Management is my subject that I studied in time,

Twelve years of writing poetry and now typing to rhyme;

It's all organised in verse along in the line of my poem,

And I am sitting here writing this in the comfort of home.


I stand up and sit down and work for a while,

And walk around a shop to see what's in style;

I lead people and pay them as a manager should,

And read books and write them in case danger could.


Of course time is money in the round revolving world,

And the earth causes trouble as I expect it would;

The store or the floor in the factory to the shelf,

I will sell and keep tidy everything of myself.


Management is all the things which are required effectively,

And needs people who are fast and can handle it efficiently;

Recycle the rubbish and make everything new,

And remember the past and all the ruins you knew.


You can spoil a bit badly and be rich at the end,

And it might hurt in the heart or the mind of a friend;

Trouble will come and be fixed as it does need,

When people and things double and you then have to lead.


Organise and communicate all those things on your heart.

And make things look better and clever and smart;

And when life's good enough you can read and retire,

And enjoy all you've earned and all you acquire.



If it's shop fit.