God Will Win One Star At A Time

In the beginning when the earth was created,
And all the stars were flung into space and related;
Then there was a difference and segregation of each,
To reach those distant places from the successfully to teach.
And there was born an English language for people to speak,
That the world would revolve around more than Ancient Greek;
So out the cosmos came a man with a cause to win,
And track all the footprints on the sand for the sin.
Now those who were famous had to hold onto their name,
To reveal all the truth through the age and stage of the game;
So that their reward would be maintained in heaven forever,
Well the thing was that is beaten was the school of the eternally clever.
As we now look to space for each special individual star,
We reach a distant constellation so close and yet so far;
And all I can do is to pick and choose which might be best,
As I know and tell and nose it and will wise and arose for the test.
And out of all the blue came the fame that we knew,
A new and divine order of all that had been true;
And there at the beach in the back of my mind,
Came along and arose someone who was more kind.
So now we know there is a judgment and verdict,
That the requiem and messiah are as both perfect;
And each star is the brilliance of bright shining light,
And that is the reflection of sin of sun in the night.
Son of God