Well what a lovely country in which we all do live,

Where everybody can be happy and all can win and give;

Australia with its plains and mountains full of beauty,

With all its men at arm's and many a little cutie.


With the blue ocean water on the golden beaches shores,

Which are rich and bless us muchly and fill my heart and yours;

The people here care about this native island ground,

As every breath and movement sleep silently sound.


There is magic in the heart as the nation still moves,

While all the things in it's life grows and improves;

I think there's no country quite as nice as Australia,

And to contest it's perfection would end up in failure.


This country sheds light on to all who will impart,

A little bit of effort till forever from the start;

Australia is the land of people, who are free,

And should admire it accordingly and gratefully let it be.



My country and yours