What is truth is it all in black and white?

Is the judgment found under the one eternal light?

What about people who commit sin and go and die?

Are the things they took a pain to live and lie?


Where can the truth be found, must we look high and low?

Or do you find it in poetry with rhythm, rhyme and flow?

If you go to the dentist you might need a filling,

And in truth you will care if the tooth is really willing.


The truth is found in kindness as the real meaning of life,

For those who venture to be bold when in trouble or in strife;

It is a law that's fair and a justice to know for all,

What God demands an account for, from his your final call.


Whether the weather is bright blue or a bit inclined to grey,

As are the clouds that pass at different hours of the day;

Then comes the time of truth to consider all the cost,

When the price just must be paid whenever you are lost.


Truth is a good thing because it always does what's right,

It's expressed from our hearts in feelings that we write;

And comes a time when all of us have to save some money,

We have to pay it back or spend it when it's bright or sunny.


The day when the rain comes down to water all the earth,

I'll be heavily reminded of my job and constant birth;

From when Christ died and rose from being on the cross,

To coming back at the end of time to be the judge and boss.



Really hard to achieve.