God was a gift of the life of child,

Gentle and humble yet so meek and mild;

We take it for granted what God can do,

But through children his work will all come true.


The world needs us to show children our love,

With God looking down from his heaven above;

Children bring joy into the paths that they pass,

As they play in their playgrounds or out on the grass.


For children you see are just like you and me,

With their hearts so open for all the things they see;

Give them a toy and see what they make of it,

They are so full of life and never will quit.


They read and they write and learn well at school,

So that when they grow up they will be no-one's fool;

The problem is that they cost their parents a fortune,

Though the pleasure is theirs as they look to the future.


We need to love life and think like a child,

And enjoy things with pleasure they give for a while;

There is no need to take whatever you can,

For a girl becomes a woman and a boy a man.


Now kids become adults and look what have we got,

An education through childhood to all who seek God;

Great and grandparents can remember when young,

And Santa Claus at Christmas and carols they sung.



Who should let lead.