Even Fools Have Pride

Even fools have pride, it's as plain as the nose on your face,

They think their human hearts can control the whole human race;

It's not a matter of being bright to understand the need,

But being stubborn or kind of pigheaded in how they lead or read.


Even fools have pride, it's another case of par for the course,

They think and intertwine with people so they are the sole source;

It may be ego maniacal to think you're better than someone else,

And it's a misunderstanding to have such high opinion of yourself.


Even fools have pride, because no one will show them the truth,

And their big heads get swollen without any logical proof;

It may well not be a condemnation to seek and save the lost,

And a fool has pride continually because he never counts the cost.


Even fools have pride, it takes the vernacular right out of the word,

They think they're in transparent in the eyes of the rest of the world;

It seems nothing will do to set them right in the sight of others,

Because even a fool has pride just like all our sisters and brothers.


Even fools have pride, it is strange to keep going down this track,

They think only of themselves with no hope of Jesus coming back;

It may be like contemplation on what life is really all about,

Even a fool can be forgiven when his pride leads himself to doubt.


Even fools have pride, I think I might fall into that category myself,

They think just like I, that they have read all the books on the shelf;

It may be a contradiction of terms discussing and writing this along,

If even fools have pride there's nothing left but right and wrong.



What if I really care.