I Want to Read Right and Write

I want to read and write and I guess I really do,

Sit at my table like a desk to see that it all comes true;

Without people pestering me but being pesky as people do,

For with pen in hand and animals in pen we all will eat them through.


I want to read and write for food right where I sit,

So I have to learn to read right and I want to write it if it’s fit;

Now if you read it right did I have the right to sit and write,

Because I want to read right and write but I am the one that writes.


Now if you see it written did you see me sit and write,

Or did you see the words on the pages and did you see them right;

For if you see it right I want you to sit down and write,

Because if I want to read right and write you must read it right.


Well I read a lot right and all the writing seemed to be written right,

And I was reading something else and I was someone else at nights;

So if you are reading these things right from a book I have read,

I hope you read the same book and that this is the right book to read.


Now I know that you ask yourself are you reading these things right,

Or is it time to put down the book and for yourself to write;

For if I want to read right and write right I must read right to write right,

Because I am the one doing the writing and has written things right.


So see yourself quite clearly now in the truth of the light,

That you have done the reading to see all things written right;

And the right to do the writing was in reading the writer right,

So what I wanted to read and write is really what I have just written.




Is This Really Written Right