Well what is it now we all choose to find,

Is it our soul or some experience in mind?

Church is a place, in which we can trust,

To look for our God off those streets full of dust.


Grateful we come to sing songs to our Lord,

Whose work was the life and voice was the sword;

We humble and bow at his awesome most presence,

In which is the place of his most holy residence.


Now this building is worthy of the congregation it will hold,

As we bring our gifts of money and gold;

It's the people, who really make up this church,

As we continue to view and to listen and search.


The reason we come is to find truth in the word,

Despite what is evil and what we have heard;

We worship our God for what he has done,

Because he is good and makes sure misses none.


It's not what you've done or whether you attend,

But the grace that's through faith in being God's friend;

We all need to find faith for revival to strike,

For his riches in glory and for what we all like.


Church brings us sunshine to light up the temple inside,

Where God makes his pleasure and takes forth his bride;

They have funerals and weddings and sermons on Sunday,

But most important of all is that your saved one day.



In Christ's presence