,

Me thinking its just myself being smart.

What do you want?

As it it was the same thing as me;

Money in the bank, what we all want,

I know your not going to share yours with me.

What do you want?

Perhaps it is something I have got;

Something of mine I could share with you,

Perhaps we could change something we have both got.

What do you want?

As if we could both agree with that;

Both of us thinking of ourselves,

How can we change and agree on that?

What do you want?

As f I really did not already know;

Completely surendered to each other,

Complying into God's loving hands.


Beauty pictured.

14 Why Are You Asking

Why are you asking?

Have you not got something yourself?

Are you looking in the mirror thinking of me?

I don't know what it is, just keep asking.

Why are you asking?

Have you not got enough money?

Plenty of people fitting into that picture,

Try and see yourself clear, just like me.

Why are you asking?

Did you not know at first?

Thinking of yourself again,

Just trying to get everything first.

Why are you asking?

Trying to put yourself in the picture with me?

Getting to start to know you by now,

All of the bull, with the big fat old cow.

Why are you asking?

As if it was not enough to know by yourself;

The big ball spinning around with all the graves,

Its only me myself and what I can save.

Why are you asking?

Just trying to satisfy yourself;

Selfish me, did not even think of all that,

It must have been just the cricket and the bat.



15 I Have A Question

I have a question!

Do you think that you can answer that?

What is the question, you tell me first?

I have to think of one, then you can answer that.

I have a question,

Can you even answer me that?

Why is everything anyway?

As if I have to answer that.

I have a question,

Did God really create all this?

God can do everything,

Why does God have to answer that?

I have a question,

Are you slow and a bit too fat?

You just sit there and that is where you sat,

I don't mean to be rude asking you the question.

I have a question,

Are you really wanting to be like God?

God is the greatest, He can do anything,

Do you really want to be a bit like that?

I have a question,

Is it good to be nice and kind?

A lot of people would like you to be like that,

A scarecrow in the corn, taking off his hat.


Are you hungry?

16 I Write You Read

I write, you read,

At least that is how I think it works;

I don't write for me to read,

You lead what you read for me to write.

I write, you read,

How it works in heaven eternally;

You read what I write,

And discern what is right and wrong.

You read, I write,

It has to be that way;

If you write I will read,

Read what you like in life.

You read, I write,

That makes me happy to;

Getting my way with you,

Means you are getting your way to.

I write, you read,

Whatever it is that I do write;

If you lead then you are doing the writing;

I read so I learn what to write.

I write, you read,

That is how it is designed for me to be to you;

If you like what you read, my delight,

If you read what you like, that is up to you.


Best part read

17 Me First, You Second

Me first, you second,

I am mine and I recond;

Yours must follow I think,

I write for me to be read.

I have to think of myself first,

Otherwise I would make too many mistakes,

Following you won't get me anywhere,

I have to lead to be in the right.

Me first, you second,

Despite the wisdom of the years;

What is good to me appears,

I get what you lead for me to be mine.

Me first, you second,

Money means anything it likes;

Life first, money second,

Time to get to the bottom of the line.

Me first, you second,

You are yours and yourself;

Priorities in waiting you know,

Considering myself first again.

Me first, you second,

It just has to be that way;

Certainties come and go you know,

It just depends on what you are doing each day.


Third preference.

18 My Greedy Self

My greedy self,

Why should it matter to you?

Your such an ingnoranous,

What I have to say from me to you.

As if you could think of me like that,

Thinking more of myslef than you;

It just works out that way to suit myself,

What else could I possibly do.

I have said so many times,

That I don't like greedy people;

How could I put myself in that category,

As possibly thinking of myself and no-one else.

My greedy self, I just can't help myself,

The more I see, the more I want;

I just have to see red instead of green,

I have to read to know what it all means.

My greedy self, how could it possibly be,

Thinking more of myself than you do of me;

That is the way it works with greedy people,

You know that you are really greedy to.

My greedy self, How can I possible think more of me,

Read everything I like and don't worry about you;

As if when it all works out it will come true,

Trusting in what I know more than I do in you.


Pink and purple.

19 Ignorance Is Rude

Ignorance is rude,

So it should be to;

Thinking of myself again,

More important to me than you.

You should not ignore other people,

It is the height of bad manners;

Hide yourself in the corner and admit,

Reject being rude, it matters.

Ignorance is rude,

As if you were not there at all;

Wearing a thin line around the borders,

Thinking of yourself really is ignorant.

Ignorance is rude,

It makes other people feel bad;

While you just bignote yourself,

Your just too rude to give in to.

