Out of recent concern it has been brought to my attention the theory of armageddon. Trends indicate and there is reason to highlight that time is closing in on the focal point of the worlds end. Armageddon is known to be the place of gathering at a time of the end of the world. This is the time when God returns to earth to judge the all the people of the earth and determine the destiny of every single soul that ever existed. Knowledge and truth are the vital factors of what will become of the world in relation to what wisdom has been gained up till today.

It's leaders becoming significantly predominant in the maintaining of peace and democracy for those who have worked so hard to achieve something of value and something of significance for themselves and others. Freedom of speech, diplomatic service and other vital technological advances that have contributed to the furthering of civilisation so far. These points are all centred on the pivotal point of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in current economic cycles and sociological structures within the constitutional guidelines. It is really about good and bad, right and wrong what will be tolerated and what will not, it is about productive people and wayward people , it is about judgement and law where legal systems fail to meet the required standards of discernment and where justice has failed to accurately depict or reflect the true nature of the case. It is God's way of balancing worldly systems with the truth and Gospel of the Bible.

War is an awful thing but the reality must be related. it must be realised with the what other actual evil and corruption is going on that is not so easily detected through normal channels. It must be controlled and it must be stamped out and it must be brought to attention and highlighted in cases where truth is swept under the carpet.

Individuality is a necessary quality that must be recognised here, where by the person who contributes to the real conforming parallels is not under cut or alleviated of their rights through foul or underhanded methods instead of rewarding and recognising vital contributions and real performance.

Troops build up and naval positioning along with aircraft surveillance with strike ability adds to the negative implications that are deriven out of misbehaviour. A god of love would naturally want to see his people go free. But only to the point of those who try to accept and live by his rules. Rebels and trouble makers will not be tolerated and disciplinary rules will be adhered to in the maintaining of orderly conduct. By this we are maintaining and prolonging the earth's final destiny.

With six thousand years under our belt their is no reason why we cannot go another six thousand and I think it is possible. Depending on organisational management and community and resources as well as the attitudes that are formed and evolved over such periods of time. By considering of redistribution and recycling of materials and commodities to stretch out over the desired periods of time allowing for the funds and finances within the specified hierarchies and areas.

The earth has many attractions and places meaning that our position in history must be realised to preserve and nurture our future in order to allow destiny to manifest and transpire.

Fighting of wars are in constant opposition with product resourcing and manufacturing and distribution of goods. Society is afflicted with nastiness and pain instead of positive steps and efforts to keep things going. The battle should be in a sports rain instead of fields of death. But that is the way of the world, meaning that we are taking one step backwards in order to go two steps forward. Understandably when people and things go uncontrollable it is inevitably going to happen people will die and things will be broken beyond repair. Fortunately it is only irreversible when we fail to recognise the direction in which we are heading. Wisdom is what we wanted and the wise abounded plentifully. Grace is what we were given and sinners came to repent. Some shut the door and denied the light of life in their face. Did we see and not perceive, hear and not say, listen and not remember.

The truth is that we are all called to account to God. That our very being belongs to him. That we are here to do a job and all the profits go to him. I don't believe I am entitled to everything and I don't know why I am the one to discern this, but I do know that when eternity meets infinity I need a saviour and in that course I must follow. For I am not put here to waste my life away or to take life from those who have deserved it. On the contrary I like you am here to see that fairness and justice prevail and that is upon what we must all concentrate.

The people who provided the effort and the people who abused the system are differentiated so that the truth will shine and in triumph determination will be perfectly discerned. Good will win over evil and God will have the victory in the courts of the Lord. That is the nature of doctrine, to prevail where fallacy intercedes. It should be a game of love not bloodshed but even life has a price. If we all had enough faith to go the distance, oh! what hope there would be in heaven? That's when we migrate to that greater place of being. The land over the rainbow so to speak. More probable that it will be another planet with resources so abundant that everybody could go on the same distance all over again. God will have the victory with me doing what I ought. Me and you helping each other to create a better place to live. When all of God's angels come together to unite with all existing believers to be in the new heaven and earth. Out still we endeavour to push on to create the place that our offspring will inherit. A future that is not dull and dismal but one of hope and brightness giving further vision and inspiration of wonderful possibilities that are made available and will be realities to the generations to come. That means that we still should be encouraging imagination for dreams for better things. Things like nuclear powered spacecraft that travel at or beyond the speed of light or perhaps teleporting from place to place, even planet to planet.

Surely with all the intelligence of all mankind we can live in an educated society one that is based on conscience and harmony. Building and creating instead of bickering and snivelling, old becoming new and new remembering the old. With any or all management it becomes, advancement passing through time not a matter of killing, but love through worship and belief in peace. Replenishment and reproduction as a concern of involvement within a community evolving as a democratic society. It is a matter of constantly overcoming those difficulties that would hinder or thwart the striving for achievement, beating the negativity that is set on entering our lives, having victory in cases of humiliation and winning a situation through love instead of uproar and battle. 

The system must be allowed to chance and the direction we choose must be allowed to continually advance. Constantly beating those obstacles that would impede or hinder our battle for democracy and preservation. That the victory is being on and the fight fought in the building of future hope. In doing this we are ensuring that the battle is one science and technology, in seeking new dimensions and parameters we are winning God's war not creating the devils destruction. Therefore the fruits of our labours are rewarded not appealed, that all gain should be for good not bad. For our long term destiny is not won in one generation but in all that has past and in what will be. So through this any job would be shared by those who contributed remembering that our salvation was on the cross of pain and the anguish. It is interesting to draw this parallel between advancement and history, as time has meaning only when it is given God's touch and that our current management is only as good as what God is in time.

Our monitorial rewards are only a means to substantiate this happening. Whether we feed the starving or go to our of space we must remember that the focus must remain on him. We know that the earth's life is finite, we know that the resources will run out but it must be allowed to transpire slowly in a gradual controlled release that whilst we are advancing we are best utilising what is available to us now and at every stage of reference and interceding. Heaven and hell remains reality as in fact the ideal vision of paradise is still dangling in the distance but to those who still hope in and have life. We will eventually move onto other planets, it is only a matter of time and what allot it will take, we have the technology to associate and we are developing all the time and our control of power must use enhancing civilisation which would only encourage it to advance in the right direction. Gradually and consistently, we recognise the opportunities to succeed and consequently persevere to enable the illuminating visions to transpire through God and the people they will eventuate.

God was in the beginning and will be in the end. The earth is the peoples but it will go back to him. Now though we must however maintain good stewardship to ensure that as future generations arrive they will be sufficiently equipped to maintain management. We can taste a bit of sweetness now but still there is need for conservation as civilisation expands universally, we are playing our part to ensure that we see and fulfil a future for us all. So therefore we all have to play our part if Armageddon is becoming real and as if we are all a part of it.

The earth was designed to be a world of freedom, whether preservation or destruction we must decide. Armageddon is God's answer to all the unrepentant sinners while he still waits for the last repenting sinner to be called home. He wields his sword against those who refuse. It's about you and me, it's about living for him, its peace and truth prevailing and it's about judgement and democracy that is unshakeable.

Granted we are all aiming for the stars though we should not do it with victimised misfortune. We must care about our community and stabilise social circumstances to tailor our own personalized favour for success without supression of the poor. God will remain fair and just while seeing righteousness will be established. Creation will benefit by advancement and destruction will end sins existence. Therefore press onto the goal that lies before you in fact all of us we that we would never cease to worship and serve the ever living God who reigns supreme and will not faultier. To God be the glory. Amen.

Darel Robert McAllister

Parsifal Enterprises