To The Stars And Out Of Space

Well now it's time to head for space and the stars,
Where Pluto and Venus and Mercury await on Mars;
And the constellations of Orion and the pot are yours
As the Southern Cross of cavalry’s lamb is Peter’s door.
There Aries Libra and Scorpio and Capricorn,
Which are the leaders of the groups that lead to join;
Leo and Virgo and cancer and Aquarius of water,
Which organise the organization of sea, rivers lakes and ocean.
Don’t forget about Sagittarius and Taurus and Pisces and Gemini,
Which communicate the communication of talk that stem from I;
These are the stars that add meaning to our life,
That give us the kingdom of love and romance and passionate life.
And now let us fly on rocket ships out to this place called space,
As we touch new horizons from earth to rainbows for face;
Now we reach and strive and attain this goal and constant dream,
So that the plan of the human race can go come back cream.
Well now we have direction and purpose and truth,
As we search and look around to go beyond the church roof;
And this hope we call tomorrow is here n lives on now,
And he returns and is resurrected in these new times we are reborn.
The stars and space are here in the dawning of Aquarius,
These two thousand years since the millions of years each area;
And this perfect disability that goes beyond me now,
Leaves the people with the truth of only God knows how.