A Nobody

Well who would be a nobody left with out a friend?

It would turn you into emptiness and drive you round the bend;

A nobody is a somebody who has no importance at all,

It's as if everybody has gone away to try and make them feel small.


Nobodies are people who don't care whether they I've or die,

That's why a nobody will sit down and start to want to cry;

So I ask you now are you a nobody do you fit into these lines,

Or are you one of those socialites who eats and wines and dines.


Nobodies are lonely types left out on a branch or a limb,

They steal cars and burn up highways leaving only but a rim;

Nobodies don't mind being nobodies because they don't think or care,

And a nobody turns inside himself because he won't turn to God in prayer.


I don't know if it's right if a nobody ever knew,

For if a nobody knew somebody it would never be right or true;

You've got to remember that somebody cares about us and them,

That's why I wrote this poem because that's where I really stem.


Now nobody gives a damn about nobodies more than me,

For a nobody is a somebody who turns into a tree;

You see to me that's kind of heaven to live eternally,

And I wouldn't want to see a nobody who always had to be.


If a nobody is ever a winner then nobody ever wins,

And if you beat up on a nobody then nobody ever sins.

Or if a nobody is ever perfect and we w nobody ever is,

Then nobody dies or reads about nobodies work or biz.


Well a nobody is always special at the end of every day,

And when it's all said and done it goes nobodies way;

So if a nobody is really a somebody who goes through all of that,

Then maybe it's just a nobody's world and the earth is really flat.



Nothing Left.