We must have time for the tithing as the tithe really gives us time,

And the money that we give with the meaning relaly writes rights in rhyme;

Because what we are actually losing is not what we actually think,

Because when you give money to God he turns it all around to link.


Now the good which you paid for bad, he was glad he had to have,

And when God is glad with what he had, you will be glad that you gave;

For th thing with the sin we don’t know about God is giving to save,

Which gives us time to invest in our lives and keeps us out of the grave.


Well we all like getting a gift and it is great when God made us pay,

Because we thought we were so special with everything God didn’t have a say;

Now we know God wins in the end and the payment at the end of the day weighs,

Is enough for atoning sacrifice of sacrificial giving for it all the evenly weigh.


But the best is yet to come for when we honour God with or tithe,

He returns it and multiplies it giving it freely back to us in a beautiful surprise;

And he loves to see a heart that is giving for he deserves to get something too,

For when God is the only one giving someone has to pay with their lives to you.


And while others tithe time and their financnes are used wisely far and wide,

The truth comes about in reflection of all his handywork decorating the skies;

But that is not all for correction because heaven is a gift for good work,

That you cant earn it through normal jobs but you buy it by learning his word.


Well now the creator has meaning and purpose and that is seen in Gods work,

All the good done here on earth is rewarding in heavens eternal holy word;

As the tithe we give is upon us as part of the duty to love God,

For God grants us peace with the plenty of sin fashioned in repeating the odd.





At least a tenth