The Stars

Well they’re all driven around in large limousines,
And eat at fine restaurants with delicate cuisines;
They work very hard to get to the top,
And travel the world to spend in a shop.
They lay in resorts and soak up the sun,
For they made their fame by being number one;
You must think that this is a life full of pleasure,
Something to have and simply to treasure.
Now life in the eye of the public is not all that easy,
Fame has its price and usually doesn’t come breezy;
Stars I thought shone from the night sky,
But these people on earth are start that know why.
You see a star will burn out when it's finished its life,
Like the people who become then end up in strife;
So next time you turn on the TV or watch the big screen,
Remember the stars are only shinning just to be seen.