Some say that its right to lie and to cheat,

To live by their principles of despise and deceit;

To me honour is indeed the name of the game,

Which leads to awareness and turns into fame.


Now what if you've trusted and really cared allot,

About people who've tried and are still what their not;

They've shown all the honour and the beauty and pain,

But still they are searching and trying in vain.


There is a reason for honour which God shall disclose,

And it's the truth of the matter of how to dispose;

It's the glory and victory of the life still to tell,

And it's the hope to live on in eternity well.


Time has a way of finding out the truth,

When you honour your God you'll find living proof;

But sad is he, who does not have honour or faith,

And is lost in confusion without a word left to saith.


Allow me the chance to make these amends,

For God honours the righteous and makes people his friends;

He will not give up on this passionate quest,

But will seek out the worthy and honour the best.


So now comes the time to find out the judgement,

Which to question and answer is not honour but punishment;

But still there is hope for the tired and the weary,

And it's the salvation of God and he honours by hearing.



On my Honour.