Ignorance is rude,

Please admit your mistakes;

I would not like you being rude to me,

So why would I want to be rude to you?

Ignorance is rude,

You will end up in hell,

While loving, kind, good people go to heaven,

Make up your mind to be all things well.


Rich and sick.

20 Think Of Yourself

Think of yourself, I do,

As if no-one else really matters;

Not true, you really matter,

You matter more to me than I do.

Think of yourself,

We are all trying to do the same;

You are not here on your own you know,

Not with this one, we are all doing the same thing.

Think of yourslef,

It is half the effort and the battle;

That you and me, we are all trying to win,

Meet you in the middle to save my own skin.

Think of yourself if you can,

What we all want and try to be money for;

It is not a lonely game, I am here to tell you,

It is the greedy kind of nature that makes people compete.

Think of yourself, No matter how much I try to,

I always give in to myself and let you see;

How to handle trouble and solve your problems for me.

Think of yourself, Love God if you choose to,

God will give you back His love;

More than you can do for yourself,

The problem is not with you it is with me.


Think of myself, God will see.


21 Me, Myself and I

Me, myself and I,

No, not you this time;

Only me, is what matters,

Worry about others another time.

Me, myself and I,

All the money for me;

My mind on the job,

What matters is me, not God.

Only for myself,

What else really matters,

People think of themself,

Why not me this time.

Me, myself and I,

A reason for living;

People giving me money,

That is what I wanted.

Me, myself and I,

Not that your not important;

Just that I matter more than you,

See that makes me feel more important.

Me, myself and I,

You can't have anything at all;

I am doing it all my way,

Don't you worry me at all.

Me, myself and I,

Everything going my way;

As of you are not important,

You have all day to pay me anyway.


Self opinionated.

22 Why Consider Others

Why consider others?

As if nobody else matters anything at all;

Not my own self ingnorant pig,

Coming through clear as mud.

Why consider others?

They only care about themselves;

When nothing else really matters anyway,

Just what I wnat for myself.

Why consider others?

When they never consider me at all;

As if I have to care about what you do,

That does not matter to me at all.

Why consider others?

Self ingnorant arogent pigs;

You telling me what you think,

Don't they mean anything to you at all.

Why consider others?

They only think of themselves to;

Not like me really anyway,

That is all I think and do.

Why consider others,

They just get the worng idea;

Nothing wrong with that anyway,

Me just doing what I think.



23 I Worry About Number One

I worry about number one,

Don't you worry about that at all;

Your not as important as me,

I only care about one person, me.

I worry about number one,

Me first, you don't matter at all;

You just think that you are too important,

Not like me wanting everything for myself.

I worry about number one,

Number two and three, not so much to care for;

Its all, about me anyway that I care for,

Don't worry about yourself, just what I want.

I worry about number one,

Nothing else or nobody else important;

I don't really care what you think of me,

Your just trying to be self important.

I worry about myself,

Sometimes for a good reason;

You care more about me than I do,

Showing that you need to care more for yourself.

I worry about myself,

As if what you care for does not even matter;

What matters is that I care about myself,

If I am not worried, why should you be.


Don't take offence.

24 No One Else Matters

No-one else matters to me,

I only think of myself;

You only think of yourself,

Why should that worry me.

No-one else matters to me,

You just get on with the job;

Just trying to get the work done,

Don't worry about you at all.

No-one else matters to me,

Why should I care or worry?

You just get in the way when you try,

Get out of my way and look to the sky.

No-one else matters to me,

You only care for yourself to;

I am not trying to be rude or ignorant,

It is just the way that it has got to be.

No-one else matters to me,

Get on with your job and your life;

As if I have not got enough of my own to worry about,

I don't need you complaining to me about that.

No-one else matters to me,

I am just a self ignorant pig like you;

Get on with the day and the work to,

The job of life just has to be done to.


What do you think?

25 So I Get What I Want

So I get what I want,

It does not matter what you want to,

Does it? If I help you get what you want,

Will that help me get what I want to?

So I get what I want,

Scratch my back and I will scratch yours;

That kind of mentality seems to work out,

Never mind I will get what I want anyway.

So I get what I want,

How can I do that by myself?

Don't I need your help in that,

Just buy what I like anyway.

So I can get what I want,

If I pay you the money;

Then I can get what I want,

But where does the money come from first?

So I get what I want,

I work hard for everyhting I want;

Don't you just joke and kid around with me,

No good poking fun at the money.

