I think I must be going out of my mind,

My brain's all crazy and God's no-where to find;

So such is life in a big smog filled city,

There's so many people and I'm full of pity.


Social disorders are out of this world,

And disease of the brain is like the earth being twirled;

They say that science can cure all our problems,

When it's like an interview on which a job stems.


Most people treat life like water off a duck's back,

But madness has a way of colouring you black;

So I think I shall pray and look to the heavens,

And stay up writing poetry well past the elevens.


The only way sanity will be right in my life,

Is to establish my heart and find me a wife;

Though I'd rather not bank on that at all,

Not after Adam and Eve and when God allowed the fall.


No the only hope in this life for me,

Is Jesus Christ and his death on the tree?

Now this worlds a big place and loves hard to find,

Except if your humble and gentle and kind.


So what of the past and life in the present,

The future will come with the moon in a crescent;

It's not as if this is the end to it all,

But depends on decisions and being on call.


If God's really out there I must keep my faith,

Or end up insane and undead like a wraith;

No I'm not losing I'll put my foot down,

And choose life in the city and really go to town.


So what really does God think of people being mad,

It's really just sin and behaving very bad;

Now I'm not going to let it run me into the ground,

I think I'll just look until someone wants me found.



Try to stay sane.