A Drop of Water

Sometimes when you forget to turn off the tap and drop of water,

Sits there and wait until gravity and pressure cause it to alter;

The drop of water drops and drips down from the tap to earth,

And it's just like a drop of blood or ink which is rich and all worth.


Sometimes a drop of water falls from the sky then it starts to rain,

And you can tell by the signs of the weather and whether the pain;

As you look to the sky and see the sea you can wonder if it will,

But a drop of water is a link between being tight and the right hill.


Like gravity causes the drop of water to flow down like the ink from my pen,

It is just a matter of how it happens and why and then which and when;

Sometimes it's hard to pick what will and which was but easy to know and tell,

If a drop of water was ink you're likely to pick the blood from the hell.


Fr how lovely it is to know someone dies in your place and from a pen,

When people eat the animal and something makes you thirsty for one or ten;

So a drop of water can amount to add up to fill the whole class,

But whether the glass is half empty or full is like getting down to weed grass.


And the beauty of tomorrow comes when you sleep right through the night,

And don’t have to get up to turn off a drop of water but do it so write;

For when it's written its beauty is sweet as the taste of heaven,

Where all that was wrong you wrote and the hour to retire is seven or eleven.


And the pristine way that the clear drop of water returns to our souls,

Is when we give God the money and he fills us with food in our bowls;

For the sure thing is the right thing and the payment is sweet to our heads,

When a drop of water tastes almighty and we rest well in our beds.




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