A Million Stars

Of golden beach an ocean shores,
As I lay on the sand my eye explores;
The night lit up like a Christmas trees,
A million stars and the sound of the sea.
Bright shining there their light above,
A brilliant twinkling in eyes of love;
Looking down and wondering at me,
There beauty rich the white light of thee.
A million stars all twinkling bright,
All shining through the dark of night;
A million stars above infinite sand,
The eternal time to heaven from land.
A simple heaven just sitting there,
As I lay there thinking a lonely care;
So sad and wearisome, so tired so far,
As if a tear was running from each individual star.
Of all five continents living all beyond compare,
The universe unfaltering at my perfect stare;
To live on earth we must pass the test,
Of aiming for the heavens not accepting second best.
When we’re reaching out to touch someone,
Like any bright star under the shining sun;
The one thing that you must search and see,
Is the love of God found in you and me.
My perfect world