So I get what I want,

Just go to the shops and pay for it;

It has to be made in the first place though,

Poeple pay me money and I pay people I don't know.


What do you want?

26 Not Only You

Not only you, Not only me,

I am not here on my own;

You know what you want to,

More than me or more than you.

Not only me, not only you,

There is other people to consider;

More important than yourself,

Time is on your side, money together.

Not only you, not only me,

There is me to consider as well as you;

I am doing things my way,

How about how things are happening to you.

Not only me, not only you,

There is other people to consider;

As well as me and for you to,

Like a crowd that you have to please.

Not only me, not only you,

Good sports with people;

Are good sports with money,

Be fair and share what you have.

Not only me, not only you,

The things that you say;

The things that you do to,

Writing for me, writing for you.


Here and now.

27 Money Is Important

Money is impotant,

Some for me, some for you;

No-one should have it all,

Greedy people for us all.

Money is important,

Depending on how you use it though;

For good purposes and not bad,

Not for when it makes you too glad.

Money is important,

Not for selfish greedy people though;

Who enjoy making other people sad,

They are really spoilt rotton being bad.

Money is important,

It lets you do what you want to,

Within reasons of the law though,

A gift of God unto us to bestow.

Money is important,

Giving us time for our selfworth;

Glorifying God in the process,

Rewarding those who deserve.

Money is important,

In the cold and middle of night;

Giving God love as the good knight,

When the day warms up from above.


28 You Can Have It

You can have it, I can have it,

Life everlasting and eternal,

Money in the bank from working hard,

Please with ignorant people, disregard.

You can have it, I can have it,

There are some things you can't have though,

We have to learn to put our trust in the Lord,

Food for the starving, when board the reward.

You can have it, I can have it,

Work for the joy of mercy and grace;

Keeping the principles of all of God's love,

It comes from on high where God lives in heaven above.

You can have it, I can have it,

Goodness and kindness, time forever;

Serving and worshipping the God of all creation,

Individual people, interacting in each nation.

You can have it, I can have it,

Looking out for on-another;

By not thinking only of yourself all the time,

Helping and encouraging freindship all around.

You can have it, I can have it,

Not being pig headed or greedy;

Longing, looking out for each other,

Seeing that we all get what we need.



29 I Love My Idea

I love my idea if I can get it,

Working for me and for you;

Being happy, heaven lovely,

Paradise people in peace.

I love my idea if I can get it,

The goodness and the greatness;

Perfect kindness towards others,

Showing and reflecting God's love.

I love my idea if I can get it,

Helping people see eye to eye with each other;

No more fighting and wars,

People looking out for one-another.

I love my idea if I can get it,

Using my writing skills to share the love,

Spreading love around instead of hurt and injury,

Life life is a free cup of water between sips and air.

I love my idea, If I can get it,

Using my time wisely to read and to write;

Filling up the page with God's glory,

Mercy and peace at every stage.


A good God.

30 Self Centred and Selfish

Self centred and selfish,

How I see me and you I think;

All trying to get what we want,

Instead of learning to get and give God's love.

Selfish and self centred,

Why we all want everything;

The beauty of peace and truth,

Found in the words of God's love.

Selfish and self centred,

Time lost in the being of the self,

Money going to waste and to ruin,

Books just left sitting on the shelf.

Selfish and self centred,

All the crime of doing time;

Thinking of myself and not yourself,

Obsessed with all the work of my own.

Selfish and self centred,

People rushing here and rushing there,

No time for each other, all left in despair,

Try to compare each other in prayer.

Selfish and self centred,

Just knowing the love of our own;

No knowing the love and gift of God,

What you owe is nothing left, but good.


The work of The Lord.


31 A Choice Of Direction

A choice of direction,

A change in direction;

We are always choosing which way to go,

The way you are living, the way to know.

A choice of direction,

Changes we are making in our lives;

Picking the right way or wrong way to go,

We should all be headng in the right direction.

A choice of direction,

You go that way and I go this;

Making sure not to wander to far from the path.

The straight road goes forward, the crooked back.

A choice of direction,

Certain rules to follow;

Make up your mind which way,

Me, I will go the way that God leads me.

A choice of direction,

The road of life forever;

Or the road to heaven or hell,

Choose the narrow road, pathway.

A choice of direction,

Make sure you are heading on the right road;

The broad road is the highway to hell,

Choose the diretcion where the way is well.


North, South, East or West.

32 You Go That Way

You go that way,

I will go this way;

The high road of life,

The low road to hell.

You go that way,

I will go my own,

We must follow God's ways,

All of our live long days.

