Autumn Falls

In a quarter of a year each season will change,
And turn and reason and in itself rearrange;
As autumn comes around and the autumn leaves fall,
The world dies to sin between the corners and walls.
So I say how can I just live through it all,
As the earth turns round like a big spinning ball;
While the wind blows around the leaves off the trees,
The waterfalls down like the ease of the breeze.
And as I turn and look to the night sky,
Where moonlight is found from stars heaven high;
The rustler and flow of the light streaming down,
Is found in the twinkle of a man in a town.
We’ll see the sweet beauty of the magic of this,
Sweet autumn falls in this life I call his;
Then line and the row of the perfect design,
Is lost in the paradise of this verse and line.
So now as you look as to where it began,
I hope you end up wiser and understand the plan;
For autumn falls gentle but once in a year,
And the truth and the grace and time all appear.
I hope you have taken this deep to your heart,
Where the life of the leaves has died but to start;
The renewal of hope into poor stricken world,
Where organic discomposure produces more work.
In recycled words