People, pen and paper all need patience you see,

As they wonder what will happen and just what will be;

Life goes in circles and some question why,

Because without a little patience all men will die.


Patience is an art of waiting upon the spirit,

Which moves and returns when you start to fear it;

So want not your life and have faith in tomorrow,

For in patience there's wisdom if you dare not to sorrow.


Look out from above with vision and insight,

So as to see what is coming in the truth and with light;

Patience is to be learnt with the heart as a key,

In establishing what is yours and what is to be.


There's no sense in failure in what ever you do,

So use a little patience and make sure you're you;

Now if God's on your side then there's patience at hand,

So allow Him to work and He'll make you grand.


Patience is not a problem for someone to see,

But a gift of plenty for all who agree;

Take time to make time whenever you can,

And remember to have time to sit and to plan.


It all looks so grey in the future so far,

But with patience and virtue you'll be quite a star;

Well it's time to remember what patience you've had,

As with this pen and paper I am made glad.



Who's patient.