You go that way,

if you are on your own;

Its safer to go my way, two together,

Keeping each other warm at night.

You go that way,

I have decided to go my own;

We will meet back in the middle,

When we can talk about God over the phone.

You go that way,

You are going your own way;

Come to the party,

Life's too short on your own.

You go that way,

I keep on going this way,

This way is God's way,

You had better not do it all on your own.


God's way.

33 I Decided This Way

I decided this way,

Why are you going that way?

You are going your own way,

Come back to God's way.

I decided this way,

I am going that way;

I am not going my way,

I am going God's way.

I decided this way,

For one reason or another;

You come along for the ride,

We can do this life, side by side.

I decided this way,

No fault of yours or mine;

Its just the way to keep on going,

Doing it all here just on your own.

I decided this way,

You had ideas of your own;

Better to stick together than pick a bone,

We can talk about it later over the phone.

I decided this way,

Writing for you to read;

You can lead me your way,

I will decide which way is right.


You decide that way.

34 Care And Consideration

Care and consideration,

Contemplation and contentment;

Complying and coinsiding,

Lets coin a phrase together.

Care and consideration,

Me working out how to help you;

Two by two together,

Sharing the love in prayer.

Care and consideration,

The beauty of being together;

Everyting just happening right,

God looking on with delight.

Care and consideration,

Appreciating each others differences;

Recognising the needs of others,

Being responsible and on call.

Care and consideration,

The brilliance of Christain living;

All for God's good cause,

The love of life, needs no applause.

Care and consideration,

It all appears so reasonable;

Accounting for each others needs,

A successful mountain for you to read.


Prizes system.

35 Do Other People Matter

Do other people matter?

I think they matter to me;

Do they matter to you?

Caring what other people think.

Do other people matter?

Its such an important question;

Kind consideration needed,

Decide to help others out.

Do other people matter?

When they can't help themselves;

Long lost lonely lives in strife,

It is our duty to save life.

Do other people matter,

It is a God given gift;

To help other people in need,

Appreciate them by what you can do.

Do other people matter?

I think that they really all do do;

Loving relationships between each other,

Doing our solumn best to coexist.

Do other people matter,

Stop thinking only of yourself;

You can be of benefit to someone else,

It could be the best thing that you can do in life.


You matter.

36 A Time To Try

A time to try,

A time to live or die;

Pleasant times deserve,

Conservation to conserve.

A time to try,

Grace and goodness;

Mercy and the pills,

Working hard to stop the ills.

A time to try,

Live and let win;

Put your rubbish in the bin,

Save your skin from sin.

A time to try,

Pleasant things to buy;

Weather, the sun shines in the sky,

You have all day, don't sigh.

A time to try,

Whether you can buy the eye;

See the trees and sea,

Rain through the grey clouds.

A time to try,

Takes a bit of effort though;

Everything you read to know,

Working hard for prosperity.

A time to try,

God made little red apples,

Put a smile on your face,

Try to trace out of space.

A time to try,

You just have to face it,

Put your faith in God,

Use your life, don't waste it.

A time to try,

All the good things that you need;

Better than the best you want,

Lead with love and kindness.


Beauty Point.

37 Do Or Die

Do or die for evermore,

Give God the credit, you implore;

Sitting on your hands won't work,

Get off your but and live a bit.

Do or die, the skies the limit,

It all starts with you doing it;

Goodness comes to those who wait,

The work gets done by those who anticpate.

Do or die, your health the reason,

In due time or in due season;

God rewards those who work,

From your backyard or the back of Burke.

Do or die, its independance,

Working for our own assurance;

Money comes and money goes,

Looking for your right insurance.

Do or die, time waits for no man,

The right things done at the right time;

Waiting, wanting not, worth the work,

Its all a bit hard, try your best.

Do or die, meaning niceties,

Not worth slovenly habits doing nothing;

Something will come along the way,

Do it dilligently each and every day.


Rest when you lie down.

38 I'm Going My Way

I'm going my way,

I have to follow you;

Doing it my own way,

Is not so good for two.

I'm going my way,

I have to see what you want;

You can help me out,

No time to look and doubt.

I'm going my way,

It seems best to me;

Better to check with you,

Two can share the load.

I'm going my way,

Two can walk together;

Life is too short to go alone,

Enjoy the companionship of two.

I'm going my way,

That is not so good for you;

Doing everything my way on my own,

Lets sit down and talk about it together.

I'm going my way,

Time to go hand in hand;

The work gets done together,

If we only take the time to share.


