Parsifals Quest

In the middle of time ,

History, poetry and rhyme;

Rode a knight in red armor,

Parsifal a lover and a charmer.


On his steed with his woman,

He followed the road interwoven;

Along both rivers and streams,

Until he came to the castle of his dreams.


This is in the deep dark ages,

Where chivalry and life is in frozen pages;

A town or two would raise their bridge,

And he'd pass through and ride over the ridge.


Lost in time and dwelling in space,

Knowing every man of the human race;

His sword well-worn from his opponents' death,

But still shining on in silvery breath.


He rode for years and long lost days,

As he sought the grail through various ways;

His heart so strong, he desired only answers,

Of eternal truth but left only to chances.


This myth came true, this point in time,

Lost in the world of mystery and prime;

Parsifal our hero now heaven bound,

He marries his damsel when the grail is found.



If we look back.