Hypocrisy is like ambiguity for it says one thing and means another,

It states being better for one reason but is deceitful for the other;

It means hiding something selfish by exploiting to other or person,

Like when I say I can do it and don’t tell you how or give reason.


When one is really good and that one thinks the one is the greatest,

It is a hypocrisy to someone else who sees all the sin created;

And the joy of getting away with it all really must be debated,

For on the one hand the cross I hated and God made friends related.


Well the hypocrisy of it all is really coming out belated,

And the beauty of the blessing is hating what’s been outdated;

For the future comes and goes and the past has been and comes,

That he hypocrisy of time is full of money being counted sums.


For if it takes a million years to come back with a quick answer,

It is a hypocrisy of living for the dead belated chances;

And we know no one can that because it's a hypocrisy like cancer,

And if you spend you're life free and easy you’ll always be a dance.


Now hypocrisy is guilty of it's own hypocrisy itself,

For it seeks to have everything and give nothing to anyone else;

And we know that the is wrong and not right for someone right,

For that is something we must not do and do hypocrisy write.


So if you are being a hypocrite you have discovered hypocrisy,

For it is like a gift but a good gift like democracy;

And it will turn and bite you when you have bitten someone else,

Like God will learn to spite you for all the thinking of yourself.




I got away with it