I'll go your way.

39 You Go Your Own Way

You go your own way,

Leave me alone for mine;

If we can't agree together,

Lets try doing it apart.

Its a sad state of affairs,

Me wanting everything my way;

Share and share alike means caring,

We can't get our own way on our own.

You go your own way,

I want you to go my way;

Your not ready for me yet,

I'm not that way inclined.

You go your own way,

See if it does you anything good;

If not, you can come running back,

I will be here waiting for you.

You can go your own way,

I tried to do it on my own to;

Not so lucky or successful,

It always works better with two.

Going your own way you know,

Means we have to work harder each;

Sit down both together and enjoy a meal,

Talk about times to come to be together.


Did it for dinner.

40 I Did It Right For Me

I did it right for me,

You did not even come into it;

Time to consider each other,

Work it out over a cup of tea.

I did it right for me,

You can all read and see;

If it looks like what you want,

Just tell me what it is.

I did it right for me,

You just sit there and wait;

See if there is anything you can do,

I might be able to help you to.

I did it right for me,

What were you worried about anyway;

Time for sharing and caring,

Two can keep warmer together.

I did it right for me,

The right way to read and write;

You read me, got the idea,

Time for you and time for me.

I did it right for me,

You did it right for you;

If ever the twine should meet,

We will both be going the same way.


God Bless.


41 The Grail

I am looking for the grail,

Still to be found and searching;

The cup of the last supper,

The chalice and all the suffering.

I am looking for the grail,

From long lost medieval days;

Taking by Joseph of Aramathea,

To Old England of ancient times.

I am looking for the grail,

Sought by King Arthur of legends;

Hidden in the Fisher Kings castle,

For Parsifal to come along and claim.

I am looking for the grail,

To find the cup of the dark ages;

Looking to see it in the light of heaven,

Its an illusive task force for me, I am sure.

I am looking for the grail,

It has the healing properties of life;

Eternal distant pathways shining through with glory,

Still to find this cup and then to tell the story.

I am lookng for the grail,

Probably hidden in some grave or tomb;

Seeking, searching for this relic,

Down through all time and gloom.


On golden pond.

42 Nice People

Nice people are few and far between,

They come and go and are hard to be seen;

Once you come across them, remember who they are,

It is better to know them than people who are mean.

Nice people come across my path occasionally,

Nice people appreciate you back to;

Smile at them and say or laugh, I love you to,

Truth has its passionate meaning for lovers to come true.

Nice people are a wonder to be around,

They make you feel comfortable and relaxed;

Getting to know them is puposeful,

Being their friend is most inviting.

Nice people help other people like me and you,

Their is a marvelous world of love and understanding;

Welcoming you into a caring safe environment,

Try and share some time with them for learning.

Nice people love to show you how to live,

They care about you total well being;

They make you feel self assured and have kindness,

Their is room in their heart for thee.

Nice people open up their homes to let you come in,

They make you a cup of tea or coffee;

I like nice people and I want to be like them,

Filling your hearts with love and giving you peace of mind.


Flowing freely.

43 Kind Hearts

Kind hearts, peaceful minds,

Gladness and gratitude;

Goodness and mercy,

Godliness and grace.

Kind hearts, good heads,

Following loving paths;

Leading us to Jesus,

Open thinking, being kind.

Kind hearts, merciful souls,

Peaceful leading, smart and holy;

Gloriously finding, nice people,

Naturally, splendidly different.

Kinds hearts, thinking of others,

Beautiful people sharing love;

Simply forgiving, loving hearts,

Fitting into and filling the picture.

Kind hearts, working hard,

Things are worth, time for a doller;

Money secondary, peace secure,

Schollers laughing, financial pride.

Kind hearts, shining love,

Leading good, smiling while;

Reading words, just your style,

Kind hearts, peaceful minds.


Mercy and love.

44 God's Direction

God's direction, never worry,

He will lead you home safely;

Going this way and getting that day,

He has a place for you in His house.

God's direction, better to follow,

North, South, East or West;

He knows which way for you is best,

When you are tired, he will give you rest.

God's direction, which way are you going,

Turn around from your sinful life;

Get back on the path that leads to right,

You are a precious soul of the truth and light.

God's direction, are you saved from sin?

Have you put all your rubbish in the bin?

Leave your past behind you and follow Him,

He will save you from evil and help you to win.

God's direction, which way are you going now?

Have you driven down the road passed the old cows?

He will teach you wisdom and you will learn to know how,

Incline your learning unto Him now and He will spare His care.

