Bright Shining Stars

Up above are the sun and stars
And they light the paths and fix peoples scars;
The moonlight twinkles in the sky in its way,
And the sunlight dances on the ripples in a bay.
A walk or two in the still night air,
Or a stroll down the beach without a care;
The suns reflection on the waves of the day,
And the moonlight dances all you're cares away.
How lovely and good is out God to us,
Without the trouble and toil or fuss;
But peace and tranquility no problem to bare;
That all is lovely and truthfully fair.
Dancing lights memorise our hearts and minds,
As our soul can rejoice in all of their kids;
Beauty and majesty is all beyond compare,
When the dancing lights fill our souls with air.
The highlights and low lights dance in our dreams,
And our prayers come true and joy really seems;
Dances and music make the time pass away,
And all that left is what happened to say.
As the lights of our eyes are united n heaven,
The magic of wondering is seven times eleven;
God grants s grace and frees all despair,
That the dancing of lights dazzle us and dare.