A million costs everything to anyone these days,

A million stars all shining in all there various ways;

A million matters mostly for money to pay the price,

A million years of freedom would still be very nice.


A million words to think of, all with separate meaning,

A million products to buy and try all to keep cleaning;

A million times for living life, to take a million breaths,

A million graves for sinners who died a million deaths.


A million steps and beats while people are walking,

A million thoughts come to the mind while talking;

A million seconds to happen for those who are living,

A million meals provided by those with love of giving.


A million songs to sing that haven't been sung before,

A million ideas to write and then read a million more;

A million prayers to God for forgiveness and for love,

A million dreams with passion for heaven up above.


A million smiles of enjoyment all in coloured pictures,

A million questions to answer and find to be richer;

A million deeds to do for things that must be done,

A million wants and needs and being granted none.


A million hearts all beating, knowing what they are,

A million people caring, how long to go and how far;

A million ways of selling for a tidy little bit of profit,

A million fortunes predicted and spoken by a prophet.



Do you speak my language?