God's direction it is not your own you know,

You have to follow Him to be safe and secure;

Are you looking up above or down to the ground,

Are you going to heaven or hell in despair.


God is good.

45 No Taking Shortcuts

No taking shortcuts,

There is no easy way out really;

Life is hard and tough my friend,

Change all your ways until the end.

No taking shortcuts,

The truth is hard to come by;

Many a saying does come true,

Doing your best to keep the sky blue.

No taking shortcuts,

The clouds of life come in;

The storm will rain all day,

Thunder and lightning away.

No taking shortcuts,

Many a plenty of mercy;

Grace and glory are coming,

Goodness and peace are showing.

No taking shortcuts,

Don't learn to sell yourself short;

Be a good player and a good sport,

Kindness and goodness, that is the thought.

No taking shortcuts,

Better days will arrive ahead,

Through the dark times and ages,

You will come out shining on top.

No taking shortcuts,

Work hard to achieve what is right;

Good things will come at last,

If you will only stay true to the faith.

No taking shortcuts,

God knows the long way hurts,

Better for you than finishing quick;

Take your time with a dilligent approach.


Further afield.

46 No Cheap And Nasty

Looking for a bargain,

No cheap and nasty for me;

Good taste and perfection,

God granted us standards.

Seek deeper in the pile,

No cheap and nasty for me;

Read between the fine lines,

A refreshing quality cup of tea.

No cheap and nasty for me,

I have an eye for quality;

Super centres and bargain basements,

Leave them to others, give me love.

No cheap and nasty for me,

I take pride in my things;

Like the ringing of a bell,

I like living all things well.

No cheap and nasty for me,

I just go on with what I have got;

No bad memories, what I forgot,

Good things cost don't forget.

No cheap and nasty for me,

Don't frown at me when I say that;

Keep looking straight ahead down the road,

Remember what is cooking, a lighter load.


Quality things.

47 Expensive Things

Expensive things cost a fortune,

The price must be paid in full;

No stealing or cutting corners,

To have the best of everything.

Expensive things, a delight to know,

To have and to own or grow;

The sword and crown of life,

The scepter and the thrown.

Expensive things, don't come cheap,

Value and worth both added;

The house and the land package,

The car, plus boat and caravan.

Expensive things, good sense,

Making life more pleasurable;

Enjoying the finer things in life,

Having the niceties that you like.

Expensive things, the Rolls Royce,

The Lamborgini and Porshe;

The Ferrari and Maserati,

Nice cars are not just for him.

Expensive things, buildings and bridges,

Roads, ships and aeroplanes;

Having a around the world holiday,

The good things in life are great.


You can have it all.

48 Suit Yourself

Suit yourself, most people do,

A reason to live, things for you;

Tailored and finely worked,

Specially atuned for your own design.

Suit yourself, people have to,

Getting things your own way;

Must be great and grand,

A regal setting and portrayal.

Suit yourself, people want to,

The glory and the grace to win;

Enjoying your own way for a time,

Money will buy what you want.

Suit yourself, people need to,

Satisfaction, what you read to know;

Day by day just learning to grow,

Everything running in good smooth flow.

Suit yourself, you get the idea,

My way, not your way, what you desire;

Specific criteria, worth while requirements,

Get organised and lead your life right.

Suit yourself, if you can make it to do,

Better than sitting on the backbench;

Taking a forward step in life,

Give yourself what you really require.


Gifted certainties.

49 Good Reasons

Good reasons make sense to me,

Putting your first step through the doorway;

Entering into the house of your own,

Plenty of people just do just that.

Good reasons, working hard for what you want,

How to do it, you need to know;

Loving God is all you pray for in flow,

Peace of mind and high in heaven to grow.

Good reasons, seasons greetings,

Royal Christmas and Easter;

Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn,

Sport the thought and what aught some.

Good reasons, whats worth working for,

Money in the bank and thanking God;

Good things and nice things to,

Plenty of fun and things to do.

Good reasons, living a long time,

Seasons change in words of rhyme;

God is good to me sublime,

No need to be famous, family is fine.

Good reasons, care and concern,

Passionate people, learning to earn;

Prayerful needs and reasons to play,

God is good and gay all day.


Perfect plans.

50 Plenty Of Purpose

Plenty of purpose, reasons to live,

Dolphins flolicking, porpoises with,

Living life loving the light,

Seeing clearly God's delight.

Plenty of purpose, things to have,

Good reasons for doing, God has gave;

Life in the forefront, heavens answers,

Hell is well for those who slave.

