Is It I

Is it I, I ask you Lord, do you love me enough to die,

Is it you Lord, would you let me die, if I ask, is it I;

I was flying so high I thought I go die, but you died for me,

Is it I Lord, I ask again, can you help and stop and me be free.


Is it I Lord, can you help me win and drag me out of the pit of despair,

Can you send me up so high, as high where I can float on the air;

Is it I Lord would you let me down in tears of loving prayer,

Is it you Lord, is it I, would you let me fly where ever you care.


Is it I lord, can you live and pray and give hope to the hell,

Can you answer me this time Lord, is it I who loves you well;

Is it I Lord can you give faith and bless who ever asks,

Is it you I love Lord, is it I who knows you're heart for the tasks.


Is it I Lord, does it seem to be you let me to, to go along the way,

To leave me along without a care of what you want to do all day;

Is it I Lord can you lift the worst sinner up to the highest heaven,

Can you fill my empty heart and give me something $7.11.


Is it I Lord was it me who you would call me home to live,

To die a dozen deaths and return worship God above to give;

To come back from the dead Lord where life has passed me bye,

To live eternal life, is it I Lord want to stop to die and to fly.


Is it I Lord who went to paradise where love is liquid life,

And you lord you promise I am coming back one day to take a wife;

Is it I Lord who love you the most who would not sell my soul at all,

Is it I Lord you loved to build a place to feast and role the ball.



It must have been you