Perfect Peace

Perfect peace of mind is like all the money in the world,

Worth all the waiting and waiting for some of anything more;

When tranquility persists like serenity and love is heavens delight,

For all the perfect peace of paradise is worth all the time in you're life.


As the beauty is perfection of the silver crystal mirror of the mind,

Like when the river flows right and left and the body is solidly mine;

As It wonders and danced to trickle on down the stream the peace is nice,

Like the rainbow over the waterfall of a tropical island drink with ice.


Perfect peace is the illusion of all the anger and hell in anothers head,

When you die and go to heaven and the devil dies and is all dead;

But the reality of change and the wonderful way the weather whethers,

Is an ideal religious relationship of the righteousness white feather.


And the beauty of the universe fills my mind with God’s perfect peace,

As all the wars and fighting die a death and in the en will cease;

And the magic is a bit tragic as the superfluousness of extravagance,

Turns a wild and wholly night into the perfect peace of heavens intelligence.


Now gentlemen agree and ladies become them in the way of night,

And perfect peace is for Parsifal in his foolish educational day knight;

For the love of romance and the perfect peace of passion fills the air,

As the gift of perfect peace floats around in the world of prayer.


And the orgasmic cataclysmic sex of reproduction for perfect peace,

Is in the will of God somewhere as anywhere without him people cease;

And everywhere he is there is an awesome presence of his grace,

For the tithe of giving love is in the mind of perfect peace to space.





Faith is enough