Plenty of purpose, I knew you would like,

Things all meaning, reason for flights;

I flew to London, Paris was nice,

Chicago and Seatle, San Fran and LA.

Plenty of purpose, things in perspective,

God is goodness and greatness;

Giving and getting things you want,

Everything you ever needed to read.

Plenty of purpose, cear and clean,

What I waiting for, things come to mean;

Seeing God for what and how He is,

Everything in the light of the cross.

Plenty of purpose, life is right and good,

Seeing glory, coming through the clouds;

The future of forgiveness, forgetting the sin,

Christ is risen and returning back again.


Beautiful creation.

Jesus paid you.


51 Are You Looking For Me?

Are you looking for me?

I have to ask myself this question;

Putting myself in the picture,

Whether I should worry or not.

Are you looking for me?

Should I even care at all?

You may be a bad person,

The fear of God to who I am.

Are you looking for me?

Maybe you wanted to read poetry;

And you found me on the web browsing,

Then I am glad you found this man.

Are you looking for me?

Did you know me in the first place;

Maybe there is something you wanted,

From me that I can give to you when.

Are you looking for me?

Can you find me easily as possible;

Do you have a specific reason for this?

We could exchange greetings and say hello.

Are you looking for me?

As if there was some kind of reward in it;

I hope you get what you are after,

I will be happy to help you with that.


What is it?

52 Can You Find me?

Can you find me?

Are you looking for me?

Have you browsed the internet for long,

Just google poetry for Parsifal.

Can you find me?

Do you go to my church?

Have you got a card off me?

Are you searching for me particuarly.

Can you find me?

What is the reason you want me?

Is there a time and place to meet?

Are you happy with my website?

Can you find me?

 Is it anything important at all?

If I try staring at the wall for a while,

Meaning and interest just in style.

Can you find me?

Is there even any purpose to try?

God bless you in your endeavours anyway.

You found me here on the world wide web.

Can you find me?

Sometimes there is love to share;

Two people understanding getting together,

Maybe you want to marry me forever.


Her or Him reading?

53 Did You Find Me?

Did you find me,

Looking here on the web;

Could it be that it all worked out,

Just the way God intended it to be.

Did you find me?

Were you just a bit lucky this time?

Looking for me in all the wrong places,

As if I know all these different faces.

Did you find me,

Who were you looking for anyway?

I might be in starnger danger,

Or a place that is just safe to be.

Did you find me?

Who are you really anyway?

Maybe I was looking for you,

And we chanced to meet this way.

Did you find me?

Glad that you were shopping to;

People turn up in different places,

Some I know and some I don't.

Did you find me?

Did you just google in my name?

I am glad you came to read me,

Leading me for writing is plenty of fun.


Here I am.

54 Who Are You Anyway?

Who are you anyway?

As if I did not already know;

Are you interested in a book of mine?

Am I really expected to know?

Who are you anyway?

Maybe you need a doctor;

God can help you with that you know,

I also did when prompted.

Who are you anyway?

Can you trust the truth with yourself?

Are you really a nice type of person?

Do you wnat me for a reason or to help?

Who are you anyway?

You are just someone on the net reading me;

God grant that you will be happy with what you get,

I am just trying to make a living out of a hobby.

Who are you anyway?

Are you someone who makes people glad?

I am trying to have fun and write,

So that you can read me and not be sad.

Who are you anyway?

Do you think and understand?

Can you comprehend tomorrow?

God gave us all a wondrous land.


My friend Jesus.

55 I Like Other People

I like other people,

Sometimes better than myself;

Do other people make you happy?

Try to understand all the books on the shelf.

I like other people,

Most of the time they are good to me;

Trying to fit in with other people,

Get the picture of where you should be.

I like other people;

I wonder if they to like me;

I try to please and make poeple happy,

Is that the kind of way that you see me?

I like other people,

Are you one of those close to me?

Do you read me and forsake me?

Jesus forgives other people like me.

I like other people,

Are you really just one of those?

Do you love with complete surrender?

Have you got a place of your own?

I like other people,

Plenty of people are good to see;

Do you like being with other people,

Or are you the lonely type on your own?


Happy experiences.

56 A Little Bit More

A little bit more,

A little bit even;

Some people have less,

Other people thieving.

A little bit more,

Contemplation on mind;

A lots a little bit,

What some people have got.

A little bit more,

It all adds up;

A bit by bit accumulation,

Things start to mount up.

A little bit more,

Time on your hands,

People want money,

To spend and to save.

