The Night Sky

Twinkling bright and shining down,
The stars that glitter without a sound;
A moonbeam flows through the dark of night,
And the water reflecting their perfect light.
The sky lights up like a Christmas tree,
And the river flows into the sea,
Its romantic and it's twilight for a while,
As you impress you're lady with your style.
You sit there near an ocean estuary,
It's 7 or 8 and she starts to question me,
Dinner is waiting and a boat sails by,
As your turn to settle in under the night sky.
A soft song plays and the candles are lit,
You're out on the balcony of a restaurant to sit;
You look up and about and you're eyes meet hers,
And you both wonder in heaven and are stuck for words.
A sign or two as the lights are dimes,
And you're only left at the sky lights whines;
You're prayers are answered it's black of night,
And you leave for home by bright star light.
A kiss or two and the moon streams,
As you go caress her lips and fade into a town;
The street noise dies and the bed is warm,
The night sky’s beautiful and two hearts are born.
She’s there somewhere