Something (2)

I know this something that I believe in,

It's something like magic that let's us all win;

It doesn't matter much if you have nothing at all,

For that is a something on which you can call.


There's something to be said about putting faith in God,

Which is surely not trouble and definitely not odd;

For it's something to say that I know where I'm going,

And that heaven is the something I'll one day be knowing.


Something is something I know I just have in my heart,

Some say it's love or at least that's a start;

And now there's still something left here to say,

It's a word to a friend who inturn show's you the way.


Believing is something, on which I must harp,

Which stops me from greeding and makes me quite sharp;

It's not much to go on but it's something that will give,

A hope for tomorrow that when my life passes I'll live.


This must sound stupid when there is money around.

But time will go to prove that something can be found;

It's a bit of a tall order but I've got nothing to loose,

For it's something that in life all men must choose.


Life's something that's precious so just reach out and touch,

A rose in its beauty with its delicate cent as such;

And there's something for everyone so just wait your turn,

It's something called trust and it's a grace you can't earn.



For someone.