A little bit more,

God is full of love,

Slow and steady wins the race,

Just take your turn and pace.

A little bit more,

Seems all OK to me;

What have you got anyway?

Seems to me quite a lot.

A little bit more,

God is good and gives us plenty;

Just take your time a while,

What you have got all adds up.



57 Rather Than Others

Rather than others,

I will keep mine;

What I have got means to me,

You can have yours as well.

Rather than others,

I try and win the race;

Having a look at your face,

We might go to out of space.

Rather than others,

I always want more,

You always want more to,

Share and share alike.

Rather than others,

I want peace and happiness;

Others want money more than me,

I give in and let them get there way.

Rather than others,

I think God is good;

He rewards and blesses me,

As people think He should.

Rather than others,

I have all that I need,

Other people want things badly.

Gladly they just get theres sadly.


Be good.

58 Of Course You Can Read

Of course you can read,

That is why I write;

For you to read me,

If you lead me right!

Of cource you can read,

Its a good idea to do;

Loving and meaningful,

Too good to be bad.

Of course you can read,

You were taught very well;

To learn and teach others,

Everything that you can.

Of course you can read,

Be on your best behaviour;

Understand good and kind,

Helping others to love each other.

Of course you can read,

That is a priveledge in life;

Beautiful how you lead,

Everything you need you can write.

Of course you can read,

It comes as second nature;

Blessing others along the way,

The path of healing and restoration.

Of course you can read,

Some take it for granted;

The course you took at college,

Suddenly starts to come back.


Learning to write.

59 Lead Yourself

Lead yourself, teach yourself,

Learn to do what is good;

Understand what is meaningful,

Piece by piece the picture.

Lead yourself, write what you like,

Peace is very beautiful;

Looking lovely and very nice,

Girls and boys, a bit of spice.

Lead yourself, you can do it,

Come to the party I'm throwing;

You will come right through it,

Girls and boys, doubled twice.

Lead yourself, actual healing,

Status and level advantage;

Manage yourself to do it,

God's glory, mercy and grace.

Lead yourself, so others can see,

Perfect unity for us to be;

Plenty of trees about the sea,

Sun shining brightly greatfully.

Lead yourself, write what you like,

Words on the page expresssing myself;

Lead yourself, books will come,

Things will add up to a healthy sum.

The sky, the stars and out of space,

Bright sun shining down from on high;

God in heaven and leading right,

Perfect rays beaming in glorious light.


Glad and thankful.

60 I Hope That You Do

I hope that you do,

While I sit and write,

Things right in the light,

Happening true in sight.

I hope that you do,

Come back and read me;

See what I have done now,

Working for a while on what you did not know.

I hope that you do,

Learn to write like me;

Read and understand the difference,

So that I can understand you.

I hope that you do,

Get things done while I write;

Enjoy coming back and reading,

For love for a little while.

I hope that you do,

Learn to be like Jesus;

Goodness and mercy and grace,

Putting problems back in there place.

I hope that you do,

Sun shining on your face;

Love and conentment and grace,

Perfect people in their own place.


Looking for space.


A Knight At Night

A knight at night getting the work done while you sleep, things just happen and then they apear. Or so it seems to me in the real world of my typing of books. My world is one of dark days and ages, coming true in the love and grace of God. While people are sleeping I am up early reading and getting my mind right to write books for you. It just does not all happen by itself, there is someone here behind the scenes creating written inspiration for you to read. Thankfully you get up and read me when it is all put together and all starting to fall into place. Parsifal Considers Himself formed from what taken from a selfish persective of how a medieval knight would see himself in the fields of gaiety personal pride trying to self reflect on the perspectives and the intricit selfish nature of being solely unified in ones self, but no matter how hard one tries to be selfish, they are overcome by God's glorious light through Christ Jesus. Everything far too much to consume for just one person on a selfish path and plight. The love of goodness and grace of God shine through above the personal endeavours to satisfy and saturate the self in ones own personal ideas. I hope that is how you might of seen it anyway, even a bit, that you to can share in the glory and beauty of a writers written work. No matter how selfish the endeavour is, it still needs to be read by others to decifer judgement and depicture of how what may seem like other selfish eyes are trying to do by their own concern to consume to identify true reason and logic in what has been written for any common and practical purpose. Hopefully there has been some sense in identity of verse from the portrayal and depicture of the identity of Parsifal as a medieval knight on a trail to lead and blaze the way through the dark and dorment middle ages. God bless you and thankyou for taking the time to read this and me. Darel Robert McAllister.