Flight Of The Eagle

Long and high soaring there,
Sky and mountains everywhere,
Rocky crag a branch to perch;
The eagles eye of which did search.
Flight so graceful so strong to stay,
In the air nearly most of the day;
A swoop, a dive a victim prey.
A lams, a purchase for the chicks of grey.
Around and about from here to there,
A circle a coarse of which few care,
A distance a landing a nest to keep,
Persistence resistance the wind so deep.
The flight of the eagle and mighty ask,
A day in the heavens an awesome task;
The eagle the bird a breeze gone by,
It's path his height to fly so high.
The wisdom we seek is not of man,
As the eagle is part of God's sure plan.
The courage the knowledge of certain peaks,
The answer, the problem of all who seeks.
The direction the altitude no dear at all.
The eagle so respected will never fall.
No cage should hold no man condemn,
The eagles soul for freedom stems.
Through smooth air