A Little Story


The Bird of Paradise

and the Fisher King


Parsifal was a legendary knight and had to find the fisher king to heal him of his ailment which was a disease called schizophrenia. By drinking the life given water out of the cup of suffering which was called the Holy Grail.

This cup held the blood of Christ and when washed in the life giving water of his love became the source of the medieval and middle age meaning of eternal life. Well Parsifal finally meets the fisher king and asks the question of, What is it that ails you? and is granted a drink from the cup of everlasting life which heals him of his disease and cures his schizophrenia.

This kills the fisher king and Parsifal becomes king of the Grail castle until the anti Christ comes along claiming to be Parzival and dethrones Parsifal from the fisher kings castle and he escapes with his life and flees to New Guinea after the bird of paradise which is really a beautiful orange and blue flower that he is deceived by because a woman tricked him and told him that flower was really a bird called a kingfisher which is beautifully coloured and lives in Australia so he takes out a gold coin to buy a piece of fruit off her and returns to Australia to become king of that which was his rightful inheritance all the time.

Parsifal establishes his throne and kingdom and castle there and leads the country through generations of successful prosperity to economic security and foundation for many years to come.

There he falls in love and marries.